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1s good afternoon everybody and welcome
3s back to the last epoch devstream as
7s always
8s i am your host mike
11s hello how's it going
14s we finally remembered
17s to make ourselves a pomage
20s [Music]
23s so we're playing bowman's today
25s as we've been over the last few weeks
26s i've been going through
28s just some fun builds to play and uh
31s today's bowmage
33s it's uh it's pretty bonkers you gotta
35s damage it pumps out and uh
38s i i think i've unlocked some uh some
40s some
41s worthy content i don't have any of my
42s blessings finished yet
44s so i'm comically
46s weak on the blessings front
49s so we're gonna we're gonna go and grab
51s our uh cold shred from
53s age of winter
61s and i'm tempted to try empowered
63s but the only problem is is that i still
64s have terrible resistances
67s i feel like i'm just gonna get bopped
70s but you know we'll try it why not right
73s uh if this is your first time here
75s as always
76s we are streaming for charity so it's
78s we're still on
80s on team oceans today as our last stream
83s for this charity next next week will be
85s on our new charity because it'll be a
87s new month
89s and if you have any questions for me
90s please feel free to put at last epoch
93s game in the questions so i see it in
95s chat loud and clear
98s if you want to see the build that i'm
99s playing exclamation mark build in chat
101s we'll get you that too
104s it's quite hot out there so
107s please drink lots of water
111s thank you very much
115s simonic 98 gives you two one sub two
118s scion life wheel thank you very much
121s just wanna see you love our game thank
123s you that's awesome i love them people
125s come to see the lego game
127s oh it's gonna take me a few minutes to
130s get the keys right get my fingers under
132s me
133s so to speak let's turn on a loop filter
135s here as well
136s i made one for this boom age
139s here we go
141s and uh just a quick little on the on the
143s gear we're using here this so this is uh
145s this is a build by lizard
146s um the key to this build is reign of
149s winter
150s um with the icicle just basically making
152s as many high skills as we can
155s um aeroguard's a nice piece
158s uh we're gonna try and make this into
159s legendary during the stream
161s and uh
162s morning frost gives us a bunch of damage
164s to it wrecks our cold resin fizzres
166s though so
168s we're working to get that up as best we
170s can
175s it's
176s hot here
180s it's very hot we'll uh we'll see if i
182s can survive this it looks like i might
184s not be doing quite enough damage
185s consistently
196s that'd be fine though
199s i feel like i'm a little low on the old
200s attack speed
204s may have been because i was watching
205s this
206s video at two time speed so i just think
208s it's low
213s uh also next week
215s this minor announcement you know i'll
216s say this again
218s before the end of the stream my goodness
220s uh thank you very much whoever that was
222s um i'll give that a second so don't die
227s oh that was the whole thing nice
230s thank you very much
232s uh
233s vatanas five months in a row
236s very nice very nice thank you very much
238s glad you're glad to have you here
240s hope you're enjoying yourself
243s um
247s yeah we want to get we want to get uh
249s attack speed if we can on that boat if
250s we finally exalted both attacks
252s that would be really nice
258s uh yeah let's go this way
262s yes the title is wrong i'm sorry
264s oh i forgot to change it
267s oh yeah i'm not gonna restart it now yes
269s the title is wrong i was doing
269s spellblade last week
271s uh we're doing bowmage this week
276s came so close to getting everything done
278s for this
281s got the build set up got the nightbot
283s command set up
287s just can't hit everything
295s oh yeah avalanche really messed me up
297s right now
300s so we use uh we use flurry for single
303s target with multi shot as a proc and
305s then uh
306s good just
310s i don't think it might be better right
312s now for us
316s dining here does a ton of damage though
318s because it depends upon setup
328s just love triggering skills yeah
331s there's something there's something
332s special about it isn't there
346s is that it
348s anything else
352s oh yeah sorry so uh yeah next week we've
355s got a special
356s uh social stream you may see a banner at
358s the top is the banner readable it's so
360s tiny in my like preview window that i
361s can't see it but i hope it is so i i um
364s i'm gonna have our lure master
367s um
370s on on stream with me tomorrow not
373s tomorrow next week
374s the heat's getting to be already
376s uh and so we'll have a special guest
378s next week on stream where we'll we'll be
380s fielding all the lore questions that i
382s fail to answer every stream and people
383s could ask them so if you have any lower
385s questions
386s or know anyone that's had lower
388s questions that didn't get them answered
390s uh if you can send them to me and i will
391s write them down just just to give a
393s little heads up on what style of things
394s are gonna be answered we will be taking
396s live questions as well just uh why not
399s wanted to see the see the question pool
401s a little bit so we have stuff to talk
402s about right away when we get started
406s see any cooler questions love to hear
408s them
410s i will write them down i won't answer
411s them today because i'm not great at that
414s uh we do a question here are you
415s planning on making more high level items
418s which can trigger skills and are they
419s very fun type items to build around i
421s mean yeah we're like
424s planning on building tons more items in
426s every sort of category so yes
428s um
430s and we definitely know that is a
432s a popular category for
434s things like that too so
442s i can't give you specifics on when
444s certain items will get certain trigger
446s things or anything like that but yeah
449s we definitely recognize those are
450s popular items
454s and we like to make things that you like
456s to play with so yeah
463s this is an empowered monolith and i have
465s zero blessings
467s um
471s because i thought that would be a good
472s idea
478s my gear is decent but there's no
479s legendaries and no exalteds
485s not happening
487s i was i was prepping for this and i
489s noticed i was looking at blizzard's
490s build video or build guide um which the
494s that um
495s new section of last epoch tools site for
497s build guides i think is going to be
499s really great like this needs to be some
501s more fleshed out on there but uh i think
503s once once we get online and there's um
507s we're until the next patch we'll start
508s getting some more guides and it'll be
510s really nice uh repository for sites for
512s guidance in general
515s and um
516s i noticed on there he said khan's high
518s skill cap or something like that i'm
519s like wow it rules me out doesn't it
543s resist coal damage ain't no match for me
545s no matter what
552s so most of our guild gear is focused
555s around adding dexterity
557s and
558s dexterity
559s uh there's some dexterity in there too
565s goes with morning frost
567s gives damage from dexterity
579s [Music]
581s you have no idea what the lord is in the
582s game i mean there's some there's some
584s major beats we can hit
590s we are also in the process of of
593s updating a lot of the way we present
594s lore
595s um
597s and and some of that's just as basic as
599s like new chat dialogues
601s um the new chat dialogue looks awesome
605s um
606s and like just basic stuff like like the
608s font that's used you know
610s um
611s and there's there's a lot of really
613s simple stuff that that will help a lot
615s and then on top that we're also
617s um like adding new features so we've
619s recently started adding in like dialog
621s box or dialog snippets like voice
624s snippet things you can pick up and it'll
625s like talk to you
627s um other things like that
630s oh welcome everyone from lizard stream
632s you may recognize this build i'm playing
636s thank you uh master sword 1291 15 months
639s in a row
643s yes lizard you are actually getting a
646s lower stream and yes i am a dirty thief
651s at least the exclamation mark builds uh
654s actually links directly to your build
656s guide
657s [Laughter]
659s which i skimmed
660s you know
661s probably not doing it justice
663s feel free to correct me
666s [Laughter]
669s i am doing very well
671s thank you quiet if you if you uh
673s you have like a document
675s um if you've got a lot of them you can
677s just send them to me on discord if you
678s want
681s but if you if you just got one or two
683s anyone you're welcome to just post them
684s in chat and i'll um
686s i'll just copy them into a little
687s document i've started here
691s you got like 10. all right well you'll
693s uh you'll you'll see this nicely for
695s next week
699s perfect
704s yeah and like as i said earlier we will
705s be taking live questions as well but uh
708s i just wanted to have some
710s uh
712s some prepared ones as well uh give them
715s some give him a chance we can start
716s things off and uh
718s have things right out of the gate to
720s talk about
722s oh my god it's hot
724s drink lots of water everybody
728s i don't know if it's
729s hotter than usual wherever you live but
731s it is hotter than usual here
742s and to be fair all that really means is
743s it's like
745s an average march day in where places
747s where it actually gets hot
760s we're we're on the lookout for
762s an exalted quiver
765s an exalted i should put the filter on to
767s like just really make this stand out
770s exalted quiver an exalted bow or an
773s exalted
774s pair of boots to make a legendary out of
777s while we try and power through this
779s um this model is here
788s oh that's spicy
794s i do one of my favorite parts about this
796s build is the amount of
798s movement slowing effects that get
799s applied so it applies so many movement
802s slowing effects
805s that the things kind of just uh
809s don't move very fast
824s it's quite nice
828s oh i need a fan or something just
835s [Music]
837s this is the
838s gloomhaven little
840s comic that comes in the jaws of the lion
845s great game
855s attack speeds
856s seems a little overkill i mean flurry
