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4s good afternoon everybody welcome back to
6s the last epoch dev stream as always
9s i'm your host mike and let's hop right
11s in
13s we're going to be continuing our
14s gameplay of our primalist that we were
16s working on last time
19s we just managed to finish experience
21s firing on a sweet blessing
24s we're gonna hop into one of these two
26s let's go last room
31s this is a bill focused around
33s a herald of the scurry legendary that we
35s found
36s a couple streams ago that i'm still
38s trying to find a baseboard to make into
40s an actual legendary
42s and thank you for the raiding party
45s uh the philosopher
48s glenn have you with us
51s knuckler settings
58s and as always if you're new here
60s i have a
62s we'll answer any questions possible in
64s chat please precede the chat question
67s with at last game and i'll see you
69s answer the question
71s uh any and all proceeds from the stream
72s go to ours charity which as it was last
75s week and continues to be for the rest of
76s the month it will be the ms society
89s we had a lot of interesting things
90s happen this week on the game and i've
92s got i've got a few little
93s treats to share with you a little later
95s on
97s so if anyone's
98s hoping for something fun to see i've got
100s something
110s i've also recently uh
114s been
117s preparing for a fence that i'm putting
118s up
119s what's going up this weekend finally
122s tomorrow morning renting a big big hole
124s driller
126s gonna put a fence
128s 78 already nice
135s let's just ask me punctuation
146s a little bit of a quiet week as there's
148s you know some interesting stuff
150s happening
153s we're just gonna have some fun keep
155s playing
164s squirrels are quite strong
167s i feel like we are
169s we could be doing harder content here
171s pretty quickly so i might rush through
173s this one a little bit
174s uh in hopes of getting too empowered
177s quickly
188s we'll see what happens
190s finally made the stream glad to have you
192s with us
196s stay awhile listen maybe say something
199s you want
219s oh we're gonna find the boots on this
221s character
222s i don't know what it is but this
223s character
224s they just love boots
229s little little teaser so this is this is
231s an image i showed last week or two weeks
232s ago i think
235s uh here
237s and so the uh the theme of this week is
241s related
242s we'll say that
247s how do you get the squirrels the
248s squirrels are a function of this item
251s right here hell of a scary this was a
252s supporter unique uh that was done for
255s zizerin
256s we did we created this actually live on
258s his stream which was really cool
260s um
261s and if you go check out his stuff you
263s can see he'll have a physical version of
264s the same helmet
266s which uh it's wild but it looks
268s surprisingly awesome
270s um and so yeah this this this switches
273s wolves into squirrels and doubles them
277s so we're just like we just realized that
278s we just we had to double it so we
280s doubled it
300s and then uh we also use frenzy totem
303s along with the skyrim rage
305s to get them attacking ultra crazy fast
308s and just apply a ton of bleeds
311s to our targets a lot of armor shred a
313s lot of bleeds
316s um then we also create claw totems and
319s vines as we
320s leap and swipe
322s which gets us even more minions to make
324s even more bleeds
327s what we're all about is this bleed
330s stacking and it's really great in the in
332s the new patch coming up or yeah
335s you actually can see
336s [Music]
337s the total number of stacks on anything
339s which is great
341s i know i keep saying it but i love it
344s uh let's see at last epoch game here we
347s got a question do we have a manifest
349s armor or forge guard rework incoming
351s well there's
353s some interesting stuff related to that
355s image you saw earlier
357s we'll see what that is
360s in a little while
364s i didn't hear anything but that's weird
367s well philosopher
369s thank you very much
371s for using 40 bits
374s look at that shamrocking that luck
378s i want
379s a
381s i should i should make a filter uh entry
383s for the helmet that i'm looking for
384s because i want a helmet
386s a a exalted helmet
388s um
391s with some nice stats so it's basically
393s just some minion stats on an exalted
394s helmet would be really nice
398s some health
400s plus wolf skills
405s wow that was a short one
408s is there a time frame for the falcon or
409s subclass coming yes it will be here and
411s i know this is not telling you anything
413s it's kind of a cop-out answer because
415s you probably are aware of this already
416s but it will be here
418s at the latest by 1.0
423s so that's the timeline which we don't
425s know 1.0 is so it's hard to use that as
428s an actual accurate time reference but
431s that's all we got
438s the music's missing
442s [Music]
453s a wild
462s yeah so um yeah accurate but not
464s specific exactly the uh the falconer
467s rune master and warlock are the three
469s missing master classes
471s um
476s and uh
478s yeah there's a lot of people that are
480s pretty excited for those
484s so like how um
486s primeless has all three of its masteries
488s mage acolyte and
490s uh rogue do not have all three of their
492s masteries yet
494s but they will
498s uh what's a new community unique made
501s affecting with the new unique community
504s i'm gonna try that again just just a
506s moment here oh tears path nice with the
509s new community unique made affecting
511s volcanic orb we see a tree rework in
514s this new patch i'd love to see some more
515s d2 like frozen orb with the way with way
517s more shrapnel um not specifically now i
520s don't have any um
522s we haven't done any major reworks on
525s uh
526s come on why is that disappearing
529s it's frustrating uh we haven't done any
530s major reworks on
532s any items yet are any skills yet sorry
536s um
537s so we'll see what we'll see what happens
538s eventually but
541s i don't think there's a major rework
542s coming for it now
545s might be a few little things here and
546s there just having the different element
548s uh it changes a lot of things you can do
550s with it and change a lot of the gear
552s that work well with it so there's a lot
553s of like knock-on effects that just
555s happen different nodes become good
556s inherently
569s these squirrels take a second to get
570s going but as soon as they do
572s [Music]
573s stuff just gets evaporated
578s what's the highest ailment stack account
580s you guys have seen so far in testing
582s i've seen hundreds
584s um
586s it's a little nutty
588s but i've seen a few hundred
591s hello master sword how's it going
594s glad to have you here get those xp i i
597s always go for these xp ones because like
598s i feel like i'm quite frequently
600s um low
602s [Music]
603s level compared to the content i'm doing
605s in the end of the monolith
614s might be because i'm so awesome
621s unlikely
624s would also like to get a legendary
625s version of eric's bone so i could uh put
627s puts put a little more melee fits on it
629s so i can have it actually do have swipe
631s be a little bit more reasonable because
633s swipe's pretty weak socks right now i'm
635s just attack speed or something
645s it's pretty low level unique so i should
647s be able to find some pretty easy 163
648s it's not as close as i thought
661s i love when they'll jump with haste like
662s that
671s do you have a name squirrel
677s i don't think we've been named scroll
678s this time that's okay
680s we'll pretend river's still here from
682s last time
687s somehow you're close to 100 hours in the
689s game when you've never finished the
690s campaign
691s wow
695s it's impressive
715s the exalted one
729s cracked at the same time as getting here
731s oh you tough fight but i think we can
733s handle it no problem
740s yeah let's aggro some more things why
742s not right
754s he's seen some more questions about the
755s helmet herald of the scurry it's a level
758s 70 unique uh it's it's tricky to get to
760s drop it's
761s tr very tricky to drop with uh legendary
764s potential as well
766s so it has a high legendary potential
768s level
771s pretty sure
778s i could go for a curry right now
787s got the boys coming over tonight we're
788s playing magic i'm gonna
790s make some pulled pork oh excited about
792s that
798s can you only get squirrels in that
799s unique or is it a modifier that can be
801s on anything
803s uh it is
805s uh
807s unique to that helmet only
812s this it's the only place you can get
813s that effect is on that helmet
826s they're quite good for applying ailments
828s um
830s they have a bunch of stats that are cut
831s because they're in because they're
832s duplicated but ailment application rate
835s is not established i do not believe
846s oh they just get 45 less damage
852s it's a pretty big cut
858s but anything that scales off like number
860s of uh bleed stacks or anything like that
876s hmm
891s if anyone is just joining us please feel
893s free to ask any questions you like about
895s the game in chat i'll be happy to answer
897s them i am one of the developers
900s i do my day job is working on this game
904s i love it
906s nlp dream thorn
908s cool
910s that's really good that's really good um
911s unique to like kind of get you through a
913s lot of the game on uh
917s um
919s on avoid night like
921s get like a 2 lp dream torn pretty easily
924s they'll power you through a huge portion
926s of the game very handily in the late
928s game
931s okay we've got some helmets here to make
932s with our
933s uh legendary potential
936s unique
937s okay so no no
941s let's just put stuff that's amazing on
943s it but
945s yeah minion bleed on hit that's nice
947s dude just pray for that
962s i think that one's the best one
970s okay let's uh
973s let's do a little crafting so once so if
975s you've never made a unique or legendary
976s before
978s you combine a
979s exalted item so purple and a unique item
982s with legendary potential and it grabs
984s affixes from the
986s exalted item the purple item onto the
988s unique equal to the number of legendary
990s potential it has so this is going to
991s grab one
992s affix from this helmet
996s um so and but it's a random one so i'm
998s what i'm going to do is i'm going to uh
1000s try and get as much stuff onto it as
1002s possible
1004s um
1007s as much good stuff as possible on it
1018s yeah me and health will take that
1025s do you like strength yeah we like
1026s strength
1028s strength feeds this still right now this
1029s is attunement ooh
1032s ew maybe we don't like strength do we
1034s try do we roll for something else
1039s yeah
1041s yeah
1044s that'll do
1046s that'll do there's a lot of good stuff
1048s there
1049s um do we want to re-roll this at all
1054s those rolls are nice
1056s we're just going to keep that as is
1058s and let's go to uh
1062s what level is this 70 so we've got to do
1064s t2
1066s or t3
1070s should be fine either way i think
1074s let's go to temporal sanctum
1078s oh
1079s no
1081s rhymer what have you done
1097s i have no waypoints
1100s [Laughter]
1106s okay
1107s uh i'm just gonna chuck some of this
1109s stuff on the ground why not right
1112s i know it's pretty nice actually
