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I’ll discuss this with the team. It’s been a relatively new practice that we are deleting multiple bug threads to keep the forums clean, but there are clearly unintended side effects. We will need to discuss this practice further moving forward, and I’ll make sure that we do.

There’s no point getting into the reeds regarding accusations of bias, as they just aren’t true. Any threads being deleted were due to them being multiples, and I do trust Kafka’s judgment. Moving forward it might be best that we leave them intact. I am open to suggestions, so what do you all feel is best?

I’ve passed on the occurance regarding Great Maw, Copycat, and how Copycat interacts with single cast spells. The information I got back is the same information that Kafka gave you, we are happy leaving this working as it is, as we feel it is an advantage of using the Copycat.

I endeavor to let players discuss what they want, how they want, and when they want, as long as it doesn’t violate community guidelines. This is something I’ve done since I started, and will continue doing. I also don’t delete posts unless they are abusive. I very, very rarely delete posts or replies, even when they insult us.

@AMT I don’t have any issue with you, outside of you demanding that we as developers work on the game more than we already do. This is our job, and I stand by my comment of having a healthy work-life balance. Players enjoy this game as a leisure activity, we work on it as a job. Do we love our jobs? I’m sure most of us do, and we go above and beyond for this game time and again. However, we can’t work a full working week and extra hours, and on top of that only focus on the game when we need downtime. It isn’t reasonable to expect us to spend 12+ hours a day working on this game or being active in its community when we have lives outside of our work, which is this game. I want to re-iterate that, Gems of War is our work, and we work hard. In fact, we often work on weekends when necessary, and it is unreasonable to expect more from us when this is our employment. I don’t know how to be any clearer with this sentiment, so I will leave it at that.

Please feel free to be a lurker AMT. I want you to enjoy the game, and the forums, in the way that best suits you. If you have grown frustrated or disillusioned then stepping back might be the best thing for your continued happiness.

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As I said earlier, I cannot answer these questions until we implement the fix. (However, historically, summoning and copying have worked differently, so I’m not sure what the team will decide to do.)

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