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3s good afternoon everybody and welcome
5s back to the last epoch devstream as
8s always
9s i am your host mike hello
12s and let's get right into it
14s we're still playing
15s our lovely marksman here
18s i'm just gonna
19s crank my audio things back to where they
21s were
24s we're gonna hop right in
26s we uh got a little bit of a start we did
28s more than thought here actually
32s we're just going to keep rolling with
33s our
33s monolith of fate trying to get into
35s empowered monoliths
37s and we got ramped about heavy reset for
39s 12 months in a row thank you very much
41s 12 month adversary
43s that's great
45s that is just great
46s glad to have you around
49s you were you were the first person i saw
50s say anything in chat today so
52s welcome first as well there
60s we had uh
61s for anyone who didn't see we had a
63s pretty cool um
65s little interview with zizerin
67s uh yesterday i think it was yesterday
71s just blurs together man
77s which was a ton of fun
81s i think there may have been some
82s some some juicy nuggets that were
84s revealed there
86s i think i think there's a new info there
90s dan was on with me so we had a
94s second voice that was making mistakes
96s with me
100s easy
100s too easy
104s even oh okay um so for everyone who's
107s possibly new here or
108s don't remember if you have a question
110s for me please slap an at-last epoch game
112s in the question so i can see it easier
114s and i will be happy to answer it uh we
116s also do
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129s our uh current one which is unicef for
131s children relief in ukraine which is
133s great um matching up to ten thousand
135s dollars um you only do one month today's
138s the last day of two months i don't know
139s if we're gonna keep going for next month
141s or not we'll see what happens um
145s this is really good when i really like
146s this one so
148s but you know there's lots of good
149s charities out there as well so we'll see
150s what happens um
153s that's about it that's all the
154s housekeeping you've got a few other
155s things here we've got a very generous
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160s theraxes
161s recognize that name
163s i feel like last time i saw it too i was
164s like that's a cool name
166s but thank you very much
168s uh very happy to have that get that get
171s that ball rolling
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188s uh that's okay yeah
190s and uh welcome everyone from lizard irl
192s stream
193s glad to have you with us
196s i expect some good questions no just
198s kidding
200s uh so the first one up here from nerdy
201s joe how are things a fair few a fair few
204s in my social circle are playing le this
206s weekend myself included glad to have you
208s with us
211s hopefully you'll be able to be playing
212s with them directly instead of just
214s talking about playing together
216s pretty soon that would be nice
222s i can't remember what this what this
224s tree looked like kind of stalked on
227s runes and glyphs right now i want the
228s experience ones there's an experience
230s one down there
233s it's right at the base though
237s whatever
240s let's go snag it
243s that was that's that's an old pro
244s anyone remembers that snagit
246s it was like a a screen grab clipping
249s tool
251s whoa heavy here we go what is that is
255s that 20 that is that's 20. thank you
257s very much heavy for 20 gifted subs to
259s the channel congrats everyone who got
261s one of those that is awesome
265s i always love looking through when
266s there's like a big like batch of them to
268s see like see if i recognize any names or
270s if like any staff accidentally get one
274s see rhymed in there going nice
277s yeah
279s very cool
280s very cool all right llama mcfluff is
283s playing d2r you need to kick him from
284s the ct program this week
287s hey
288s if if i wasn't so busy i would have been
290s playing d2r last night
294s oh i might get something this weekend
295s actually
298s ladder just reset
301s want to get those new ring words in
303s get that get some like
305s some buff
306s act five merc so that might aura you
308s know oh
311s looking forward to that
314s the last wish on a
317s act five might
318s act five mercenary
320s that'd be good
325s and uh another here from paper martin
328s it has tips 20 thank you very much
332s i hope that's still updating
333s automatically i assume it is
339s but thank you very much
342s all right
344s um yeah and for anyone who's new here i
345s just sort of play this game and answer
348s your questions and uh
351s i'm usually playing pretty casually
352s because uh
354s trying to focus on the questions
359s so if you're looking for optimal play
362s so that's all we're about
373s nice to see you
383s it's one that's one of the buddies just
385s talking to him before the stream
392s uh nice interview this is fairy thank
393s you very much
395s i hope you enjoyed it
397s we've also got a uh
399s well i think it's today
404s double check make sure this is today
405s before i say it
411s one sec
417s it's gotta be today right
419s may 6. nevermind on may 6th
423s um we'll be doing a stream with uh
426s aaron over at action rpg doing a little
428s stream with him too
432s which oh man i hope you already
434s announced that and i didn't just ruin it
440s [Laughter]
443s uh
444s all right
447s yeah just repost your question with an
448s at in it yeah um
451s i can look up and find that where the
452s paper martin
456s i will find your question
457s [Music]
459s hi is there any plan to have diablo 3
461s type transmog system where you actually
463s get cosmetic versions of every single
465s item you pick up for the first time um i
468s would say that there's there's going to
469s be oh and then you
470s do it cool um yeah if i miss it you feel
473s free to redo it um
475s i'm usually a little bit behind on chat
476s so yeah
478s um
479s only repost your question if i've
480s clearly skipped it and gone to questions
482s after yours
483s um
486s i said you try and get all of them or at
487s least acknowledge all them if i can't
489s answer them
490s anyways uh transmog system i think
493s there's
494s uh
496s so i can't say that we'll be doing it
497s exactly the same as diablo 3 where like
499s every single item you pick up you just
500s can transmog into absolutely everything
502s um having some sort of transmog system i
505s think is very valuable
506s for the game and being able to customize
508s the way you look is a really important
509s part of uh creating a character and
511s creating a
512s like
513s how you interact with the world and that
515s expression of the world especially
516s online um
519s and having the
521s like visual element of the gear you're
524s wearing
525s limit what you want to play mechanically
528s isn't always great when you're like oh i
530s don't want to play that because it
532s doesn't look very good but it's the best
533s thing that's i definitely had that
535s happen in uh
538s like wow before they had like transmog
541s stuff really
543s you're like i guess i gotta play with
544s this because it's the best but oh is it
546s ugly
547s and it doesn't feel great so like we
549s definitely want to have a way to do that
552s um i don't know when that will happen
554s it may not be a launch feature it may be
556s a launch feature it may
558s uh may involve having to do something
560s special with the item it may have to pay
562s gold in game or something like that who
564s knows what will happen but um
567s some sort of transmog system high
569s probability
572s visual transmog system yeah
578s oh
596s there we go
597s attack speed buff that kicks in just
599s goes crazy i love it
605s all right where are we here i feel like
607s her morris fight revolves around
610s our referrals only about
613s pressing d it feels like a quick time
616s event and he plans to adjust the fight
618s the dungeon mechanic is just a part of
620s the fight and not all of it
622s um
624s i think that all of our boss fights we
626s do look at um as i go forward to adjust
629s them and especially ones that get added
630s in
631s uh to a patch i think
632s pretty historically we the most changes
634s that happen to them is like the patch
635s right afterwards
637s um
639s i don't know if there's any like major
640s plans in the works
643s um
645s for first like specific
648s changes to that fight
650s um
652s but definitely interested in hearing
653s more feedback about possibly suggestions
655s on things you'd like to see in it uh and
657s it's definitely good feedback that even
659s even just that it's it's
662s it's not clicking for you as a high
664s quality fight
671s so not yet but open to the idea of it
681s yeah
682s i mean
684s i can see a use for it but not in this
686s character
702s i shouldn't stand in the middle of
703s everybody on this character
706s and yeah three to five minutes is
707s generous
709s that was a cool little dash
714s oh cannot make that happen twice
718s maybe a one-way trip
721s i love finding those little like little
723s movement moving skips
736s don't know how it happened
738s it's a cool little jump though i like
740s that
749s [Music]
751s for trading focus players the last
753s interview feels at the game isn't meant
754s for them can you elaborate on this and
757s uh and not give them false hope i mean
760s so if you're if your plan is to play
763s i would say okay first of all we don't
765s have our trading system set in stone yet
767s it is very much still evolving so
769s anything i say here regarding what it is
771s now and what it could be eventually is
773s more of a
774s uh
777s goal like that's why i was talking about
778s like the goals of the system are this
780s um
782s and a lot of that is because
784s we don't have it 100 sentence done
786s what's going to happen and it can always
788s change even if we do release something
789s we say like okay it's not working for
790s this this we can change it so i would
793s say the goals of the system at least
794s initially the primary focus is around
797s um
801s well hey
802s not invalidating the the loot hunt
804s so that's really important part of it
807s um
808s i've had these all written down like a
810s great little list of them and i'm trying
811s to remember them all
813s it's not gonna work i'm not gonna remove
814s them all
815s having the ability to play with your
816s friends and when you find something
818s that's great for someone else that
819s you're playing with especially when
820s you're actually actively playing in the
821s same map the same time together that's
823s the most important thing being able to
