Community Update

Welcome to the New Year, Survivor! What a year 2021 was, but as good as a time we had then, we’re even more excited for what’s coming next! Obviously, no spoilers quite yet but we’ve got a few surprises coming your way pretty soon. Stay tuned for more details!

In the meantime, let’s get started with the first Community Update of the year! You know, new year, new us. We might be looking to revamp these updates sometime this year, so if you’ve got any suggestions, feedback or ideas on what you’d like to see this content become please do let us know in the comments in this thread! We’ll be taking a look as we look to the future of the subreddit.

Anyway, let’s get to it! This week we’re picking up steam for the new year with a couple of new events as our J Balvin collaboration items become available! Let’s take a look.


1/4 - 2/7: Diamond Royale: Moonlight Bard

1/5 - 1/11: Steffie Graffiti

1/7 - 1/13: Bullseye: M1887- Rapper Underworld

1/10 - 1/16: Faded Wheel: Moonlight Ballad Kingfisher

Diamond Royale: Moonlight Bard

The sweet words of the muse can be charming, but deadly! The Moonlight Bard came to do two things: play some sweet tunes, and kick some ass. And they’re all out of tune.

Get the new Moonlight Bard bundle in Diamond Royale, available now!

Steffie Graffiti

Steffie is back with her mischief, and that means the return of Steffie Graffiti! Get a variety of items old and new with special prizes in this special event and stock up on your repertoire of style!

Bullseye: M1887- Rapper Underworld

Guess who’s back, back again, and better than ever! The Rapper Underworld M1187 makes the comeback of the ages when it drops on Bullseye this week! Get a spin for free and then flip away to find your prize of choice and blast your enemies away.

Faded Wheel: Moonlight Ballad Kingfisher

When you’re in tune with the music, nothing else matters. The notes turn deadly with the new Moonlight Ballad Kingfisher heading to Faded Wheel this week! Complete your Bard set with this new deadly weapon skin, charm and disarm your enemies, and show ‘em the power of music. Burn, butcher, burn indeed.

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