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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Discord Member: Fantomas

Hello, Prospectors!
Thank you for playing our second Beta Weekend! Was it really a weekend when it was four days long? ;-) We felt we owed it to the community to extend this beta after the “hug of death” many of you experienced, and we’re happy to hear you certainly made the most of it!

Storms were out in full force but you prevailed and created some amazingly intricate structures. The fun and mayhem that lightning brought to your gameplay was apparent, especially when your masterpieces went up in flames (we totally saw this coming!). Many of you also chose the blaze of glory approach and torched your own buildings at the end of the weekend.

This time we decided to create hotfixes over the weekend to ensure your gameplay experience was as optimal as it could be. If it wasn’t for your honest and well structured feedback, we wouldn’t have been able to recognize and achieve these improvements as much as we did. So, shout out to you! And also shout out to Icarus’s warm, fuzzy and cuddly bears.

Don’t forget you can provide us feedback in between Beta Weekends! This site is up 24/7 so head on over to https://icarus.featureupvote.com/ to upvote a current ticket or create your own.

Check out our latest Beta Weekend Highlights video!

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Content creators can still apply for a Beta key via Rainmaker[rainmaker.gg] or Woovit[woovit.info]!

We’ve loved seeing our community tag us @survievicarus and use our hashtag #surviveicarus - it’s made it so much easier to see your content so we can repost or give it a like. Good job!!

Discord Community
Another whopping 5,000 members joined our Discord server since the last Beta Weekend, bringing our total to over 17,000! We’re constantly updating and improving our Discord spaces to ensure you have the best time chatting with one another and can find the information you need. So why don’t you join us[discord.gg]?

This week we are here yet again to showcase some of your incredible screenshots! Remember you can press 9 on your Number Pad (or another key of your choice) to hide the UI.

Discord Member: Clutchness

Discord Member: Drew43

Discord Member: Arrowgon

Discord Member: SkyNett81

Discord Member: ZerroBrave

Make sure to use the Beta Weekend #screenshots channel if you want the chance to be featured here! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us and the wider community.

Our Gleam competition boasted some amazing Logitech G prizes and Steam Wallet funds. It has now come to a close and we have drawn our lucky winners!

Thank you to everyone for the tremendous number of entries! We were very impressed with the turnout and enjoyed looking through your screenshot and video submissions. Our winners will be contacted via email within the next 24 hours. Please keep a lookout as we may have to redraw if you do not reply promptly!

There will be more chances to win prizes with another gleam competition planned for our community focused Beta Weekend in November.

Beta Weekend #3 is Around The Corner!
Our next Beta Weekend begins on Friday September 24th at 5pm PDT (Saturday September 25th at 12pm NZT / 12am UTC)!

For more detailed information on our Beta Weekends, click here.

Prospectors, you will need to utilize all the skills you’ve learned this far to ensure your safety across the Arctic biome. Prepare for the COLD! Blizzards, wolves and polar bears could create a very fine line between you and imminent death, so good luck!

- Lorii

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Reporting Bugs[icarus.featureupvote.com]