825s say like okay we just killed this boss
827s and i got a sweet sword but i only use a
829s bow my friend who's playing with me
831s right now uses a sword and i can say
832s here have this sword
834s that's that is the most important thing
836s to have working and and have feel good
838s and have feel fun
839s is the like
841s oh this would be so cool for you to use
843s right now but i can't give it to you and
845s um like that was the that was the stuff
847s that was happening when we were first
848s initially doing our play tests was
852s um that was happening a lot before like
855s and we were we were sitting there even
856s like we all know it's that we can't do
858s it we all know that like what the plans
860s are and everything like that but we're
861s all sitting there like
863s i still wish i could give this item to
865s you
866s and i and so
868s that's the most important thing i think
869s if your
870s primary goal is to
872s um come in and
874s treat the game like a stock simulator
876s and just play the market and not play
878s the actual monster killing part this
880s probably won't be
882s uh
883s as deep of an experience as you're
885s hoping for i would say
888s um
892s i don't i don't know what
894s that means yet really and the details of
896s that but
897s if the primary goal is to just play the
899s market
901s i i'd say it's probably going to be a
902s little bit more shallow of an experience
916s there's always give me that emphasis on
920s going and killing monsters
930s like yeah we we know that
932s having an economy and and all those
934s sorts of things and having ways to
936s one of the things that gives items value
938s in finding items that are really
940s powerful is the
942s even if you're not going to use it is
944s the possibility that
945s um
948s it can exist
949s outside of
951s uh what you just picked up like the
953s where you are right now it's it's useful
955s its use is more than its intrinsic use
957s so like it's intriguing its value is
959s more than what it can do there we go
961s that's the line its value is more than
962s what it can do
964s um directly because you drop something
966s like this and it's like okay great i've
968s got this but what if i'm not using this
969s type of build doesn't hold any value
971s yeah it still needs to hold some value
979s please don't make deal with three the
981s train system will not be the exact same
983s as any other game that i can think of
986s and the reason i say i can think of is
987s because i'm sure there's some obscure
989s game out there where someone be like die
991s i found it
1010s all right
1011s uh i don't know if you guys can oh uh
1013s can we expect then when can we expect
1015s the next big update i do not have a
1017s timeline for it for you i'm sorry
1028s um yeah i do not know when the next
1029s update is going to happen um we're still
1031s pretty fresh for the last one
1033s like
1034s was it was a
1035s three four weeks what about a month
1037s isn't it okay it's been a while
1045s feels like it was recent but i guess
1046s it's just because we had another hot fix
1048s that we had to slip in
1060s but it will be it'll be a little while
1061s still like there's
1063s don't start looking to the next big
1065s update yet
1069s we've got a while so
1072s i don't know if you guys can answer that
1073s question yet oh referring to the trading
1075s focus players um we're talking about
1077s performance patch soon
1080s talking about performance patch for soon
1083s yesterday
1084s says interview
1086s is there any date confirmed
1096s uh so what's this about multiplayer 2022
1098s yeah uh yeah what did dan say uh the
1100s question was something along the lines
1102s and you'll have to go check out the
1103s actual interview for the real question
1105s um
1106s and the question was something along the
1107s lines of
1109s can we expect to be testing multiplayer
1113s this year or something like that or when
1114s can we expect to be testing multiplayer
1116s i think his answer was
1119s um
1120s sometime in 2022 to start or something
1123s like that i can't know what the exact
1124s answer was
1125s um
1127s please go watch that stream or someone
1129s clip it and find the the actual answer
1131s that dan gave because
1134s this is not me giving an answer this is
1135s me trying to remember what he said as an
1137s answer
1146s but yeah we are like things are moving
1148s we're advancing our testing phases
1153s we're getting new people into that soon
1159s it's moving along like there's
1161s just it's a very long process
1166s uh hey mike
1167s are we to expect any major changes in
1170s terms of how the end game plays out
1173s along with more incentives to look
1175s forward to when you do reach in game
1178s apart from mono's echoes etc
1181s um
1183s i mean the easy answer to that question
1184s is yes because there's a i guess the
1186s technicality the way you order but i can
1187s say like
1189s yeah
1190s there will be
1192s because there's no time frame on that
1194s yes definitely that'll happen um well
1196s that happened before 1.0
1198s uh
1200s i'd say the major
1202s core
1204s endgame content will still be the
1206s monolith
1207s and like model dungeons arena will be
1209s the like main trinity of end game
1211s content at launch
1213s um
1215s will that expand and grow and change as
1218s we go absolutely
1226s easy to eat
1243s here we go
1257s let's light this up
1263s oh here we go
1274s oh the the
1275s shrine ran out i was like why did that
1277s work oh tried right out
1294s attack speed off here we go
1303s nice
1305s nice
1315s how about items can only be traded once
1318s then there's also no flipping but
1319s friends
1320s uh but helping friends to join later
1322s that's definitely an option we've
1323s considered
1327s we've considered having items have like
1330s there's like
1331s basically anything you can think of
1332s we've talked about i'd be pretty
1334s confident saying because
1335s like there's so many different options
1337s and so many variations on some of the
1339s options so like
1340s a spin-off of that one is you can have
1342s items that have a set number of times
1344s that can be traded so you can have like
1345s maybe a unique can be traded like three
1347s times but like a rare riding he traded
1349s like six times or something like that um
1364s just kind of like a a leasehold
1366s situation if you're like
1368s looking at like housing properties
1371s which are if there's if there's non
1373s leasehold things available the leasehold
1375s situation is just terrible
1378s but
1381s on its own it works
1384s [Music]
1397s gotta level up here
1399s we're way behind are we 77
1401s we're in a 90 zone
1402s [Music]
1405s the hardest part about that actually is
1406s the like the cap on crafting that it
1409s puts on your gear because you can like
1411s my gear still has sporting potential
1413s left but i can't craft on it because i'm
1414s too low level
1430s uh is there anything that can be done
1432s about how legendary potential has made
1434s normal unique drops feel like white and
1436s blue outside of keeping well-rolled ones
1438s as placeholders or leveling gear uniques
1440s no longer have a wow factor when they
1442s drop any systems being planned
1444s considered to address that ah
1448s i mean no is the short answer i would
1450s kind of disagree with the blanketness of
1452s it because some items
1454s are still extremely useful at zero lp um
1459s especially the higher level ones
1461s the low level uniques
1463s at
1464s like before legendary potential came in
1466s the lower level uniques that could
1467s potentially have like where you can
1469s reasonably expect to find one at two
1471s three four even uh legendary potential
1474s those uniques were already
1476s in that situation so like it did that
1479s didn't make them go to that it made a
1482s lot of them not go to that anymore like
1484s it
1484s it uh
1486s helped that's that disparity a lot more
1488s than it hurt it i
1490s think um
1505s and as you said in the question they do
1506s have uses
1510s especially well-rolled ones
1512s that's interesting as well like i was um
1515s there was one question i was
1517s i don't know where this was we're
1519s talking about this but um
1521s not happening even in some cases
1523s lower legendary potential items can be
1526s upgrades if the roll ranges are high
1528s enough and the roll ranges are different
1529s enough so like um there's some items
1531s that intentionally have extremely large
1533s roll ranges uh whether or not it's just
1535s something we wanted for the item or it
1536s was requested by
1538s the uh
1539s the the person we were making it with
1540s for supporter uniques like for example
1542s as they're in this helmet the the
1543s squirrel harold scurry it um
1546s the roll ranges are one of the biggest
1548s roll ranges on items in the game it's
1549s huge roll ranges and in some cases a
1552s zero lp version can actually be better
1553s than a
1554s 1lp item pretty handily
1562s i think that's actually really good
1566s easy
1577s um i think the
1578s the
1579s usually the the style of system that
1581s gets brought up with that is
1582s have um
1585s failed worthless pointless uh expired uh
1588s not useful uniques and whatever you want
1590s to say it uh
1592s be include be useful in crafting in some
1595s way so have them the example that gets
1596s brought up a lot to me is diablo 3
1599s where you can
1600s uh basically break down the unique into
1602s a or the legendary in that case into a
1604s it's crafting components to be used
1607s later
1607s and and that's that i think that's a
1610s great way to do it
1611s um
1613s it makes them all worth picking up to
1614s some degree because you're going to use
1615s that those materials
1618s and uh
1621s i think it works really well in there in
1622s their system
1626s we don't have anything planned at the
1628s moment like that but that doesn't mean
1629s it can't happen
1643s new explosion
1646s i can leave get out
1649s oh the fire shakes me through the portal
1662s i think one of you guys said at some
1664s point that there would be a way to level
1665s new characters after the first one
1667s faster is that coming anytime soon it is
1669s it's coming in about negative seven
1671s months
1675s which is my being the jerk way of saying
1677s it's already in the game um
1680s it's not as fleshed out as it will be
1682s eventually but um
1684s yeah you can
1687s use dungeons to skip big chunks of the
1689s campaign and pop through that campaign
1691s much faster
1697s rhymer missing the question
1703s oh he said it right after yes