857s just attacks really fast anyways i
859s didn't think it would be quite this
861s powerful into empowered models without
863s like proper build setup
871s the blizzard lizard makes a good build
881s i'll use i'll i'll use deadening arrow
885s less less attack speed
888s still pretty good
898s sorry lizard i killed you
904s did any of the team get into lost ark
906s yeah a couple people um
909s dove into lost ark i didn't uh
911s i didn't take the take the dive myself
914s unfortunately
916s um
919s lots of gorgeous skills in there my
922s goodness
927s it's got it's got a few like key
929s gameplay differences i think that uh set
931s it apart but
933s definitely good um
936s good amount of similarities to us as
937s well
943s all the builds do this in regular
945s empowered unless i make them
950s truth hurts
955s you know it's early but it used to be
956s thinking about some race event for nine
959s uh and i know um
961s wow amber mages always
964s always painful um i
967s we don't have anything planned yet
969s uh for it
973s we're still in the make it work category
988s all right you can ask a very subjective
990s and
991s quantifiable question interesting
993s uh what do you guys consider a good
995s chase unique players players you differ
998s from devs expectations so curious how
1000s you bridge that gap or compromise
1006s um
1009s llama i think he meant 0.9.0 first of
1011s all um
1015s okay a good a good chase unique that's a
1017s great uh
1019s a great question and it's really hard to
1021s nail down exactly what that is and i
1023s think the um
1025s there's a lot of conflicting
1028s like a good chase unique needs to have
1030s this thing but it also said this thing
1031s it can't have both or you have to like
1034s balance in between the two there's a lot
1035s of compromises that come with it um
1039s so having something be
1043s i guess
1044s we're gonna define it right now i don't
1046s actually know i haven't thought about
1048s this in a while
1051s um good chase unique should i guess by
1053s definition be something that is not
1055s ultra easy to get
1057s so something that is that does require
1061s chasing
1063s and um something that has a reason to be
1065s chased i guess those are the two main
1067s things so
1068s um
1071s that reason to be chase i guess can be
1072s lots of different things
1076s um
1078s generally i would say it's likely a very
1080s powerful item
1089s i think that they should be rare
1095s there's lots of terms that get thrown
1096s around like build enabling
1098s um
1100s and i think in general chase unique
1102s should probably not be
1105s enabling but maybe empowering might be a
1107s better word for it
1109s um
1113s so like if
1114s like this bow that i'm using right now
1117s it's pretty easy to get this bow and it
1119s enables this build
1121s um
1126s having a like 4 lp version of it is
1129s definitely a chase thing because it's
1131s hard to get
1133s but it's not necessary to have
1135s a 4lp version of the bow to make
1137s this build work
1141s um so i think that's that's a good
1143s distinction for
1145s what
1147s it should be
1152s maybe another good example is something
1153s that will make a build significantly
1155s better
1158s um so like you can
1160s you can make a
1162s a build that maybe maybe there was it
1164s was a different rain of winter bow that
1165s did basically the same thing
1167s except it cast three icicles instead of
1169s one icicle you know
1171s and
1172s um like
1173s greater rain of winter i don't know and
1175s so you could find rain of winter pretty
1176s easily and then greater in winter would
1178s be something that's really difficult to
1179s find um
1181s and makes the build
1183s push to to new heights the build works
1186s without without it but then
1188s uh
1189s you get this chase item and it works
1190s even better i think that's the type of
1192s power
1193s chase that i'd like to see in most chase
1195s items
1196s personally
1199s um
1202s i think
1204s i'd want to put some more thought into
1206s it before uh putting like a stamp on it
1209s you know
1210s but
1215s the two key things i think is with a
1217s chase unique is that it needs to be a
1218s reason to be chased um
1223s and be chasable so like
1228s something that you want to get but can't
1229s just snag super easy but it is possible
1231s to get
1232s that makes any sense
1234s [Music]
1249s is is there a big difference in how
1252s players would define chase uniques from
1253s that
1258s i'll move on and come back to this
1260s uh do you guys intend to release any new
1262s item type like new weapon type or
1264s offhand until 1.0 uh
1267s probably not before
1275s 1.0 i don't think so i mean the
1279s pr probably not
1282s like like base item types like we we
1284s introduced bows a little while back and
1285s quivers a little while back
1287s i'm sure we'll introduce new subtypes so
1289s like um
1292s like maybe a new a new base
1294s bow that's not a
1299s i don't know
1302s we are changing a lot of implicit items
1305s um stats implicit stats on basically
1308s every melee weapon
1311s is getting their implicit items that
1312s change
1313s and for the most part it's just removing
1315s the damage type from that item
1317s um so things that were once like plus 20
1320s melee physical damage just a plus 20
1321s melee damage
1325s those other tweaks coming with that as
1326s well
1331s all right
1333s uh ragnar poe first time chat
1335s i've been watching stream uh streamer
1337s house play this game for two weeks now
1339s he enjoyed the last epoch the thing
1340s complaint was the end game every time
1342s you reach level 100 model this build
1344s took a lot of damage compared to the
1345s last
1346s normal monolith he stopped playing last
1348s night because of that
1350s is level 86 for example too much for
1352s level 100 content in this game it seems
1354s there's a lot of defensive stat focus on
1356s um
1357s and there was another complaint he had
1359s yeah i mean um level 86 and 1100 content
1362s that's a pretty big gap in any game
1365s right like you're
1367s like
1368s that's
1369s that's a pretty big gap
1372s um
1375s there's not a lot of like
1377s intrinsic so they're they're i don't get
1380s something like one of these clear
1381s there's not a lot of power gained in
1383s those last 14 levels
1385s however
1386s um
1388s the content is assuming that you've
1390s played enough content that you've got
1393s gear that would be associated with the
1394s character at level 100. so a lot of
1396s people be like oh my level 85 can do
1398s level 100 content um
1401s partially that's often because
1403s they've got gear from other characters
1406s that they've brought over so it's like
1407s level 100 quality gear um and that's the
1410s same sort of thing like you that happens
1412s in all sorts of games so you can
1415s um
1417s like beat diablo um
1420s chaos tristram with a paladin level 20
1422s something you know that's already a
1424s little like 110 content um
1428s but you because you've got gear that's
1430s farmed so nicely it
1432s it works even though it's low level gear
1434s it's high quality low level gear if that
1436s makes any sense um i think it's the same
1438s sort of thing so
1440s hopping into
1442s um
1443s level 100 content severely under leveled
1445s without proper preparation
1448s yeah is is generally going to be really
1450s tough
1452s um likely i would say probably had um
1457s more more normal models that could be
1458s completed to gear up better as well
1461s i don't i don't know
1464s um
1469s it's it's strange because we do get a
1471s lot of feedback that the
1473s um
1475s that some people really want to jump
1477s into
1478s more powerful monoliths quicker
1481s and some people really want and some
1483s people really find that the jump between
1484s normal and empowered is way too hard
1487s um
1489s i find the dichotomy interesting
1494s i don't know if there's something we can
1495s do to there probably is something we can
1496s do to to make the experience better for
1498s both players
1500s and i'm not sure what that is right now
1511s should be going this way
1518s will area in monolithic campaign
1520s eventually get randomized like in people
1522s diablo
1524s oh like like the the the level layout
1527s um it's possible we might start adding
1530s randomized level layout systems to the
1532s game there aren't any in development
1534s right now specifically
1541s we've started some with the
1544s like randomizing your place of your
1546s starting placement um has helped a
1547s little bit but for a lot of very
1550s experienced players it's essentially the
1552s same thing as it was before
1553s um
1558s there's definitely room for improvement
1559s in that category i think there's also
1560s room for
1561s um
1562s and this is probably easier to implement
1564s is
1565s oh wow
1566s is having um
1568s small
1569s offshoot zones that are randomly placed
1573s and possibly randomized once you get
1574s into them
1577s um
1580s i'd say that's more likely to happen
1582s first but none of it's really in
1583s development right now so i can't really
1584s see like this is coming or anything like
1586s that
1603s not happening
1613s let's get out of here
1621s oh release game please in beta for 5000
1623s yes
1626s take a long time to say yes 5000 times
1628s [Laughter]
1630s um
1632s i mean we'll release it when it's ready
1635s releasing it early would be extremely
1638s detrimental
1643s i like the idea of unique items that
1645s modifieds build i always think cloak of
1647s the undead came from heroes
1651s you see heroes and i'm like here's my
1653s magic i assume you mean here's the storm
1657s i don't know what item that is i'm sorry
1667s oh it's a easy hat
1676s oh yeah i'm just gonna um
1679s add a rule recolor let's make it purple
1684s it's gonna be
1685s exalted
1686s [Music]
1688s and it's gonna have an item type of a
1693s boots
1696s quiver
1699s or bow
1704s i'm just gonna let's let's just make all
1706s those purple
1709s wait
1711s they're already purple aren't they
1716s uh
1720s uh let's make all them green this sort
1722s of
1727s good job mike
1730s oh
1732s all right we'll carry just be white from
1734s multiplayer servers when 1.0 hits that's
1736s not the plan right now um if there's a
1738s problem and we have to do it it's
