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22 days ago - /u/gstaffEpic - Direct link

Originally posted by nullsmack

**Explanation**: I can't change which audio device the game's sound comes out of while it is running. I have speakers plugged into on-board sound and I have a USB headset. If I start the game with one selected and then try to change the output to the other one while it is running then all of my computer sound moves except for the game. The only way to get the sound to come out of a new device is if I close the game and reopen it.

**Evidence**: The only way I can possibly show this is if I record my computer screen and sound with my cellphone. Which, I guess I can if it would mean someone at Epic would finally take this seriously. But it's easy enough to reproduce it.

**If reproducible, how**: Have 2 audio devices. Can be on-board sound, internal PCI/PCIe sound card, USB sound, HDMI audio, or other. Start the game and then attempt to change the audio output to a different device.

**Platform**: PC

Investigating this with our team presently. Thank you for providing all these details.

17 days ago - /u/Magyst - Direct link

Originally posted by Landriff

/u/gstaffEpic /u/Magyst

This bug is way worse than I thought. I also crash every time when trying to Upgrade/Inspect any schematic. So the common thread is I crash when the game tries to display schematic stats/data on a dedicated screen.

Game will be nigh unplayable until this is fixed. Schematics are kind of important.

EDIT: Evidence: https://streamable.com/xf500x

I verified the game and it's still happening, so I don't know what else I can do to remedy the problem.

Thanks for the tag, u/Landriff. Got a few things for you here to help figure out what's causing this:

  1. Are your GPU drivers up to date? If so,
  2. Can you shoot me your client logs. Here's how to do it:
    Experience the crash
    Navigate to C:\Users\\AppData\Local\FortniteGame\Saved\Logs.
    Grab the FortniteGame.txt file (it's time stamped for when your client closed)
    Send it to be via Google Drive on reddit or Discord message ( Magyst#8046)

This will be extremely helpful! Thank you.

17 days ago - /u/Magyst - Direct link

Originally posted by Landriff

WORKAROUND: Disable DX12 and use DX11 for the time being. This resolves the issue. Hopefully it gets patched so I can go back to DX12.

Just saw this response also. Thank you for providing that information.