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Hello Adventurers,

We thought we should let you know about an upcoming feature in the Gems of War 4.9 Update. We have decided to introduce Rewarded Ads into the mobile versions of the game. What are Rewarded Ads I hear you all ask? Let’s go through them in point form:

  • Rewarded Ads are short ~30 second video advertisements for other games and applications.
  • Players can watch them at their convenience if they wish (or not, it’s up to you), they are not a pop up ad, you can access them from the World Map menu.
  • After watching an ad, you will receive a small reward, equivalent to about half of what you’d earn in 30 seconds of PvP.
  • You can watch one of these ads every 8 hours (though we may change that timing in the future).
  • They will only be available on mobile, as unfortunately there are no ad systems on console or pc.

So, why are we adding them?

  • Quite simply, they are an extra source of income for us.
  • So if you’d like to support Gems of War, but can’t afford to, or maybe there is nothing you need in the Store, now you can simply watch some ads (if you are a mobile player), and every ad watched will help us out.

We’ve anticipated a few of your questions, and answered them below.

Q: I’m a pc player. Isn’t it unfair that mobiles players get to watch these ads and I don’t?

A: If there were a good solution for showing ads on pc, we would have loved to implement it. For now, if you want to take advantage of Rewarded Ads, you can link your mobile device to your pc account.

Q: Will I have to watch any ads? Will an option to watch them appear at the end of a match?

A: Not at all, we hate games that force you to watch ads too. They are entirely optional and you can watch them at your convenience from the World Map screen.

Q: What kind of Rewards will I get?

A: Small amounts of resources (such as Gold Souls, Glory, with a small chance of Gems). As your level increases, your rewards will increase too. We want to stress that these rewards are small though, you will earn resources more efficiently by playing other game modes.

Q: Are there any plans to add them to PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Switch?

A: Currently there isn’t any option to do so, so consoles will not be affected by this change, but if one becomes available in the future we may consider it.

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