Community Update

Survivors, welcome back to the month of October! Things are calm now but we can assure you they're about to get real spooky. To introduce us into the spooky month, we've got a new collaboration starting soon that will get us in the right mood, and after that... well, you'll find out soon.

In the meantime, let's catch our breath, shall we? We've got a big month ahead of us, so let's take some time to reflect. That said, we've still got quite a few things heading your way in Free Fire this week. Let's check it out, shall we?


10/??: New Collaboration Headed Your Way

10/5 - 10/17: Free Fire League Challenges

10/8 - 10/14: Further Reductions

10/9 - 11/15: Weapon Royale: Crimson Heir PARAFAL

10/12 - 10/18: Enrich Your Collection

New Collaboration Headed Your Way

In case you missed this announcement, as we head into the month of October a new official global collaboration awaits us… You can expect things to goo up sometime later this month, sooner than you’d expect. Look forward to our official collaboration and don’t let the tendrils take you!

Free Fire League Challenges

The week rolls on and Free Fire League heats up! As we celebrate the blood, sweat and tears of the champions who pit themselves against each other in LATAM’s esports league, we have even more rewards for you to earn in-game this week. Continue collecting your esports stars to exchange them for rewards, and look forward to a new set of challenges going live later this week.

And Survivors, we just want to say: we hear you. All this talk of LATAM’s league, FFL, FFWS, but what about NA? Well, let’s just say that you’re going to like this month. If you’ve read this far: thank you! We can safely say that you can look forward to an announcement that we’ll be making soon. Really soon. See you then!

Further Reductions

Further Reductions returns this week with deep discounts on some of your favorite bundles, in case you missed them last time they were in rotation and want to add them to your repertoire! Get the King Boxer Bundle to rule the ring, or other bundles as you see fit! Don’t miss out on this discount fiesta coming to Free Fire later this week.

Weapon Royale: Crimson Heir PARAFAL

A new Weapon Royale is headed your way! Unearth your crimson legacy with the new Crimson Heir PARAFAL, and show your enemies what your legend is made of. Don’t forget to get a discounted first spin when this new weapon skin launches on 10/9 and blast away!

Enrich Your Collection

Now’s the time to make your expressions on the battlefield more… emotive! Enrich Your Collection is also making a comeback this week with a special collection of emotes for you to acquire, including the Doggie emote among others. Get yours, add them to your wheel, and make friends on the battlefield! Or, you know, spite your enemies. That works too.

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