Community Update

Survivors, welcome to 2021! We’re very excited for this year, as we’ve been planning for it for a long, long time and now we can start to see the fruits of our work! 2021 is going to be a good year for Free Fire, that’s for sure. Obviously we can’t spoil the fun, but let’s just say that we have a lot of exciting surprises coming your way over the coming months. But you won’t have to wait that long for the next one! Stay tuned to our social media over the next couple of days for our official announcement on the next Free Fire event.

Besides that, how’s the new year treating you so far, Survivors? This first week of the year is the perfect time to take it easy and get ready for what’s to come. After all, we’ve got the entire year ahead of us yet! This week in Free Fire we’ve got a couple of exciting new things for you as we gear up for the massive year that will be 2021. Let’s take a look!


1/7 - 1/14: Bermuda Remastered Challenge

1/7 - 1/13: Mystery Crate

1/8 - 1/10: Rampage Mode Open

1/9 - 1/23: Faded Wheel: ???

1/11 - 2/7: Diamond Royale: Revenge Full-Leather Bundle

Bermuda Remastered Challenge

Challenge time! You know the drill, Survivors. To celebrate the release of Bermuda Remastered, we’ve got this special set of challenges for you. Get some Booyahs in order to get rewards in return. You’ll be able to earn a special Full Stealth Backpack from this, so don’t miss out!

How are you liking Bermuda Remastered so far? We've been really excited to have you finally play this map, as it has been a long time coming. Don't forget to explore every nook and cranny of the map while you can!

Mystery Crate

What’s in the box? The Mystery Crate Web Event makes a grand return! This time around, you'll be able to earn some past bundles such as the coveted The Demented Maniac Bundle! You'll also find other classic bundles like the Electric Shock & Wildfire bundles.

For the collectors out there, now's the time to round out your repertoires!

Faded Wheel: ???

Ooooh, mysterious! What could this be? Unfortunately, we can’t say quite yet.

That’s… disappointing, isn’t it? The good news, though, is that we’ll update this section later in the week! Keep yourselves busy until then. Maybe go do some sit-ups, push-ups, or go for a 10K run or something. Just throwing some ideas out there.

Diamond Royale: Revenge Full-Leather Bundle

Revenge is yours for the taking! Equip the Revenge Full-Leather Bundle and show your opponents who’s boss. That’s right, elevate your level of badass-ness while wearing this bundle which will be featured in Diamond Royale!

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