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5s good afternoon everybody and welcome
7s back to another last Epoch Dev stream as
10s always
11s I'm your host Mike it even says it on
13s screen how cool is that
19s have some normal fun
21s let's hop in do a little uh continue a
24s little Echo doing this some uh
26s playing a little bit on an actual uh
28s character I've been playing
31s personally for a while now
34s so this is my this is this is my
36s Marksman going slow with her but you
38s know having some fun
40s we're doing we're doing fire bow stuff I
42s played a build extremely similarly on
44s stream
45s um uh recently
49s you know we're uh
51s we're using cine strike uh and we're
53s using Auto exploding
57s oh recent Auto exploding decoys for some
60s spike damage here
67s and I'm not great
70s if this is your first time here I am one
73s of these new developers the last of the
74s 11th Hour games working on last Epoch
76s and I'm happy to answer any questions
77s you have relating to the development of
80s Lassie buck
84s yeah hang out talk about it a little bit
87s and as always we
89s um we do
91s stream for charity here so this is uh
94s I'll show you this month I'm gonna do a
96s new charity every month and this charity
97s this month's charity is Salvation Army
99s International
106s I have I have a Band-Aid on my index
109s finger and it feels so weird trying to
112s use the mouse and click properly and
113s actually play because it's just like
114s there's no friction between my mouse and
118s my finger
122s it's like putting uh it's like those
124s those videos where they put like
127s um socks on like dog's feet or something
129s you're like that poor dog
131s that's how I feel right now just it's
133s nowhere near as tragic because I can do
135s something about it
140s foreign
142s people would would not notice so quickly
146s but yes there's some special stuff
147s happening in the top left corner you can
150s see some extra so it looks a little
152s different up there than usual
157s we can see how long it would take people
158s to notice
174s oh we dipped to 58 frames
177s oh tragedies
179s tragedies never cease
188s I was doing this uh this this this this
191s run into the model with someone else and
195s I think they may have been carrying me
196s because it's going a little slower than
198s it was before
203s appreciate his carve thanks to the carry
205s curve
211s okay
219s what specs of the PC you're playing on
220s right now this is an i7 7700k not
225s overclocked Factory clock speed at 4.2
227s gigahertz uh it is a 32 gigabytes of DDR
233s three four
236s Ram uh and then I have a Nvidia GTI GTX
243s 1080 TI
246s um no overclocks or anything on there
252s at uh
254s um
256s one terabyte Samsung nvmie
261s solid state drive because it's a fast
263s drive it's a good drive
307s all right and you may have noticed
308s that's my favorite you think about this
310s there was no loading screen there yes
312s haha
315s I know it's such a tiny little thing
318s that's a good bow I don't think it's
322s it's really happy with my bow right now
329s it's really good
331s might be able to craft that into
332s something
336s has a higher base attack speed which is
339s really nice but we don't care about
340s physical damage at all this thing is I
343s suddenly like don't have Unlimited
344s crafting materials just throw away at
346s everything
348s like I do normally
363s um yeah let's let's see if we can
365s re-roll this
367s uh okay I mean that is that is really
370s nice now
388s yeah the current one's better
391s I'm just gonna shatter it
396s it's fine this is cool
400s oh look at that
404s oh look who's coming to join us
410s are you warping at me as you
413s it's basically gonna be dead weight okay
415s cool
422s that's Medias okay sweet uh
427s these were party generally
435s there is
453s no you're not like in voice but if you
455s are watch are you gonna call right crap
469s there we go that's much better we got
471s some Synergy with the uh fire shirt I
473s have a ton of fire shirt in this build
474s which is great
478s let's go wealth meteors
492s of course there's Avalanche
500s but anybody doesn't know um oxjet who
501s joined me here on stream is the game
503s director actually
509s so if you see him around on any socials
511s with that
512s uh that name that's who you're talking