1740s possible but it's not the plan um
1742s we're planning on starting a new cycle
1744s at 1.0 so existing multiplayer
1747s characters from the
1749s early access will go into a standard
1751s league or standard cycle style system
1753s where they're like
1755s where they're not on the ladder um
1758s and a new a new cycle will start and
1760s then players can compete on the ladder
1763s together
1764s on even playing field
1767s so people who are like i don't want to
1769s play until it's fully released
1771s get a similar experience to people who
1772s have been playing in the early access
1780s if you do put do stuff in the early
1782s access and you don't care about the
1782s ladder at all you just keep playing your
1784s character
1788s we think it's i
1790s and all these things might change if
1792s like some something major shows up and
1794s we're like oh we didn't think of that
1795s crap we have to fix it now um
1798s but we think that what that does is it's
1800s sort of the
1801s best compromise we can for for everyone
1803s where
1804s um
1805s people who really
1807s really don't want to waste time on
1808s something but do you want to play now
1809s can still keep their characters
1826s all right
1831s punch is a very overpowered modifier and
1833s that may feel bad yeah that's that's a
1834s good point there are a lot of um
1836s modifiers in monolith that are
1838s deceptively difficult
1841s um
1842s and like initial
1844s without without checking what they are
1845s you can get into a situation that's
1846s really
1848s it feels more like a level 120 zone
1850s instead of a 100 zone
1852s very simple how to how to fix the
1854s difficulty issues
1856s uh in the jump to empowered shift the
1858s difficulty from mods to corruption yeah
1859s we've talked about this before uh new
1861s players take
1862s deadly enrage and percent damage bonds
1864s and empowered gets one shot and
1865s frustrated because they don't understand
1866s the game yeah i i
1868s um
1871s it i think it's i think it's really
1873s easy
1875s i think you're right that does save the
1876s player from themselves a lot
1880s um
1884s i don't know if that's the best way to
1886s uh handle it yet
1889s i know i know we've um we've been
1891s talking about this sort of thing
1893s we're undecided on what we're gonna do
1894s about it
1897s but that is a solution i agree
1903s and it might be the best solution who
1905s knows
1928s all right
1933s ow
1935s that's my face bud what's going on
1950s easy just i just want to stop to read
1952s chat but i'm gonna die if i do
1967s [Laughter]
1973s let's just agree with someone new i
1974s guess they should move away
1978s there we go all right
1980s let's do
1987s is you're going to is there any way to
1989s avoid getting killed before level loads
1991s in the final map of the arena i'm almost
1993s always taking damage for the screen
1994s loads um this is this is a bug in the uh
1998s not yeah not the infinite arena but the
2000s um
2003s the limited arena and the boss room
2006s um
2007s there's we do have something in place to
2009s not not think that when you first load
2010s in
2011s um and for whatever reason it's not set
2013s up in that zone properly
2015s oh it's just a bug
2016s i'm pretty sure we've got it fixed
2022s uh is the gear going to matter at
2024s release
2025s yes
2030s uh and how does lassifer plan on dealing
2032s with monetization
2033s um
2034s with the way games are going nowadays um
2037s well our our monetization plan hasn't
2039s changed in the last
2040s five years
2042s or whenever we started this thing four
2043s years
2045s um
2047s and that's to have a single sticker
2049s price for the initial purchase of the
2051s game and that will unlock all of the
2053s content for you forever
2055s um
2056s so the like
2059s any expansions to
2061s like new zones or new um
2064s new monoliths or new mechanics or things
2066s like that that'll all just be
2068s like everyone who has the game gets it
2069s gets to keep it gets up gets all the
2071s updates
2073s and then uh
2075s very strictly cosmetic only
2077s microtransactions for
2079s um
2081s cosmetics
2082s and cosmetic only stuff
2084s i don't know how many times i have to
2085s say cosmetic in that sentence just to be
2086s clear but um
2088s like we already have a rough overview of
2091s the this is actually completely changed
2092s now um but this is kind of just to to
2095s show that this is sort of the style of
2096s thing we're planning where you can
2097s change the way your gear looks
2100s um and change the way some skill effects
2102s happen and things like that and it's and
2103s there's like there's already some pets
2105s that we can
2106s um
2107s where's the pet that people have easily
2110s look at look at this guy
2112s so yeah we have and these are some pets
2114s that come with the
2115s supporter packs at the start of the game
2117s right away i i know mine looked weird
2119s that there were some that you shouldn't
2121s be able to unlock without not unlocking
2123s the other ones but that's because it was
2124s an account used for testing
2127s um
2134s but yeah it's it's um
2140s very strictly cosmetic only so like for
2142s example and i want to be clear that i i
2144s think that
2145s games that uh
2148s i'm not trying to disparage any game by
2149s saying this um but like we're not going
2151s to charge for
2153s um
2154s stash tabs for example
2156s um
2157s because that's uh i would say that's a
2158s convenience thing so it's that's not a
2160s cosmetic thing
2162s um
2163s if we charge we charge in-game gold for
2165s stash dabs and you can't buy in-game
2167s gold with real money
2168s um
2171s so you have to earn your stash dabs in
2173s the game
2175s um
2177s and i think like the obvious comparison
2179s there's path of exile um and i think the
2181s big difference there is pathfixel
2182s doesn't have a sticker price
2188s yeah we're we're at the sticker price
2191s that's
2192s lower than the average
2194s high quality game that comes out which i
2197s think we're making a high quality game
2198s it's our goal it's our plan
2201s um
2215s you did mean heroes three wow okay yeah
2217s that's
2218s it sounded familiar
2220s absolutely love heroes do you ever play
2221s the wake of the gods expansion or like
2223s the fan made expansion for it oh so good
2227s oh so good
2229s i've actually been dabbling a little bit
2230s recently and there you go
2235s i always play castle
2238s sometimes vampire sometimes complex
2243s not a huge necropolis fan
2245s i always find it awkward you you like so
2247s you start racing basic skeletons and
2249s you've got your skeletons upgraded and
2250s you like your army size doesn't quite
2252s work because you don't have room for the
2253s base skeletons to show up you gotta like
2255s just leave zombies at home and the
2256s zombies suck but they they're meat
2258s shields
2260s they collect the other king lets you
2262s raise liches instead of skeletons by
2263s default
2264s ah
2265s yeah
2270s that's nice
2271s do they do they ever do like um
2274s the upgraded liches what are they called
2276s which
2277s which lords
2280s that's the wrong word
2287s oh it is hot
2289s i am like
2290s wow
2291s i'm sweating a lot here my goodness
2300s the headset's real warm
2313s uh do you guys now have any plans for
2315s changing changes to set items no or at
2318s least uh are preparing any meaningful
2320s balance changes to them in general i
2321s mean yeah like we
2323s they're they're on the radar we want to
2324s work on
2325s them we've been busy doing other stuff
2327s haven't got to yet
2329s not happening
2330s don't have any concrete plans they can
2331s share but yes they're
2334s on the radar um they're on the list the
2336s list is long they're on it
2343s uh
2344s if a player gets a mod that increases
2347s down to 100 they rage quit uh if the
2348s model increases 20 they go that hurt
2351s um that was that reads uh reads and
2353s learns and then the same mod
2355s is deadly when you're at 500 corruption
2357s because 20 of the base type that we know
2359s would be no joke
2370s i i i don't i don't have counterpoints
2372s to debate you on this lesson i don't
2373s think you're i don't think you're wrong
2383s i think you are very right on
2386s how that would work
2394s uh has it been progress on how much you
2395s guys are going to value mtx per piece
2398s um
2399s or the armor set to buy or is it still
2402s market research or
2404s talking ask because
2406s uh vision gl attorneys gives away gives
2408s points don't know how much people can
2410s really get with 500 points so some
2413s clarification would be nice yeah
2415s the the
2416s the numbers don't really say much right
2418s now they're kind of like a it's a it's
2420s an amount
2421s it's some nebulous amount
2425s um
2428s i i wish i had a good answer for you
2433s i don't i'm sorry
2436s not
2462s uh hi there
2463s are some challenge modes already but is
2466s there any plan to implement something
2467s similar to not yet release poe hard mode
2470s very limited item jobs limited or
2472s disabled crafting etc yeah i think
2474s that's i think that's a little bit later
2475s on uh type thing
2477s uh we've definitely looked at stuff like
2479s that and
2483s when you have an extremely large
2484s community it's a lot easier to split
2486s that community and still have
2488s um like a competitive landscape in those
2491s splits
2493s so at least initially i think it's
2494s unlikely we'd have something like that
2496s um
2497s but i do think there's a lot of
2499s uh there's a lot of really interesting
2500s things that happen there uh and i do
2503s love that they did that so i think
2504s there's a good chance that half that
2505s sort of thing happens eventually
2508s that's it unlikely
2510s um in the first little bit
2518s we already toy with like masochist mode
2520s and things like that which is it's
2521s pretty it's a pretty simplistic version
2524s um
2526s which started as a joke but uh
2531s he kept trying because people do like it
2540s not happening
2544s oh a temple saying we'll go do one of
2549s those probably should have waited for my
2551s mana to reach in
2556s i'm a little shy on the mana regen here
2568s not not terrible i know lizards build
2570s headed up at 17 or 18 i think 15 or 16.
