Hi Survivors!

Free Fire grows with its survivors and it’s important for the development team to hear your opinions. Numerous optimizations were inspired by players’ feedback. Our Zombie Invasion and Zombie Hunt modes, for instance, were inspired by community posts, and we are still finding ways to optimize their mechanisms. Moreover, the Honor Score system also roots from player feedback, as we wanted to provide a fairer and more friendly gaming experience. You can now be assured that players with constant toxic behavior will receive ranked match penalties. You can also directly report a player who misuses quick messages to harass the team.

All these enhancements, and the ones in the new patch, are results from your opinions, and we take into consideration every voice and every factor (such as gameplay and device compatibility). As we continue to collect and analyze feedback, we believe that Free Fire is inching closer to your ideal game.

As one of the most popular games in the world, Free Fire receives tons of feedback every day. We would like to emphasize the importance of using official channels (including our customer service and social media posts) to tell us about your experience, as it would make it easier for us to locate issues and solve them. When doing so, make sure to include related information, such as device model, time of bug encounter, and screen recording.

We encourage you to share as much as you can! Let’s make Free Fire better together!

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