514s to pops his head in every once in a
515s while
519s oh he just saw that I was streaming
520s multi was like no one's with him no
522s someone get in there I'll do it
525s foreign
527s nice
530s we we just this morning added into the
533s social panel the like we're like says
535s what level everyone is and like where
537s they are and the details of the
538s character information and everything so
539s that's not in this build yet
540s unfortunately so I can't look and see
542s what level he is
547s okay oh I'm getting pinged
553s is multiple of the game now multiplayer
555s is
556s um it's in it's in uh testing phase
558s right now so it's an internal testing
559s phase we do have Community testers who
561s are able to access multiplayer
563s um the full multiplayer patch you will
566s be available March 9th
569s cute I keep the date changed a few times
571s and like I keep second guessing myself
574s um so double check with our social posts
575s to make sure when the if that date's
577s wrong I think it's right
578s I should have just like plastered it
581s right in front of me
593s I mean an account via steams or anybody
594s that can link that to a form account the
596s first time you logged into the game we
597s did that for you automatically
601s oh
607s unfortunately
609s and yeah so this is this is an early
611s testing version of multiplayer I'm sure
613s you'll see some bugs here still
615s um it's pretty solid but like there's a
618s few things that are that are missing
619s feature wise like
620s um so like in our in our friends list
622s here you'll see it pop up after it
623s populates in a second here it doesn't
625s show like what level he is and this is
627s this is stuff we just added today
628s actually
629s um
630s and so there's little things like that
632s that are not quite finished yet status
633s messages don't display all sort of stuff
635s like it's it's getting there
638s sometimes where that guy doesn't want to
639s die
643s I went to an experience when that's the
644s problem because I'm an idiot
651s but now when Judd hits the
654s um hits hits that thing there it will uh
656s it'll give him options on which that's
660s that's teleport by the way that's why
661s that looks weird
663s [ __ ]
664s it'll give them options and things to
666s pick
669s some gold
673s oh I'm on the wrong side
675s let me put myself back
679s if you have any questions please put at
681s last Epoch game in the question and I'll
683s make sure that I see it better and
683s answer it quicker
687s uh for the multiplayer open weekend will
689s the stash carry over to the main
691s multiplayer launch or it'll be another
693s white that's a great question I don't
695s have a perfect answer for you right now
698s um I I suspect uh
703s because that'll be for point nine so I
705s suspect it'll carry over from 0.9 but
709s um
711s that's a good question I I don't I don't
713s have an answer that I don't know
714s we haven't decided up in the air what do
716s you think would you like to carry over
718s would you not like it to carry over I'd
719s love to hear your thoughts on it
723s because the the I guess the obvious
725s thing is like it's it it weighs people's
727s wastes people's time if this if the
729s progress they make and that is not
731s available
733s um to them when they when the full
734s multiple launches so like that sucks
737s um there's then this like
740s um pressure to play to not fall behind
743s if it does carry over and it's sort of
745s this like these these competing factors
747s that you're like yeah which ones
749s it is one of them stronger than the
750s other is one of the more important than
751s the other
752s um so there's there's some there's some
755s uh some tricky stuff there I'm not sure
757s what we're gonna go with
759s um
760s the people who are currently playing in
762s The Early Access testing environment for
766s the multiplayer beta so the the
768s community tested program that will not
770s carry over that is strictly separate
773s environment from what is going to be
775s live
783s hi there cheers from Germany hello I
786s don't uh
788s no like any German so
791s sorry
794s um otherwise I would say something that
796s I do but I don't but anyways I was
798s wondering why you emphasized the whole
800s uh performance improvements topic on one
802s of your blog posts with 1.9 is basically
805s all about multiplayer would it be wiser
