25 Sep

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Originally posted by Nadine: It is going good so far. It runs quit stable, nor crashes, not many lags. Did not see a bear or wolf so far, which is finde, so I can build up my base in peace.
Happy to hear this! :D
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No dedicated servers on the horizon.

All prospectors can log-off during a prospect by pressing ESC and exiting to character select or quitting to desktop. The first person to re-join the empty prospect will become the host. Everyone can join back as they wish. Everything will remain as it was :D

The only way someone will not be able to join again, is if they "settle" their prospect by leaving in their dropship. This would mean they need to start their own new prospect or join another.

Hope this has helped!
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Hi there!

Currently there is no way to "reset" your skill points - you would need to start a fresh new character to begin to put them where you want! Sorry if that isn't the most convenient for you, but it is the way we are doing things at least in the beta
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I have warned both Mulcan and Malphas for your disrespectful and inappropriate language. Please consider being respectful during conversations in the future, thank you.
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Hey everyone, please try to be respectful when talking about topics such as this. There are median earnings in each country, but there are still those that earn more or less than that.

I might be wrong but I believe we put in our price for Icarus in USD and let Valve's pricing tool calculate all other foreign market prices. Their tool is what most developers use and is recommended.

24 Sep

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Patch Notes
  • Buildings constructed on cliff-faces will no longer destroy themselves when players reload into the prospect
  • Animals will no longer try to path through dropships
  • When placing a full Oxygen Tank into a hotbar slot, it will now fill the player’s oxygen to 100%
  • Left clicking the Oxygen Tank in the hotbar now consumes oxygen
  • Lightning can no longer destroy items inside caves
  • Arrows will no longer duplicate when they are recovered from skinned corpses
  • Players can no longer be struck by lightning while inside a house
  • Logged out players no longer show as a dead prospector
  • Logged out players no longer show as a dead marker on the map
  • Players no longer fall through the world when reloading their prospect into a cave
  • Animals can no longer attempt to path through cave voxel coverings
  • Animal cor...
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Welcome back Prospectors!
Our next Beta Weekend begins on Friday 24th September at 5pm PDT where you’ll finally get a taste of the Arctic!

The arctic has been the most anticipated biome from our community. It’s home to a Mammoth, Polar Bears, Wolves, its own weather events like blizzards, and ice caves. Yes, that’s right! Ice caves!

As portrayed in our community Twitch streams with Dean and Lorii - simply getting to the arctic and surviving there is no easy feat. So, that’s why we’re going to give you a little guidance on how to get a head start on your prospects this weekend. We’ll also cover exciting quality of life updates, and of course some patch notes to keep you up to speed with the current state of the game.

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23 Sep

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Originally posted by Malphas⚡⚡: I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see this coming out Nov 20th. They'll probably extend the beta until Q1 2022.
We are closely tracking our beta development which will determine whether we need to shift the needle or not! Whatever the outcome, it has always been in our best interest (and the community's) to ship Icarus when it is ready!
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Originally posted by The Unknown: ok so its only 20 quid...

WOW SOOOO CHEAP (for a game we can only play on the weekends!!!!) Which is why i have not... and will not purchase it until release in november (don't you know it was listed to release end of september/beginning of october?)

But we can only play once a week.... >.> should be a demo due to this *rage moan shout sware moan rage....*
Hey The Unknown,

People have paid for their pre-order. The bet access is an added benefit, not only that, it allows us to listen to our community (you!) and make the game better before launch day. It's an important stage of video game development.

If participating in our beta weekends isn't for you, that's okay! I hope you have fun playing Icarus if you do decide to purchase on launch day or beyond.

16 Sep


Discord Member: Fantomas

Hello, Prospectors!
Thank you for playing our second Beta Weekend! Was it really a weekend when it was four days long? ;-) We felt we owed it to the community to extend this beta after the “hug of death” many of you experienced, and we’re happy to hear you certainly made the most of it!

Storms were out in full force but you prevailed and created some amazingly intricate structures. The fun and mayhem that lightning brought to your gameplay was apparent, especially when your masterpieces went up in flames (we totally saw this coming!). Many of you also chose the blaze of glory approach and torched your own buildings at the end of the weekend.