1713s [Laughter]
1716s you gotta add me if i'm gonna answer the
1717s question but i'll answer it anyways as a
1719s person do you feel more like a dwarf or
1721s a wizard
1722s i mean i think wizard
1726s mostly because i'm
1728s definitely not short
1730s and uh
1733s i don't really know how to swing a
1734s battle axe very well
1738s oh and also i'm magic so
1740s oh
1741s jesus christ
1751s remember kids keep your stick on the ice
1756s and everyone a group in canada knows
1758s what i'm talking about
1772s keep your stick on the ice was keep your
1774s hands on the keyboard
1781s so it's an analogy to be ready
1784s when the action starts to be ready for
1785s anything
1801s all right what's your favorite and least
1803s favorite defensive mechanic in the game
1804s at the moment oh interesting question
1806s okay favorite defensive mechanic
1808s um
1814s favorite defensive mechanic is endurance
1817s uh specifically because it has the
1820s um
1822s tendency to leave you at very low health
1824s and make it feel like you almost died
1826s even when you didn't really almost die
1830s um
1833s and it you know saves you from getting
1834s one shot which i just hate getting one
1836s show or you just feel like you had no
1838s agency over what just happened
1840s uh so that's my favorite one
1845s uh least favorite's hard
1848s this one's really hard um
1861s i mean like
1864s kind of a cop-out answer about just like
1866s flat health
1868s because it's boring
1878s uh when you mentioned rares uniques
1880s traded a certain number of times you
1881s could have been
1883s uh
1884s you could have traded
1885s be
1888s when you mentioned rare's uniques traded
1890s a certain number of times you could have
1892s trading be a craft
1894s that takes fortune potential i see what
1896s you're saying yes yes yes yes
1898s um yes that's that that is something
1901s that was talked about where um
1905s the the big problem with that is that
1906s then um you have to give for your
1908s fortune potential to
1910s it was called crafting potential one
1911s point forging potential to
1914s um
1915s i'll let you figure out why it's not
1917s called crafting potential but um
1921s it
1924s uh uniques uniques and sets don't have
1925s fortune potential
1927s and it's it's clunky to add it on to
1929s that specifically for that one thing
1931s um
1933s yeah
1935s it doesn't it doesn't yeah
1938s it gets messy
1940s quickly
1942s uh what's the crazy idea that's been
1944s discussed in alley something that got
1946s tossed out i mean we come up with things
1949s that are like wouldn't it be funny ifs
1951s all the time so i don't i pick the
1953s craziest one like
1956s uh convert the game into a
1960s 2d
1963s uh roguelike game
1966s i heard someone pitched that years ago
1968s as a joke
1972s i guess that's not really the uh
1974s the question like something that we
1976s seriously considered doing that got
1977s tossed out
1978s uh
1980s i don't know
1982s okay so actually i do know a few of them
1983s and the problem is like i i know answers
1986s to the question is that some of them
1987s that we were like
1989s this would be crazy cool and we tossed
1991s it out because we just can't do it yet
1993s or maybe it's something that we could um
1996s you know
1997s mold into a proper idea later
2000s it's hard to answer because
2002s i don't want to say any of these and be
2004s like
2007s we thought of this and we're never going
2008s to do it then we do do it someday
2016s all
2017s right primer if you're watching still
2019s which i assume you are if you've got any
2021s good answers that
2024s dm me and i'll i'll say it but i don't
2026s have a good answer i'm sorry
2031s uh is there any chance for the masochist
2034s mode to be something equivalent to d3
2036s inferno mode in terms of challenging or
2038s beating gives the game some great
2039s satisfaction i mean that's kind of what
2042s it is there's
2044s uh
2047s there's no real reward to it it's just
2050s good job you beat it really hard
2056s like it's it's just a challenge it's a
2058s bragging rights challenge there's a term
2060s for that
2064s it's like it's like a game term for that
2068s i don't care what it is right now
2070s all right oh hi mr dev can you look into
2073s making the health bar over your
2074s character take prior priority over
2076s everything else like minions etc that
2079s block it all the time
2085s i guess it does go behind a lot of stuff
2086s doesn't it well it goes in front of
2088s minions
2094s because it's the layer it's on has to be
2096s in front of
2098s minions which it is
2100s because all enemies are on the same
2102s layer all enemies players they're all
2103s the same layer should be
2106s yeah okay
2108s so it's
2111s it goes behind
2113s items
2114s i think it's important because you need
2115s to be able to click on the items
2126s i just i just reordered like i just went
2129s through a huge thing reordering a ton of
2131s ui so things overlapped properly
2133s um so it may have changed slightly
2138s we broke out every single panel into
2140s their own canvas
2143s ui big performance boost
2150s and more granular control over what's in
2152s front of what which is nice
2179s the profane flush has got some health
2182s it's got some heft to it
2186s beefy boy
2196s here's a little tip i think i know this
2198s has
2199s been
2199s talked about publicly but i don't think
2201s it's been like announced or posted or
2203s anything so like
2206s most people may have missed this but the
2207s the 15 cap
2209s up here
2210s 15 plus looks like it's going away
2213s hey
2218s which is really nice
2225s which is like the fact that that cap is
2226s there is actually what caused the
2229s uh
2230s why we didn't catch the unique
2233s interaction with um
2235s whatever that hotfix we just had to do
2237s to make ward not go bonkers
2254s picked up someone i probably don't need
2256s there
2261s yeah that increased cold damage if we
2263s could switch that out it'd be nice
2265s the crit base is just whatever though
2279s i know i'm just chucking things horribly
2280s mostly because i uh
2287s terrible and don't really need to keep
2289s the stuff
2294s panic portal yeah that was a there was a
2295s panic portal a little bit ago there
2298s we're all in this together yeah
2304s uh can we add specific uniques to the
2306s loot filter like maybe we want serpents
2308s milk but not chimera's essence just add
2311s for unique jade ambulance isn't specific
2313s enough
2314s uh
2315s yeah can you
2319s is it possible to add a property of one
2322s of them
2323s right now to like the old testament test
2328s um
2329s i must have a unique that's well okay
2333s let's just want to get back to
2334s a stash
2338s this is this is not going to go well i'm
2340s uh
2345s oh yeah this is
2350s easy
2352s i have a good feeling about bad outcomes
2354s here
2360s feels like my mouse is slower
2364s just panicking
2376s ah there we go what's that lower
2384s that's right that's why you get on the
2385s flight dpi switching so you can
2386s accidentally press it and uh have your
2388s mouse go slower than you used to
2398s oh that's a lot
2411s stop spawning i'm not done with the last
2413s ones yet
2428s i've been marked for death
2432s whoa
2434s just uh apparently selected all of the
2437s chat window
2443s it's also why you lock your cursor to
2444s the window
2455s we gotta focus one of these down
2462s not happening
2476s we're cleaning up here
2479s oh yeah probably can't stand that
2489s all right
2497s it's those tricky
2499s we got there though
2501s give me that experience
2505s okay let's try
2509s do we have
2511s for those two items
2528s and
2541s okay can we get the loot filter
2545s to hide one of these but not the other
2551s uh increase poison damage
2571s rarity i click good
2577s uh ethics
2589s uh poison damage
2592s confirm
2594s and
2598s oh boy
2600s here we go
2602s oh yeah
2616s hide all unique items with poison damage
2621s well that doesn't seem to be working
2624s doesn't look into there it doesn't even
2625s look into there
2633s i think it should
2642s i'll put that in the future request
2644s well let me maybe take a look at it
2656s uh did the dev team test some crazy
2658s build like wraiths will scorch parasites
2660s because it almost killed my gpo gpu
2662s taking
2663s talking on a uh amd rx 590. we test all
2668s sorts of them um gpu is
2672s um i'm way above the stability
2674s requirements oh my gosh
2677s [Laughter]
2680s i'm just gonna
2682s take the loss and portal out
2685s uh it's it's so the reason why you're
2687s having performance issues there um it's
2689s probably not a gpu reason um problem
2692s yeah the gpu is working hard but if
2693s you're having frame rate issues it's
2695s more likely a cpu problem
2698s welcome everyone from eggshells channel
2701s glad to have you with us
2703s because i can do my if this is your
2705s first time here spiel if this is your
2706s first time here you have any questions
2707s for me please feel free to add uh an
2709s atlas epoch game in the question and i
2712s will get to it as soon as i can a little
2713s slow but i will do my best
2715s um
2718s i sit i play for charity i answer
2720s questions i love it
2722s that's about it
2724s this is where everything goes
2727s uh yeah i'm i if anybody doesn't know
2729s i'm one of the senior developers on this
2731s game
2732s which is pretty cool
2735s i like i like games i like making games
2738s i like playing games
2740s let's move on to the next question
2742s health suffixes conflict with dodge and
2744s armor suffixes yes uh very much by
2747s design would it be desirable to esg that
2749s a player builds armored dodge suffixes
2751s and skips building health all together
2753s um
2756s i don't think so i a lot of the
2759s defensive layers are
2761s this is not you for all of them
2763s but a lot of them are kind of hoping
2765s you'll get some of it
2767s um
2768s and
2769s absence
2770s some specific
2774s reason why you don't want that
2776s that thing like you specifically need a
2777s low max health pool or something like
2779s that we kind of hope that you're getting
2780s some of all these things
2783s health is really a specific one that i'm
2785s talking about here um
2787s dodge and block i think are ones that
2788s are more prone to an all or nothing type
2791s type look
2792s um
2795s but there's lots of places where dodge
2796s and block aren't available and health is
2798s and vice versa
2801s possibly not vice versa
2813s ugh
2820s kicks in really it's done
2828s all right let's get to the next one it's
2829s like into this boss
2833s where's this boss fight