807s in some sense to split the process apart
809s feel like merging all the branches
810s together at the end might be quite
812s Troublesome especially testing
814s uh with the QA team well they they all
816s are together like it's
819s um
820s uh I guess it was some miscommunication
822s there because because they are all
823s together it's it's all one thing
834s Hollow finger
839s pop
845s Judd's portrait as a crown are they
847s fixed to the art are they based on
849s equipped items uh the crown is because
851s he's the party leader because he invited
853s me instead of me inviting him
855s um
856s the portraits right now are currently
858s fixed the frames and the visuals that go
860s inside the frames are currently fixed oh
862s you're saying this this Crown right here
864s sorry his his yeah yes the the Sprites
866s that are here for the um portraits are
870s currently fixed
872s um
875s uh in in this in this version that I'm
877s playing right now
881s I thought you meant this Crown up here
882s at the top
884s at least it'll be a portrait frame uh
887s what's with the no trade air quotes uh
890s are are you thinking about changing this
892s or is this firm
894s um the the content that will be in 0.9
898s is gifting only
900s um that will not change for 0.9
907s um the
910s uh what happens after that is not uh
913s fixed at the moment
920s uh hi there cheers from Germany oh uh
923s it's the same person oh yeah it's the
925s same question yes oh I asked but
927s absolutely sorry yes I saw your question
929s it it highlights um first time user
931s posts um so I did see yours
934s but thank you for reposting it with the
936s tag I appreciate you
940s all would y'all add a raptor pack like
942s wolf pack but Raptors well we do have
945s um like we do have a raptor as as a
949s um
951s as one of the summable companions
953s already in the game so I don't think
954s we've released a visual shift for wolves
957s to Raptors otherwise it'd be a little
959s confusing
965s it what do we got what do we got what do
967s we got bleeding heart come on
971s let's just sweet amulet for different
972s builds but not for this one
981s uh hey Mike what will be this is great
985s if I die and just portal back to Judd
986s haha safety net
988s don't get the reward but still
997s uh hey Mike uh what will be the next big
999s thing except three classes after
1001s multiplayer 0.9 is out
1003s um
1004s yeah I don't know if there's anything
1007s that we've announced yet that I can talk
1009s about
1010s um but I guess I can just talk generally
1013s of stuff that's gonna come out like like
1014s not time frame wise talk about
1017s um just talk about the the style of
1020s content that we'll be looking to release
1022s more of
1023s um
1024s and so that will include things
1027s nice base that's about it that will
1029s include things like um new dungeons
1032s um new activities that will get uh woven
1034s into the monolith
1036s um
1037s the are just like new major systems in
1040s general will get at it eventually as
1041s well
1042s um and and these these I don't be kind
1044s of vague about this it's just like
1045s things that get added to games like this
1048s um
1050s I don't I guess I don't worry about what
1052s Judd's picking either because I can just
1053s take stuff for myself and be greedy so
1054s we're gonna go pose
1057s um
1059s yeah it's it's
1063s ah
1065s there's stuff coming I don't know how to
1068s say it otherwise
1069s um
1072s another one oh I'll be on that one nice
1077s sport neither of us are running
1079s transform builds so wow
1082s um
1085s what content wow
1088s all right
1092s oh did you go to the UT
1094s whoops
1099s I should have looked
1103s huh
1106s uh we're doing this over me
1126s all right let's hop back into the
1128s monolith because uh Mike is uh dum-dum
1130s and
1133s uh yeah let's go somewhere else
1138s are the XP Toms working yet
1142s okay now the XP time's working I can't
1144s remember
1147s there I'm gonna go here
1148s if not I'm not
1156s there's that delay
1158s okay let's go to another one in the
1159s meantime
1161s teleport temperature
1164s oh
1165s um this is this is a multi so uh if you
1168s missed it if you ever missed it the the
1170s patch version in the top left corner
1172s might look a little bit weird
1176s and the party frames might look a little
1178s bit weird
