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Just beat me to it while it’s 1 am and I’m monitoring socials, why don’t you?

I kid, I was prepping a post but I’m glad you’re excited @Ghaleon.

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You certainly can dream, @XLS78. I hope they are pleasant ones.

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@Ghaleon unfortunately cross play is still largely prohibited by legal issues and platform restrictions. There are some notable exceptions (Fortnite…) but they are exceptions for a very big (profitable) reason.

If it becomes possible we will jump on any crossplay!

I also wanted to confirm that we aren’t abandoning Gems of War. In fact, someone mentioned us being a small team, and yes this is technically correct… But we did expand when we started PQ3, so we aren’t quite as small as we used to be. Gems of War will continue to be updated for the forseeable future, we have no plans to sunset the game anytime soon. We love Gems of War, so it isn’t going anywhere.

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I have a few things to clarify…

  • I’ve been around as much as before on the forums, streams, etc. My writing work on PQ3 took over writing work for Gems of War and some other itnernal reporting and management. The writing hasn’t significantly impacted the amount of time I had been spending in the Gems of War community over the last two years.

  • PQ3 isn’t Gems of War perfected. It goes in a different direction with match-3, and is at its core a very different game. It will be an experience that is unique from Gems of War.

  • Gems of War is profitable and we intend to continue developing it for years to come.

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I think a lot of people would love another Warlords game! Never say never, you can’t predict the future and neither can we. Maybe the stars will align and we will have the opportunity to make another.

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I think 5 million could certainly make some stars align, you’re not wrong.

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@Starlite different teams largely work on the two games. So try again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can also say that the games aren’t too similar.