Community Update

We made it to the other side, Survivors! The Attack on Titan collaboration nears its end, and we move on to brighter horizons as we welcome the month of April to Free Fire! We have a lot of events planned for this month, so we hope that you are looking forward to it!

Free Fire connoisseurs know that April is the month of bunnies, and you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that will be the case this month too! The Bunny’s Gift event is coming up soon, and with it a variety of new rewards and events. Let’s take a look at what awaits us this week in Free Fire as we thaw out and enter Spring!


3/30: Collaboration Last Chance

3/31 - 4/11: Bunny's Gift

4/3 - 4/12: Bunny's Gift Exchange + Aftermatch Drops

4/5 - 4/12: Bunny's Friend Callback

4/1 - 4/30: Elite Pass: Bloodwing City

4/1 - 4/9: Egg Hunter

4/5 - 4/28: Incubator: Netherworld M4A1

Collaboration Last Chance

The Giants’ Siege has ended, and Bermuda has regained some semblance of peace. What lies beyond the sea? That is a question for another time.
For now, keep in mind that the Attack on Titan Collaboration items won’t be around for much longer! These exclusive items will rotate their way out of Free Fire after today, so take this opportunity while you can and add them to your collection.

Bunny's Gift

The sky is clear, the birds are chirping and the flowers bloom. Spring is here! And with Spring of course comes Easter and our Bunny’s Gift Event! We have a lot of surprises for you in store, as well as challenges and rewards! Of course, a lot of bunny-themed items will be making their return so if you missed out on them in the past now is your chance. But that’s not all, we also have an exciting new video coming out in the next few days that will give out a lot of rewards, as well as fun giveaways and events on our social media channels! For now though, let’s take a look at what awaits us in-game.

Bunny's Gift Exchange + Aftermatch Drops

Throughout this event, you’ll be able to earn Green Egg and Red Egg tokens, both by aftermatch drops and in deathboxes. Collect as many of these as you can, because you’ll be able to exchange them for eggsellent rewards! For example, at the Bunny’s Gift Exchange store you’ll find the Astro Egghunter Bundle awaiting you, as well as the Booyah Day UMP. Make sure to keep an eye out for these challenges as we get closer to April!

Bunny's Friend Callback

To add to the event, Friend Callback is making a return! The boxes you can get from this callback aren’t just regular boxes though, as they do include the infamous Bunny Warrior Bundle in its reward pool! If that weren’t enough, the Hipster Bunny Bundle also makes an appearance. Don’t forget to check out this Callback event next Monday for your chance to earn these bundles.

Elite Pass: Bloodwing City

New month, new Elite Pass! Dark creatures stalk the streets of the city, lurking in the shadows and hunting innocent victims. But drop of blood after drop of blood can become addicting, and now they wrestle with controls over their bloodlust. Add the power of these creatures of the night to your arsenal when you acquire the new Elite Pass: Bloodwing City and brood over your enemies!

Egg Hunter

How’s your aim looking? It’s time to put them to the test with this new Web Event: Egg Hunter! Make your aim true, and shoot the Easter Egg. With 5 shots every day, you best make them count as you will be earning rewards when you hit it. If you need a little help, you can share a link with friends who can help you out and send you some extra shots. Check this event out and earn the Neon Bunny Bundle!

Incubator: Netherworld M4A1

Hell returns! The forces of the Netherworld are back, this time in the form of their glorious weapons: the M4A1 Netherworld. We know you’ve been anxious for this Incubator and we’re excited to finally announce their coming! As always, you’ll need to gather Incubator materials from the Royale to craft one of these 4 M4A1 skins, or maybe even all four eventually!

Survivor Highlight

This highlight has been a long-time coming! We wanted to give a shoutout to u/vegasinfinitevibes who made a pretty cool Instagram filter last week! You can check out the post here, and make sure to give them some love on their account!
We’ll be in touch to give you a little something, and thanks for sharing your love of the game!

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