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It’s been two updates since epic said they’re going to look at teddy and wildlife. And nothing has happened.

I’m assuming we’ll have to wait till the new season but what’s going to happen? Is teddy going to be reverted? And if not will us teddy users (and players who supercharged jingle Jess/grizly/MTL) get a reset/compensation?

Poor teddy can barely keep up with stonewood husks🥲

And then animals, you said you were working on some changes, what happened to those?

Personally these are what I’m expecting:

Husk AI no longer follows animals and can’t leave the combat zone

Animals damage to players significantly reduced

Animals hp when tamed is increased

Animals no longer knock back players

Animals no longer make ear piercingly loud noises

And increase the amount of animals you can tame

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u/FreightTrainUSA any update on your comment 22 days ago about a reset for teddy heros?


These things take a bit of time, i know its being worked on. I'll see if there is a time table.

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This should happen in the next update from my understanding.