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Originally published at: 5.6 Beta Program – Gems of War

Ahoy, adventurers! It’s that time… time for our Beta to return! We are making further improvements to this process, and working with our testers to refine it as we move forward.The beta will still take place on Discord, but instead of taking applications via the forums, we have a shiny new email to send them too!…

over 2 years ago - Saltypatra - Direct link

I can definitely confirm that you weren’t the reason @Grundulum. I really enjoyed having you. We always wanted to do a rehaul of the beta, and are continuing to do so. We wanted to offer people the chance to cycle in an out, and for new people to come in more frequently for fresh eyes and different perspectives. If you re-apply I’d love to have you in another Beta in the future.

Also, what Grundulum has said is correct. We take note and make changes where we can, but not every piece of feedback can be acted upon. This is due to a variety of things, including our road map, dev needs, publisher needs, etc etc.

If anyone is interested in seeing the update in advance and being part of our program they are welcome to apply. If this doesn’t interest someone, or they don’t have time, there is no need to apply, and a tester can pull out at any point.

I really value having player eyes on an update prior to release, as it shows weak points, illuminates interactions we may not have considered, and helps me understand community needs.

over 2 years ago - Saltypatra - Direct link

You can use your existing profile, but it may be slightly out of date. Anything done in the beta isn’t reflected in the normal game.

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