1124s like that too that'd be nice
1130s yes
1134s okay
1137s let's just keep going i'm not gonna go
1139s find that waypoint
1141s it's unfortunate
1146s oh alrighty then for the favor system
1149s that has been briefly mentioned can we
1152s expect another avenue for player power
1154s alongside gear passives etc or is this
1156s some other kind of system we don't have
1159s a um
1162s a lot of info that i can really share
1164s with you on it right now um it's it's
1165s still in the concept phase so it's
1168s not been implemented there's not enough
1169s room for
1170s to really have anything concrete for it
1172s um right now
1175s nice boots what is going on with these
1177s boots
1179s it's just really easy to find nice do i
1180s just like all the stats that are on
1182s boots right now
1190s that must have got the chest
1196s not amazing not picking them up
1225s yeah so if you you know don't forget if
1226s you have any questions um don't forget
1228s to at lastly block game cheat account
1232s the
1233s uh so i do try and get different
1236s characters to play on stream frequently
1239s um most of the time i'll just pull
1240s someone's character on on the teams like
1243s come play it on stream
1245s sometimes we make up characters
1246s specifically for the stream because i
1249s don't have a chance to play much
1261s uh is the game still on track for 2022
1263s release or his code caused issues um
1265s we're not really set on any specific
1267s date for release the release date is
1269s when it's ready
1270s um
1273s our goal right now is get multiplier out
1275s and kind of see where it is from there
1278s so much of our of our release schedule
1279s is based on quality and
1282s um we need to be able to tell
1285s we need to be able to say like okay if
1286s something's wrong we need the time so
1288s we're just going to say when it's ready
1290s we'll release it um
1293s because we want we want quality to be
1296s rock solid by the time we say it's
1297s officially out
1301s being going on sale anytime soon i don't
1303s think we have any specific sail dates
1305s planned at the moment
1308s usually those coincide with pretty
1310s predictable events
1311s um
1317s if you've been paying attention to steam
1319s uh sale catalog tracker stuff whatever
1325s they're they're they they line up pretty
1326s well with normal
1328s sales there
1330s generally
1336s i have no idea if we have anything
1338s planned for the steam summer sale or not
1341s i'm fully just walking away from this
1342s objective i can feel it
1374s all right
1376s [Music]
1382s come on
1383s why did i go the wrong way i knew it was
1385s the wrong way i even said it was the
1386s wrong way
1389s don't forget if you've got a question
1390s for me put out last epoch game in front
1392s of the question i will see it and answer
1393s but i think this one's meant for me are
1395s there plans to attempt to strike some
1396s love i like the theme but it feels like
1398s you need to make
1400s uh
1402s uh feels like you need to make jack of
1404s all trades master of none with melee
1405s damage spell damage and minion damage
1407s yeah it's it's got some issues right now
1410s we're we're not actively tackling it um
1412s at the moment but we do know that it has
1414s problems and a plan to address those
1416s problems
1421s while it's a little underwhelming it's
1423s not problematic
1425s in the sense that uh
1429s it doesn't look horrible
1431s like i'll be illustrating later with
1433s some of my teasers that i've got planned
1436s um
1437s and it doesn't uh
1439s it it doesn't cause just like
1442s gameplay issues and it does exist you
1444s know like there's there's some there's
1446s some issues some bigger issues that
1447s exist with other uh abilities in the
1450s game that we had to address first
1455s but it definitely needs help and don't
1458s worry that'll happen
1473s hey what are your plans with the solo
1475s challenge once multiplayer releases we
1476s see some sort of shared stash solo game
1479s mode love your game thank you very much
1481s um so solo is
1483s uh like a character solo so it's like
1486s one character go ahead and play
1489s that's it
1490s um and so that that'll remain isolated
1493s as it is a solo character on its own as
1496s we go forward um impossible
1500s no it's it's possible i'm telling you
1502s prime minister it's until we're gonna do
1503s it
1506s no i'm telling you that's how it's gonna
1508s be
1511s okay well he doesn't believe me but you
1513s guys should and i just realized that i'm
1514s on the wrong side of the screen
1521s um as for the like i think the phrase
1525s you're probably looking for is like
1527s um account
1529s or self-found
1531s or like account restricted or something
1532s like that where it's like
1534s um you just don't interact with other
1536s players or trading or anything like that
1538s um
1539s and i i i
1541s don't think we have plans to separate
1543s things officially based on that but you
1545s can just
1546s do that by not joining with other people
1549s with the regular game mode
1554s there's there's like issues with
1556s splitting up
1557s um
1558s the like the player base by too many
1560s different factors and so you get several
1562s axes to split people up and several
1563s ladders to compete on and like oh this
1566s character's a solo but not cell phone
1568s character this is a cell phone but not
1569s solo character
1570s this is a
1572s hardcore single player self-found so
1574s like like it's you get so many modifiers
1577s on there that it's like
1578s um
1581s when two people want to play together
1583s having to like um
1586s make sure the characters are all in the
1587s same game mode is not a fun part of that
1590s um
1601s all right
1602s uh
1604s come equinox oh where's our pay to win i
1607s have this shiny new credit card uh
1610s because and
1611s daddy needs some points to travel first
1614s uh
1617s well i'm sorry to disappoint you but
1620s unfortunately
1622s we don't have any pay-to-win mechanics
1624s you know like we tried to put them in
1626s and they just wouldn't work we just
1628s couldn't get it to work
1630s uh so we just had to give up and not
1632s bother
1635s i know but seriously we do not plan on
1637s adding payday mechanics
1639s pay away and pay for convenience pay for
1641s content like it's you buy the game you
1643s can play the game
1644s you should be on the same level putting
1646s as anyone else who's bought the game
1649s uh
1651s for everything gameplay
1658s why would playing with someone
1661s in the same game mode for having an
1663s option account found
1671s i don't understand sorry uh
1676s why would playing with someone in the
1677s same game mode matter for having an
1679s option for account found okay so yeah
1682s it's it's less about
1684s um
1686s playing together in that for that
1688s situation um and that's more about just
1689s having different ladders having too many
1691s ladders so there's um there's different
1693s things we've considered for for how to
1695s split up ladders and so you get into
1697s let's let's just just look at the arena
1698s because we have different end game
1699s systems that are competitive that you'll
1702s have different ladders for and so let's
1703s just look at the arena on its own as the
1705s only letters pretend nothing else has a
1707s ladder because right now it doesn't and
1708s just like the arena um so if you have
1711s you have to split characters on like
1714s every time you split a character on
1715s something that can be combined with any
1717s other split
1718s is um it multiplies the total number of
1721s ladders that exist right
1724s by the number of options so if you have
1726s um software hardcore that multiplies the
1728s number of letters let's say it starts at
1729s one uh the arena ladder you have
1731s software hardcore now you have two
1732s ladders
1734s and then let's say you have um
1736s [Music]
1737s solo self-found
1739s as as uh another ladder type so that
1741s multiplies it or not sold something that
1742s multiplies by two more
1744s um and then you split solo and
1746s self-found into two different categories
1748s so suddenly multiplies by two more and
1749s you have eight
1750s um
1751s and and then you look at the arena and
1754s do we split the arena but like it's
1756s already too many um
1759s do we split the arena by
1762s um
1763s group size this is this is the kicker in
1766s this action more relevant and more
1767s important for ladder um split decisions
1771s is um group size so
1773s you have four people in a group max now
1775s do you use do you have
1777s um
1778s like
1779s do you have a different ladder for
1781s someone solo two three fours
1784s um that's suddenly four different ones
1785s you have to take that eight and multiply
1787s it by four so we suddenly have 32
1790s ladders
1791s um and it's
1792s it's really problematic so we're
1794s definitely not going to do all of those
1796s things um and you start looking for ways
1798s to combine some that are close enough
1800s together
1801s where um it's not a huge advantage one
1804s way or the other
1805s um or maybe you can filter by it or
1807s something like that but it's still
1808s keeping the same ladder it's it's really
1809s tricky where the line between a filter
1811s setting and a different ladder comes in
1813s because really it's all just one ladder
1814s with different filter settings
1817s in reality that's what it is
1819s um
1822s but the way that information is
1823s displayed and the way we view that
1825s information and talk about that
1826s information changes how that um
1829s actually
1830s what it actually means for how it's
1832s split up whether it feels like a filter
1834s setting or feels like a different ladder
1837s um
1844s so yeah likely what i expect we'll see
1846s is we'll have six ladders
1849s is that right six
1851s um
1860s it's a lot
1861s there's too many there's too many
1863s options and then and then it changes
1865s every every league every season you know
1867s like it changes again
1875s i think you'll find the current audience
1876s is quite fond of ssf or account found
1879s game styles since that's what the game
1880s effectively is and i think it's
1882s unfortunate not to support that audience
1884s well okay so i'm not saying we don't
1885s support that it's like um so ssf and
1888s account found are two very different
1889s things um and and currently we have it
1892s split on those two axes right now um
1898s uh
1899s and so you'll still be able to play on
1902s effectively account found
1904s but there just won't be
1906s a different ladder for people who are
1907s playing account found in those that are
1909s playing with trading in like
1912s and i mean maybe if we get enough
1913s feedback people want it
1915s we can look into it
1919s i think i think that the uh issues
1922s like the actual like if you're going to
1924s put like a account restriction on it to
1926s be account found only and like
1928s um not interact with anyone else but
1930s still any part of your account or
1931s whatever
1932s it's uh gonna be a pretty pretty tiny
1935s percentage of the population that really
1936s cares to do that compared to just
1938s playing normally online
1939s and i could be very wrong with that and
