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As you all are very aware, we made a change to the Sunspear Hero Class.

We also know that not everyone liked this change. That’s normal - it’s the nature of game development that some changes and new features won’t appeal to everyone equally.

For context, when we were first made aware of potential issues between the Heatwave trait and the Firestarter Talent, we looked at potential fixes with the least impact. This is why Heatwave was changed instead of Firestarter, as Firestarter is in the Fire Talent Tree, and the Fire Talent Tree is shared with multiple classes; changing it would have affected all those classes (and we were fairly certain there would be some people using it on those classes who would be affected). For that reason, we changed Heatwave – so that only the Sunspear was affected.

When changing it, we wanted to try and keep the theme of the Sunspear’s legendary trait (which focuses on getting Red Gems for more Red Mana). So, the new trait was a more powerful version of the Fire Link trait (and indeed could stack with other Link traits, much like the Corsair’s High Seas trait).

Yesterday, there was a bit of commotion on our forums about this change. We were confused, as we felt the new trait was of equal value. Fortunately, several players kindly reached out to us, to explain that the previous version of the Heatwave trait was used in an Explore-farming team with Phoenicia. Now it is never our intention to stop players having fun farming, as we have our own farming teams – we just weren’t familiar with this particular team.

For this reason, we will be reverting the changes to Sunspear. As previously mentioned, we’re hesitant to touch the Firestarter Talent, but we’re quite happy to give you your Phoenicia team back! None of the other balance changes will be affected.

Will the newer version of the trait (+2 Red Mana) come back as a Legendary Trait in the future?

If so, it will only be on a Hero Class. Unfortunately, these +2 Link traits cannot exist on regular (non-Hero) troops, as that allows them to be stacked, and allows too much mana to generate in a single turn.

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Originally posted by Bamboodpanda

Yao Guai carried me in the beginning of the game. He's a top tier mythic disguised as a legendary in my honest opinion.

My current team is:

This is a bit more expensive as all 3 are legendaries, but none of them are Mythics so if you play long enough, all these cards are obtainable. The only "rare" thing is the Sky Hero. It was in the soulforge a few weeks ago so if you missed it, it's probably going to be a long while before you see it again. You can use other weapons, prefereably something that creates red or explodes. Try not to use Yellow or Red as it takes mana away from Divinia. You want her up and looping as soon as possible.

A great substitute weapon that I used for a LOT of content was the Essence of Evil. It uses green which doesn't interfer with anyone else on the team, it explodes the board meaning you get more red skyfall, and it acts as a HARD shutdown for big threats on the enemy team as it literally hits them with every status effect.

There is a lot of breathing room for team building though. Early game, I used Alchemist and Moneylender for looping with YG at the bottom. I would have to test it, but you could probably try this.

That is a pretty lightweight team and should actually loop pretty well. Mountain Crush/Titan is an amazing combination by itself. Only downside is that it doesn't have the fire storm and relies on matching a lot brown. It should be pretty strong though. You can try going Sunspear and using any weapon that creates red as an alternative. I am pretty sure Flammifer is currently in the Soulforge. I would highly recommend you pick it up.

If you have some slightly rare cards in your box, here are some of the best for pairing with YG.

  • Tai-Pan - This guy has Empowered which lets you create red and potentially loop on turn one. A very powerful sub.
  • Hellcat - Any of the cards that turn a color into another color are great and this guy is the red variety.
  • Glitterclaw - Budget Queen Titania. Sucks you have to use a turn to Fairy Fire, but the effects are the same. YG hits the enemy team like a truck when they are fairy fired.

If you have the diamonds to create a Mythic, I would highly recommend that you pick up The Possessed King in the soulforge right now. He is considered one of the top tier mythics in the game. Just get his 3rd trait and stick him on the bottom and watch the magic happen. It's especially effective with Sunspears perma firestorm. I have actually been replacing Queen Titania with him on my YG team as Divinia loops for DAYS with TPK on the team and YG already hits hard enough to justify losing Fairy Fire.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Om my wow this reply is a thing of beauty.

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