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I feel like the addition of raptors and wolves to STW is ruining the vibe for me not only are these two animals obnoxious and very annoying they serve one purpose to annoy you all day maybe you tame them but they die fast and you can only tame one, honestly why Epic Games STW was Zombies now raptors and wolves going away from the original concept of STW. Birds, Chickens and Frogs those 3 animals seem to be fine giving loot in STW aside from improvements they heavily need, very disappointed, Epic Games copied the animals from PVP without improving them, very obnoxious having to put up with raptors and wolves every time you want to farm and loot in private matches getting struck by raptors and wolves every second, I understand people like raptors and wolves, for me I don't like raptors and wolves because you cant tame more then one and they die fast after tame, I just want to play STW how it was originally without having to deal with raptors and wolves if they stay in the game fine but they need to be heavily improved like all the other animals need better AI.

Edit: ferb73craft in the comments gave very good Ideas about Improving the animals

Credit ferb73craft In the interest of helping the developers improve animals, here's a list of bugs and issues as well as what I would personally change.


  • Animals clip through the ground and die. This is especially prominent with tamed animals.
  • Animals struggle to path find. Again, this is very prominent with tamed animals.
  • Using the hoverboard while holding a chicken causes the chicken to be held in the character's stomach. Preferably, the animation should be changed instead of preventing players from using the hoverboard with a chicken.
  • Picking up consumables (ie: meat) will force the player to wield it, regardless of what they were holding before.
  • Boars will occasionally dig up copper instead of power level appropriate loot.
  • Traps and defenders will attack animals, even passive animals such as frogs. This includes chickens being held (traps only.)
  • Thrown chickens will be targeted by Anti-Air traps.
  • The change to consumables prevents players from carrying both coconuts and cannonballs in Dungeons (a result of using Blakebeard's Stash.)
  • Marking / pinging a husk only works once per match, then breaks.


  • Very commonly, animals of different species will spawn next to each other, occasionally in groups of 4. This often results in either two aggressive groups or 1 passive and 1 aggressive group spawning next to each other, causing a fight to immediately start. This is incredibly loud and likely contributes to the reported lag.
  • Husks will always prefer attacking animals over attacking objectives or players. This causes husks to run far away from encampments and forces players to restart them unless they have a neon sniper.
  • Tamed animals will stand in lobber smoke and beehives.
  • Tamed animals sometimes ignore consumables thrown by the player, even on low health.
  • Animals use Battle Royale's health bar, which is intrusive compared to StW's smaller health bars.
  • Boars, frogs and chickens can hide underwater in areas including water, such as tropical zones and lakeside zones.
  • Various props (such as mushrooms and crops) have a high chance to only grant consumables instead of crafting materials, greatly reducing the player's ability to find / farm them.
  • New consumables, unlike coconuts and subwafers, cannot be consumed while moving.
  • Unlike coconuts, subwafers cannot be thrown nor dropped.


  • (Consumables) In Dungeons, the player should have no limit to how many consumables they can carry.
  • (Consumables) Pressing the reload button while holding a consumable should cause it to switch to the next consumable in the player's inventory (if they have another consumable.)
  • (Consumables) Mushrooms and corn should be able to be crafted into fibrous herbs at a 2 to 1 ratio. Mushrooms and corn would be interchangeable.
  • (Consumables) Like Battle Royale, mushrooms should recharge shield.
  • (Consumables) Meat, mushrooms and corn should be edible while moving.
  • (Consumables) Add heroes to make consumables more versatile.
    • Meat and corn heal x% more health and increase damage by x% for x seconds.
    • Mushrooms heal x% more shield and increase crit rating by x% for x seconds.
    • x% chance to find offensive consumables when searching containers. Offensive consumables deal x% more damage.
  • (Animals) Animals should only spawn in groups of the same species.
  • (Animals) Animals should never spawn near husks or near aggressive species.
  • (Animals) Animals should have a sleep state.
  • (Animals) Animals should try to actively avoid being seen by the player and husks.
  • (Animals) Traps and defenders should only attack animals when they are actively aggressive towards players.
  • (Tamed Animals) Tamed animals should gain a distinct appearance to separate them from wild animals. This could be in the form of a collar, a colour change or an overshield.
  • (Tamed Animals) Animals should prioritise eating consumables dropped by players over attacking enemies, increasing with the percentage of health missing (ie: a full health animal will ignore consumables, an animal on 10% health will ignore enemies entirely if food is nearby.)
  • (Tamed Animals) While having an animal tamed, an emote should be available to the player. Using it teleports their animal to them.
  • (Tamed Animals) Boars should avoid husks, as opposed to moving once damaged.
  • (Tamed Animals) There should be positive modifiers for tamed animals.
    • Fowl Play - While holding a chicken, movement speed is increased by 50%, +50 armour and the chicken will peck husks.
    • Prized Pigs - Boars dig up loot 30% faster.
    • Wery - Wolves deal 30% more damage and have 30% more health when tamed.
    • Clever Girl - Raptors deal 30% more damage and have 30% more health when tamed.
    • Pack Tactics - Husks damaged by a tamed animal take 20% more damage from all sources for 10 seconds. This effect is reset when attacked again.
  • (Gia) Her support perk should be reworked to also heal the animal based on the player's damage, similar to her commander perk.


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I had a productive conversation with the team the other day about the current state of wildlife and what priorities we should take to tune them up better. To be honest, perfecting wlidlife in STW is not easy and it will be a gradual process but do be assured that we do not see wildlife as a finished product in STW.

13 days ago - /u/Chryztos - Direct link

Originally posted by littlegreenakadende

Something in STW isn't a finished product? Then why did STW come out of early access?

This is an intricacy of working with a live game like Fortnite. Any new feature added to any live game will not be perfect on launch, and it will require collaboration between both the developer and the community to make it as perfect as it possibly can be.

This is way community from you all is always needed and appreciated.