1941s like we'll keep looking at the data and
1944s adjust accordingly
1948s but right now it it i doubt it's
1951s uh
1953s something that would actually be
1954s interesting for most players
1956s that's a distinction
1958s between that countdown and just normal
1970s will ellie be free to play on release
1971s ellie's um cost model
1974s will not change between now and release
1976s so it'll still be the same sticker price
1978s to purchase the game
1982s and and there won't be a monthly
1983s subscription
1985s so it'll be a
1986s you buy the game and you can play it
1992s pretty simple system
2012s boomer therapy if you've got a question
2014s please put at last epoch game in there
2016s because you first wanted to see it also
2017s highlighted so that's okay
2019s how is multiplayer closed testing going
2022s great
2024s uh i think we started another one today
2026s actually
2030s right i think we started another one
2031s today
2034s i'm just like horribly wrong with that
2036s probably
2040s a week today
2042s it's next week we're starting another
2044s one
2050s anyone who's a ct and chad's just going
2052s like oh my god what it's up no way
2054s it's not up sorry false alarm
2067s i'm kind of just doing this lazy i
2069s forgot that i'm still rushing through
2070s this and uh i went back into relax mode
2093s it's yeah it's so okay so it's basically
2095s splitting up solo and self-found to be
2098s different modes is the possibility
2100s because self-found implies that and
2103s things were all found by yourself it's
2105s account found
2106s um self-found and then solo is that
2109s character is on its own and doesn't have
2111s any interaction or help from any other
2112s characters
2113s so
2118s yeah
2120s you can also do not so this is the thing
2122s like do you then do have an option for
2124s not solo
2126s but still self-bound characters where
2129s you can say
2131s okay i don't have access to any sort of
2132s trading system at all
2134s but i can complete content with other
2136s people
2137s and it's like it's it's so much so much
2140s of this is where's the line drawn
2142s on distinctions because if you if you
2144s allow
2145s um
2148s uh cell phone and solo to be independent
2150s modes that are combinable
2152s um
2153s it's it's it's uh it adds more modes
2156s than adding it so that they where
2158s they're not
2161s uh it adds an extra
2163s mode if you have self-found but not solo
2167s as uh as a game so if you have like solo
2171s cell found and solo cell found as three
2173s game modes
2174s um it adds more
2176s options that are possibly not necessary
2180s because if someone's doing
2182s solo self found oh god someone's doing
2185s self-found solos likely something they
2188s want to do as well
2190s if someone's doing
2192s solo
2198s no
2199s i ain't sorry i get confused sometimes
2201s and i'm
2205s making mistakes as i say i'm not trying
2206s to so there's
2208s self-found things where you found the
2210s item yourself but you may not have been
2211s solo in the map i think that is a very
2214s rare game mode to for people to
2216s actually want and to play
2218s and
2219s if if we were going to split i think
2220s that one wouldn't appear as an option
2233s uh do you think more people would do
2235s arena if there were more save points to
2237s restart from rather than having to redo
2239s so many waves over and over again i i
2241s think so uh maybe yes i think the
2244s biggest problem with it right now is the
2246s um
2247s the scaling speed of it i think it
2249s should get harder faster
2253s so we're not seeing thousand wave runs
2255s as something to compete in
2269s because because right right now there's
2271s a lot of endurance factor
2275s um
2277s i don't know if endurance is like
2279s something we want to have be a major
2280s factor
2282s in uh
2283s arena pushing
2284s like can you sit at your computer for a
2286s thousand waves or like
2289s leave it running at uh at a mid mid
2292s midway break
2294s or mid-run break
2297s for a long time you know
2303s will there be seasonal challenges to
2304s complete four rewards or something
2306s similar
2307s in latter seasons yeah we're not exactly
2309s set on uh how that's gonna look
2310s specifically but yeah there will be
2312s um
2314s specific content for each ladder season
2317s and
2319s you'll get different rewards based on
2322s interacting with that or not um
2324s sometimes that will come in the form of
2326s new content and
2328s uh or new challenges or
2331s um
2332s new mtx that's available uh new skills
2335s it can be basically anything
2340s we just clicked that midair that's
2342s pretty cool
2343s look mario grabbing the flagpole
2351s just need a thousand wave simulator yeah
2356s so we do have the arena key of memory
2358s that lets you start halfway to where you
2359s were um
2361s which which i think saved a lot of the
2363s problems with it
2364s um but still might not be quite
2374s there's a weird exalted item
2379s that's a weird exalted item that's
2381s really rare to see
2382s just a single exalted stat and nothing
2384s else it's kind of cool
2398s i want to keep it
2411s give me that xp give me that xp
2421s you found a single exalted with hell
2423s today yeah that's nice
2425s because exalted come with a fair bit of
2426s fortune potential so when they have that
2429s you can um
2433s you just
2434s work on them like an open slate a little
2436s bit right put exactly what you want on
2437s them
2446s that would be a cool reward to have
2448s items where it's guaranteed that all of
2450s the mods are exalted
2451s but it doesn't guarantee how many mods
2453s the items have
2461s so you get a lot of just like single mod
2462s items but you get some like two mod
2464s items two mod exalted
2478s hey
2480s how's it going
2490s trying to push through this as quickly
2493s as i can
2499s squirrels are just doing work
2508s i just get so angry
2517s forgot it was friday
2519s well happy friday to you
2527s he's the first
2529s oh we're gonna have a stream on canada
2531s day
2532s oh
2539s hmm
2560s it does yeah kane falls on canada today
2562s i don't know i kind of want i kind of
2563s want to not be uh working on canada
2565s today but if i had to do anything
2568s with work on canada day this would
2569s definitely be it
2576s there's an xp one come here my pretty
2579s little experience
2585s have you guys ever thought of a ultra
2587s rare currency like mirrors from poe
2590s may
2591s be
2593s uh
2596s that can add one to four lp but have it
2598s weighted so a one two is more average
2601s from uh
2603s from
2606s tis
2607s and 3 4 ultra rare um so yeah yes we
2610s have
2611s uh oh wait did last episode in the game
2614s uh
2615s oh it's not in a second sorry uh did we
2617s have we considered an ultra rare uh
2619s crafting material with um that can can
2622s add lp to uniques absolutely we
2624s considered it um
2625s we
2626s intentionally said no that we weren't
2628s going to do it specifically because
2630s um
2634s it it creates an additive
2637s uh rarity to legendary potential on
2640s uniques
2641s um
2644s and
2645s and and that
2647s it skews the chance to get it a lot
2650s um so say you have like a
2655s two items that can drop
2657s that can cause like two different things
2659s once you add a second item to the pool
2661s that can give that unique legendary
2663s potential the item itself just having
2664s legendary potential or this other unique
2666s that gives it legendary potential um the
2669s chances of having a legendary potential
2671s version of a unique that you want is the
2673s chance that each of those dropping
2674s independently added together so it's an
2676s additive chance modifier not a
2678s multiplicative chance modifier
2681s um and multiplicative chance modifiers
2683s you can you can have a really small
2685s effect so you can be like okay well this
2687s this will actually increase the overall
2688s chance of getting uh legendary uh
2691s whatever item by
2693s um by maybe like one percent
2696s but um if you have something that's
2698s additive it can actually
2700s will frequently do it by way more so the
2703s only way we could we could actually make
2704s that be possible but still be
2706s um
2708s like
2709s reasonable to to add to the game without
2711s having to also simultaneously nerf the
2713s chance of getting legendary potential on
2715s the item or just the drop rate of that
2716s item overall
2718s on the ones that are really rare um
2720s we would basically have to
2724s make the chance of this thing dropping
2725s so ultra mega rare that it's just
2728s there's no point
2730s in having it so it's it's one of those
2731s things where it causes too many like
2734s why is this so rare moments
2737s on other items by by adding it in so we
2739s can't really add it
2740s a long way away saying yes we considered
2742s it sorry it's not happening
2745s um
2747s it's possible that it could be done as a
2749s reward for a very specific challenge um
2753s that's maybe possible to do
2755s um so we've looked at that as a reward
2756s for a dungeon but it still has the same
2758s additive effect
2760s um
2768s it's a cool item
2771s uh wait is last epoch uh canadian game
2774s last epoch is an international game
2776s technically the um
2779s uh home office so to speak home office
2782s is in the states um i think there's more
2785s people in the states than anywhere else
2786s but there's people all over the world um
2788s it's very international we're a fully
2790s remote team
2791s i am in canada there's there's several
2794s other canadian members on the team um
2797s for a long time it was just me
2800s actually no no i thought not that long
2801s we were saying remember jordan pretty
2802s early actually
2803s um
2808s yeah
2810s we got people all over
2812s i like to say throw dart at the map
2814s you'll likely hit somewhere that
2816s a country we've got someone in and part
2818s of that's because we've got people in
2819s the biggest countries uh geographically
2822s but partially also because just so many
2823s countries
2828s i've had a really cool website just a
2829s little side here about a really cool
2831s website that lets you see
2832s different
2834s map
2835s projections of earth
2837s and it's it's wild to see the size of
2840s the country
2841s shift so dramatically
2843s based on the projection style you're
2845s using for the map
2847s um
2848s and it's crazy to see like the
2851s because there's a lot of problems in the
2853s size of certain things the distance
2854s between certain objects of some map
2856s projections that we use really
2858s frequently to show kids from a really
2859s young age um and it causes people to be
2861s a little
2862s unclear as to why certain things are
2865s true
2866s like
2867s and and this goes back to uh
2869s let's let's not get bogged down with the
2870s politics of this someone at some point
2872s said this and got
2874s ridiculed for it well they should have
2875s been ridiculed purpose for a different
2876s reason not for what they actually said
2878s but why this or when they said it
2879s anyways forgot this back to what it is
2881s you can see russia from the states
2886s they are close enough to view each other
2888s from the shores of their borders
2891s um
2894s it's a