2587s uh
2588s can you currently upgrade support packs
2590s i don't think we have a support back
2591s upgrade still i don't i don't know
2592s what's the hold up there
2594s um
2597s there's some problem with it
2607s require required things to be done i
2608s know manually for a long time um
2612s and then we weren't able to do it at all
2617s the ones we could go for
2622s really just want to get that stability
2623s up
2625s so furthest away from the center is
2626s going to do that the best
2630s let's go for that experience node
2635s you're all in and have been with you
2637s guys this viewing awesome
2639s cool
2645s glad to have
2646s everybody with us
2648s has there been um
2651s i don't know if i missed it if there
2652s were people who had more questions i
2653s know i know uh quite a lot
2657s if you have more questions please feel
2658s free to send those
2661s over and i will um
2662s write them down for next week
2666s or if if anyone's watching this after
2668s the fact
2670s um
2673s and wants to submit them
2675s um you could submit them in ask the devs
2678s channel and discord
2679s um or you could just come to next stream
2681s with the questions either way it's fine
2684s if you like want a question answered but
2686s can never get to the streams on time um
2689s toss it up and ask the devs before next
2691s friday and i will uh add to the list
2698s i don't know if it's just because i'm
2699s playing your build right now lizard but
2701s i see a lot of enemies like of the
2702s lizard right now it's i find it funny
2706s it's coincidence
2709s uh will it be possible to enhance set
2711s items in the same way we can turn
2712s uniques into legendaries or is it going
2713s to be too much the big problem with that
2716s is how i don't have a good example how
2717s many set items on me right now but how
2719s long those item names are already like
2722s those those descriptions they're just a
2723s novel to read as it is and then you
2725s stick even more things on them like that
2727s they just look even longer we've
2729s prototyped uh
2731s like like rough project not actually
2733s built into the game um
2735s a few ways of
2737s enhancing the the the um
2740s the tail
2741s on um
2743s set item power
2745s and there's a few different systems
2746s we've sort of toyed with
2748s um
2751s i think it's likely we'll do something
2753s with it i don't know what that'll be yet
2758s get away from me no
2763s no
2766s [Laughter]
2775s you don't flirt anymore you go full
2777s oh
2779s you go full dent in the air all right
2784s teach me senpai
2795s i you're right it's exactly i am having
2797s mana problems
2799s you're extremely hyped for mana damage
2801s or melee damage changes on weapons
2803s however are we going to get more
2804s conversions and skills benefit from them
2806s we need more ways to add and remove tags
2808s from skills to make use of it is it on
2811s the radar
2812s give you a full void multi-strike please
2815s um i think there's given this happening
2818s there's probably going to be some more
2820s of that happening um
2827s quite i'm sorry i'm not going to read
2828s that right now uh uh but yes not the
2832s question you did in chat but the
2833s question you sent me on discord um
2835s as as far as more items that give fall
2838s conversions
2840s i can't say for sure
2843s specifically full multi-strike i can't
2844s hey
2845s well see it definitely does mean
2848s having more houses having the items
2851s you're right the premise of your
2852s question is absolutely right having more
2854s items that don't have
2856s um specific damage types on their added
2859s flat damage
2861s um means that conversions full
2863s conversions are much more effective
2869s my goodness
2885s um so it's it's definitely on the radar
2908s uh
2925s not happening
2934s oh sorry
2935s it's
2936s got a little sucked into the game there
2937s my goodness it is hot
2941s okay new question here do you feel
2943s unique items based around certain skills
2946s are too limited for the theory crafter i
2948s know something uh a cinder song can only
2950s be played on the mage with something
2952s uh while something like vulcanus which
2954s is more generalized can be theorycrafted
2956s on every class i feel this is very
2958s limited when playing long term because
2959s you learn the skills specific ones very
2961s fast while generalized ones uh keep me
2963s calculated for longer so curious if you
2964s agree there's still huge value in
2965s specific ones i think there's there's i
2967s think there's a huge value in both of
2969s them and i think having both of them is
2970s really important
2971s um
2972s specifically because you can generally
2974s do a little bit more wacky stuff on the
2977s more specific ones because the more
2978s generalized ones usually have to be like
2980s well
2981s we we can't
2983s we can't do this because it gets a
2985s little nutty on this skill
2986s um
2987s and then you have to like do something
2989s to rule out that skill or nerf the whole
2991s thing so that that one skill becomes
2993s where it's just useful and everywhere
2995s else it's kind of
2996s meh um
3001s so i i think there's there's plenty of
3003s space for both we we may have become too
3005s focused on
3007s um skill specific ones i think it's
3009s easier to do
3010s skill
3011s skill agnostic is that the term skill
3013s agnostic um still independence probably
3015s better word for it uh versions on
3018s like we do we do class specific items so
3020s we can say like a bow
3022s um and do cool stuff there because then
3024s suddenly only a rogue can use it or even
3025s just like
3026s a base type like like a specific rogue
3028s specific helmet
3031s um so you can you can make
3033s like restrictions that way
3035s uh
3037s to do nuttier things you can also do
3040s there's lots of different ways we can
3041s restrict
3042s the combinations of things that can
3043s exist
3044s and that's usually a big consideration
3046s when we're making unique items is what
3047s else could this go with that would be
3049s busted
3054s i'm like
3055s really busted is the problem when it's
3057s when it's like
3060s the only way to do something
3064s uh are you guys considering adding
3065s something to attunement every step yeah
3067s this is a question we get a fair bit and
3070s no but maybe
3073s um every other stack gives damage and
3075s defensive achievement gives i mean every
3078s stat gives damage
3080s uh while human gives a bit of mana and
3082s damage
3084s um
3085s because they'll give damage
3087s right what am i doing
3089s they'll give damage
3091s this one this one
3092s um yeah the mana it gives
3094s is its only like bass thing but they all
3096s give
3097s damage to their respective skills right
3101s like
3105s this is
3106s border tension and damage
3113s right
3119s so this one's it's a two minutes
3121s damaging utility instead of damaging
3122s defense
3132s um
3135s i don't think it turns i hear you're
3136s thinking on jordan's threshold i don't
3138s think it's on theme at all
3146s like maybe you need something different
3147s maybe man is not good enough as a stat
3149s for it but
3150s um
3165s it does also give damage just for the
3166s record
3176s okay so so listen that's a good point
3178s the damage not being the um enticing
3180s part of the stat and i think that's the
3182s problem with the system
3189s is the damage needs to be more enticing
3190s in general
3193s that comes from attributes
3199s which which is also part of the problem
3201s with um
3205s with with why gear is less
3207s um
3209s uh provides less damage than a lot of
3211s skill skill notes as well
3214s it's not just in the skill notes or
3215s power but it's also in that gears
3216s underpowered in a lot of cases and part
3218s of that comes from the
3220s the the lackluster amount of damage that
3222s comes from
3224s uh attribute sets
3246s oh hey a bow
3248s oh hey boots
3252s we can make legendaries out of those
3271s sneak peeks yeah i got one
3274s i got one ready for you
3281s if i if i complete something or die like
3283s something significant or die i'll i'll
3285s share it i'll share with you
3292s which given how the damage is creeping
3294s up on this that i'm taking
3296s i think time might be uh
3299s sooner than i'd like
3301s [Laughter]
3304s lord question heyo
3306s i will save this for
3310s coffee come on
3313s paste
3316s let me see if you asked it too
3323s multiplayer yes no it's uh we're
3327s just finished up
3329s our most recent ct test
3332s uh like
3334s an hour ago or something
3337s um
3340s and uh yeah we're still we're we're
3343s gonna be
3344s making changes making new builds
3346s advancing that so we're still in uh
3349s closed closed testing for multiplayer at
3352s the moment
3363s what's coming on really nicely
3366s the import the important stuff that we
3368s were hoping to get tested this round
3371s went really well
3378s the stuff that we were like oh i hope
3379s this works worked which is great
3394s all right
3401s uh paladin and druid's stack of tuna for
3403s the most part they get
3405s uh they both get endurance threshold
3407s themes within their passive trees so
3408s here's why i think it's not in the theme
3410s for two men
3411s yeah okay that's that is a good point
3413s for sure
3415s um i guess the way we thought of a tune
3417s is more of a
3419s like caster
3421s ability
3422s and it's it's it's less of a traditional
3425s caster and more of a
3427s like natural caster type ability which
3429s does tend to lend itself nicely to
3433s okay
3434s one lp skin that's pretty cool which
3436s does lend itself
3437s like
3438s yeah sentinel and um
3441s primeless other two primaries
3459s uh but i guess like the way i've always
3461s thought about it it's a tuna as a caster
