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Previous to today, mobile players were allowed to play in the Console Champions Cup as long as they hit the Platinum I rank. As of now, mobile players are not allowed to play in the tournament. Is there reasoning behind this change? Will this change be applied to future Console Champions Cup tournaments?

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Can we get a confirmation on this? We planned for over a month, scrimming for a tournament we have been barred from with literal zero communication. And it was done so day of. Why are we getting screwed over???? Even a few duos ought to be enough to let us play with console. We literally have the second worse platform only marginally ahead of Switch players who still get better aim assist than us. We have only been barred from console cups once and that was due to us not being console, which is a fact, but Epic set the precedent prior to allow us and did so after allowing us back in.

Heya! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’m going to look into it.

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