Free Fire Patch Notes: Version 26.4.2

Weapon Adjustments


  • Introducing: the Vector Quadkimbo. Through extensive rigorous training, Free Fire characters have figured out how to hold two extra Vectors with their feet. Tear through your enemies with this new combo.
  • We also made some adjustments so that this weapon now takes skill to use.


  • The M1887 has always been a staple of Free Fire. For that reason, and to celebrate it, the weapon now shoots blasts of confetti that do 1 damage each. Enjoy!


  • We have restored the MP40 to its former glory. Now, simply aiming this weapon at your enemies will cause them to explode on sight.
  • The MP40 has also been removed from the pool of “Guess The Weapon” events. Now you’ll have an even harder time guessing the weapon.


  • The FAMAS has seen better days. That’s it, that’s the note. No changes.


  • Headshots with punches have been fixed to deal the intended 1,000 damage.

Balance Adjustments

  • To better balance the game, Gloo Walls are now transparent and can be shot through from both sides.

New Features:
When in the lobby, you can now blow into your screen to generate a new wind effect in-game that will make your character look extra cool.

Try it out!

Bug Fixes:

The Hercules Beetle, Dynastes hercules, is one of many species of Rhinoceros beetle that are present in the world. It can be found in various areas of Central and South America, where it makes its home across the canopies of various jungles.

This truly fascinating species of bug caught our attention, and we just wanted to bring it to yours. Thanks!

A New Character Approaches:
That’s right Survivors, the moment you have all been waiting for. We’re pleased to announce the character that will be joining the Free Fire roster pretty soon. You may have already heard about him, but let’s let him do the talking, shall we:

For more details on the patch, please visit our official website.

Final Note:

These patch notes may be fake, but we will have a new update on 4/14 that includes REAL patch notes, so please look forward to those! We think you’ll like some of the changes we have in store for you.
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