2894s basically abandoned part of russia and
2897s uh extremely remote part of alaska
2903s but it's true and and looking at most
2905s maps you would have no idea that that is
2908s true
2912s those things cool
2915s what have i done
2926s getting a lot of bonus stability in this
2927s one my goodness me
2937s just turn it on let's go
2939s bring everyone
2962s we got it
2967s oh here we go is the question i love the
2969s game but i have noticed that some of the
2970s sound effects and abilities don't quite
2972s have the weight crunch so they feel like
2973s they should the planck's just sound
2974s design
2975s everything's constantly being improved
2977s and sound design is one of those things
2978s um we do have a wonderful sound engineer
2981s that's going through and
2982s uh knocking out
2985s new sound effects all over the place
2988s constantly so yeah
2990s uh any rpg really really needs super
2992s rare chase items to keep people playing
2994s more than two three weeks into league i
2995s agree
2996s especially if there is any form of
2998s trading in the game pb has a good
3000s balance when it comes to this but it's
3001s super important that players can make
3003s fun powerful builds about them as well
3004s or they just get frustrated i agree
3009s i don't think there's anything wrong
3010s with anything he just said i think we're
3011s doing a pretty good job of that too
3012s because we do have some extremely rare
3015s items
3016s um
3018s that will take longer than two or three
3019s weeks of most people playing to get for
3022s sure um
3024s and they're not really necessary most of
3026s them anyways they're not really
3027s necessary to turn on a build um or
3029s there's always like a better version of
3030s them you could get if you do get one
3035s uh any idea when we will get another
3037s development update not sure exactly
3041s um
3045s i'd hope pretty soon
3048s sabo monster has subscribed with twitch
3051s prime thank you very much
3055s ems society appreciates it
3057s i would assume they do at least i
3059s shouldn't speak for them
3061s be surprised if they didn't
3079s uh any consideration for even higher
3081s levels of rarity for some items not even
3083s the most powerful items just kind of
3085s items that give russia wow i actually
3087s found xyz um i i mean like
3090s i feel like we've already got items in
3092s that category like
3093s raise your hand if you actually dropped
3094s a ravenous void like razer and if you've
3097s got a legendary ravenous void
3099s you're probably lying if you still got
3101s your hand up you know um
3107s there's there's a few items in that
3109s category as well and there's like
3111s there's some crafting items that like
3113s this this is not dropped very frequently
3116s at all
3126s there's also room for um
3128s so maybe incredibly rare fun items that
3130s don't necessarily have high power
3133s i know it's kind of weird for that to be
3134s a thing but just
3137s like i guess it kind of falls into the
3139s easter egg category at that point
3145s thank you very much
3150s thanks man
3153s stick around you might learn something
3156s [Laughter]
3166s someone i've known for a very long time
3178s proto fragrance yes it was sarah palin
3180s that i was referring to
3195s uh is there a way to see the attributes
3198s an item had before you crafted on it
3200s because sometimes i'm confused about an
3202s item
3203s uh when an item is slightly lower
3205s affixes drops but due to the crafting
3208s potential it might still get better than
3210s my current one
3212s uh there's no history there's no item
3214s history
3215s um
3218s short answer no and
3220s i i don't think we could
3222s okay we could add that it's true it
3224s would um
3226s really dramatically increase the
3229s uh the size of item files
3233s um
3234s i i doubt we would do that
3238s anytime soon
3255s so though you have a
3257s a 2 lp
3259s ravenous void
3261s that is unbelievably awesome
3271s that's that's like
3276s what do you even try and put on that
3277s right
3280s do you try and go like generic so it
3281s works in basically any build so you can
3283s use it
3284s like in anything or do you try and go
3286s really specific to make one thing the
3288s best it can be
3291s so it's less reusable but it's stronger
3293s for the thing you're going to use it on
3295s this depends if you're an alcoholic or
3296s not
3301s you've had it for three four months too
3302s scared to actually use it yeah i mean
3304s that's that's that's the thing so like
3306s there's an ultra mega rare item right
3308s there
3319s what a crafted tag on the mod the
3322s solution viewable for the mouth kind of
3323s holding it yeah i mean so that's yeah
3325s that doesn't add too much more data to
3327s the item it does add more data to the
3328s item
3329s um it would add four bits or
3333s four units to the string
3337s only string but
3339s the number
3345s which does increase the amount of data
3346s by a lot
3357s you basically have to assume every time
3358s you're every time you're like building a
3360s system
3361s with with network transfer you kind of
3363s have to assume that every single call
3365s is the worst case call and then again
3368s it's an exaggeration oversimplification
3371s um
3373s but you it still has to perform reliably
3375s if someone's sending a call that has
3378s like
3378s dozens of items that have that
3382s modification on every single mod
3400s it's worth nothing because it's single
3402s player no it's worth a ton of bragging
3404s rights
3406s it's what it's worth
3427s i realized so i got guys coming over to
3428s play magic tonight and i realized that
3430s my kitchen table is not
3433s uh really big enough on its own for that
3435s many people
3437s so i was trying like a little folding
3439s card table that i was like trying to set
3440s up in my kitchen
3442s like fit it was too big so i said you
3445s know what don't care i'm going
3448s like pushed everything in the living
3449s room away from the wall up to the walls
3451s like moved into other rooms
3455s i'm gonna drag my kitchen table into my
3457s living room we're gonna play magic there
3459s stoked
3461s the wife's visiting me the in-laws well
3464s my in-laws
3467s took the kid with her
3471s the house is gonna turn into a gaming
3472s den for a week
3477s it's perfect
3480s the true nuts build
3484s nice
3487s you should stick around and uh keep keep
3489s bringing that fire
3491s i like it
3495s probably gets asked a lot but will there
3496s be some kind of integrated trading
3498s market in multiplayer um we've still
3501s yet to uh describe to the public exactly
3504s what's going to happen um
3507s we are
3508s planning to have a system by which items
3510s you find will not be exclusively only
3513s for you
3514s um
3517s and
3518s it is possible to obtain items from
3520s something other than dropping them
3521s yourself
3524s so it's about as specific as i can get
3526s right now and i know that's like the
3528s most vague definition of a trading
3530s system that ever existed but uh so
3533s that's all i got for you
3540s i edh yes edh
3542s absolutely edh
3545s i got some spicy brews coming up
3550s i really like taking color pop colors
3552s and like trying to break the pie with
3553s them
3554s so like and blue is my favorite color to
3556s do this with
3557s so i've uh i played a blue landfall deck
3560s a while ago that was a lot of fun which
3561s is usually primarily a green mechanic
3563s but it can be any colors so mono blue
3565s landfall um now i'm building a mono blue
3567s aggro deck blues
3569s usually not the aggro color at all so
3573s you know gotta keep people guessing be
3574s like oh mono blue deck no big deal
3577s aggro
3579s you know
3581s uh
3583s with multi drops is there going to be a
3584s currency system attached to it for
3586s people that want to trade um i don't
3588s have any details for you on that sorry
3591s uh umbra blades overpowered or just
3593s really good and flexible with the fix to
3596s flurry exacerbating the comparison
3598s problem um
3601s yeah i think it might be a little on the
3602s strong side um
3605s i don't think it's crazy out of bounds
3608s um but i think it'll be a little on the
3610s strong side
3613s there's there's some changes to ailments
3614s coming
3615s that um
3618s i think will diversify the build options
3620s available to it and bring some of the
3622s more extreme build possibilities back in
3624s line a bit
3630s without you know nerfing into the ground
3635s because even if you nerfed a bunch it
3637s still ain't in the ground
3644s i don't think it's any like direct like
3647s nerf that ability
3648s planned at the moment
3658s all right all right all right where are
3659s we going let's go this way
3664s actually called the character air jordan
3665s those leaves are huge
3667s all
3669s right sounds like you need a garage i
3672s have a garage however i built this
3674s lovely office in it
3685s it's quite small it's like it's like
3686s half my garage
3690s my living room is the exact same size as
3692s the whole garage just directly above it
3707s also my 3d printer going now in the
3709s garage
3711s fantastic
3715s now tobu and chat and i have been doing
3716s a lot of that together
3718s he got one at the same time as i did and
3720s we've been uh he's been modding his a
3723s lot and it's
3724s could do some crazy stuff mine is almost
3727s completely stuck still i'm just like duh
3729s it prints stuff it's good
3740s uh with the new baldur's gate release
3741s suit yeah balls gate just released today
3742s full release pre-release was last
3744s weekend
3745s um
3746s i've got the party time pre-release
3747s recon that i bought i'm gonna go pick
3750s that up
3751s this evening
3754s we've got a we've got a draft box that
3756s we're going to do too probably not
3757s tonight
3761s but the commander drafts that's done so
3763s well
3764s it's unbelievable
3769s started working on a cube i haven't got
3770s much into it yet
3772s but we get uh eight six or nine oh in
3775s september probably one of the two
3780s and it might not be september it could
3781s be earlier it could be later
3783s sometime september-ish there and about
3785s roughly
3790s lots of info right just such a wealth of
3792s info about details and timelines i'm
3794s sorry it's it's so much of it is
3798s can can change like someone can have a
3800s breakthrough on a project that was we
3803s planned for two weeks and
3804s it just slides into place and
3806s everything's great and in two days or
3808s sometimes the project that we're like
3809s this should be over in an hour it takes
3811s a month you know like there's so much of
3813s that where sometimes it swings really
3815s hard one way or the other and it affects
3817s timelines i mean we're constantly making
3819s tweaks to how uh when we're gonna do
3821s what what order we're gonna do things in
3823s and and uh what our goals for for each
3825s patch are
3826s all of that it changes so rapidly um
3829s that's really difficult to provide
3831s accurate estimations other than like the
3834s the alternative is really to provide
3836s accurate estimations and just make them
3837s so far in the future that like we can do
3839s that for sure
3841s um
3843s yeah
3852s apparently already answered some