This time we decided to create hotfixes over the weekend to ensure your gameplay experience was as optimal as it could be. If it wasn’t for your... Read more

08 Sep


Originally posted by SuperJoeBros

Awesome can't wait, will there be any updates as far as performance goes

Yes we will update!

07 Sep


Hi all!

It's been a while since I last posted here! Can we get a big shoutout to u/SmashT and u/FinallyRage for being incredible moderators. It's wonderful to see how this subreddit is growing since our first Beta Weekend! We expect it will continue to grow over the coming months through our beta testing period and beyond launch!

Beta Weekend #2 Begins Friday September 10th at 5pm PDT (Saturday September 11th at 12pm NZT / 12am UTC) Storms will be out in full force so be careful!

Please report bugs to: ...

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Originally posted by Jayson Phoenix: *cough* dont forget to add the feedback link to the q&a thread as promised in there :P
or even better make an own thread to make everybody see and use the feedback link right when entering the forum instead of having to look for it
Done. This was the last place I didn't update it, thanks!

06 Sep

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Hello everyone!

I want to start off by saying how encouraging and humbling it is to see so many passionate players and members taking to these forums to chat about all things Icarus! We see all of you who are contributing constructively, openly, positively and helping answer other players’ questions too.

Having said that, we are noticing some unnecessary, harmful, disrespectful hate speech and criticisms across our discussion channels and forums.

We are and have always been open to conversations around where we need to improve Icarus - that’s the point of our Beta Weekends. A solid and strong community should feel they have the room to provide us with both criticisms, affirmations and everything else in between. However, some of these newer posts and comments (and particularly personal attacks on individuals) just have no use for us as a company, and are debilitating for our wider community who support Icarus and our RocketWerkz team.

For absolut... Read more

Our Reddit has been slower to grow than our Discord (that now has over 13,000 users!)

We're only in our beta testing period, and since the weekend this sub has gained 800 users. Which is honestly great!!
Thanks for contributing here :D

03 Sep


Skalgrim - Icarus Discord

Hello Prospectors!
Wow, what a fantastic first Beta Weekend!

Not only did you get to play Icarus for the very first time, you also gave us your important feedback so we can make the game better, thank you! We will provide updates on the state of Icarus and our plans for the next Beta Weekend in another post.

Many of you chose to stream and create content on Icarus for your online communities, and it was an absolute pleasure for us at RocketWerkz to watch! We saw you hunt, swim, mine, build homes, cook, make armour, and more. We also witnessed a large majority of you setting yourselves on fire and deciding to run into the forest, as well as your homes. No judgement from us, Prospectors! We have been there too (it was very entertaining).

Alongside the joyful laughs that w... Read more

29 Aug

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Originally posted by McGeorgeOfTheJungle: Gonna be honest with you Lori (Dev) for me the £50 price increase from Standard to Deluxe for a few biomes and a couple of DLC and some cosmetics... is quite pricey especially as a pre-order.

May just stick to the standard version for now until the price comes down for the deluxe, cause at £70+ it is a big ask to be bluntly honest in beta stage.
I hear you. We have been having conversations on how to add more value to the deluxe edition for everyone, and perhaps renaming it. This information is due shortly. I hope I can update you all soon!
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Originally posted by Chief Bigum Dikum:
Originally posted by loriipops: Thanks for your feedback here. Some survival game systems and mechanics can seem pretty mundane due to there being linear human needs of surviving. However, if you stick around for our next beta weekend - storms will be at full functionality and will add a different dynamic to your current playstyle. You will need to stay on your toes and think ahead.

In future weekends, you will get to experience new biomes, and faction mis...
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Originally posted by Aldo: Pay more for less features... makes total sense!!!
The content roll out across these beta weekends allows us to narrow down possible variables to issues and bugs players may face each time. Other than that, it's very exciting that each beta weekend holds a new narrative. I am looking forward to players experiencing storms next week!

Thought your house was cute? Let's see it fare during a storm >:)
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Originally posted by TheOrigin: .. because that game is beautiful. I love the PVE aspect (as much as i hate the kill on sight mentality in dayz). So i refunded my standard version to buy the deluxe version instead and support the future development.

Already had alot of fun and value for the 20 bucks i paid initially. Cant wait to see more content because right now i cant progress further then late tier2 stuff. (tier 3 is locked).

And now lets adore the beauty of the game a little:

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