3463s stat and endurance as a
3465s um more of a melee stat and like you're
3468s talking really broad broad archetypes
3471s um
3473s i guess that's where the difference in
3474s that i've always had in my head comes
3476s from
3489s not happening
3491s all right
3501s lower question cool
3504s paste that in
3510s oh don't die
3522s it's gonna be like try and get my killed
3524s by
3525s submitting lore questions so he copies
3527s and faces them
3530s don't dead
3531s or do that so more questions
3539s you know what i'm realizing
3541s i'm a little dehydrated
3552s whoa
3555s oh
3561s womp
3572s yeah come on we are we we've um we
3575s announced quite a while ago actually
3576s that we were pushing this patch quite a
3578s bit um
3580s initially we had planned it to be
3582s um
3584s somewhere roughly september-ish there
3587s and about because
3589s um we were trying to fit a whole bunch
3591s of multiplayer
3593s development work in
3595s um and then we
3597s realized that we were actually close
3598s enough with multiplayer that we could
3600s make the next patch the multiplayer
3601s patch um so we pushed it even further
3609s so one major misconception there is that
3611s when we say it was
3612s roughly somewhere in around
3614s september-ish and we push it past that
3616s it'll be the first thing in october
3618s that's not what we're saying at all
3624s we don't have a date for it yet
3634s uh hydration would have saved you from
3635s the heat of the flames like it probably
3637s would have
3643s oh
3646s i'm like i'm struggling
3650s oh server's still on
3653s oh gosh
3654s turn that off it didn't turn off
3660s the foot
3665s come on shut down
3668s there it goes okay
3673s oh it's probably adding like five
3675s degrees this room
3688s can you tell us about lost memories uh
3690s what can you tell us about lost memories
3691s and why do you think it's a good idea to
3693s include it in point nine well
3697s if they were completed i think it would
3698s be an amazing idea to appear in point
3700s nine because
3701s it would be an extra system for players
3702s to play with and
3704s get feedback on
3707s i can't really tell you much about them
3712s partially this is probably going to
3713s change a ton from what we've had planned
3715s for a long time before they actually get
3716s in
3717s uh it's a cool item this is really cool
3719s item
3728s it's really cool item
3738s thanks for confirming last memories of
3740s 0.9
3746s you know sometimes sometimes things like
3747s that get posted i'm like did i just
3749s actually do that
3750s do i have to go back and and re-watch
3752s this to make sure i didn't just say that
3754s but i'm pretty sure i didn't just say
3755s that
3769s i'm definitely not using myself mutually
3771s defensive abilities anywhere near enough
3785s okay we're gonna do this boss
3788s we're gonna get a blessing
3789s then we're gonna go make a legendary
3790s item it's gonna be sweet
3793s and i'm not gonna pass up from the heat
3802s it like hits 30 and i'm just exhausted
3804s with heat
3807s since favor systems is going to be a
3809s thing what other chances the favor
3811s system is the favor of the gods
3814s depending on which god you gain favor
3816s which determines buffer reward tell me
3817s why i am correct in my predictions
3823s uh
3825s trying to find a way to weasel out of
3826s this one
3828s um
3830s from how it's worded i don't know if i
3832s can though i don't see a way out
3841s this is a smart one to go to
3845s this is a mere
3852s not stand in my way
3862s this is a mercy
3867s do not stand in my way
3878s this is a mercy oh no
3882s do not stand in my way it's like panic
3887s health potential
3890s [Laughter]
3892s oh no
3893s no
3894s it was coming and i just dashed the
3896s other way
3903s oh
3906s mike why do you suck so much at this
3909s [Music]
3914s do we do we go do we go make a legendary
3916s that maybe has cold res on it somewhere
3920s i think that's the play
3925s plus it kills you just like you have
3927s yeah yeah
3934s okay let's try let's try and get
3935s something uh like cold res we are short
3938s on void res too
3940s uh let's just stick decks there oh you
3942s should probably stick move speed on here
3946s let's switch this to something else
3947s first because we don't want it to oh two
3949s minutes useful i guess
3952s go move speed
3958s cool
3964s it's not a great exalted to make for the
3966s bow
3967s at all so we're gonna go do boots
3974s uh yeah i'm gonna come back to this
3976s because i don't think i'm uh quite tough
3978s enough because that
3981s blizzard was
3984s extreme
3991s uh what level do we need
3994s oh it's it's a super low level
3996s yeah we can probably do this one anyways
3999s is your new patch something no there's
4000s no new patch yet
4002s um
4004s just just playing around answering some
4006s questions having some fun
4012s uh does it require extra work uh to
4014s maintain multiplayer version and offline
4016s version well i mean it um so it was uh
4020s costing us more work to do that for a
4021s while um one of the big things we've
4023s done over the last couple months
4026s um is is to
4028s combine them into a single version
4030s um so we're not maintaining two versions
4032s for offline and online
4034s so you can like it's a single single
4037s client for both
4039s um
4041s previously what we were doing is we were
4042s maintaining a release build that was
4044s going out to everyone
4046s um and this is part of the reason why we
4048s pushed the release initially quite quite
4049s a while back is because we were we were
4051s making that combine happen
4053s um
4056s so up until this point we've been
4057s maintaining both versions for well over
4061s a year now um and it was slowing things
4063s down
4065s because every time we made changes in
4066s one we basically had to make changes in
4067s the other that's not really how it
4069s worked but effectively
4070s um
4072s and so
4074s now we don't do that because it's just
4075s one version
4077s and and the release builds we make will
4078s be
4079s just the normal version
4082s just
4083s the game
4093s that was like one of the exits i just
4095s not killed enough things to see it
4106s um
4108s oh i said i had something to share with
4109s you because i died okay well as soon as
4110s we run this i'll i'll share it sorry
4114s it's a full screen thing
4116s so i don't want to go in the middle of
4117s this
4129s so yeah we're not maintaining two
4131s versions anymore which is great
4144s here we go yeah 20 is fine
4147s uh in multiplayer is there any reviving
4150s system
4152s not right now also there's any
4153s punishment on death gold drops or
4154s anything no we we we're not a big fan
4157s just philosophically in general of
4159s taking away things you've already
4161s achieved on death
4165s so
4166s gold that you've already got experience
4168s that you've already got um things like
4170s that we don't we don't like removing
4172s those from you that you've already been
4174s like here's something that you've got
4175s sitting in your inventory oh you died
4177s we're gonna take it away
4178s now it's more about the death penalties
4180s we generally try and put in place are
4182s um similar like the ones like we already
4184s have so um if you die in
4187s uh like a dungeon for example you lose
4190s the key that you've already
4192s you've already used it to gain access to
4194s the dungeon so like
4196s um you're not losing anything that you
4198s had you've already spent the key
4201s um but you're losing the potential of
4203s the reward you would have got if you had
4204s succeeded
4205s um
4207s the penalty is just
4208s you didn't succeed at the thing you were
4210s trying to do
4210s [Laughter]
4214s that's the same in like the model for
4215s example so if you if you die on an echo
4218s that special that echo specific reward
4221s you don't get that that goes away
4225s and because that doesn't have a cost to
4226s enter
4227s that reward is gone and doesn't isn't uh
4231s like you don't if you try that again you
4232s don't get that reward
4241s yeah that's the sort of philosophy we're
4242s planning on sticking with going forward
4245s too
4250s and then obviously on hardcore
4253s you die you're dead
4255s bye bye
4257s see you later better luck next
4272s look time a perma-crit node on i do have
4274s always could try
4276s why am i just wrecking everything
4297s oh
4310s yes question
4313s uh one of the reasons i like
4315s multi-strike is the fact that it's uh
4317s it's range aoe scales with weapon range
4319s does the issue um have any plans to make
4322s all skill skills somewhat even if it's
4324s minuscule with weapon range maybe add an
4327s aoe ratio stat for spellcaster builds
4330s um adds an extra dimension super
4332s enjoyable for veterans that new players
4334s don't need to worry about any thoughts i
4336s do think that having
4337s um things in that category for like like
4340s here's a stat that people who
4342s like you're playing the game the first
4343s time you're getting to empowered models
4344s for the first time you're playing
4345s through those um you're not really
4346s pushing super high corruption you're not
4348s pushing super high arenas and like
4351s you're getting through the like 99 of
4353s the content or whatever like stats that
4355s most of those players don't know about
4358s um and don't need to know about but like
4359s people who are like you listeners who
4361s are
4362s playing a lot
4364s i know a lot getting like really the
4365s finer points there i think are really
4367s cool um
4369s just from a high level
4371s look at it
4374s and there's lots of really good examples
4376s of things like that in diablo 2 for
4377s example
4381s um
4388s escape is impossible
4414s escape is impossible