2835s i'd like to fight this boss now
2838s that would be pretty cool
2855s earlier
2856s [Laughter]
2859s no
2859s [Music]
2861s what's it
2867s camera just loops around
2870s it's not looking good
2877s come on loop around
2879s come on loop around
2887s yes that's what i'm talking about
2896s uh when will you allow me to spend my
2897s money on mtx i'm starting to get
2899s frustrated i can't have my bow glow uh
2902s and lower my fps even further
2905s well i mean uh it is a good point we do
2907s have higher priority things to work on
2908s like improving the average frame rates
2910s in the game um
2915s uh but yes we are we're working on mtx
2917s stuff it is i do not have a set timeline
2920s for it
2921s um as you can see we've been putting a
2922s lot of work into modeling out
2925s um
2926s weapons like uh base types unique items
2930s um
2931s new armor sets everything like that
2933s speaking of
2935s i have a new armor set to share with you
2936s today
2945s that'll be uh that'll be if i beat the
2947s boss hey welcome lone star mcfluffin and
2949s your raiding party glad to have you all
2951s with us
2955s stay a while and ask some questions
2964s uh with the edition of
2965s lightless arbor gold sink which is great
2967s by the way thank you i do agree is there
2969s any plan to give us some more sort of
2970s ways to make legit gold in game i farm
2974s at 500 plus corruption just for the gold
2976s makes it a bit arduous
2977s uh
2978s when i need a hundred stash tabs
2981s because i'm a hoarder
2982s also uh sitting on a hundred like the
2985s cyber keys i don't feel like i can
2987s afford to take advantage of help
2990s um
2991s well i mean
2994s lots of times
2996s so i think that the house the
2999s if you have a lot of keys it might be
3000s worthwhile to go in there and start
3002s trying them especially because you can
3003s get lucky and um early on get
3007s several uh
3009s several like
3012s options that come combined well with
3013s each other early on and you can spend
3016s less money and get more stuff done i
3018s know it's
3019s like really good there's a natural
3020s because it is a lot of it's
3021s multiplicative and feeds off itself
3022s there's this natural inclination to
3024s use it all at once if possible and that
3026s is true for the most part
3029s um but because there is
3032s the um
3034s the uh increasing cost that goes with it
3037s and the random nature of the ones you
3038s have available to you for that cost it
3040s can sometimes be worthwhile to actually
3042s go in a little bit more frequently to
3043s see if you can test your luck there and
3045s you do get stuff from the street from
3047s from the um dungeon as well
3050s um as far as farming go like target
3053s farming gold specific things um
3058s it's it's an interesting problem because
3059s very recently uh before this patch
3062s everyone was looking at us like i have
3063s all this money nothing to spend it on
3065s and now uh
3067s this is not the first time i've seen
3068s this actually it's funny is that it's
3069s kind of as soon as the patch happened it
3071s was i want to spend all this money but i
3072s don't have any and it's like i guess we
3074s need to find a
3076s a few more things to generate and spend
3078s money so there's like more options to
3080s pick from out there
3082s on both sides of the coin just it's less
3083s of a big swing every time we add one to
3085s either side that makes any sense
3089s uh but i don't have any specific things
3092s to share for you right now i'm sorry
3095s release the damn game already i don't
3097s want to pay 30 bucks for beta again
3099s yeah um well if you've if you've already
3102s paid for the beta you don't have to pay
3104s for it again
3105s um
3106s but if you're referring to a different
3108s game then yes it would be again i guess
3110s sorry um
3112s but
3113s uh we will be unfortunately releasing
3115s the game when it's ready
3117s um
3118s a poor release i think would be
3121s a poor quality product release would be
3123s detrimental overall to the
3125s long-term health of the game and this is
3127s something that we are hoping is a
3129s um and planning for to be a very
3131s long-term project for us we want this to
3133s be something that that we're still
3135s making content for years from now and
3137s and we're still like creating new gear
3139s creating new challenges creating new
3141s everything
3142s new systems new mechanics new characters
3145s new
3146s everything
3150s and the only way that's possible is if
3152s we we hit launch strong
3159s which i think we will
3170s same person new question is there a site
3172s or provide private link to guide us
3174s through pre-established builds
3175s absolutely uh we have some wonderful
3178s community members that make some
3179s fantastic tools that are really good for
3181s creating your own builds um
3184s and also for uh looking up and sharing
3186s other people's builds um you can like i
3189s i know a lot of youtube's just a great
3191s place to do it as well there's so many
3193s um people who make build guides for last
3195s epoch which is it's like that's really
3198s cool to see just in general um
3201s for a while i had an alert set up every
3203s time someone like anyone uploaded a
3205s video with last epoch in the title uh
3208s would like alert me
3211s uh
3213s and it got to a point where there was
3214s too many alerts and i'm like okay
3217s this is uh i can't keep up with these
3220s i'm gonna just uh
3224s come back to find them naturally but yes
3226s um there's lots of them and i'm trying
3229s to remember the name of the website
3230s exactly because i just have it linked in
3231s my bookmarks i think it's just last
3233s epoch tools has a build guides section
3236s where people can upload their build
3237s guides with uh
3239s like links and
3240s even loot filters to go with it that are
3242s all in that one one place
3249s it's the same guy that makes uh the the
3252s grimdon one as well
3262s not happening
3266s all right let's get to this boss
3278s that's a big boy
3284s he is not messing about
3287s oh
3289s oh
3291s okay what's my fire res not fantastic
3295s i really need to fix my resistances i
3297s said that last time i think
3299s said every time probably
3307s that was a generous hitbox there for
3309s that
3320s i think i think one of those should have
3321s hit me and didn't
3322s [Laughter]
3324s i'll take it though i will take it
3331s another question here we got one
3333s from senzero ca
3336s uh hello guys hello
3339s uh do you guys think of add new ways to
3342s craft legendaries in the future or at
3344s least speed up the process of going
3346s through the temporal sanctum if claire
3347s wants to i think it's it's fine uh it's
3350s fine for now um but as the game
3353s increases in quantity of items it will
3355s probably become a tiresome
3357s uh work to do over and over again
3359s especially because getting some lp
3361s uniques is quite difficult
3363s sometimes and the affixes that transfer
3365s to legendaries are random
3367s yeah i i think the um
3371s short answer is
3373s maybe
3375s probably longer term if we do anything
3377s like that um to have an alternate way of
3379s doing it i'm pretty happy with the
3380s length of the temporal sanctum right now
3381s i don't think it's
3383s um really an excessive process
3387s um and i think that one
3388s so like uh some feedback we've been
3390s getting recently about dungeons is the
3392s dead end feel is not good when you're
3395s when you're going through it i think
3396s that the
3397s there's
3398s um
3401s the
3402s the comparison frequently is to um
3404s poe maps and the dead end the frequency
3407s you find devons and those and i think
3409s the disparity is smaller than most
3410s people think
3412s but it doesn't matter because what's
3414s important is the perception of that
3415s disparity and that's
3417s um definitely exacerbated by the feeling
3420s of how those dead ends are presented um
3423s and a big problem with how they're
3424s presented right now
3426s is that they're presented as a path that
3428s almost was open but you got unlucky in
3430s this path was closed um i think that's
3433s the big problem with them right now is
3434s that we're not seeing these paths as
3437s uh that we are seeing these past as
3439s things that could have happened that
3440s didn't
3441s um and we need to instead i gotta clear
3443s these
3446s um and we need to have oh that's close
3453s oh my goodness this is
3456s the gun i'm gonna make more of it okay
3458s cool um
3460s we need we need to have those paths
3462s appear less as oh they were almost a
3465s good way to go but weren't
3467s uh
3468s and more as they just
3472s there's different paths and sometimes
3473s that ends you know
3474s so uh
3477s that process we are
3479s working on we actually did reduce the
3481s number of total
3483s blockages that get placed in dungeons
3485s recently i think that helped a lot
3487s um
3491s like a lot a lot and one of the big
3492s differences that with i know i'm kind of
3494s going off question here but it's just
3495s something we were talking about recently
3496s i thought it was interesting um one of
3498s the big differences and why i think
3499s temporal sanctum feels better in general
3501s than the other two is because you do
3503s have when you find one of these dead
3504s ends a way to maybe get around it
3507s um i think that helps a lot
3510s and so we were talking about the
3511s trying to find ways to um
3514s use the dungeon mechanic to also
3516s traverse those
3517s um some of those locked like blocked off
3520s paths for the other dungeons as well
3522s um
3523s that was the conversation we started
3524s recently but uh definitely didn't
3527s finish
3532s um as for the time it takes to make a
3534s legendary i think it's really important
3535s that a legendary item
3537s has that
3540s uh
3541s significance that gravitas that look at
3544s what i made look what i went through to
3545s make it it's a bit of a slog it's a bit
3547s of a challenge it's like
3550s it's it's it's not something that you
3551s necessarily get on the first try
3553s and i i think that's important for it
3555s it's possible that it's too long it's
3557s possible that it's too hard and all
3558s those sorts of things are are stuff
3560s we're very happy to adjust and tweak as
3563s we get feedback so the feedback's very
3564s useful so please don't think i'm
3566s dismissing the feedback in any way
3568s because i do really appreciate the
3569s feedback and this is the sort of stuff
3569s that's really good to put like on our
3571s forums on our discord um
3573s and and get discussions going on about
