Community Update

Hello Survivor! How’s your Booyah journey going so far? We’re sure by now most of you would have defeated the impossible and crafted your own legendary Booyah story already. Which is why this week, we’re so excited to bring you to the next level of this journey. It’s time to head to the style!


  • 11/24 - 11/30: Zombie Samurai Bundle comeback
  • 11/25 - 11/29: Battle in Style
  • 11/26 - 11/28: Booyah Emote Topup
  • 11/26 - 12/02: Tower of the King
  • 11/29 - 12/19: New Diamond Royale - Doctor Scarlette Bundle
  • 11/30 - 01/18: New Gold Royale - Heatbound Dunes Bundle

Battle in Style

Whether it’s in Free Fire or in life, we’re all fighting through our own battle, and while each battle is different, we believe you can always take them on in style. Join Kelly and the rest of the Free Fire squad this weekend to see what it truly means to battle in style. And to get you started on your new battle-in-style journey, don’t forget to log in this weekend and claim your new Battle in Style emote!

Also keep your eyes peeled for something special over in our Youtube channel this Saturday. We heard some rumors that your favorite squad is planning a special treat for everyone.

Tower of the king

Some say there can be no emotion on the battlefield and what’s a better way to seal your emotion away than to lock it behind a fearful mask..or in this case, an old man mask will also do the tricks. Whether your approach is to scare your enemy away with this masked warlord or to confuse them away with your old man disguise, we got you covered with our Tower of the king this week! Check them out and choose your style.

New Diamond Royale - Doctor Scarlette Bundle

Hit the battle and paint it RED with this new Diamond Royale bundle coming this week. Get it before you regret it!

New Gold Royale - Heatbound Dunes Bundle

The dunes are always shifting, millions of grains moving around constantly, luring their next victim into the pit and let the heat finish the job for them. Our new Heatbound Dune Bundle is the exact definition of her name, alluring but deadly.

P.s. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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