4438s that health potion's in there i want it
4440s it's mine by right
4450s get it
4456s oh
4457s [Music]
4461s that's pretty cool
4465s um yeah as far as the weapon range
4467s specifically sorry i just glanced over
4469s half your question there lizard as far
4470s as weapon range specifically goes
4473s uh for affecting skills i think it's i
4475s think it's good that some do and some
4476s don't um
4479s i do like the idea though of um
4483s aoe stat scaler for spell spellcaster
4485s builds i think that's a really cool idea
4486s i don't think i've heard that before
4490s i think that's neat
4494s teaser now that aaron's here uh i mean
4497s that's i
4498s i can't pretend that's why i'm gonna do
4499s it but yes i will uh
4501s i will pop up a teaser pretty soon here
4514s not terrible
4520s might be worth crafting on
4523s okay we're just gonna we're just gonna
4524s make some boots though i think
4532s yeah
4534s i know the achievement's weird that
4535s health be nice the void runs be nice
4537s moose movespeed's always good
4539s let's see what we get
4545s uh deaf teaser time yes yeah yeah yeah
4548s yeah yeah yeah yeah
4552s only vengeance and multi-strike are the
4553s only ones that do it as of right now
4554s interesting i would have thought more
4556s would do that
4560s rife doesn't do that i guess rife
4561s wouldn't
4562s um
4565s swipe probably doesn't
4570s let's write something like flurry
4571s doesn't
4576s matter strike does okay that makes sense
4580s not not i'm not upset about that health
4582s roll on there at all that's nice
4588s that is uh that's a
4590s wait a second
4591s did i put the one for my inventory and
4592s not my better ones awesome
4597s awesome good job mike
4599s so good at this
4602s oh
4603s just all pro
4605s [Laughter]
4608s [Music]
4610s oh god
4615s just like problems
4616s yeah well you know
4626s i'm gonna i'm gonna test okay here we go
4628s i i got something for you
4630s just a little something
4633s wait why is it
4635s not there we go
4639s this little
4643s come on here for saying come over here
4644s for a second yeah
4651s it's my other drink
4662s gotta have two drinks
4663s here's the responsible drink
4670s really cool rogue armor
4674s i think she'd be swimming in there
4683s i think she'd be swimming
4699s hardest question ever
4701s uh why have you not used pink as a color
4704s in your game there's no pink there's no
4706s pink
4707s oh there kind of is
4710s these legendaries are red now aren't
4712s they they were pink for a while
4714s um
4716s is the pink in the loot filter
4722s it's pink
4732s that's bows and boots isn't it
4737s that not pink enough
4742s a couple pinkies
4750s if you get the same buff from two
4751s players will they stack in multiplayer
4753s uh
4754s maybe it depends kinda sometimes sorta
4756s possibly
4758s um
4760s if you have so there's
4766s i guess there's three types of buffs
4767s really
4769s four types of buffs i guess
4771s um
4773s oh what am i doing
4775s i thought the first won't be fun to tank
4777s you know just start us off on a good
4778s note
4793s don't ask
4796s [Music]
4805s okay
4808s ah
4811s [Music]
4813s we'll get there
4816s we'll get there okay uh
4820s my cold res is really abysmal
4822s and i need to do something about it
4825s before i can do this fight i think
4829s i don't think i can even survive it long
4831s enough
4832s without better cold res
4834s so
4839s our options are take the boots off
4842s don't want to do that nice boots uh
4845s switch out some of our idols for more
4846s cold res
4848s uh switch up one of our other items for
4850s something with more cold res on it not
4853s huge on that because i don't even
4854s prepped
4859s uh level up more i guess it's an option
4861s as
4869s well um
4883s change some skills
4884s yeah
4901s easy too easy let's see what happens
4905s really dying is an option too yeah it's
4906s an option
4907s um okay so so multiplayer applying skill
4910s uh applying buff something there's what
4912s i say four different types of buffs um
4914s there are
4915s standard ailments
4917s like um haste for example which do not
4919s stack no matter how you get them
4921s it it it so the answer is it works
4923s exactly the same in single players it
4924s does in multiplayer is the easy answer
4927s um but i can go through the types of
4928s buffs that stack and dild stack in both
4930s um
4931s if you have
4934s um
4937s so there's non-stacking elements for
4939s example haste haste is a non-stacking
4941s element doesn't matter how many times
4943s haste gets applied to you hastiest
4944s hastis haste um and over the most recent
4947s haste to overrides the last one
4949s um then there is
4951s uh
4954s then there is uh stacking ailment buffs
4956s so things like um
4960s i don't know a good example there's lots
4961s of stacking element buffs it buffs and
4963s debuffs the same thing for ailment
4964s stacking so like um there's someone
4967s stacked to a cap like slow stacks to a
4968s cap buff's debuff same thing um
4971s ignite has no has no cap just stacks
4973s forever so those ones will stack just
4975s like normal um in multiplayer that even
4978s single player there's also then on top
4980s of that some
4984s uh
4986s some nodes that are
4989s uh
4993s just
4994s like just stat buffs that are granted so
4996s it'll say like um
4999s uh and you'll be non-stacking because
5000s they'll say things like if you have cast
5003s a fire ability recently four seconds uh
5006s you have 50 increased cold damage let's
5009s say so 50 increase coil damage if you've
5011s cast a fire spell recently um and that's
5013s a binary just have you completed this
5016s uh condition yes okay go for it you can
5019s um
5020s you can do it no problem
5024s uh and
5028s not stand in my way yes
5033s um and then there's
5038s this is a mercy
5040s and then there's
5041s uh stacking
5043s normal buffs those are also known as
5045s unnamed buffs
5047s um those will just be things like
5049s um
5050s nearby allies get 10 plus 10 fire damage
5054s um
5056s and that this just that just happens
5058s there's no condition that happens to it
5059s there's no like if something has
5060s happened recently
5063s do not stand in my way
5070s oh come on
5071s this is a mercy
5077s shutter
5079s i do not stand in my way
5084s rise my fallen champions
5087s aid me
5092s this is a mercy
5095s oh no
5096s shutter
5098s do not stand in my way
5109s this is a mercy
5114s so one of the go-to examples that we get
5116s as questions is
5118s um
5121s right little extra smoke bomb hop there
5130s uh one of the questions we get asked
5131s about a lot right now is holy aura how
5133s does that stack
5135s um and currently holy aura stacks
5137s um things that are different portions of
5139s holy aura stack
5144s so if one person has holy aura that says
5147s um plus attack speed and one person has
5149s holo that says plus resistances and both
5151s of them are active at once you'll get
5152s both of those pieces however if one
5154s person if both people have
5156s holy aura that says
5158s attack speed but one's stronger than the
5160s other it'll actually flick back and
5162s forth between the two constantly
5164s um
5166s which is a little frustrating and so
5167s we're still probably going to be making
5169s some minor changes to that
5173s to protect my people
5176s let's go
5179s i think that's what we take isn't it
5183s i know it's not the right thing to take
5185s uh long term but i think that's what we
5187s take right now it's just cold res
5193s now that we need it so badly after that
5197s oh we got there
5215s easy now let's go to the one that does
5217s necrotic damage
5225s uh
5226s [Music]
5233s we probably probably want to do random
5234s dragons next is if we're gonna do these
5236s in like priority order
5241s i should see if i have a
5244s bow that we could make a nice
5247s or or a quiver
5250s so if we have a nice one i kind of want
5251s to do that instead i'll do one of these
5252s and see if we can see if we have one
5258s water drink lots of water
5268s how's the passive reset button going i
5269s know it's a top priority we um
5275s no no one's working on it i'll tell you
5277s that much
5283s make the game work in multiplayer is
5284s more of a priority
5294s uh any plans to add more voice acting
5296s yes
5296s positive things like blurbs when you
5298s first encounter a new timeline
5299s absolutely yeah like um
5302s the voice acting that's in the game
5303s right now is
5305s uh fledgling
5308s good for it
5314s [Music]
5335s i should have got a fan going
5338s a little one was napping when i was
5340s setting up though and i
5342s didn't want to risk waking them up
5347s uh frostbite is one of the most
5349s enjoyable ailments uh in
5351s in the game work with
5354s frostbite is one of the most enjoyable
5356s ailments in game work with because it
5359s has
5360s damage and utility effect without with
5362s no cap uh will we see more potentially
5365s infinite investment uh builds in the
5367s future or is it something you want to
5369s pull back for progression type builds um
5375s like like i mean there's
5381s uh yes to both of those i think
5385s there's there's there's
5387s certain parts
5388s of the infinite scaling of certain
5390s things that we do probably want to pull
5392s back on but having the
5395s more interesting ailments in general is
5397s really good and having those be able to
5399s go forever is generally really good as
5401s well
5404s i think is the right answer to that
5406s question
5411s you know what i haven't done on this uh
5413s on stream in a very long time it's
5416s bought a shade of orbus
5420s unless we have something sweet to make
5422s into a legendary here i think i might go
5424s find a shade
5426s just for fun
5435s there's a dragon's on my head
