Community Update

Survivor, jump on! We’re riding this hype train all the way to Booyah Day!

The time for the ultimate celebration is near. We’ve got exchange stores, legendary bundles, free items, new characters and, as always, surprises along the way! Booyah Day is close, so let’s take a look at all the amazing celebrations of Victory we’ve got awaiting us.


11/17 - 11/23: Change Your Fate

11/19 - 11/26: Flameborn Bundle + Bone Fist

11/20: Booyah Day Peak Day

11/20: Free Leon

11/22 - 11/28: Price Break

Change Your Fate

Change Your Fate is back and better than ever with a few surprises in store! No spoilers quite yet, but all we can say is that this will be a throwback for the ages.

Flameborn Bundle + Bone Fist

Seize destiny on one hand and victory on the other. A new Legendary Costume is headed your way as the Flameborn Bundle blazes into victory! This new amazing costume is capable of changing its style depending on your highest-achieved Rank, making it a special way of showing off your prowess. Finish up the look with the new Bone Fist and claw your way to the top! These two new special items will be available in Token Tower this week, so keep an eye out to get yours!

Booyah Day Peak Day

Booyah Day is almost here! Don’t forget to log into Free Fire on 11/20 to enjoy the festivities of the event, and get some free rewards to boot! Finish up exchanging for rewards on the Premium Store when it opens up that day to get some premium bundles and skins both new and past, complete Booyah challenges to earn free weapon skins and vouchers, and enter the arena with the Booyah Challenge to get yourself the iconic Booyah Day 2021 Pan skin. Looking for more? Friend Callback will make a return on that day, as well as a special edition of Clash Squad Cup! Plus, one extra little thing…

Free Leon On 11/20

Survivor, jump into the impossible with Leon and get yours for FREE on 11/20! All you have to do is log in, head to the Booyah Day special interface and claim your login rewards. Leon’s new skill heals him every time he exits combat depending on his level, providing him with the ability to leap from fight to fight and keep the ball rolling for extended periods of time. Don’t forget to claim yours for free this Booyah Day!

Price Break

Well, well, well. What’s this? Another event that we can’t spoil? Keep a close eye on Price Break, launching later next week for a few surprises. If you just can’t wait to find out what’s in store then keep a close eye on our social media for the official announcement!

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