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Ahoy, adventurers! Coming to a stream near you is our next Developer Q & A. Thank you for your patience while we organised it, unfortunately covid and several lockdowns made it difficult for us to assemble in the office, but the time has come!

For those of you that haven’t been to a Dev Q & A before, we have a few housekeeping practices to touch on.

  • The devs will discuss the following talking points:
  • What’s Coming in the 5.5 Update?

  • Why weren’t there a lot of new features in 5.4 Update?

  • What’s the current progress with the Guild Wars Scoring Issue?

  • Is there anything coming in the future that you can discuss yet?

  • Is there any area of the game you’d like to focus on in a future update?

  • What’s the rumour I’ve heard about new Kingdoms?

  • Will we see any more Kingdom Reworks?

  • What’s happening with the affixes on Doom weapons?

  • What’s going to happen when the Underworld fills up?

  • Will we get more Books of Deeds?

  • Can we see more Tower of Doom events?

  • Don’t you guys ever run out of ideas for troops?

After discussing each one, there will be an opportunity to viewers to ask follow up questions that are relevant to what was being discussed. Anything asked that is on another topic will be ignored during this time.

At the end of the stream there will be time for an open floor where viewers can ask the devs any questions they want. Please be aware that any questions that contain insulting language, are abusive in nature, or are inappropriate will not be asked to the developers. I will be reviewing the questions (the devs don’t read chat while the stream is active) and I will relay the questions for them to answer. Please treat us with the same respect and kindness that you want to be treated. I’m usually very lenient in streams, but I will be muting and banning more quickly in the Dev Q & A to keep things moving at a steady pace and so other viewers aren’t negatively effected by the behaviour of a few. Also, please be patient with me, as there are a lot of questions asked and I cannot remember all of them. If I miss your question it isn’t due to a personal slight, it is due to trying to parse as many questions possible within a short period of time. It’s a lot to stay on top of, so please be patient while I do my best to get through it all smoothly.

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You have the time and place to ask your questions, so please come along if you are interested!

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The format for the q and a is in the first post. I understand that the time may not suit everyone, so I apologise. If you want someone to ask a question for you that is more than acceptable.

I will not be taking any questions here for the Dev q and a. Please either come to it, or ask another forumer to do so in your stead.

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I’ve added this in as a question unto itself. <3

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Today is the day, team!

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Absolutely this!

There is a lot to get through on these forums, and my main priority is bug reports. (Which it should be!) I definitely go through QoL and feature requests, and having things updated in the first post of a thread that are easy to read (dot points are my best friend) saves me a huge amount of time when it comes to representing information as succinctly + simply as possible to the devs.

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Wanted to add that I am grateful for everyone coming. Thanks for asking such great questions!