5444s it's attack speed there
5459s don't see any real standout quivers
5476s a lot of random things in here
5487s oh no oh
5489s no okay
5496s right that's the same as the first one
5498s oh
5500s don't need these things
5513s let's go find us a quiver huh
5517s or a shade if you see a shade i'm gonna
5519s go for it how about that
5530s uh not sure if these have ever been
5532s asked
5534s i bet i can answer them without even
5536s reading the rest of that question
5538s when it's ready
5539s uh
5540s by 1.0 at the latest
5543s uh and we're not sure yet
5547s oh that's close
5549s when is multiple when it's ready
5551s um it'll be next patch
5555s wondering masteries by 1.0 the latest
5561s it's pretty nice actually
5563s um
5564s we're getting uh performance get better
5566s every patch performance gets better
5569s and we'll continue to
5578s i think a big thing to note about like
5580s our performance efforts up until now
5582s have been very ad hoc very
5584s anecdote-based very
5586s um
5588s like oh i thought i saw something that
5590s was bad here or someone on the forums
5592s reported the scene was really bad there
5595s um
5596s and and now it's now it's driven by
5599s tools that are designed to seek out and
5602s fix the
5604s really problematic situations
5609s based on
5610s like actual metrics and
5613s real data
5615s that's like collected
5617s properly
5619s um
5620s it's a lot more effective
5622s a lot less time intensive
5626s means you can get a lot more of it done
5631s and there's a lot more people dedicated
5633s to it now than there was before
5636s so before it was just like
5638s oh uh we we found some someone said this
5641s one was really bad so we'll uh have
5644s someone flip onto that and just do it
5645s quick okay great that's that's better
5646s than it was
5648s and and now it's there's people that
5649s like their primary goal is just
5651s performance
5656s easy too easy
5660s and they're just slaying it
5675s and it's always like
5677s it's not gonna be the same for everyone
5678s since there's already people that are
5680s like what performance problems you know
5684s ding
5686s oh there's a new level up the visuals
5689s uh they're way better like these ones
5691s are nice but uh the new ones are really
5693s nice
5695s i always forget these ones exist until i
5697s play on fridays
5701s not happening
5716s oh
5717s that's nice a little to all people right
5719s shirt yeah you know
5720s not bad not bad
5730s all right well i love the theme for each
5732s model timeline after your blessings it
5734s starts to become being uh problematic
5736s game has 100 plus maps hundreds of
5738s enemies types but each timeline only has
5740s 15 ish maps and 38 enemy pool any plans
5743s uh for a corruption farming island that
5745s mixes all maps and enemies for making
5746s the end game rhyme
5748s uh blessings less repetitive that's
5750s interesting i don't think that's we've
5752s really gone over that
5753s um
5755s idea i think the hope was that we would
5757s be able to set it up so that even on the
5758s end game grind it would be
5760s um you'd still want to switch but i
5762s guess the fundamental nature of
5763s corruption farming one timeline does
5766s cause it to
5768s um really favor not doing that
5772s um
5778s i think it's a really good point
5782s something that would go really well on
5784s the uh
5786s suggestion post on the forums huh
5795s uh you guys talked about how you'll
5797s address pool saturation
5800s how to deal with how to do a pool
5802s saturation
5804s that's what that is
5813s pool saturation
5818s what do you mean by pool saturation
5827s like
5831s i mean i mean so okay like
5833s do you mean like the fact that
5837s i think the answer is is
5840s economy resets through cycles and
5841s ladders
5842s um
5844s like a lot of resets i think i think
5845s that's the answer but i'm not entirely
5847s sure what pool reset pool saturation i'm
5849s sorry
5855s oh my goodness
5866s no problem had it all along
5874s that's a good thing to warm up brown
5876s pants
5879s like the character in game
5885s it's either brown
5887s see
5891s miner
5892s green
5894s easy too easy
5900s uh our cycle is going to be themed based
5902s on main boss from engineer five uniques
5904s based on engineer style make this happen
5906s uh
5907s cycles will have
5909s um
5913s i i i don't the short answer is i don't
5914s know really um
5917s it's cool suggestion but having specific
5920s uh
5922s like five uniques in a single cycle
5924s seems pretty light to me i'll say that
5941s oh i think it's fine for the most part
5943s but uh
5944s degenerates like me do like 400 maps
5946s today same 15 lancer yeah
5949s there's there needs to be
5951s i do think you're you're an extreme case
5952s lizard like you're you're definitely an
5954s extreme case um that doesn't count that
5956s doesn't make it any less valid or
5957s important um
5959s i think that we need to have ways
5962s to make
5964s individual echoes
5966s more interesting in general and i don't
5968s think that's a mystery or surprise or
5969s anything
5979s these 1.0 cycle one uh
5982s they might not line up perfectly
5987s like we we might do
5989s i i i answer is i don't know yet but i
5990s think what might happen if i was gonna
5992s guess is say 1.0 will drop and then
5995s um
5996s once we're sure things are stable we'll
5998s start cycle one
6003s because we don't want to have the
6005s uh internet hug of death
6008s wreck the start of cycle one
6014s unless we're like really confident
6015s because
6016s we're already everything's going so well
6018s in testing maybe we will start right
6020s away i don't know
6022s that that'll be a that'll be a decision
6024s for someone smarter and more experienced
6026s than me
6032s and will likely be heavily influenced by
6034s all of your feedback
6049s all right go ahead i make a pair of
6051s paragraphs with examples to help my
6053s points along because trying the grammar
6055s typing the grammar isn't my best suite
6057s sorry
6058s item pool saturation
6060s when build design
6065s even
6066s with reset won't change the fact we can
6069s target farm
6070s and get uniques fast and most with lp
6073s pretty easy so rare
6075s rares exalted tend to fall off over time
6077s entirely
6078s in favor for builds with only lp uniques
6081s which i see becoming a huge problem in
6083s the future okay i see what you're saying
6084s so like
6085s um
6089s best in slot gear for most builds will
6092s be
6093s uh
6094s like
6095s you can define it by like a four lp
6098s unique in this lot with a specific
6101s very high level exalted item to go with
6104s it i think that's the key there is that
6106s exalt is as long as
6108s like legendaries are valuable so were
6110s uniques and exalted it's just
6111s intrinsically those two things are
6113s valuable together so exalted won't ever
6114s fall off as long as legendaries don't
6117s fall off you know
6119s um
6121s like
6121s i i think that set items do need
6124s something to stay relevant
6127s um i think there's other ways we can do
6129s things
6130s um to help keep
6131s other items relevant so so there's you
6134s can have
6135s kind of meta items like
6137s um
6140s singularities
6142s and not really a great example of that
6144s um
6145s i mean if you only have one equipped
6147s sort of what i was getting at there so
6149s like
6151s um
6151s you can have items where it's like
6153s plus
6154s you do double damage if you have no
6156s unique or legendary items equipped or
6158s something weird like that you know like
6160s if you have only set items equipped with
6162s your entire character you do triple
6163s damage i don't know something weird like
6165s that um i think there's ways you can
6167s build that into items that enable
6169s certain play styles and certain certain
6171s builds through
6173s like different
6175s itemizations
6187s or like
6189s set items like somewhere thing where
6191s said items get there like need one less
6193s item to complete their set bonuses or
6194s something
6196s that's a diable three item
6198s um but yeah like there's i think there's
6200s things like that you can do to
6201s incentivize more diversity there
6204s just through new items
6207s um but yeah i agree that that eventually
6209s for long term
6211s play if you if you if you're playing for
6213s a ton of time
6215s um
6215s not going through cycle resets yeah
6217s eventually you'll have these ridiculous
6219s builds of characters that have like
6221s big legendaries
6223s um
6224s i don't think it's a bad thing really
6226s um
6228s there has there has to be there has to
6229s be a tail there has to be like an end in
6231s sight i think or else or else there's
6234s the progress if there's no end in sight
6238s i think
6239s the uh like what am i doing i'm done
6242s this one the gear progression becomes a
6243s little
6245s um difficult to quantify
6248s i guess i want to say
6255s so i think like i said the original
6256s answer that was just kind of a guess the
6258s question mostly i think the answer is
6259s cycles really
6266s uh suit again i agree maps need more
6268s stuff but i feel uh it's a dangerous
6271s topic exploring maps in las vegas is
6273s pretty tedious maps are big characters
6276s are slow dashes honoring cooldowns uh
6278s you've talked about more exploration but
6280s i hope if a map has something
6282s for me to find i know when i enter the
6284s map and i don't have to full explore a
6286s map to find nothing so this is actually
6287s an interesting topic that we we we have
6289s talked about and um
6293s maybe it's not a maybe it is guaranteed
6295s maybe it's not guaranteed maybe it's um
6298s not guaranteed but uh
6300s implied that there's more of it or
6302s something like that maybe there's like