3575s and see other people feel
3578s so i could be completely out to lunch
3580s with this other evaluation of it
3588s this was the last time anyone went out
3589s for lunch
3591s oof been a while
3602s see how close i can cut these
3607s it's pretty generous like i'm right on
3608s the edge there
3616s it's very generous
3618s interesting
3623s and yeah with with the the like the
3625s africa's getting transferred being
3626s legend being random as well that's that
3628s that's definitely tricky it gets less
3630s random
3631s the luckier got in the previous stage
3633s there's like there's there's like a
3634s cascading rng system where like you have
3636s to get lucky you have to get lucky again
3638s you feel lucky again and the luckier you
3640s get early means you have it's easier to
3642s get lucky later as well so i i think
3644s that works pretty well
3648s let's move on to the next topic here i'm
3651s not too far behind
3653s damn i apologize uh how would you
3656s recommend evaluating upgrades when it
3658s comes to flat spell damage versus
3660s percent spell damage i have a lot of
3662s trouble determining which one is better
3665s yeah uh
3667s it depends
3669s terrible answer is that um no it's it's
3673s it is really tricky and
3675s um each spell is different especially
3677s because uh and each it will change based
3680s on how much you have of either one
3682s um
3683s if that makes any sense so it's it gets
3686s does get a little more complicated in
3687s the math but
3689s um basically you want
3692s in most cases
3694s you want a similar distribution of added
3697s to increased
3699s um as you can get
3702s that makes any sense so like if you have
3704s 10 affixes available to put them on and
3706s you have five added on one five increase
3707s in the other that's a decent rule of
3710s thumb it's not gonna work out exactly
3712s right for almost anything
3714s um
3716s and part of the thing is we put added um
3720s on almost nothing it's very rare to have
3723s so generally if you're having a choice
3725s between added or increased tape be added
3727s um
3729s because it's almost always going to be
3730s better because you have more access to
3731s the increased
3733s and an increase has diminishing returns
3735s per one per point if you get up too high
3736s and things like that
3749s and then lava said right afterwards the
3750s short version of exactly what i said
3752s flat damage is usually better as it's
3753s harder to get a hold of yes that's the
3755s easy way to say it
3758s [Music]
3762s as a senior developer what are your
3764s day-to-day responsibilities in other
3765s words can you tell us a bit more about
3767s what you do for last epoch game
3769s absolutely um
3771s yeah we so i do
3774s it changes patch to patch pretty heavily
3776s i kind of do whatever's needed which is
3779s um
3780s i'm just gonna try it with my setup how
3782s it is
3782s i i do a lot of work my i guess my main
3785s thing would be skills so i do a lot of
3787s design and development for
3789s skills so that's all the way from the
3791s conceptual phase to the testing phase um
3794s rymer's in chat right now he does a lot
3796s of that as well
3798s um there's
3800s super duper not just me at all
3803s but i'm one of the people that does that
3804s i also do a lot of work on um items so
3807s that's conceptualizing
3809s all the way through to
3811s testing of items like uniques
3814s base types all those sorts of things
3815s item affixes uh and then
3818s because they're very very similar so
3819s they're very tied together it's
3821s basically the same thing just uh you're
3822s getting it from a different spot
3825s really
3826s uh and then i also do a lot of work on
3829s ui so like um what am i working on right
3832s now there's a
3834s uh i'm working on implementing a system
3836s where when you're in multiplayer and if
3839s you
3840s uh say you open up your skills menu and
3842s you can't see your character
3844s um
3845s we were having situations where people
3847s were like we were playing online with
3848s each other and people were just like
3850s standing there doing nothing and people
3851s were like what what are you doing are
3852s you are you there like mike you're just
3854s sitting there oh sorry i was just
3856s putting some skill points in or oh i was
3858s just putting a pass appointed and um so
3861s it's a little icon that shows up to
3862s other people in your party over your
3863s character's head when you have one of
3866s those full screen menus open and can't
3867s see your character so someone can be
3869s like so say you've got
3871s that open and you've got icon of your
3873s head and someone sees you getting
3874s attacked they can be like mike you're
3876s getting attacked close that menu and
3878s fight back
3879s or something like that
3884s and so that looks like
3886s taking the visuals from
3890s the person who made them
3891s and
3894s putting them in the right spot in the
3896s like
3897s gameplay objects
3899s i'm trying to avoid using like
3902s technical terms
3904s uh but i'm stumbling not being able to
3905s say the technical terms so like yeah
3907s like put them in the prefabs the right
3908s spot assign references and create the
3910s scripts that will turn them on and off
3912s the right time and
3913s um create the rpcs that will send that
3916s information to the other clients and
3920s yeah
3935s that's right stacked up all together
3938s oh two keys
3941s armor
3943s necrotic red shred
3945s stun duration
3947s armor
3956s it's a cool one i don't really have any
3958s use for it myself but it's cool
3961s pick it up so like the way it looks
3965s deadening arrow and crit well don't use
3967s either of those things
3969s sanctuary for ask dungeon bad
3971s i mean did it kill you bad dungeon bad
3980s and the fun has arrived welcome to the
3982s party aaron how's it going
3987s you already announced the thing right i
3988s didn't uh
3991s make a mistake did i earlier
3993s please see you already put something out
3996s if you didn't you should
3998s because i'm a bad person
4006s uh
4008s do you have a game design limit
4011s on how fast a player can do an action
4014s uh
4015s yes
4017s i it really depends on the action big
4020s time so like some of them are instant
4022s like you it doesn't matter there's
4023s there's no like uh shift is instant
4026s there's
4027s there's no distinction on how fast that
4029s can happen because it happens
4030s immediately
4032s um
4033s but yeah each thing has like a specific
4035s time
4036s and there's like
4038s uh
4039s you can like
4040s override that animation with movement
4042s abilities so like puncture has this full
4044s animation
4046s and you can see the
4047s um
4050s like after the bow shot goes out there's
4053s a bit of an animation as a cooldown
4054s animation
4056s um
4057s and you can interrupt that animation
4060s with a movement ability at the after the
4062s mid like not the midpoint so each one
4063s has like a lead up
4066s where you can where you can cancel it
4068s where it's actually happening where you
4069s can't cancel it and then a lead out
4071s where you can cancel it uh and if you
4073s cancel it and lead out it will
4075s uh
4077s still happen
4079s it's already happened
4083s uh do you have a technical limitation
4085s for this i mean there's
4086s um
4089s yes there's technical limitations for
4091s that
4093s uh but i don't think we're anywhere near
4095s that
4097s so for example in poe
4099s uh stacking attack speed can get several
4101s attacks within a game tick
4103s oh i see what you're saying like a
4104s server tech yeah
4111s yeah uh i'm not gonna answer the
4113s specifics of
4115s how uh of like the tick rate of the
4118s servers
4119s and uh what the minimum space between
4122s that is but i don't think it's possible
4126s from a from a game mechanic's
4127s perspective to get under the server's
4130s tick rate
4131s so i don't think it matters
4135s and i could be wrong about that but i'm
4137s pretty sure that was one of the
4139s requirements for what we set the server
4140s tech rate at was that we had that this
4142s this did put us on a cap
4145s like a hard limit for how fast we can
4146s make things happen
4151s all right which one are we gonna do next
4153s um
4155s last run age of winter
4159s say it now sit in chat i'm gonna go to
4160s the oh no wait i'm gonna do sorry
4163s ruining everything i'm gonna go do an
4165s arena
4167s right
4168s the thing i'm doing
4172s and the arena's not at the end of time
4173s anymore
4174s [Laughter]
4176s hey
4178s i know where i'm going
4181s but i don't know where i am
4186s [Music]
4194s wow you sort of put stuff
4210s whatever will we do
4217s uh is there a plan to develop a path of
4220s building like tool in-game would be up
4223s to the community um
4232s i don't want to
4234s uh commit either way right now
4236s unfortunately
4238s a lot of it comes down to
4243s our plans change really frequently
4245s between between patches we so we we have
4249s like plans ahead of time so we we've got
4251s like plans we wanted okay we want like
4253s this this this is next this is this is
4254s after that yada yada yada but every
4256s single patch our priorities change
4259s new things happen with the community new
4260s things happen with the game someone
4262s discovers something someone gets a new
4263s idea things change all the time so we
4266s our plans change pretty frequently too
4268s and sometimes something that we had
4269s planned
4270s gets taken off the list um
4274s i know having like we we definitely had
4276s suggestions and and discussed and talked
4278s about and even mapped out possible ways
4280s to do it things where you could
4283s have a like skill plan skill loadout
4287s that's already in here and you could
4288s like go into like planning mode and you
4290s can like pick out all the things you
4291s want to have and then when you level up
4293s it could like highlight the like the
4295s next point or like the points that you
4297s still haven't spent yet or something
4298s like that like oh you plan to have this
4300s one like highlighted the text blue or
4302s something like that because you're gonna
4302s put the point in
4305s um so we definitely talked about
4306s incorporating that directly into the
4307s game and there's a lot of really good
4309s things about that
4310s um there's a lot of great like
4313s usability
4314s accessibility stuff for people that are
4316s that are
4317s that have maybe 30 different builds on
4319s different characters and they they plan
4320s them on they can't remember which one
4321s was like which one i'm playing now that
