15 days ago - RapidBrush - Direct link

Thanks for the report! Do you happen to still have your player log from this session?

15 days ago - HybridLyte - Direct link

If you have any additional information on how this occurred that would be a big help. Did you experience any disconnections around the time this issue occurred? Did someone crash during your progression? Anything that would seem to be out of the ordinary for progression would help a lot in terms of locating the source of this issue.

15 days ago - HybridLyte - Direct link

Ok, so you just had normal progression from the Council Chambers up to defeating the Boss at the end of The Lower District?

Could you post a screenshot of your current Quest Log with the Saving Last Refuge quest?

11 days ago - HybridLyte - Direct link

This is good to know, I’ll pass this along.