3853s question someone asked
3856s cool
3864s how will
3865s how will you tackle real money trading
3866s if it becomes an issue yeah i mean so
3868s this is some of those things that's
3870s going to depend very heavily on what's
3872s allowing real money trading to thrive um
3875s and exactly it will affect how we
3878s approach it for sure
3881s the most important part about dealing
3882s with that is providing a positive play
3884s experience for the people who aren't
3886s um
3888s cheating the wrong word who aren't using
3890s the rmt system
3891s um
3894s so
3895s focusing on not ruining the game for
3897s people who are playing it the way it's
3899s intended i think is the the key approach
3902s there
3903s where um
3904s if we're like oh we can stomp out rmt
3906s completely but it's going to make
3908s everyone's lives suck
3910s probably not a good solution to do
3912s um
3915s or you know like maybe there's not then
3917s the option is just a second option
3918s there's a second option there at the
3920s same time that's like well it doesn't
3921s remove it completely but it makes it so
3923s it's kind of poor and inefficient or
3926s something like that
3927s but it doesn't affect everyone else
3928s who's playing normally um we'd probably
3931s go with that second option and it's and
3932s i say probably and everything because
3933s it's it's on a case-by-case situation
3936s but um the focus will always be keeping
3938s the game fun and engaging and enjoyable
3940s and um
3942s all these things for the people who are
3944s you know respecting the intention and
3946s respecting the rules and um all that
3951s and and a big a big part of that um
3954s having that game for everyone who is
3956s following the
3957s the the no rmt guidelines type thing um
3961s is
3962s and rng is one of those weird things
3963s we're stamping out rmt stuff is
3966s uh something that helps make
3968s non-rmt gameplay fun because you're not
3969s competing with people who are paying
3970s money
3972s when you're
3973s not um
3978s so yeah it's it's definitely a fine line
3980s and a tricky thing to answer hope
3982s hopefully i'll give you uh some idea of
3984s um
3986s the approach we would take to it though
3988s in the event that it happened a lot of
3990s times it's something as simple as just
3991s like being able to detect the accounts
3993s that's happening on and banning them and
3995s when there's a sticker price on the game
3996s every time you ban someone they have to
3998s pay 35 bucks to get back in right so
4000s like you can find an account that's
4002s providing a lot of rmt services um and
4005s you can ban them ban that account before
4007s they
4008s make 35 dollars worth of profits not 300
4012s worth of profit
4013s um
4016s like they have to be able to make 35
4018s with the profit every time within the
4019s time frame that it takes us to find and
4021s ban them um
4022s in order for the account to be viable to
4025s to continue to do that
4027s um at just absolute minimums they're not
4029s losing money with each account and then
4031s uh
4033s we have a bunch of leeway there because
4036s as long as we're just making it harder
4037s than it is to keep up and make a
4039s reasonable profit people won't bother
4049s also the nature of the trading system as
4051s a whole will
4053s uh
4055s probably make rmt really difficult to do
4058s uh effectively
4061s real close to getting that full bar
4063s we're definitely going to power through
4064s this one this bad this a single monolith
4066s in this this uh go through
4074s buffs first nerfs which uh which we
4076s getting more of next update
4079s i have no idea because we've not even
4081s done
4083s a tiny fraction of the buffs or nerfs
4085s that will happen next update
4087s quite frequently um buff nerf
4089s uh details happen all there's usually
4092s something that'll happen like really
4093s early in the patch where we're like okay
4095s this is the way it was last batch this
4096s has to change we'll make a big change
4098s we'll play with it for a long time um
4101s and then as we get closer to as we go
4103s through the patch cycle we're working
4104s we're adding new things there's a lot of
4106s new content coming in that changes the
4107s relative um power level of a lot of a
4110s lot of different things sometimes adding
4111s a new item will will buff a skill or
4114s adding a new item will
4116s make another skill actually worse by
4117s comparison because there's you know that
4120s it pushes another one further ahead or
4121s something and so um after we've added
4124s all of the or most of the items and
4126s skills and um levels and content and all
4129s these things um
4131s i think content can change the overall
4132s balance because so you add say um fire
4134s damage is really bad when you add
4136s content where fire damage is really good
4137s suddenly all the fire damage builds
4138s become better just by based on the
4140s content that's available so we usually
4142s do a lot of the the fine detail patch um
4146s balancing a lot closer to launch
4148s um
4149s some of it we like to do far out so we
4151s can test it make sure it's stable but
4153s little things like okay let's say
4155s um
4156s swipe does five percent more damage you
4158s know like like that a buff like that is
4161s likely not something that we would do we
4162s would need a lot of time to
4164s um
4166s to test and make sure was good
4171s so it probably doesn't need a buff it's
4173s pretty strong
4177s [Music]
4184s there will be a lot of them though
4187s when the initial base class were
4189s designed was the intention of the devs
4191s to make some classes have better end
4193s game potential than others with better
4194s early game potential no not at all
4197s uh made
4199s props
4201s mad props to whoever designed built the
4202s loop filter system i mean uh building
4205s rules engines of c sharp expressions
4207s tree and holy penis struggle yeah
4210s uh
4212s i know who that was and he is a
4214s wizard
4227s what are your thoughts on sites like
4228s dtjsp uh
4232s i've talked for hours on dgsb
4234s um
4235s [Music]
4240s yeah
4243s i i'd rather not get too far into dtgsb
4246s specifically um
4250s there's an inherent danger in
4253s and i guess we can use uh site setup the
4256s same way d2 jsp is set up
4259s partially because
4263s there's a lot of potential for
4266s players who are interacting with
4271s how do i say this the the line between
4273s what's a first party and third-party
4274s service can blur really easily
4278s um and if a site becomes large enough
4281s and ubiquitous enough with the game it
4282s can feel like a first-party feature um
4287s and whenever those first party but
4289s those third party features that feel
4290s like first party features
4292s um
4293s can
4294s uh
4295s deal with real money
4297s there's a potential for people to get
4299s burned
4300s and
4302s attribute that feeling of being burned
4304s with the game
4306s um
4308s which is
4309s unfortunate um it's it's totally fair
4312s for those people to feel that way
4315s but it sucks for people to make the game
4319s um and there's an incredible amount of
4323s power in dtjsp system with these site
4326s creators
4327s um and and
4330s i i i i'm trying really hard not to say
4333s that there's anything inherently bad or
4334s wrong about d2jsb because there's a lot
4336s of people that use it and love it and it
4339s works absolutely great for them
4341s um
4343s and there's
4344s a lot of people who have tried to use it
4346s and had a really poor experience
4348s um and i wouldn't say it's large enough
4349s that it's ubiquitous and gets blurred
4351s with being a third-party first party
4352s thing at all i'm just kind of trying to
4354s use as an example of um what could
4357s happen
4360s yeah i hope that uh gives a little
4363s insight i tried i know i said a lot
4365s without actually saying much it's a lot
4367s of words wouldn't say a lot of things
4369s um
4376s when can we expect multiplayer i'm sorry
4378s i don't have a specific time for you
4380s basically when it's ready
4387s i think dtj is also a really interesting
4389s case because it is uh it's from a lot
4392s older point on the internet
4394s you know like um
4396s the internet grows up fast and
4400s um
4403s people on the internet don't grow up
4404s very fast sometimes but you know it's
4406s another issue
4406s [Laughter]
4409s um but the the internet itself i think
4411s changes quite quickly
4412s and the technology that comes along with
4414s it
4415s can change you know what's good what's
4418s bad what's right what's wrong pretty
4420s easily
4426s so what dtg jsp was
4428s 10 years ago
4430s is really not what it is today as well
4440s i think we're gonna hop into getting the
4441s boss pretty soon here
4444s any spoilers this week i thought you'd
4446s never ask i do expose this week as soon
4449s as i beat the boss
4451s i have a sweet spoiler for
4453s you i i teased i teased what the teaser
4456s is going to be earlier today it's
4458s related to something i posted two weeks
4459s ago
4461s uh give you a little
4464s so it's related to this image here
4470s almost died
4483s all the spoilers oh the spoilers
4514s looks very paladiny
4516s [Music]
4519s i think it says on it what it references
4526s another cliff of despair that's pretty
4528s sweet
4531s uh we're there let's go for gold
4534s i almost i almost went for it so any
4537s chance you release warlock before i buy
4538s the game tomorrow morning no
4540s i can tell you it's not coming out
4542s tomorrow morning that's that's that's
4544s for sure sorry
4552s so you're saying there's a chance no i'm
4554s saying there's not a chance
4563s i know this is what warlock's not coming
4564s next patch either well it's not coming
4566s next patch well
4569s there's something horrible changes but
4570s there's no plans for like next patch
4572s right now at all
4587s what are your goals for september 3rd
4590s uh to celebrate your birthday since you
4592s made it a september post
4595s uh i i
4599s quite i love the way you word that
4601s trying to trying to get me to slip
4604s trying to get me to try to get me to
4605s spoil something here
4614s uh i can say that there's some pretty
4616s cool stuff planned for the
4618s in and around somewhere september-ish
4620s roughly patch
4626s that's real cool
4630s uh the question here again um will the
4632s patch in september 8 6
4634s 9 0 well will the patch in september be
4637s 869 so i did answer this before um the
4639s patch that is roughly somewhere
4640s september-ish in and around there could
4643s be
4644s uh either one of those things
4647s um
4649s i don't i don't have i don't know which
4651s one it will be
4652s uh i think likely it'll be eight six
4661s planned for it's planned to be 86 it's
4663s so far off guys it's so far off
4668s it's so hard to tell what's gonna happen
4669s that far off
4672s and i think i think we kind of set that
4673s date so far out because it's just like
4675s a lot's gonna change between now and
4676s then we'll we'll have a better idea
4679s closer to it
4689s as of today what are the dev's thoughts
4691s on where melee builds stand in l.a
4693s versus skull range builds ah it's so
4695s tricky because there's so there's such a