6303s maybe that's the reward maybe that's the
6305s special echo reward in that one where
6306s it's like there's there's there's a high
6309s concentration of
6310s this extra random event to happen
6313s there's a higher probability of this
6314s random event to happen in this zone
6317s and so you know like okay this is a good
6319s one to explore
6320s and so you explore that one in
6322s particular instead of just like always
6323s exploring all of them in hopes that you
6324s get it or just randomly stumbling across
6326s it sometimes
6328s um so
6329s you definitely got
6331s that's a very good point and i agree
6333s more aware of it
6350s uh this island has treasure on it to
6352s find yeah
6358s you might find treasure on
6360s one out of a hundred dozen ounces i
6361s think that would be a low
6364s like yeah like like that maybe the
6365s default numbers wanted 100 but the ones
6367s that say it's like one out of five or
6368s something or one out of three
6378s or the ones that say that can have
6379s anywhere from like zero to four of them
6381s or something i don't know like
6383s maybe everyone saw you won't find with
6384s any but something to find with multiples
6386s on those ones that are like spiked to
6388s have them and so and just so you know
6390s that like
6391s this is like a good one to search but
6392s you can always search if you want and
6395s there's always a chance or something i
6396s don't know this is sort of
6398s we're we're in the hypothetical big time
6399s but yes i i definitely agree there needs
6401s to be some sort of
6402s um
6405s communication of the player so you're
6406s not like full clearing every single one
6408s in the hopes of finding these
6420s uh have you thought about if a person
6422s takes the time to fill stability bar
6424s within a monolith to increase the unique
6426s objective reward payout as people choose
6429s to to go faster
6431s and get reward fast get more of it when
6434s playing
6437s um
6439s you know yeah
6444s sorry the last little bit of that was
6445s you know that the more you kill the more
6447s you get out of the chest and yeah i know
6448s you know that i assume you do that um
6450s but yes i i we have talked about that um
6456s we wanted to keep the
6458s rewards the the
6461s the initial goal was to keep the static
6462s rewards like they come out of this
6464s swirly
6465s um echo special echo reward
6469s uh stone thing to be static and not
6472s based on how much you killed
6474s and this would be the scaling so one
6476s static and one scaling reward
6478s um
6480s who knows if that's successful enough
6485s oh
6486s look what look what i found
6489s look what i found we're gonna do that
6498s ellie has such meaningful combat while
6500s exploration is tedious and pewy it takes
6501s five seconds to clear fog of war so even
6503s if you find nothing it doesn't feel that
6505s bad
6506s hey
6507s you think elasti [ __ ] on the other hand
6524s maybe there needs to be a backtrack
6526s bonus for movement speed
6534s how do you detect backtracking
6566s not happening
6582s oh
6584s okay
6588s that was a bigger hit thank you someone
6592s kessel hawthorne
6594s 10 month resab very nice thank you very
6597s much glad to have you with us
6601s oh mike's so small so handsome grinding
6604s those cr
6605s crucial mottos puggers why thank you
6615s will monolith progression be shared
6617s between party members right now we don't
6620s uh
6620s have shared model progression between
6622s characters so it would feel even worse
6625s um
6626s we're still working exactly on how
6628s that's all going to happen it's really
6629s tricky to
6631s um
6633s have that function nicely without be
6635s horribly exploitable
6638s and
6639s um i right now we're we're kind of we're
6642s leaning on more on the side of have it
6644s function nicely and let it be a little
6646s bit exploitable
6647s um
6648s then then have it be less fun to play
6653s and not be exploitable that makes any
6654s sense
6657s um we think that's the better the more
6660s fun thing it's gonna basically based on
6661s a lot of feedback for sure especially
6662s early feedback um
6670s but the short answer is if you're like
6674s one thing i know we're planning for sure
6676s is
6677s um
6680s there's a bit of a disconnect here with
6681s the way it's set up and the way we want
6683s it to be and and and the way it works
6685s everything and so
6686s if if you're in a group and you all
6688s complete the model together and you all
6689s get the reward together um and you exit
6692s that monolith you've all unlocked that
6693s you've all completed that model and
6695s you've all unlocked the next one
6697s like that's
6698s that that's happening
6700s at the very least
6704s all right let's do this
6708s let's do this
6718s hello
6722s um
6737s my voice is terrible what have i done
6755s distractions
6769s it's a little on the chaotic side right
6771s now
6782s destruction
6807s no problem
6809s got it done
6811s oh my god the ring
6816s has anyone ever got that ring before
6823s uh d2 is actually similar you get an
6825s enigma tp you know dudes on x like in
6827s fiscal you don't you go to the pits why
6829s no backtrack
6830s yeah um
6832s there's definitely backtracking in d2 if
6834s you don't have uh we'll give anything
6835s there's definitely backtracking
6843s you get really good and you learn
6845s layouts a bit and you can uh you can
6847s avoid some backtracking but
6864s like start farming keys and tell me
6865s there's no backtracking
6884s so
6893s oh it is it's really hot
6899s let's
6900s do a
6901s do a water break
6915s haven't played in a while any plans to
6916s add resizable text for drops uh we
6919s haven't started working on ui scaling
6921s yet um but that's a fairly requested
6924s item i think that would fall in the
6925s accessibility category which is
6927s um being started to be worked on
6931s there's lots of accessibility issues
6932s right now that we need to address
6937s uh and that includes all sorts of things
6939s like um
6942s uh text size um
6944s colorblind um
6948s uh
6952s like more more generic controller
6953s mapping
6957s it's a lot of added fire damage there
6961s uh what else is in there
6964s subtitles
6974s got a passive
6979s let's just go a little bit more dodge
6983s a little bit more dodge rating
6992s four minutes left
6994s i was gonna do another uh
6996s jewelry kill but i don't think we'll
6997s make it there
7007s uh okay uh now my speed run senses are
7010s tingling what about campaign
7012s quest we'll be able to um
7015s to tp to someone for the campaign yeah
7018s um
7020s yeah you'll be able to bring people up
7025s oh
7025s let me rephrase that the way it is now
7028s you can bring people up
7033s you can rush people
7034s [Music]
7036s there are like there are campaign
7037s rewards that are
7039s quite useful to have
7046s not happening
7060s not happening
7071s yeah if you if you just get portal
7073s directly to monoliths
7075s like if someone just takes you directly
7077s into time like level one
7079s you're uh you miss out on a lot of
7082s like
7084s you miss out on all of your passives all
7085s of your idol quests
7087s might have to drop something
7089s you're kind of stuck with
7091s a significant disadvantage and having to
7093s go back anyways
7096s and yeah it's faster to go to to go back
7098s once you're higher level and everything
7101s and that's also part of the reason why
7102s we have
7103s um
7104s multiple places you can get those idle
7106s quests and passive quests completed
7107s throughout the timeline so you can pick
7108s the ones you like the most
7129s and there we go
7145s get that xp still struggling to get that
7147s level up eh
7150s it's 93 is pretty high level actually
7153s well
7155s i had a ton of fun playing bow mage
7158s i think it's a
7161s dynamic play style
7164s lots of cool stuff it does
7165s tons of dps output which is great
7169s this is me trying to get that cold res
7171s that i need like get cold res i need it
7178s just barely got there in the end
7183s uh yeah we will be
7186s back again next week
7190s uh same time same place as always if you
7192s have any questions i didn't answer
7194s because i'm a jerk and i miss them i
7196s apologize
7198s but i'll be happy to answer them in
7200s our discord ask the devs channel um
7203s you can head if you don't like that you
7204s can go to
7206s reddit uh forums other places there's
7209s people replace answering questions if
7211s you've got them we'll try our best to
7212s answer them
7217s let me see who's
7219s who's on
7222s lots of people on right now
7233s [Music]
7236s haven't haven't seen this one in a while
7239s don't know where you've been
7243s okay well uh that'll about do it for me
7245s today
7247s i hope you had fun i know i did
7249s uh as always i'll be here next week um
7253s next week we will have a special
7256s lore
7257s master special guest that will be here
7259s um yeah if you have any more questions
7262s that uh
7263s you want to get answered um please head
7265s on over to our discord ask the devs
7268s channel put there just put like this is
7269s a lower question for friday stream um
7272s or if you are going to be there next
7274s time just bring the questions to the
7275s stream itself super happy to have any of
7277s that there um
7280s the the person i'm bringing uh one of
7282s the absolute original people that was
7284s working on the project he was here
7285s before i was
7286s um
7288s he was he's
7290s this is a day one person here
7293s so we'll um
7295s we'll get lots of great answers which is
7297s awesome i hope to see everyone there
7299s i
7301s will see you next time
7304s i hope you have a great day
7306s drink lots of water it's too hot to not
7308s drink water drink lots of water please