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I just want to pop in and say that I don’t forget about issues, but I don’t decide what goes into updates. I advocate for what players belive is important (and what I can see as being viable in future updates) as that is what I feel is an important part of my job. I collate the information, distribute it, and back it up where possible, but that is all that is in my hands. <3

Sometimes small balance changes need to be included in updates, but we do not do big sweeps with them anymore due to what’s happened in the past. (It wasn’t a failing of communication for some balance changes to go out with the update, I knew about it. We just don’t do this much anymore, and don’t want players to expect balance changes with updates, which is why I’ve communicated about it the way I have.) This is why I pushed for some balance changes prior to Christmas.

I can’t comment on much more at this time (as I’m on holidays) but I did want to shed light on these two points, as I feel it is best to be clear on my role and why I ask for suggestions and feedback.

(PS, you should mention the orb of power chance.)

24 days ago - Saltypatra - Direct link

There’s a whole section on things not mentioned in the patch notes! :stuck_out_tongue: I kid I kid, I really should. After my holidays though.