1182s so I'm not actually playing the same
1183s game build that uh I usually play on
1186s stream
1191s who built
1194s this comes with physical skill still it
1197s does
1198s oh but I do have yeah
1214s but I guess okay so back to the question
1216s that I
1218s um I guess talked about earlier by then
1220s there's been some talk of like not
1223s having more content for the game
1225s announced yet
1226s um and it depends it depends pretty
1229s heavily on your definition of content I
1230s know it's such a cop-out answer
1232s um I would argue that we've already
1233s announced more content for 0.9
1236s um and and after that as well
1239s um but there's legitimate arguments to
1241s say otherwise as well
1243s um and we do have plans for by much more
1248s narrow definitions of content than I
1249s would usually put myself
1251s to be included at 1.0
1259s I can't always tell you anything about
1260s it yet though
1262s and like it's just planned at this point
1263s too so who knows what'll happen
1267s it could be more it could be less could
1269s be a boat you know much we wanted one of
1270s those
1271s all right let me find another real
1273s question here instead of me just
1274s rambling can I get a
1277s spino pet or Beast Master the creatures
1279s spin out
1283s oh that is sorry
1286s probably not uh maybe if it makes sense
1289s with MCX for converting one of the other
1291s pets that already exists
1297s uh hey Mike I'm a Following last Epoch
1300s for a while now and may finally be able
1302s to purchase a supporter pack as someone
1303s who loves to collect things in games I
1305s was wondering would previous pets or
1306s items be available for purchase I'd love
1308s to get them somehow the ones that were
1310s included in say for example the
1312s kickstarter packs or the alpha packs
1314s will never be available again
1317s um those were thank yous to people who
1320s were supporting us when we had very
1323s little to show for our efforts
1326s um
1326s and uh
1328s we're coming in on pretty much faith
1330s alone
1332s that uh that we were gonna make
1333s something cool one day
1337s and uh yeah so the the ones that are
1339s available now are the only ones that are
1341s available
1354s no worries German is way too hard to
1356s learn a little more question on which
1358s pipeline
1359s uh are you on in unity hdrp or urp uh I
1364s think
1366s urp
1369s I I think so I I uh we had we were
1372s considering switching
1374s but there's some issues
1377s I think
1380s someone can correct me I'm wrong on that
1381s one
1382s this might be a rather technical
1383s question it is but that's totally fine
1391s just wondering what your thought process
1393s behind that was from a Dev
1395s um
1396s from one to another uh
1400s we're a little bit outside of my area of
1403s expertise personally from what I
1405s understand if I remember correctly
1408s um Erp unified render pipeline or
1410s Universal motor pipeline one of those
1412s two I don't know the ux stands for
1415s um was the original one and hdrp was
1417s released more recently and there was a
1421s significant process for
1425s foreign
1430s my goodness
1432s uh there was a significant technical
1434s overhead to
1435s um convert everything over to it so we
1437s didn't
1457s I think all that was right
1460s okay let's keep going here
1462s um I forget my butt kicked
1467s I'm also doing empowered model is that
1469s like level 84 with no legendaries
1472s um and
1474s uh just a couple uniques and like one
1476s exalted two exalted three exalties
1479s those rings are
1481s iffy
1486s uh will be XP for 90 to 100 range be
1488s harder to uh to hit in point nine or
1491s we'll stay super easy
1492s um the
1495s we do I don't think we've changed
1496s anything yet with it we do plan to
1499s stretch the super high end of the
1501s leveling curve a little bit
1503s um and then looking every evaluate and
1505s possibly stretch it more possibly
1507s recondense it it's it's going to be some
1509s feedback as well but the
1511s the way the way it is right now in the
1513s live version generally we feel it's a
1515s little bit too fast to get from
1518s um to hit 100 specifically in the time
1520s it takes to get from uh the higher
1523s levels So like
1524s um we don't really want to touch the
1525s time too much I'm sure we'll make small
1528s adjustments too but we don't really want
