Community Update

Ready up, Survivors! We’re heading deeper and deeper into the month of October, and as we prepare for all the spooky things to come, we’ve also got a variety of new (and old!) things heading your way in Free Fire. Missed your opportunity to get the Megalodon Alpha SCAR? Well you’ll get your shot again! That and more will be available this week, so let’s take a look.


10/12 - 10/18: Rich Your Collection: Emote Bonanza!

10/14 - 11/10: Diamond Royale: Dragon Spy Bundle

10/15 - 10/24: Faded Wheel: Megalodon Alpha Returns

10/18: Free Fire League Challenges

Rich Your Collection: Emote Bonanza!

Now’s the time to make your expressions on the battlefield more… emotive! Enrich Your Collection is also making a comeback this week with a special collection of emotes for you to acquire, including the Doggie emote among others. Get yours, add them to your wheel, and make friends on the battlefield! Or, you know, spite your enemies. That works too.

Diamond Royale: Dragon Spy Bundle

Show ‘em what it’s all about with the new Dragon Spy Bundle, coming to Diamond Royale later this week! Hit the mean streets in style with this new bundle and stick it to the man! This new outfit will be available in Diamond Royale until the next rotation, so make sure to get yours!

Faded Wheel: Megalodon Alpha Returns

\Chomp, chomp\** First a dragon, now a Megalodon! Time to evolve once more as the Megalodon Alpha SCAR makes its glorious return to Free Fire! If you haven’t already obtained yours, make sure to get it from Faded Wheel in this rotation, and don’t forget to take advantage of a special Top Up bonus during this week to get even more Evolution Tokens for your new apex predator!

Free Fire League Challenges

Deja vu? No, you! The finals of the Free Fire League approach, and that means even MORE challenges plus a special surprise. Log into Free Fire during this time period to complete more missions and get free rewards, and don’t forget to check out the finals to achieve viewer milestones for even more rewards for the entire server!

Oh and… you might recall we mentioned a little something, something last week. Are you ready, Survivor? Get your weapons ready, your squads formed up and your dragshots prepared because something big is coming your way… very soon. Stay tuned!

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