4697s big
4698s um
4699s diversity in melee builds so like
4701s um and and not all melee builds are
4704s created equal right
4705s um so like warpath is a melee build it's
4709s so unbelievably different than
4712s um
4713s even flame reef that's a melee build
4714s right like
4716s um
4718s it's it's hard to kind of
4721s uh make a generalized statement there i
4723s think that there might be
4725s [Music]
4726s a little too many boss mechanics that
4729s favor ranged builds right now
4731s i'm gonna make a generalized statement
4740s and most of the time we try and give
4743s melee builds better defensive options
4745s there's less need
4747s to interact with as many of those
4750s um
4751s big mechanics but sometimes it's not
4753s really
4755s uh
4756s it doesn't come through fully
4760s and you just you end up just spending
4762s less time dpsing because you have to
4764s move and you can't attack from a certain
4766s range
4768s which is sort of the inherent it's it's
4770s it's like that's the that's the push and
4771s pull of melee versus range is usually
4774s melee builds are
4776s beefier tankier can handle more stuff
4778s but
4779s you know you're you're the the area on
4782s the screen that you're capable of
4783s dealing damage to an enemy in
4785s is smaller
4789s um and i i can see there's some
4791s mechanics i've seen suggested that would
4794s favor melee more
4798s and and sometimes we do try and uh
4800s slip in boss mechanics where we're like
4803s um
4805s like well this this hits range this this
4806s little this hurts ranged only or this it
4808s starts melee only and and we'll
4810s definitely um put those mechanics in
4812s pretty intentionally sometimes putting
4814s them side by side
4815s sometimes the version of that mechanic
4817s like they say we put in one that's like
4819s really hard on range when it's really
4820s hard on melee and we put them side by
4822s side but the one that's really hard on
4824s me ends up being
4825s worse to deal with
4827s um
4830s it can sometimes cause uh
4834s issues
4841s a fix would be giving melee skills take
4843s x less damage one or two seconds after
4845s hitting an opponent in melee range i
4847s mean uh vengeance does
4850s uh have something similar to that
4851s basically
4852s um a lot of people do use that
4857s who are you
4858s i am me who are you
4871s that like
4872s a mechanic like that we wouldn't put
4874s across the board
4876s um
4880s like putting that on specific abilities
4882s specific classes that sort of stuff
4884s works a lot better
4891s oh my god
4893s no one could have seen this development
4894s from happening
4896s how will we ever recover
4911s nice
4913s nice
4915s it's just there for the loot looks like
4917s something good
4922s uh question also don't forget to put out
4924s lassie pucky if you got a question and i
4926s will see it i apologize if i missed some
4928s of them
4929s here but this couple here what's your
4930s opinion on the current state of set
4932s items in the game um they're
4934s generally not strong enough but um
4938s not all of them you know
4946s uh any plans on adding specialized stash
4948s tabs like a unique tab
4950s for us collect aholics
4953s uh nothing specific at the moment but i
4955s do think it's a really good system um
4957s there's a lot of nice cities in the
4958s stack the stash could use uh i think a
4960s glow up overall some new features um
4964s some fix some fixes that need to get put
4965s in still too for some long-standing old
4968s old old bugs
4971s um
4973s so this
4974s needs some help needs like affinities
4976s like tab affinities is a really good
4977s system
4978s um that they could use still uh having
4981s having a unique tab a collectible tab or
4984s um
4986s like there's a couple ways to do that
4987s collectible tabs and you can do it in
4988s like a specific tab that has like a
4992s certain slot for each item
4994s um
4994s [Music]
4996s so you have like a specific
4998s shape slot for each item or then you can
5000s also do something along the lines of
5002s having um
5003s just just like an achievement tracker
5005s with a big list
5008s um
5009s so it's like there's grail quests and
5011s living grail quests um
5015s and it's it's kind of
5017s like the difference between but did i
5019s collect everything at some point and do
5021s i have everything now
5023s um
5024s and i'm not sure how important that do i
5026s have everything now
5027s part of the grail quest is for people or
5029s just the the way to reliably track
5031s whether or not you have once had it and
5033s have completed the challenge or not so i
5035s think that's some feedback we'd probably
5036s want to get from people who do that sort
5037s of thing frequently
5046s because i don't think anyone wants to
5048s actually keep
5049s you know like on a terrace path
5051s in their
5052s inventory or something like that they're
5054s not going to use it like
5055s great you've got to drop it on the
5057s ground who cares i don't want it anymore
5064s uh any plans to put more content to do
5066s with monolith map before multiplayer
5069s uh
5071s unlikely i think multiplayer will happen
5073s first
5078s left that's why you should break so i
5080s should take a page out of links book and
5082s smash those parts
5100s come on get that profit of agony
5108s looks spicy
5109s look too spicy for me
5112s and i like spice let me tell you
5118s who are you help me
5121s oh yeah welcome
5124s all right let's do this leeroy
5133s we need to squirrel leroy in the
5134s neighborhood because he runs down the
5136s middle of the street
5137s very brazenly
5139s every day you see him just broken down
5141s the center of the street
5144s wherever he's going
5149s he might die when he gets there
5156s uh those things make mailing skills deal
5157s more damage than reigns range skills so
5159s you could either go safe and ranged or
5161s big boy damage in melee but the balance
5163s between melee range is a huge problem in
5164s every arpg
5166s i
5167s don't know if i'd fully agree with that
5176s um but the balance team yeah uh the
5178s difference between poe is so huge right
5180s now that basically no metabuild is melee
5182s yeah i i mean there are definitely
5184s extremely strong
5186s melee metabolds in other rpgs
5189s that are by far the strongest builds in
5191s the entire game
5193s our melee builds in some rpgs
5205s uh hello the game so far but the
5207s re-leveling of the specialized skills
5209s makes it tiresome after a certain amount
5211s of time plans to change that no no plans
5214s at the moment
5219s one thing you can do if you have plans
5221s to re-level several skills
5223s um you can go into a high level monolith
5225s and find a oh my goodness
5229s mike
5230s like you know better
5234s like running to the outside like an
5236s idiot okay let me uh
5239s just
5240s uh pretend that didn't happen for a
5242s second
5244s uh
5245s yup uh yep
5250s it's not embarrassing at all totally
5252s fine
5253s totally fine
5256s here's the uh someone some wanted the
5260s link to the builds that's the build that
5262s i'm following right now
5266s what didn't happen exactly
5269s exactly
5272s uh
5273s how's my ellie reds pretty great too
5276s wow
5280s can we do let's let's do
5282s crafting break crafting break mike's
5284s gonna craft
5293s there we go
5294s okay
5296s yeah get some
5298s all right
5300s i'll take that
5305s sure
5306s all right ah that's good
5315s tony reds more
5326s it's just
5330s yes
5331s so i'm talking about right there
5334s all right
5344s i would help
5346s yeah
5347s oh that's like three crits like back to
5349s back-to-back
5352s something's going on
5357s sure bleed yes minion bleed yes
5362s let's get there
5367s uh fez void rather than it's more
5369s important to get right now
5372s that shield sucks
5377s damage
5387s okay
5388s okay
5389s you know i think
5391s we got we got a little bit of a little
5392s bit of a buff going on there
5394s let's let's come in here and grab
5396s something else anything that we really
5398s want
5400s yeah let's just get some more strength
5402s of melee fizz and minion melee fizz
5407s okay
5408s i think that was a significant upgrade
5414s boys in the office enabled streamer rng
5415s for yeah yeah every
5419s day what's the leakage you're going to
5421s do after the boss just let me let me try
5423s this just so quickly one more time i
5425s promise
5435s look i was answering your question
5436s tonight
5451s oh what are your thoughts on ward in the
5452s state of ward currently it's such a bra
5461s i think something's missing from the
5463s ward
5465s uh oh gosh
5468s what's going on here come on
5472s um
5477s i'm just gonna stand back and let them
5479s fight what am i doing
5482s oh i'm even trying
5495s yeah you guys got it i believe in your
5510s good job guys way to go
5516s i'm not afraid you're doing great oh
5518s gosh i'm afraid
5535s something's missing from
5537s like the ward calculations as a whole
5539s you know like the the the state of ward
5542s there's just like there's some
5544s it factor that's not quite falling into
5546s place i'm not sure what it is
5548s oh my god
5550s yes
5551s all right stay with me squirrel buddies
5558s [Music]
5566s don't need it it's okay
5572s that cheerleader
5574s yeah
5575s go go squirrels you can do it oh my
5577s camera was on the wrong side of the
5578s screen that's the whole problem right
5580s there
5581s that's it
5582s that's it
5590s a lot of the goals are on board are
5591s having it be like an active play style
5593s of defense
5595s that that um spellcasters can
5598s can invest in
5599s and
5602s it's it's it's hard to get that balance
5604s in just the right place um where there's
5606s like interesting ways to generate it
5608s that don't get completely out of hand at
5610s the top end and having the like the the
5612s low end still be functional have it work
5614s for you there um it's it's in a tricky
5617s spot and we're definitely
5619s working on massaging those numbers still
5620s but it's i think it's in a better spot
5622s than it has been for a long time
5627s and by better spot i don't mean like
5629s more powerful just be clear
5632s any type of strike damage changes to
5633s make uh to make it good coming uh
5636s there's no there's no changes to it yet
5638s but that doesn't mean um
5643s uh it won't change so to speak
5650s all right i did promise
5653s some stuff happened that i missed
5655s completely uh
5657s singing games tv has reset for two
5659s months throw i need to put someone to
5661s remind me so each
5663s month because like to sub each month
5665s because i always forget
5668s i believe in you and infinite loop 42
5670s has sub for
5671s uh which twitch prime thank you very
5673s much to both of you glad to have you
5674s here hope you're having fun
5677s uh stick around and you'll see some cool
5679s things like right now
5681s here's a cool thing okay
5684s so this is um
5685s we've got the old and the new version of
5688s a uh skill
5690s the the visual display for a skill
5692s that's that's that i'm going to show you
5693s right now
5695s i'm not going to say which size it's
5697s going to be side by side
5699s of the old one and the new one i'm not
5701s going to tell you which one's the old