4322s sort of stuff um because there's so many
4324s trees and so many nodes and so many
4326s possibilities it's really easy to get
4327s that mixed up at the same time
4330s um a really natural thing that goes with
4333s that similar to loot filters
4335s is having a way to export and import
4337s that filter
4339s or that build guide or whatever
4341s and and suddenly there's this
4343s opportunity for people to have
4345s almost zero thought process in making
4347s their their build themselves like
4349s there's there's not even there's no
4350s reading there's no learning there's no
4352s nothing it's just oh click the blue ones
4354s okay good done that's it
4357s and then there's the counterparty
4358s argument to that a lot of times is like
4359s well maybe that's what i want as an
4361s experience maybe i want to just have a
4363s mindless okay someone made the build for
4365s me i'm just going to play that build and
4366s i'm i don't want to take the time to
4367s learn the systems enough to
4369s to to make my own build or anything like
4371s that and it's it's finding that balance
4373s that's really tricky
4375s and so
4377s um
4380s while it would be nice to have an
4382s in-game system like that
4384s we're not sure if it's
4386s an overall healthy thing for the game or
4387s not
4388s and it's not necessary for a 1.0 release
4391s so it's not going to be there for 1.0 i
4393s can say that for sure
4395s um
4397s but it's not something we're completely
4398s writing off long term
4402s i hope that's an okay answer
4406s and and like there's another thing
4409s i don't want to say that
4416s i really don't want to deter anyone from
4418s making a cool tool because
4420s the things people come up with and can
4422s do are amazing
4425s um
4426s so i don't want to be like yeah for sure
4427s we're making one everyone should just
4428s stop making one great
4431s um you know
4433s because
4434s sometimes the tools that people come up
4435s with on the communities are better than
4437s what we would have made
4439s um
4441s and like
4442s there's already some really cool tools
4443s of stuff that we've
4445s planned to make that that already exists
4447s out there in the world which are which
4449s is really cool to see
4451s um
4453s but i don't want to
4456s i don't want to put any pressure on
4457s community members to make it seem like
4459s we're uh expecting people to make these
4461s tools and i don't want to put any
4463s uh
4464s deterrence on people to make these tools
4466s either because i don't want them to feel
4468s like they have to or anything like that
4469s you know like it's a hard question to
4470s answer because i don't want to influence
4472s people's decisions to make tools or not
4474s um but i kind of get it kind of feels a
4476s little bit like that's what you're
4477s asking for to see like if people should
4479s waste their time making these tools or
4481s not
4482s i hope i'm making sense a little bit
4497s [Music]
4498s we are trying to work with tool creators
4500s more and more though
4502s um
4504s to be able to make their lives easier
4511s um
4514s because we know they put a lot of work
4516s in
4517s and it does it helps the game
4519s when people have access to these
4521s these tools that
4526s helps new players makes the game more
4527s accessible
4529s all these things it's great
4533s so we really appreciate these two
4534s creators that
4535s put a ton of time and effort in
4551s this is uh this is a spicy arena i am
4557s a little uh concerned i'm not gonna make
4559s it through the end
4560s level 90s high these bosses are tough
4564s these bosses are tough
4566s there's a corpse on the chest that's why
4567s i couldn't see it
4571s i smashed all the barrels oh yeah
4572s barrels now when you smash one it
4574s smashes them all
4576s love it
4582s is it possible to add a way to
4585s have an id is it possible to add a way
4588s to have an idea how much each stat
4592s attribute is scaling on a skill
4596s uh yes if you hold alt
4600s on the skill it will tell you
4603s uh it can be tricky sometimes to have an
4605s idea of how much a stat you need to make
4606s it worthwhile almost that you may be
4608s replacing ie if you have 20 physical oh
4611s like i see what you're saying not
4612s attributes just stats in general
4615s um
4616s sorry we said stat attributes i think
4617s meant like strength dexterity
4619s intelligence
4620s attributes like that um yeah yes so you
4623s can use 20 physical dps to make it
4624s worthwhile upgrading five decks any
4626s specific item to be an upgrade like i
4628s can see you're talking about attributes
4629s okay um
4633s yeah i mean
4635s hold all on the skill it'll tell you
4639s it's usually four percent per point
4640s increased damage
4644s don't forget to put atlas you [ __ ] game
4646s with the question if you have them i'll
4647s see them better but i see this one hey
4649s mike how many burrens do i need to give
4651s you to be on the beta multiplayer
4653s testing team
4654s uh unfortunately i don't take bribes
4658s should i take brides i should take
4659s bribes probably
4661s i can't take bribes oh yeah i was gonna
4663s put up a uh
4665s a picture because i beat stuff as a
4667s celebration
4669s here we go make a little bit bigger
4671s cover my
4673s beautiful face
4676s oh fit to screen that's the only one
4678s that's too big
4679s i see a little bit of the mug shot
4684s center on screen
4685s there we go
4687s uh so this is a new armor set for
4691s the rouge
4694s new rogue armor set coming in um
4697s i mean
4699s ah it's so cool seeing these things
4701s it's my favorite stuff
4705s and while we're waiting here aaron i did
4707s excited for next week okay great
4708s uh so next week i'll say it again
4710s because i kind of have said it and
4711s stopped myself because i wasn't sure if
4713s i was stepping on your toes there
4715s oh here we go uh next week
4719s next week uh i myself and nifty uh who's
4723s one of our 2d artists who i believe drew
4725s this actually um
4728s probably says his name somewhere on it
4729s if he did uh will be joining uh aaron
4732s action rpg on his stream uh right after
4734s my stream usual stream friday next week
4737s on the 6th may the 6th
4739s yes that's right and we're gonna be
4740s designing a unique item together so
4742s that's cool
4748s if you're gonna use that uh as a clip
4750s i'm sorry if i did that with uh the
4752s screen mostly covered by something else
4759s someone is actively working on a path of
4761s building type tool fyi that's very cool
4767s drunk devstream when have you seen how
4770s mike plays
4771s ouch
4773s and yeah fair enough
4777s oh i picked one it's way harder
4783s yeah this is a completely sober mic
4786s i've been drunk in a long time actually
4789s [Music]
4797s oh no i had a beer like
4801s three weeks ago
4803s yeah
4805s i just only really ever drink one with
4806s my friends and
4808s there's still a pandemic going on
4813s so it's hard to get out
4822s i don't think i'd be allowed to do a
4823s drunk stream i i would though be fun
4828s is that is that i don't know if that's
4830s like against terms of use or anything
4831s with the twitch
4835s i feel like it should be fine right as
4837s long as i'm not advocating for it
4840s or put like a mature audience listing
4852s i'm really curious about the rules now
4854s on twitch regarding alcohol and
4856s streaming and like if you're intoxicated
4858s like i i don't i feel like they couldn't
4860s enforce like for any people from being
4862s drunk on stream
4868s i don't know this is a
4872s i might just be like over over and out
4874s analyzing this completely and it's just
4876s like yeah have fun
4883s all right back to the the game instead
4885s of me talking about alcohol
4887s uh someone is oh so yeah uh do you
4890s bounce around that is really cool that
4891s someone is actually working on a path of
4893s building thing um
4895s if it's
4896s not someone that we're in contact with
4898s and
4899s they want to be in contact with us to
4902s have
4903s some semblance of
4905s help at all i mean it's possible we
4907s might be able to do something for them
4908s to make their lives a little easier
4910s can't hurt to ask
4913s i don't know who it is tell them to get
4914s in touch with us
4933s oh that was i got stunned right as i
4935s went to shift
4938s that was close
4939s someone needs more sun avoidance in
4941s their builds
4943s it's me
4966s all right
4968s uh do you balance around movement speed
4970s or how important do you think movement
4971s speed is as a mechanic we absolutely
4973s balance our movement speed it's an
4974s incredibly important mechanic uh it is
4977s one of the most popular mechanics in the
4978s game you may notice that it only shows
4979s up on boots for the most part and rings
4983s um as implicits i think those only two
4985s places it can show up um so it's really
4987s restricted stat uh as an affix i'm
4990s pretty sure it only shows up on boots
4992s like it's it's not a lot of places part
4995s of the reason for that is it's one of
4996s those stats where if it wasn't a lot of
4997s places it would just be like auto select
5000s like slots people just like take it take
5001s it take it take it take it um
5003s and that makes the gearing process less
5006s interesting if it's just something you
5008s take in every slot
5009s um
5011s so we're
5012s yeah we definitely balance our movement
5013s speed movement abilities
5016s uh get balanced very carefully
5018s um
5022s what's the thing you're happiest about
5023s getting in the game over the past year
5026s oh
5027s um i think actually the revamped
5030s monolith system when we like did like a
5032s big overhaul in the monolith
5034s um that's like
5037s technically in the last year i think
5039s i mean it's like 11 and a half months
5041s ago or something like that 12 months ago
5042s like it's just just under the wire maybe
5044s it's over a year ago but i think that's
5046s the biggest thing for me
5048s it was it was
5049s it was good but i think that when we did
5051s that it actually became a legitimate and
5053s game viable system for the game to
5055s launch with um
5058s that's the that's the i think the
5059s biggest thing for me
5060s that was happiest am i doing
5067s no worries sir thank you you're welcome
5072s i can't win that question once
5075s what's my favorite beer ooh good
5077s question
5078s um it changes a lot i really i like
5081s west coast so i mean a good chance i
5084s like ipas which i do
5088s um
5090s sours big fan of sours
5094s like bitter beers
5095s maybe like bitter beers with like a with
5097s like a sweet flavor to them or like as
