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I know the trailer didnt reveal a ton of info but I for one am really excited about the return of optical camo which I'm sure will be our 8th an final class. And with that, the probable return of crosscoms!

Kinda curious what else this dlc has in store for us. A while back ubi stated that moa Island wasn't coming but after hearing so many times that motherland will be the biggest dlc to date, im really curious if the dlc will be taking place entirely on moa Island. It seems so wasteful for ubi to just never use that huge land mass and unless there is more content planned for after motherland, im hopeful that moa Island will finally be unlocked. I mean think about it, are they really gonna release another dlc that just uses all the same bases we've all cleared a hundred times? Well probably knowing ubi but still, we could be seeing a nice chunk of good content especially with the promise they made to add to the replayability of breakpoint.

Just my two cents, what do you guys think the dlc could entail after seeing the trailer? What other abilities do you think the 8th class will have besides the optical camo? What kind of weapons or clothes do you think will be added with the dlc? Acr perhaps? 🙄 Lemme know your thoughts!

Also let's keep it positive cuz ubi has given us all enough negatives this week!

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Lot of things are going to happen in Operation Motherland! The team will be coming up with a huge and various amount of content. I cannot tell you more for the moment but I really hope that once you will have the update in your hands you will think it was worth the wait.

In another hand, thank you for your support. It is much appreciated!