5702s one and which one's the new one because
5704s it can be it can be tricky to spot the
5706s difference but i want to see who can
5707s spot the difference first
5709s um so if you think you see the
5710s difference let me know what it is
5713s here we go
5719s can anyone can can anyone see the
5721s difference
5725s only only the true detectives among you
5728s will be able to spot the difference
5729s [Laughter]
5738s yeah you just get pam
5740s do the same thing
5750s so yeah
5751s you may have noticed that the um
5754s the sword and shield are a little uh
5757s reminiscent of the image we showed you
5758s previously
5760s those were the the early model versions
5762s of the sword and shield
5764s uh
5765s for manifest armor
5768s it's gonna be getting a little bit of a
5769s glow up you know we think it's a little
5771s bit better
5772s um
5773s the
5775s the one on the left was made by uh equip
5779s by taking the sentinel i don't know
5781s taking the primalist
5782s uh and equipping some gear to it that we
5784s had
5785s um and then replacing the character
5787s texture with this like blue glowy vfx
5791s effect that we got out of some pack
5793s somewhere
5794s um that gave it like a lightning body
5796s that was holding the armor together
5800s uh and finally we haven't actually
5802s properly modeled specifically for this
5805s ability
5806s character
5807s and that's not
5809s uh that image you see that's not like
5812s concept art
5814s that's a screenshot
5817s that's like that's what it looks like
5822s so
5823s pretty sweet
5834s and then i've got the um
5837s i've got a turnaround for you of that
5838s later that i'll show you as well
5841s in a little bit just get a better view
5843s of it
5846s sad you like the old one better
5851s fair enough to each their own i guess
5860s can't please everyone something
5861s something
5862s we're going with the new one
5867s concept art book for purchase when i
5869s know that we i have a um
5873s oh i don't even know where it is it's
5875s buried somewhere here probably
5879s i have the i have the zelda
5882s the big green zelda book
5884s um
5885s it's the first place they published the
5886s official timeline
5887s um
5890s and and just a bunch of concept from all
5892s the games oh my god it's great i love
5895s that book um it's got like concept art
5897s from like 15 different zelda games but
5899s it's so cool
5901s i'd love to do something like that that
5902s was that was a big undertaking for them
5905s i'm sure
5913s uh the new art for or decay will it
5914s change appearance if you switch it to
5916s necrotic damage
5917s uh
5923s yeah does it not do that already
5927s am i crazy
5932s love the afk pet build i'm here i'm
5934s helping
5935s i'm totally a member of this chatter
5937s or scurry harold scary is scary it's a
5939s group yeah scurry is a group of
5941s squirrels
5953s the eagle eye among you may have noticed
5955s that the title of the stream is a
5956s reference
5966s this is a cool build thank you
5969s you can uh rimer is the one who created
5971s this build for me
5974s i'm quite enjoying it
5984s fairly swipe just like it's
5986s there's nothing really um
5989s overly exciting and interesting about
5990s fear leap and swipe but it just feels
5993s good it's just it's dialed in mechanics
5995s are tight
5996s it's like
5997s i don't know it's just nice like i'm
5999s gonna jump at you and i'ma punch you in
6001s the face with my hammer or whatever like
6003s it's
6008s there's great of different ways to build
6009s it
6010s do elemental damage
6013s physical damage
6015s you can do it for procking stuff
6017s uh you can do it to empower minions
6020s i like that do it element focus
6032s come on spawn faster guys what's going
6033s on here
6047s scissors got really depressed when
6048s someone predicted that scurry would get
6049s nerfed
6050s okay
6051s uh
6054s i don't think it's been nerfed
6058s why did he get nerfed
6061s like it's really good for sure
6064s the range is on it the roll ranges on it
6066s are absolutely humongous
6069s like the chances of finding a really
6071s good herald of the scurry
6073s is is so low because like there's a 70
6076s range here like the
6078s the top end
6080s on on some of these is
6083s like 5 to 75 it's such a humongous
6085s difference in power
6088s um
6089s and with on so many of them like the
6091s chances of finding a really good one are
6093s so low
6110s feel like the zones and last epic are
6111s kind of empty you want more mob density
6112s yeah some some zones are a little low on
6116s on enemies and there's there's a problem
6118s i think there's a problem that still
6118s exists on live i know we fixed it
6121s um i don't made it into a patch or not
6122s where the combination of certain enemy
6125s types can cause
6127s uh a very small number of very large
6129s enemies to appear and it causes it to
6131s feel kind of empty
6133s um
6138s a lot of times you're also comparing it
6139s to path of exile which i think may have
6141s a little bit overwhelming
6143s density in some instances not the usual
6147s case but some like sometimes when you're
6149s getting into like really extreme maps
6151s the the density gets a little on the
6153s high side
6156s um
6157s we're also still dealing with
6158s performance issues that we are working
6160s very hard towards to make better uh that
6162s make having more enemies on the screen
6164s possible with keeping frame rates better
6166s i was thinking a little bit different
6168s approach to combat in general as far as
6169s pacing and scale
6181s so i've been on wow mount collection
6184s binge
6185s my goodness you got the word cut out for
6188s you um the question is what collectibles
6192s that the player can show off you guys
6193s [ __ ] collect in the future we can
6195s obtain in-game oh great question i don't
6198s have an answer for you at all
6200s um
6201s that's that's the sort of stuff that
6203s i think we'll be focusing on more
6208s later
6209s so to speak i wouldn't call that core
6211s gameplay functionality
6214s definitely very useful for uh like
6216s player retention and longevity
6219s um and make like extending that fun
6223s and uh
6225s i i think it's very valuable to have
6227s um
6228s it's not as valuable to have if chord
6232s functions and core gameplay is not rock
6233s solid and awesome so that that stuff's
6236s got to come first
6239s there's lots of things that we talk
6240s about we play and we're like okay yeah
6242s like this is something we need
6243s eventually it's gonna happen
6245s um but
6248s here's a pile of stuff that we have to
6249s do before we release so everything
6251s that's in this doesn't need to happen
6253s before release pile that's gonna go over
6255s here for now
6256s uh and we'll get back to it and we'll
6258s figure out when that's gonna happen in
6259s relation to each other eventually but it
6260s doesn't need to happen by launch kind of
6262s just ignore it for a little bit
6265s and we take them into consideration
6266s whenever you're building a system you
6267s you want to look to like we were
6268s recently i recently just finished a
6270s um a really in-depth
6272s technical and design document for the
6274s arena
6277s um and we were coming up with things
6278s that we might want to potentially add to
6280s it in the future features we may want to
6281s extend it place we want to so we can
6282s when we're building certain multiple
6284s features for the arena now um
6286s we can
6287s predict where those extensions are gonna
6288s happen and not make decisions now
6290s that'll cause those extensions to be
6291s problems down the road
6293s um
6298s but that doesn't mean that we're
6299s actually figuring out how to make them
6300s work and making them work yet
6304s i'm really good at finding good boots
6307s it's like my talent
6312s you need to go shoe shopping bring this
6313s prime list with you
6320s you'll end up buying faux leather but
6321s that's okay
6323s it's cheaper
6339s as a developer are you aware of the
6340s performance issues of poe even on
6342s high-end pcs are you going to focus on
6345s performance and get smooth combat in
6346s your game yeah
6348s having smooth comp so okay i haven't um
6351s my computer is good but i don't think i
6353s would call it a like super high-end pc
6356s or anything like that like this like i'm
6357s i'm running a a 1080 ti
6360s um
6362s a
6363s four-year-old i7 at this point you know
6366s 32 gigs of ram
6367s an m.2 drive so yeah like a decent
6370s decent computer but nothing amazing
6373s showing its age a little bit so i don't
6375s have uh much personal experience on
6377s super high end pcs
6379s uh running path xl on like max settings
6382s uh with
6383s like
6384s the absolute nuts maps going crazy and
6386s everything
6387s um
6388s but yes we do pay attention to it as a
6390s whole
6392s um
6393s and
6398s it's kind of irrelevant how they perform
6400s with with things like that um we just
6403s got to make our game work as well as we
6404s can
6405s um
6406s like we can't use
6408s them also not working well in certain
6410s situations as an excuse for us not
6412s working well you know
6413s um
6416s uh performance is a very high priority
6419s for us um the highest variety right now
6421s is multiplayer i'm getting that work and
6423s getting that function getting it stable
6425s um performance is a huge part of our
6429s of making multiplayer better as well
6431s making multiplayer stable performance
6433s helps with that so um
6438s if you have
6439s uh
6439s [Music]
6441s improving the performance in the game
6443s directly saves us money
6446s like it it's
6447s it's we we can we have quantifiable
6450s numbers that we can say like
6451s okay if we
6452s drop the number of cpu cycles that the
6455s game spends on average just rendering or
6457s not rendering just um
6459s setting up a level
6460s or um
6462s uh calculating which enemies are
6463s attacking and and damage calculations
6466s like if we just save cpu time
6468s in those things we we literally can have
6471s a
6473s uh we can like might we can see the
6474s amount of money we're gonna save you
6476s know
6476s um and sometimes that comes down to just
6478s being able to run more game servers per
6480s physical machine
6482s um and that can be a big difference so
6484s like say we're at um
6487s x game x game servers per physical
6489s machine and we make some huge
6490s performance leap and we suddenly have um
6493s like 1.1
6495s x game servers per machine
6498s that's a 10 savings on game servers
6502s like that's huge
6504s it doesn't sound like much right
6508s um
6509s so yeah performance is a big deal for us
6513s and and we're definitely working on that
6522s [Music]
6524s yeah that's a
6525s extremely low estimate that you put
6528s there
6528s [Laughter]
6530s it's an unbelievably low estimate you
6532s put there
6547s uh hi there it's nice to see you pushing
6549s development hard is unity helping you
6551s out in some way or do you have to deal
6553s with engine issues um
6555s uh comes with development on your own
6556s and there's there's um like we do we do
6559s have uh
6561s a contact with unity that we we can't we
6563s can talk them about certain things and i
6564s can't really get into the details of
6566s that relationship and
6567s um
