Community Update

Another week has come and gone, but here we are as always! Survivors, welcome to the second week of November! Did you enjoy watching the Free Fire League? Thank you all so much for watching, and congratulations on reaching the 1 million viewer milestone! Rewards have been sent out server-wide so make sure to keep an eye out for those. While the Free Fire esports action is on pause this week, stay tuned for more coming your way soon!

Meanwhile, this week in Free Fire will see a lot of new and old bundles making their way to you! Now’s the perfect time to gear up and get some of those outfits you missed out on in past events. And, if you’re the collector type, don’t fret! Plenty of new bundles are available this week. Ready to check them out?


  • 11/08 - 11/19: Sweet Day Event
  • 11/09 - 11/15: Dino Paradise
  • 11/11 - 11/17: Faded Wheel: Beast-Arm Mutant Bundle
  • 11/13 - 11/15: Rampage Mode Open
  • 11/13 - 11/19: Bullseye: Queen Boxer Bundle
  • 11/14 - 12/6: Incubator: Swordsman Legends
  • 11/16 - 11/22: Shani's Garage

Sweet Day Event

You must have a lot of leftover candy from Halloween, right? In that case, let’s gobble that up! Until November 19th we’ll be running an event where you can earn Candy Tokens by finishing matches, defeating enemies and logging in daily. You can then exchange those for some sweet prizes!

Dino Paradise

Don’t forget: Earn your Dino Suit now! These little buggers are the best way to strike fear in your opponents hearts as you rush right into them! No, seriously. They’re so mind-numbingly adorable your opponent will think twice before shooting at you.

Bullseye: Queen Boxer Bundle

Take a gambit with the new Queen Boxer Bundle, available in the Bullseye Web Event! Flip away to your heart’s content and get your bundle guaranteed within 9 spins.

Incubator: Swordsman Legends

A sword is more than a tool of destruction, it is a warrior’s soul. Find your honor with this new Incubator series: Swordsman Legends! Travel to a long-forgotten age of Samurai to embody the living spirit of Japan’s ancient swordsmen. Follow the warrior’s code to attain victory and cut your opponents down! This new Incubator will be available until December, so get it while you can!

Fun fact of the week**:** The Samurai of old were fearsome warriors and mercenaries, but their payments came in a very unexpected form: rice! Samurai with a master or lord received quarterly stipends in the form of bushels of rice which they could then resell for money.

Shani's Garage

Shani’s Garage is making a return! Select up to three items to check out the discounts you can earn. There will be a lot of bundles, weapon crates and skins making a return in this Web Event, so don’t miss out. Who knows what you’ll walk out with.

Faded Wheel: Beast-Arm Mutant Bundle

This week sure is loaded with Web Events! Return to Faded Wheel for your chance to earn the Beast-Arm Mutant Bundle! Control the monster grafted onto your flesh and unlock the potential of the ultimate lifeform. This web event will be available until next week so get your spins in while you can!

Survivor Highlight

This week we have a very bittersweet Survivor Highlight, as we say goodbye to a long-standing community member and moderator: /u/orizon666

For the longest time Orizon has been here helping out, and while sometimes the things mods do aren’t seen by everyone, we can assure you that their work has been extremely impactful and important to the community.

We wish Orizon the best of luck in all of their future endeavors and hope you do too!

Thanks for everything!

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