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This is slightly misleading, as we stated previously we were looking at the data around XP and made an additional change that increased mission XP and reduced quest XP. The values are not fully reverted before the 22.40 patch. The tweet can be found here


Also as previously said, we're continuing to monitor the values and will continue to make any adjustments as needed.

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Hey Freight,

While I don't know how announcements are controlled internally, it might be worth having announcements like this published before the server updates. This is the second time leakers have published the data first and it results in people jumping the gun and making assumptions based only half the information.

It'd also be greatly appreciated if these changes were explained in detail (ie: not "XP will be faster to gain", but "XP from dailies have been increased to x, a y% increase from the last patch.")

In terms of announcements this was a server update that can take upwards to several hours to fully take into effect for all players. During that time our QA department needed to verify every instance of XP being earned to make sure it was accurate within our changes. So we have to wait and verify everything is correct.

All the data miners are able to see these fixes the instant is happening and put out their own information that may not tell the entire situation correctly.