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Welcome to this week's roundup where we'll be talking about various both anticipated and unforeseen content that will be making it's way to the game soon.

Weekly Schedule


Another week filled with fun! From a pet emote and Gloo Wall topup to a new Gold Royale.

  • Wednesday- Pet Party Topup

There will be a topup featuring Pet:Falco and Grizzly Papercut head-themed tokens available for a pet emote exchange. All you have to do is topup 100 to 300 diamonds. Topup events typically last for two days, so better have a dollar saved up somewhere.

  • Thursday- June Festival Discount

From the looks of it, there's nothing that great to expect this Thurday. However, if you're interested in a cool (possibly not exclusive) surfboard on discount, it will be your lucky day.

  • Friday- Tower of The King

A new web event is coming, featuring the Old Man's beard and a new costume. It will probably be a mixture of Bullseye and Lucky Flip, but don't expect it to be an event that won't come with a heavy diamond cost.

  • Saturday- Gloo Wall Topup

Finally, the "Faith" Gloo Wall has arrived and along with it comes a Loot Box and (Rebel Academy, but recolored 😂) green bag! Looking at the order, it will probably be a 1/300/500 diamond topup.

  • Monday- Captain Bubbles Discount

Nothing major, just a new crate in the shop. Since it's a discount it's expected to be 25 diamonds a crate, of which it will then be heightened to 35. For those that don't know these skins were already in the game, but will now be up for grabs for a while starting Monday.

  • Tuesday- New Collaboration Item/ New Gold Royale

Unexpectedly, we're getting a collaboration item already next week. It could be any of the two* , but since the McLaren one was released earlier, and we got a peek at what the next log-in screen will be, it's sorta obvious. If so expect either a vehicle skin or costume (or both!). We've also got a new sick-looking Gold Royale, though it's pretty sure Free Fire knew we'd all be drained from last Saturday's "Special Gold Royale".

#Missing dates

We're leaving out the Weekly Schedule and now shift to what's happening in and out the game.


#FFWS Conclusion!

Source: YouTube- Free Fire North America

Who would've thought FFWS would be over so soon? The champions, Phoenix Force have taken this year's title and grand prize home. Feel free to watch rewatch the Play-ins and Finals on our new, very own Free Fire North America YouTube Channel!

Free Fire x Street Fighter V*

Source: Twitter- Free Fire North Americ

Some of us played this back when it was a 16-bit game, and others know of the HD console and PC versions. Either way another this collaboration is coming our way soon. It's already clear we'll get two skins, but what else is there Free Fire is hiding from us? Hopefully we'll have more on this in our next Weekly Roundup!

Beach Party


Now veterans know last year's beach party was full of surprises! Expect some cool looking (yep, free) beach skins, a token exchange and definitely the return of some old items. As the Community Update states, it will start next Monday and go on for 6 more days. There likely won't be a cool log-in banner this year due to the collaborations, but either way it's a great way to greet the summer.

If you're into vibes btw, check out this year-old>! post I made about Free Fire's music!<

Team Liquid Free Fire Series


Sure you heard it already, but our dear friends Team Liquid are hosting a tournament that will ensure those whom participate names will be spread across the entirety of the NA server. Join the Discord for further details!

Don't forget this Clash Squad season will reset at June 10th, of which a new update will roll in as well.

That concludes this week's roundup. Hope you had a fine read and we'll see you next week 📰.

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Originally posted by Smokie14

I love the music, so I was looking on YouTube one day, and Free Fire actually released there music on there, here is the link to the official Free Fire Music.

That's correct! And don't forget that the game's music is available on Spotify too.