1529s to make big changes to the
1531s um the time it takes to get to like
1534s where I am right now like 84. it's
1536s that's like that time's fine that's
1538s where we expect people to be getting
1539s characters too pretty frequently pretty
1541s easily
1542s um
1543s 90 95 seems like a reasonable place for
1546s most characters to get to
1548s um it's that 95 to 100 where it's like
1550s this is like this is too easy
1553s um not too easy but too quick I think
1554s it's rather a better term
1557s I do have potions and I do know how to
1559s use them I swear
1567s a little bit too hard
1570s excuse me
1589s okay
1591s uh
1608s yeah
1610s uh
1612s is it me not oh sorry I got pay
1615s attention I'm gonna play this hard uh I
1616s had no idea about that if that's the
1618s case I apologize and uh it was not Our
1621s intention to make any sort of statement
1624s like that as we are not
1627s at all
1639s spino is short for Spinosaurus so cool
1646s I mean various dinosaurs are in the game
1649s and different types of dinosaurs make
1650s total sense to have things like that I
1652s would say having different dinosaurs
1653s take the place of raptors in MTX uh is
1656s something that's reasonable and probably
1657s will continue to happen as we go forward
1660s um there's not one of those planned
1662s right now
1664s what are my all my resistances are
1666s hurting
1670s I know I've not terrible critstrike
1673s avoidance but it's not capped
1677s I do this
1678s oh it is that right
1682s I know how this works
1700s all right
1703s if you started development before
1704s standard pipeline that uh that
1706s discussion saying on urp make decision
1709s to stay on your P makes sense yeah
1711s um just hopped into the game with the
1713s with 0.5 however still enjoying it
1715s thanks for answering the best you could
1716s have a fantastic Downstream thank you
1717s you're welcome yes we did start
1719s development before hdrp existed
1724s or was supported in the version of unity
1728s that we were using
1733s foreign
1735s version right now that supports it
1737s anyways I think we must be we must be
1739s because we considered switching
1742s they may have been part of it they may
1743s have been part of that we had to switch
1744s versions of unity to
1751s we didn't want to do unless we had to
1758s uh how does the Diablo 4 release date
1760s announcement affect your plans for 1.0
1763s um
1765s it will
1768s there's there's some things about how it
1770s affects us that I'm not really willing
1772s to share
1773s um
1774s there's some things about how it affects
1775s us that I don't know
1777s the overall not much really
1781s um
1783s you know we're definitely going to take
1784s into account when it is coming out and
1787s um
1788s I I I I hope it's pretty obvious that
1791s we're not gonna plan on releasing 1.0 in
1792s like the same day as the Apple Ford's
1794s release date so like like it gives us a
1797s little bit of a
1799s um
1800s date to stay away from I guess some
1802s degree
1804s and it is really nice to have that
1805s number
1806s um that we know what it is ahead of time
1810s there weren't really any surprises there
1812s so
1813s um it didn't really like like learning
1815s it kind of just said
1817s um
1818s you know like
1820s good there you go
1823s more than anything it was instead of
1825s like uh learning it then oh my God we
1827s gotta scramble and change a bunch of
1828s stuff oh no
1842s oh come on
1853s wow I I I I do not think that I'm
1856s actually strong enough to do this
1857s because
1859s defensive stats are just
1862s a little flimsy
1865s you know I might switch and go do a
1870s um a level 91 instead
1874s we got here cold Rose Frailty
1880s both really good ones
1883s let's do this because we don't need the
1884s Critical Strike of avoidance because we
1885s do have that armor we do want to switch
1887s off that armor at some point though
1888s don't we
1895s let's go hop in
1912s from what I can tell you if you are this
1915s deep in development as of right now
1916s don't switch Yeah starting from scratch
1918s would be wiser then yeah switching will
1920s be very messy
1921s um reference process you don't want to
1924s deal with besides the game's selling
1925s point is look at our if if the game
1927s selling point is not looking at our
1928s Graphics there's no point doing it
