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Yes, it's about time we came up with yet another major event for this subreddit. The last two tourneys that were held here received much love and following that, we decided to come up with this tourney which is going to be even more exciting than the previous ones.

The important information regarding the tourney is as follows:


Date: Friday 9th October, 2020

Time: 6PM EST

Match type: Solo

Registration process: Fill out this form to pre-register.  ⁤



1st Place: 2,000 Diamonds

2nd Place: 1,000 Diamonds

3rd Place: 500 Diamonds


Oh, also: veteran participants will realize that the prize pool has also been increased from what it used to be, previously (つ✧ω✧)つ

We hope this tourney gets the adrenaline running and serves to strengthen the bond this community shares with its members. Afterall, this tourney is meant for fun and to enjoy the moments full of thrilling battles.

Should you members have any doubt, leave your queries below in the comments.

Note: Tournament is exclusively for the NA server players, only.

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Originally posted by FullMetalBitchFk

Scam to get your Google pass?

Can confirm that this is as official as it gets.

Originally posted by jakemic

Will it be just one room or more?

We'll have at least two rooms and might add a third depending on interest.