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One of the first things I do when I start a new game is look up their subreddit. I've been on the subreddit for a couple of years now and I'm really happy to see the increased traffic here over the last few months. This sub used to be pretty dead and it's great seeing new players showing up and not getting told to head to the official forums when they ask questions. Especially as the official forums become less and less new player friendly.

Anyway, my request is, now that there will be a monthly recruitment thread can we please change the sub up a bit to make it a bit easier to browse? It seems like for every post that gets submitted here there are 3+ guild recruitment/looking for guild posts.

Seems like we could just have 4 stickied posts (one for each platform) that get cleaned out as often as the new one that was created.

Or possibly even a new sub, like /r/gemsofwarrecruitment linked and stickied at the top.

As long as we have any and all of the almost daily new recruitment threads here removed to cut down on that being all anyone sees when they show up by active moderators, possibly even new ones with reduced admin privelages who communicate upward to the old mods. I'd be happy to do it and I'm almost positive I'm not the only one with more time than sense during this quarantine.

Maybe if we kept things as tidy as other gaming subs we could get more discussion, questions, and even a meme or two. A positive and engaging community does really good things for the health of a game. Reddit is already very self-moderating with the voting system so it makes for a very good platform for game discussion.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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I'll look into this. Thanks for the great suggestions!

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Originally posted by StannisEmpepper

And even though we have the recriutment thread. Some people still dont know it exists or feel they dont have to use it. I would love to see a way to pin it to the top so guild posters/ guild seekers can see it and hopefully use it.

I've stickied it!