6569s and everything but uh
6572s yeah yeah like we do have we do have
6574s contact with third party um producers
6576s for various things um like we've
6578s contacted community we have contact with
6579s nvidia we've continued the amd um
6582s there's there's lots of different
6583s companies that we've contacted that help
6584s us with various different things um
6587s sometimes there's like
6588s something will pop up and we'll contact
6590s someone and like we'll think this is
6592s this really hard and possible things be
6593s like yes click this switch that's
6596s labeled 741 for no reason
6598s and it fixes your problem
6600s you know everyone's so awesome that
6602s happens it's great
6611s um but like
6613s unity is interesting because unity is
6614s kind of built in unity
6616s um
6618s so as as as a project gets bigger and as
6620s you work within it longer you start
6622s building tools yourself
6624s and start making modifications to it
6626s yourself that that sort of
6628s um
6632s like
6634s change how it works and
6636s change the responsibility of who
6637s supports how it works
6639s a little bit
6643s just because i'm a curious and nancy how
6645s much does a single server cost so player
6647s can have and i understand i can't tell
6649s you that mostly i i do not know what
6651s that number is
6652s uh and that number changes
6654s um
6655s based on all sorts of things
6658s um
6662s and and honestly even if i did know that
6664s number i probably wouldn't be allowed to
6666s say it
6679s checking out aws ec2 servers costs will
6681s not give you a very good idea on how
6683s much it actually costs
6685s sorry
6696s mostly because we don't use aws
6706s [Music]
6717s we're getting pretty close in here i
6719s guess i should i'm just going to pause
6720s for a brief moment here i'm just going
6722s to toss this up
6724s a little turnabout sheet so this is just
6725s the same thing as before but get a
6727s little bit better view of it so you can
6728s see
6729s um from different angles what's going on
6734s i don't know why i'm stopping now to do
6735s this i just glanced down notice we don't
6736s have much time left in stream
6739s but this boy looks great
6742s rocking around i think i i think it was
6744s i was like he would look really good in
6745s this map especially with all the blue
6746s and the red stick out i did not set it
6748s to loop noob noob mike rookie mistake
6752s there you go
6770s uh tell me that fire armor is for my
6772s sentinel well it's kinda it'll follow
6774s your sentinel around
6780s is that the count
6788s i have a feeling it doesn't but you know
6794s what
6796s is this
6799s yes if uh if you missed it the
6801s comparison of the old to new manifest
6802s armor i will show it again
6804s uh before the end of the stream i think
6805s it's pretty freaking cool
6808s it's just how i should have a version i
6809s could crop and just leave up
6814s it does summer sentinel yeah
6819s impossible
6821s uh you need to change the name of
6823s titan's mace then mate yeah
6828s we may need to
6830s [Music]
6834s oh this is what i'm talking about you
6836s know there's there's uh performance is
6839s not quite uh perfect yet
6841s still working on it
6845s so there's some issues there
6851s without taking things too technical what
6853s networking solution do you go with for
6855s last epoch an existing product
6857s pun
6858s um
6859s mirror racknet uh or a custom solution
6861s and is there any interesting challenge
6864s you can overcome making wouldn't that
6866s would make for a good story yeah there's
6868s um
6868s [Music]
6870s it's it's a it's a combination of the
6871s two so we try to have
6874s in-house solutions for
6875s uh everything we can um there's there's
6878s a lot of information about this actually
6879s in the multiplayer development updates
6881s and now just development updates game
6883s development updates that have come out
6885s uh over the course of the last year or
6886s so um that are on the dev blog section
6888s of our forums by stanzwar i think
6890s there's four of them question mark maybe
6892s more maybe less um
6896s and and there's
6897s there's a little bit of details in there
6899s i can't go over exactly
6902s um
6905s there are some packages we are using
6907s that are like pre-built systems for
6909s certain things
6910s um we try to use as few of those as
6912s possible um and when we do we try to
6914s make sure that they are pretty
6915s customizable
6917s um
6919s you know good sport or stuff like that
6921s our actual like
6922s the
6923s like where we get our servers from is a
6928s uh
6929s like a a preset thing like they're um
6933s we're not we're not buying our own
6934s physical boxes
6937s like there's um
6939s a company that what they do is they have
6941s server game servers for people to use
6943s that's what their whole company does
6946s and they've got them all over the world
6948s and set up right into rock and tested
6950s with lots of other games that if you
6952s play if you have interest in last epoch
6954s there's a really good chance you've used
6955s some of their servers before in other
6956s games you played type thing
6962s we were doing a multiplayer test
6965s uh and got the uh the big ice beetle
6967s shrine
6969s those
6970s everyone got multiple ice beetles and it
6973s was a lot of ice beetles rocking around
6975s the map it was a little nuts everything
6977s was just frozen
6986s it was fun
6991s i don't want my pets to look cooler than
6993s me though well
6997s too bad
6998s [Laughter]
6999s don't don't use manifest armor then
7003s find some really awesome looking armor
7005s for yourself there we go that's the
7006s solution nailed it first try
7014s all right what are we looking at now
7016s let's go find some info i want to see
7018s the area
7023s so shrines are partly shared than in
7026s multiplayer they're completely shared um
7028s well or not shared at all they're
7031s everybody gets the shrine
7033s you don't have to um
7035s well everyone who's in range gets the
7037s shrine so there's um
7043s the range is pretty huge um i know we
7045s actually like the range is still
7047s something that's being changed we just
7048s just cranked the range up really high
7050s um initial implementation of it had the
7052s range way too low and it sucked um it
7054s was like gather round make sure
7056s everyone's touching the shrine when we
7057s pop it um
7059s but now it's basically like okay are you
7060s anywhere even remotely close cool you
7062s get it um and because like all the
7064s shrines that drop um items it drops
7066s items for everyone um loots instance
7069s um it gives the buff to everyone not
7071s just the person who presses it
7073s uh
7074s you know if it's ice beetles everyone
7075s gets beetles
7081s if it's the extremely rare bee shrine
7082s everyone gets bees
7099s i haven't seen the beach riding
7100s multiplayer yet
7105s but i'm sure it would be amazing
7115s you just got to believe in yourself
7124s you know he just did like this it was
7125s one of the first times that they
7126s actually animated a character
7129s after the voice acting was done
7132s um so rob williams just got in the
7133s studio and just just was
7135s making all these voices and setting up
7137s all these scenes with just his voice and
7139s they did the genies animation
7141s based on the characters he created in
7144s the studio uh doing the voice acting so
7146s they had like the
7147s the the main hits but when he go genie
7149s kind of like goes off making a bunch of
7151s references and being weird
7153s uh and just absolutely magical it was
7157s that was a lot of it was changed for the
7159s characters he created uh just
7162s improving in the studio
7169s man was a genius
7183s oh my god
7187s uh have y'all consider making shards
7189s auto pick up like gold or maybe auto
7190s transit the vault instead of assuming
7192s the inventory yes we've considered it
7193s many dozen times
7209s it's not currently planned by the way
7212s just in case that wasn't clear from the
7214s yes we considered it a whole bunch
7216s answer
7220s all right we're gonna we've hit time
7221s we're gonna finish up this one uh echo
7224s and that'll be that
7226s so if you have any last minute questions
7228s please slap those down in chat real
7230s quick and i will try and hammer out
7233s as many as i can here let's see we're
7236s winding down pretty well though
7238s i had a really good stream today i hope
7240s you guys had fun
7243s uh do you think of a shrine build could
7245s be fun could be uh
7248s do you
7248s think if a shrine build could be fun in
7251s the game something like increases the
7253s amount of shrines or something that
7254s increase the chance specific shrines
7256s show up on maps um yeah i think there's
7258s there's some fun stuff you could do in
7260s there
7261s i'm not huge on the idea of like making
7263s that the builds identity as a whole
7267s um
7269s like i i know there's um there's items
7271s that interactive shrines in diablo 3
7272s that are extremely popular like nemesis
7274s braces um and i think it's really cool
7277s but uh it's it's something that you try
7279s and kind of like
7281s slip into your build rather than uh
7284s define the build i think
7286s um
7287s and then there's like the
7289s like
7290s there's more than one and they work
7292s together so you kind of end up having
7293s like
7294s this
7294s nemesis bracer's shell
7297s for a couple things in in your cube that
7298s that interact really well together um if
7301s you have like sort of room in your build
7303s to have your nemesis bracelet shell go
7305s in there you do
7308s um
7309s and might be too far it might be good i
7311s don't know how i feel about it exactly
7312s but i do like the concept of having some
7315s uh extra items augment interactions with
7318s shrines
7319s but not be built to find
7325s um
7326s last question how are you doing
7328s we always ask what you're doing whatever
7330s how you're doing
7333s it's a reference to our discord epoch
7336s bot if anyone doesn't know and hangs out
7337s in our discord we have a great place
7338s over there lots of people talking all
7340s the time head on over to the discord and
7341s ask more questions if i missed anything
7343s today
7344s um i'm doing great i'm feeling good i'm
7348s got friends coming to play magic tonight
7350s i'm gonna put up a fence tomorrow
7354s good
7355s i'll last couple questions here when's
7356s the next controller update planned it
7358s feels pretty good in game play man i've
7360s had to respect points like 15 times when
7362s leveling 252. it just does bizarre
7365s things with a controller
7366s uh
7369s i i don't know if there's any major
7370s plans for things but there's always
7371s little tweaks that go in with the
7372s controller so that every update gets
7374s we'll get every major patch will have at
7376s least something
7378s uh ceremony came in wanted to say i
7379s appreciate how much you guys care about
7381s your game comes through in your work
7383s thank you very much
7385s and on that note it's time to end
7388s i
7389s hope you had a good time i hope you had
7391s fun i know i did we'll see you next time
7394s thanks for stopping by
7395s be mastery when
7397s when it's ready
7399s [Laughter]