5100s well there's a
5102s um a blackberry sour it's local it's
5105s quite good
5110s if you're gonna drink drink responsibly
5115s if you're underage don't drink
5118s oh that was close
5129s oh no
5137s that's a spicy meatball
5141s i almost ate it
5145s it wouldn't have tasted great now
5150s but instead
5155s i walked away i was trying to find
5157s something to rhyme with and i'm uh
5160s not happening
5175s oh my goodness there's a lot of people
5178s boom line up for me
5188s that's right i threw the decoy and
5190s walked right on top of it
5194s can't make it too hard for them to find
5195s me
5205s uh
5206s [Music]
5208s i'll send a message on youtube for you
5210s oh they're they're doing development
5211s stuff on youtube that's cool i might
5212s look it up but thank you
5216s let's damage from distant enemies all
5218s right let's stand up close
5223s shrouded siege golem of focus
5227s yeah okay
5229s let's do a little reduce damage for a
5231s minute or two
5234s you're a beefy boy aren't ya
5237s aren't you
5245s the window extends down
5247s ah
5248s you see that
5255s oh it extends down pretty far
5265s wow they send on really far
5268s wow
5271s there's a bug
5289s [Applause]
5298s i just said that to the person who does
5299s uh ui design stuff oh gosh keep your
5302s hands on the keyboard keep your stick on
5303s the ace boys
5307s and remember the women don't find you
5309s handsome they should at least find you
5310s handy
5321s that was handy not handsy just for the
5323s record
5332s that's my face
5334s it now looks like a caved in pile of
5336s cardboard
5351s yes attack that decoy that looks exactly
5354s like me
5358s [Music]
5362s i'm fine no big deal who cares right
5376s let's try a little crafting in here huh
5382s uh what is the philosophy behind when
5384s war generation is passive and when it is
5387s active
5388s uh where do you see preferred balance
5390s between the two modes of generation um
5394s i'd like to see this is
5396s changes all the time i'd like to see it
5400s to be
5401s something that people if you're using
5403s ward as a primary layer of defense
5405s having it be a bit of both where you are
5408s um
5409s you're passively generating ward to a
5411s point where
5412s random mobs who are small mobs just clip
5415s you are insignificant not insignificant
5417s necessarily but you're not in fear of
5419s dying from a random mob just clipping
5421s you because your
5422s ward uh passive word generation will
5424s take care of it
5426s just on its own no problem who cares um
5429s but you are at using active word
5430s generation
5432s uh to survive more intense situations
5438s and that passive ward generation is
5440s almost acting like
5441s health and health regen in a way
5448s of health
5454s yeah
5455s it's like free mana sure
5459s crit avoidance
5462s apparently my mana just wants to go up
5467s and wow just nuked all reports let's
5469s find this t20 gloves
5471s decent mods on them i'll take it for the
5474s rolls on that
5484s fine
5485s pretty average
5487s above decent
5489s anything we do here move speed
5491s hello
5499s elemental resistance we need we need
5500s some more resistances here
5510s thank you glyph of hope
5516s wow
5517s wow
5520s can we roll some values on that now
5526s health let's get some health
5528s yeah they give that free decks
5532s one forging potential thing oh 16 there
5534s goes all of it
5536s still still happy with that
5540s uh let's get some more health
5542s yeah glyph of hope
5546s oh
5547s what is this
5553s i should have done this a while ago my
5555s goodness
5556s oh i do declare
5559s uh okay what what are our resistances
5561s like right now super weak on poison oh
5564s i'm i've got a poison piece that i've
5566s got sitting fizzing cold or over capped
5568s so i can uh
5570s have time to take those off i can do it
5572s but let's
5577s you know what worth it
5579s worth every penny
5582s health
5584s yes please
5586s vitality
5590s take it
5592s all the way to the bank
5595s give me that health oof
5598s whatever so the ones weren't as
5599s important anyways
5602s what's up boarding pencil
5606s endurance
5607s finish that item off
5609s 21 helmet
5611s all right
5614s i mean that should
5616s be a pretty significant boost to my
5617s stats i think
5619s it was like
5621s i don't know what i did there
5623s 20 or 30 upgrades total
5627s i felt good
5632s uh don't you think some bosses have too
5634s much hp during the campaign
5636s uh
5639s debatable
5641s um
5643s i struggle so much with certain classes
5645s during certain bosses and i think so i i
5648s i think you've hit kind of on the core
5650s of the matter actually with the second
5651s half of that question and i don't think
5653s it's that the bosses have too much hp i
5655s think that there's
5657s um
5660s oh there's also a jump down there with
5661s shift as well
5664s that can happen
5667s oh which one is um
5674s classes hit different break points in
5676s leveling at different different points
5677s along the curve so there's like um
5680s you'll be like doing better better
5681s better better better with one class and
5682s then it'll start to fall off and get
5684s worse and worse and then it might pick
5685s up again and and there's those different
5687s points that you'll hit high and low
5688s points throughout the the campaign on
5690s different classes and some classes are
5692s just like at levelings easy mode no
5694s problem here we go
5696s all the way to the end and and so
5698s there's
5699s i think there's balancing
5701s usually when we're balancing stuff we're
5703s more often than not so we do look at
5705s leveling balancing but we're more often
5707s than not looking at end game balance
5709s more so than
5711s uh leveling balance
5713s and i think there's room for improvement
5715s in in the leveling balance and and
5716s specifically
5718s uh around making
5720s uh some classes just stronger to level
5722s with than they are now
5726s and that that sometimes can be something
5728s as simple as like moving a node on a
5730s tree where like suddenly you gain access
5732s to it earlier in a build um and it's
5734s like a big damage spike when you get
5735s access to it or
5737s um it's it's it's moving passive some of
5739s the passive trees are really old so i
5741s think that's more of a class balance
5742s problem that you're that you're that
5744s you're getting at than a um
5748s a boss balance problem
5751s i could be wrong
5758s oh
5775s let's go
5779s uh death equal leak
5795s either way however i end this arena run
5797s death or victory
5800s with my shield or upon it
5803s i will reveal the last little teaser
5806s that i've got for you
5808s [Music]
5809s gotta ration these out unfortunately you
5811s know
5817s we'll probably have another
5819s another armor set to show next week i
5821s think
5828s it could be really meaningful
5829s there's an acolyte armor set that i saw
5832s this morning
5833s i was told it wasn't allowed to show
5854s apparently i'm trying to get killed by
5855s running over exploding corpses but you
5856s know whatever
5859s uh what game
5860s what gave you most headache developing
5862s last epic multiplayer
5864s that's a really easy question to answer
5869s multiplayer
5879s i after after the patch decided to play
5882s again notice the last character was gone
5884s no idea why sad
5885s um
5887s if you have tech support questions
5888s please head over to our support page
5890s support.lastingebotgame.com
5892s um however
5894s if since the last time i have no idea
5896s how long it's been since you played last
5897s or anything like that but if it's been
5900s quite a long time
5901s uh it's possible that the save system
5904s has changed like a really long time
5906s um
5908s if it has been
5909s a moderately long time it's possible
5911s that you may have reloaded your computer
5913s or
5914s accidentally deleted the files as the
5916s saves are local they will not uh carry
5919s over from computer to computer so if
5920s you're on a different computer same
5921s thing
5923s it's also possible that the safe house
5924s got corrupted and it's still sitting
5926s there and is retrievable but
5928s is not visible because it has a problem
5931s in it
5932s somewhere um
5939s and they get corrupted lots of different
5940s ways
5951s hopefully that gives you something to
5952s work with though you know
5960s uh one thing that's interesting if it is
5962s a reload
5963s um
5964s but like really old characters show up
5966s like really old characters that's
5968s because uh
5970s sometimes some reloads will uh actually
5972s just overwrite regis will keep your
5974s registry values um for for third parties
5977s things and we used to save a long time
5979s ago safe halls in the registry
5983s so that's why those may have survived if
5985s if that's the case
6000s oh
6001s oh that's some that's some dps you got
6003s going there hey look it's me
6006s i swear that's me
6008s i promise that that's me right there
6010s over there just check it out
6012s it's totally safe
6026s and then i'm noticing as i'm looking
6027s down in chat there's like a whole bunch
6028s of troubleshooting happening in chat and
6030s i'm just like way behind so uh listen to
6032s rhymer he's smarter than me
6039s there we go
6040s all right getting pretty close to where
6042s we will before or kane kane's helping
6044s you listen to katie's better than me
6052s all right
6058s pretend my knuckles cracked when did
6059s that look cool
6064s oh two difficult ones in a row
6067s it's a lot 160 more damage and health
6070s that they've got now
6072s and they're level 90
6074s and i am level
6077s 78
6078s like void reds is awful okay so i gotta
6080s be really careful and void that's why i
6082s died last time
6088s it's a good thing it's not not an avoid
6090s arena or anything
6093s oh no
6114s i gotta kill void stuff first
6118s because anything that does void
6120s ding-ding
6125s what if there's any void res in the
6127s passive tree
6129s i can just squeak
6131s oh yeah
6133s damage hurts
6135s boy damage hurts
6137s i wish it didn't hurt so much but it
6138s hurts a lot
6144s what if what if i'm just putting this
6147s out there you guys just like
6149s didn't attack me
6154s what's going with these barrels
6163s yeah fun fact if you have nothing
6165s equipped in your main hand
6168s uh bo melee skills are melee mode
6185s dang
6187s wait my chat open nope
6191s um
6194s there's just defensive there with
6196s glancing blows
6198s those move speeders really nice
6201s have access to anything else defensive
6204s layers
6210s okay
6213s you know
6215s there's a little bit of defensive there