1930s anyways I mean we do we do you try to
1932s push the graphics quality as best we can
1937s um and and push that as As Nice of a
1949s get that looking as nice as possible for
1951s sure
1958s but yeah I mean we we try we try to make
1961s the graphics as
1962s um simultaneously I know these are kind
1964s of at odds with each other but
1965s simultaneously as nice as possible and
1968s as accessible as possible
1970s um
1973s so if there's if there's someone who's
1975s running a less powerful computer they're
1977s still able to play the game and have fun
1979s with it and someone who's running a mega
1980s powerful computer can play the game and
1983s really be able to take advantage of that
1985s Hardware that they've invested in
1987s as best we can
1989s 445 armor G's yeah I'm a little squishy
1991s okay yeah
1994s a little squishy
1997s uh maybe a lot squishy let's try let's
2000s just go right and try one of these bad
2001s boys right here you know let's have some
2003s fun with it
2009s come here shade
2012s let's see we're fighting bugs
2030s Joe join me is that here Judd's here
2036s okay
2038s well that that was just said
2046s let's do down here
2080s nailed it
2081s easy peasy
2085s lemon squeezy
2093s thanks Mrs Judd
2096s I probably needed it
2108s that's that's uh
2111s on my index fingers
2113s surprisingly annoying
2125s in the last couple of weeks I've noticed
2126s a couple of cool animated shorts uh in
2131s uh where am I animated shorts is that a
2135s hint that we might get a cut scene in
2137s 0.09
2139s um I don't know if they're gonna be
2140s there in point nine
2143s um but uh we are looking for more varied
2147s storytelling methods throughout the game
2149s uh including a little more cinematic
2152s presence
2154s um
2156s this this is it's a very long-term
2158s project that we've been working on for a
2159s while now and
2161s um
2162s the the we yeah we've been we've been
2164s teasing little things like it but the
2165s full details of what that's gonna be and
2167s where you're gonna see them and all that
2168s sort of stuff still
2170s um still a little bits
2172s hidden
2173s but um
2175s yeah we we want to have more more
2178s cinematic storytelling moments not
2181s um
2183s and we really really want to stress this
2184s as well we I don't want to we don't want
2186s to force people into
2188s here watch this five minute video
2191s um in order to advance moments that's
2194s that's not awesome
2198s um
2200s but I think a lot of people Miss huge
2202s chunks of the story because they don't
2204s like to stop and read uh the dialogue
2206s options that are available and
2209s um
2210s and that's totally understandable
2213s um but so we're we're trying to to make
2215s the
2218s uh we're trying to make the the
2220s storytelling a little bit more
2222s passes the wrong word but
2225s make players be able to absorb the
2228s storyline a little bit more passively
2231s that makes any sense
2234s I'm just like by playing the game you
2236s get more of it and that comes from a lot
2238s of different things like just
2239s environmental storytelling is is a
2240s really strong part of that I think and
2242s that's something we actually do pretty
2243s well in a few spots where like you'll be
2245s in an area and you'll
2247s um you'll you'll have some sort of
2249s mission or storyline event that happens
2250s there and you'll come back to it later
2251s in the in the game and it'll look
2253s completely different because it's you
2255s know a different era in time but it's
2256s the same area and hopefully
2258s um I mean the first time that happens is
2259s when you first grab the epoch and you
2261s get um sent to the spoiler alert ruined
2263s era and
2265s um
2267s you know it's the exact same physical
2268s area but you are
2270s um it clearly looks very different and
2272s that like that's a passive
2274s um storytelling I think
2277s Judd said something I missed it what do
2279s you say
2280s you need to take it exactly
2294s looking forward to pranking My Friends
2296s by adding a series of terrible modifiers
2298s inviting them to party
2302s um I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure that
2304s uh this active modifiers list on the
2307s right does show up for all party members
2309s so they'll know immediately
2310s but good try
2314s well this cut seems to be skippable
