about 3 years ago - Saltypatra - Direct link

I just want to jump in and clarify a few things.

Our support team cannot alter drop rates. As mentioned earlier, support and programming are two different parts of our team that use different skill sets and serve different functions.

On top of this, we would never alter someone’s drop rate to teach them a lesson or sabotage them. To do so would be unethical, unfair, and not worth our time. Why would we want to upset players more? At the end of the day it would cause further unecessary discord and affect our bottom line/profits.

If we are excessively insutled and abused (typically over a few tickets, we like to give people a chance to reform) we will ban said abuser from our support. We are people like everyone else, and if you abuse us several times you will earn yourself a ban. If you wouldn’t say something to your child, partner, or boss, don’t say it to us. And if your argument is that your child, partner or boss would take it as a joke, then I have doubts, and would like to say that your behaviour still violates our community guidelines and will result in a ban.

That’s my official statement, but as a side note… I don’t understand why people mock others that have feelings. There is nothing wrong with having feelings, and if someone treats us poorly there is no shame in being affected by it. One message here and there can be shrugged off, but it’s worth remembering that our support agents (and your communications human, me) get a lot more than one or two abusive messages here and there. Over time all the negative sentiment, threats and abuse adds up, and can impact the receiver’s mental health. There is no shame in this, and it’s important to realise how your actions and words impact others.

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