6217s there you know a little bit some void
6218s dots that can happen
6227s oh my goodness so question there are you
6230s done changing local save formats
6233s i cannot make that promise
6246s okay
6247s you've gotta die right now
6260s chronic resins better but not good
6279s oh come on
6301s oh
6304s remember to tag lassie about gaming your
6306s question for mike to see it yeah okay
6307s here's who i miss
6310s um
6312s will we ever get hot sauce stream again
6313s in the near future it was glorious i'm
6315s glad you enjoyed it uh
6317s i would be surprised if i don't ever do
6320s anything like that again um i had a ton
6322s of fun with it
6323s and uh i've got some plans i gotta use
6326s smoke bomb i totally forgot i had smoke
6328s bomb even on my barrier right i never
6329s use it um
6332s i uh i will i will do that thank you
6334s remember
6336s uh
6338s hot sauce yeah so i've got some plans
6339s for some hot sauce this year i've got oh
6344s that kind of buried in the freezer ah
6346s okay we'll remember to get it at some
6347s point i've got like a bunch of
6348s armageddon peppers that i kind of want
6349s to show everyone
6350s um
6353s but yeah like
6356s uh i'd say there's a good chance we do
6357s something like that again
6360s and then any thoughts on movement skills
6362s many of their nodes seem to be giving
6363s them more damage while only having a
6365s single one changing uh cool down
6367s recovery or the light yeah i mean it's
6368s really intentional that we don't put a
6370s lot of um cooldown recovery increase
6374s move duration reduced movement
6377s casting cost when we're talking about
6380s movement skills that's that's like
6382s really
6383s uh really
6387s intentional
6388s um because like if shift had like four
6391s nodes that all made it like move faster
6394s uh move further
6395s um cost less have lower cooldown have
6398s more charges like fit all those nodes
6401s you better believe every single person
6402s would take every single one of those
6404s notes
6410s and it's fine if some skills have
6413s some like
6415s almost mandatory nodes or like almost
6417s auto complete nodes i wasn't messing
6419s with that one particularly for that as
6421s an example or anything but just like
6422s it's looking just a few of those nodes
6423s where you're like
6424s almost everyone's gonna take that note
6426s and that's fine but when there's like
6429s 10 points worth of nodes that's just
6430s like what everyone's gonna take that
6431s that's the sign that there some work
6433s needs to be done on that tree
6438s all right
6439s [Applause]
6441s i mean this is so much more enticing but
6443s oh i will not do that so we're gonna
6446s play it safe because we're severely
6448s under leveled
6455s uh okay we're fighting it's gonna be
6457s rogue on rogue violence here
6460s oh my god
6495s come on
6502s oh my god you're tanky aren't you
6506s aren't you
6524s okay
6536s a little stun there
6538s that's close
6542s please let it happen
6566s not happening
6569s [Music]
6571s sliding around
6573s sliding around at this oh god now
6579s oh that was not intentional i was hoping
6581s to leave those but
6583s oh my goodness me there is no way i can
6586s do this
6592s oh my god
6600s wow
6601s i am hooper
6603s no
6605s no
6614s why won't you drop a potion no
6618s oh my god i'm so screwed
6635s not happening
6650s yeah your decoy is enticing but uh
6652s you're not going to get me with it there
6668s not happening
6670s no i threw it i threw it
6682s not happening
6693s come on
6706s i don't know i'm just throwing the thing
6708s laterally
6709s oh come on
6729s uh
6737s not
6753s not happening
6761s [Laughter]
6779s all right
6781s that was close
6784s no big deal had it all along
6789s oh
6791s we need to breathe it there
6794s castle hawk thorne thank you very much
6796s seven months in a row
6801s oh
6803s yeah
6805s yeah that was uh
6808s that was tricky that was fun that was a
6810s good fight
6812s that was like my character was the
6814s perfect level of power for that fight
6816s because i was just barely able to do it
6819s like i keep those zero potions at the
6822s end
6822s i i don't like watch the replay my
6824s health hit
6825s i feel it feels like it went under a
6827s hundred
6828s but oh my gosh that was
6833s apparently the perfect difficulty fight
6835s apparently
6841s fluff and i appreciate your confidence
6847s oh the only decoys would force the
6849s player to attack them instead of the
6851s enemy champion i mean so there's
6854s uh there's meta incentives that we've
6856s given the decoys for people to attack
6858s them well just one that's ends right now
6861s but um
6865s there's there's some cool stuff we've
6866s got planned to make the decoy more
6868s enticing to attack later
6875s right ready joe 314 do you plan to do
6877s something like a hall of the grand
6879s masters where players can submit their
6882s characters in some form for of
6883s immortalization
6885s i love things like this um
6889s we don't have any formal plans exactly
6891s how to do it or what we're going to do
6892s or if we're going to do or anything like
6893s that but like
6895s things like that are super duper cool
6897s where you can like
6898s um
6899s go back and look and like we kind of do
6901s this a little bit already with the
6902s latter we're like who's who's on the top
6904s ladder on for patch whatever whatever
6906s you know and um so we kind of do that a
6909s little bit but like having it be a
6910s little bit more in depth i think would
6911s be really cool especially if there was
6913s some sort of pvp
6914s um
6915s and the pvp was like remotely balanced
6918s which is a big ask
6920s but yeah
6921s [Music]
6924s i also got a question here right that
6925s fight i think so what's the talking
6926s points to the action rpg interview
6928s designing a unique yeah we're gonna
6929s design a unique
6931s that's the big thing
6933s gonna design a unique
6935s i don't know if it was easy too easy but
6937s she seemed to think so
6941s pure skill i'll take it did i go to 15
6944s health
6946s oh my god
6948s those those uh those upgrades i did
6950s before going through that were really
6951s important
6953s oh
6954s so it looks like that was rhymer
6956s remoting into mike's desktop to control
6958s it
6959s ouch and i completely understand where
6961s you're coming from
6965s oh increased damage over time
6967s uh exalted that's nice
6972s cold pen i could do without physical
6974s resonantly i could try redoing those
6980s yeah you know what let's let's do a
6982s little
6983s yeah let's do a little uh
6985s crafty craft on that shall we
6989s oh yeah i said no matter what i do i was
6990s going to
6997s here's something cool
7001s here is something cool
7003s so you may remember
7005s it's possible you may recall
7007s central park and fault no um
7010s uh
7012s you toyo dress
7014s what a mess anyways uh this thing over
7018s here
7020s uh you may have remembered me saying
7022s that we didn't want to do
7024s uh two sets of upgrades for things such
7028s as it was referring to bears uh and
7032s bone golems and i mentioned sabretooth
7033s as well until we had the models updated
7035s for them so that they were actively able
7036s to be done simultaneously with the
7038s skills
7039s well
7040s may i introduce
7043s concept art for our new
7045s sabertooth
7047s which is pretty cool
7050s i think
7052s uh so i think on the llamas mockery
7055s generates leaks we should at least one
7057s more if not two today
7060s it's just really coincidental i promise
7066s i
7071s swear wow and nice thank you very much i
7074s i should say thank you but thank you
7075s from our team whoever made this because
7076s it wasn't me
7089s uh leave that up for a minute more
7100s i won't actually start crafting until i
7101s even said okay we're going to pop it
7103s down
7105s a boom
7106s here we go
7107s let's just start there forgot there's
7108s going to be slot there oh that fizz rest
7110s is rdc5 that's fine fizz rez is on there
7112s is nice i just was hoping for something
7113s else to leave a lot of his reds
7114s elsewhere
7116s yeah poison across her tight
7121s this might be this might be a tricky one
7123s to fit in because because of that being
7125s on there that's
7127s okay uh first thing we're gonna do is
7129s we're gonna try and move this cold pen
7130s onto something else because um so what
7133s this if anyone's unaware of what this
7134s does is it changes the affix that we're
7137s crafting into something else that could
7139s go there um so we're not gonna get cold
7141s pen but we're gonna get something else
7142s that can be a prefix on an amulet that
7144s won't be damage over time or cold
7145s penetration
7146s and it is
7148s increased healing effectiveness
7150s woof
7153s damage while channeling
7156s minion damage oh
7158s oh
7163s can we like
7166s uh
7168s where is it
7170s there's a random affix
7174s that
7177s can if that does anything or not
7179s we are
7183s we do this and hope it hits the minion
7185s damage because we don't need the minion
7185s damage
7188s [Laughter]
7193s and that's how sometimes you can just
7195s bork an item
7200s that's too bad
7208s um
7212s [Music]
7230s that fight was its own reward
7232s actually a ton of fun with that fight so
7234s uh i think that's uh
7236s possibly a disappointing note to end on
7238s with the craft but you know what just
7240s goes to show it can happen to anyone
7242s um
7244s that's about all we we've we're hit
7246s we've hit time so i'm going to call it
7248s for today
7249s um thank you all for coming out i got
7251s one more question how do you feel the
7252s current man assistant oh my god that's
7254s such a huge question um i think i
7256s answered a little bit of it in the z
7258s stream
7259s uh and you can check that out for a
7261s little more details uh or if you want to
7263s come back next week we can actually i'd
7264s be happy to get into it but i
7266s uh the short answer is overall i love it
7268s um
7269s it's not perfect
7273s uh another question here plants removal
7275s scary to use feels more often than not
7278s it consumes so much stability it might
7280s consume too much stability because
7282s you're taking the mods off i don't know
7286s uh aaron asks you show me bear golem i
7288s cannot
7292s um
7294s question
7299s okay uh that's it for today
7303s thank you all for stopping by i had a
7304s wonderful time i hope you did too
7306s i will see you next week
7308s uh i will
7310s and next week uh the stream will be
7311s continuing over on action rpg's channel
7313s for some extra stuff
7315s most notably a unique design session
7318s and