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08 Jan

Hi Survivors!

Free Fire grows with its survivors and it’s important for the development team to hear your opinions. Numerous optimizations were inspired by players’ feedback. Our Zombie Invasion and Zombie Hunt modes, for instance, were inspired by community posts, and we are still finding ways to optimize their mechanisms. Moreover, the Honor Score system also roots from player feedback, as we wanted to provide a fairer and more friendly gaming experience. You can now be assured that players with constant toxic behavior will receive ranked match penalties. You can also direc...

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07 Jan

Hi Survivors!

We’re excited to share with you a series of optimizations to enhance your gaming experience. Free Fire has a strong foundation for accessibility but, as we became more focused on adding new content, many of you are having more trouble running the game itself. In the upcoming months, we will try our best to solve some of the biggest pain points in Free Fire, including basic navigations and lags. Read on to learn more!

Streamlined In-game Interactions

While interviewing Free Fire players, we noticed that on some devices it took...

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07 Dec

You can now earn more Rank Points than you did before for the same match result.

Hi Survivors, we’re excited to share with you a significant change to how Rank Points will be calculated for ranked Battle Royale in Season 31. We hear the feedback from fellow players, and adjustments have been made to improve the rank-up experience for Heroic and above. Read on to learn more about the specifics of why and how we’ve updated the ranked system.

Reasons For The Change

The journey from Bronze all the way to pre-Heroic is generally smooth and steady, as long as players are honing their skills and strategies. However, once you reach Heroic, improving your rank can sudden...

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05 Dec

27 Oct


The moment you've been waiting for has arrived ✨

Head over to our YouTube and Twitch page to view the action and get ready to get good or get ghouled! 👻



25 Oct



Here's what's 🔥 this week:

Mr. Death arrives to the Flaming Store in a blaze of glory, followed by a discounted Luck Royale and the Duke of Terrorville! End the week with more lucky discounts and a new Elite Pass!

What looks good to you? 😍

21 Oct

19 Oct

Join our #FreeFire community scavenger hunt this Friday, October 21, at 1PM PT and find out!

We'll be giving away 1000 Diamonds and Feral Electrasaurs to our skilled participants!


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18 Oct

Survivors! The maps have been tallied, and we need you to pick the final winner 🗳️

Thank you to all our map creators! It was a joy playing your maps, but there can be only one victor!

Head over to Free Fire and try out the final 4 maps then vote for your favorite as a comment below!

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Check out what's 🔥 in Free Fire this week! ⁣

New emotes arrive through the Hacker Store and Emote Topup, the Underworld Wrecker and Liberty Superjock arrive later in the week, and ending with a golden 💀 bundle from the ⁉️ shop! ⁣

What looks good to you? 👀

17 Oct

Survivors! Today is the FINAL day to pre-register for our NA Squad Ghouls Tournament!

Sign up now and get ready for the spookiest display of skill in NA!


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A new season means new changes, including the reworked RGS 50 💪

Jump into Free Fire now and experience a new era!

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Check out the steps below and start crafting the ultimate map to win 10k Diamonds! Good luck!

  1. Create your map! This should be a Clash Royale map but it's all up to you!
  2. Send us your room code as a comment along with your UID!
  3. We'll put them through the test and have a full community vote on 10/18!
  4. Winner is revealed and revels in their victory!
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11 Oct

Sign up for the NA Squad Ghouls Tournament on October 27th and you could be selected to join!

The Top 3 Prizing for each player includes a Magic Cube and Diamonds, so you don't want to miss your chance!


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