2316s Majestic cutscene is not skippable
2317s Legend the majasa
2319s um
2320s oh Something's Happened Here this is not
2322s good
2323s um
2325s the majesta one's a a very early
2330s version judges went into the portal too
2331s oh nice okay sweet too it's just it was
2334s just taking its time
2338s foreign
2342s this is why we're not released yet
2348s um yes cutscenes will be skillful
2356s that majesta one actually was skippable
2358s the first time we put it in we had to
2360s disable the skipping because uh of some
2362s bugs that it caused by being able to
2364s skip it and um
2370s foreign
2377s lasted a long time
2401s all right more questions more questions
2409s you may also at some point hear some new
2411s uh audio tracks that are uh
2415s that are in here I don't
2417s um I don't know if you've heard any new
2418s ones yet or not but I'd be surprised if
2421s we hadn't
2429s there's a really Niche question cool oh
2432s I'm gonna die maybe not
2445s we may have gone the wrong way but I'm
2447s going to go this way anyways
2457s uh that's a really nice question is
2459s there a plan to add void damage somehow
2461s to the black hole spell
2463s um
2465s uh
2467s 1.0 I think the the the plans for black
2474s hole is not to have any void damage
2476s associated with it voids like I know I
2479s know like like what a black hole is and
2481s like kind of the theming around what
2483s void is and what it represents it's it's
2485s it seems like it's right on point
2487s um
2489s having void damage in the sorcerers
2494s um kit right up right on a scale like
2496s that is mechanically something we're
2499s really not that interested in
2501s um at the moment
2503s so
2504s um I think sorcerer getting avoid damage
2507s spell is probably never gonna happen
2521s [ __ ]
2531s oh I just got sent something
2534s oh I'm going to look at that a second
2535s did I just drop it on the ground
2549s oh my amulet's so nice
2554s that one is really nice too actually
2555s though
2563s I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna Craft on
2565s that and try and wear it and see what
2567s happens
2594s foreign
2621s any more questions
2625s black hole void cosmetic
2627s um yeah like that's that's that's more
2628s along the lines of the type of thing I
2630s could see on sorcerer
2632s um
2634s but but mechanically speaking we really
2636s try to keep sources I know I know
2638s there's items that can make sorcerer
2640s void damage and I think that's kind of
2641s where the question's coming from from a
2642s mechanical standpoint
2644s um
2646s and I don't I don't want to say black
2647s hole will never get void damage or
2649s anything like that but I think sorcerer
2651s won't get void damage on
2654s um like like skills or in the skill
2657s trees for skills on sorcerer
2660s and that could change but that's
2662s currently the plan is not to put void
2663s damage on sorcerer skills directly
2688s I'm trying to do quick Craft on this not
2691s shattering it though
2694s um
2694s what do we need uh
2701s the managing is actually nice isn't it
2705s we need we need more resistances our
2707s resistance are hurting so bad Poison's
2710s the worst one let's just try and slap
2711s some poison on this
2714s oh Mike
2716s learn how to type
2727s okay
2730s foreign
2731s this because we don't care about shock
2734s in the slightest
2736s dog training is nice but it's not what
2739s we want Fire Res we're so high on Fire
2742s Res but
2744s I mean we can let's let's we'll pull
2745s fire as out of somewhere else
2751s we lose some Fizz whereas the crit
2753s chance
2754s in the ignite chancer a little bit
2769s those are great
2775s where's our fire was coming from
2784s we just have a lot of passive fire
2786s resist from things
2790s it's fine
2802s yes sork
2805s um to Maggio I I think sork is uh likely
2809s to say very strictly Elemental focused
2812s um
2818s easy too easy
2824s and if this is
2826s anyone's first time here I do choose my
2828s words extremely carefully
2835s or try to at least
2838s all this new texture for these guys too
2839s we'll see that soon
2845s yeah
2847s he's mentioned it
2849s he's gonna portal out and get the new
2851s texture I bet I bet anything yeah there
2853s he goes
2873s oh I'll get Keen to do it again uh Ken
2875s if you're here assuming you are could
2877s you grab me the the new um oh Joe let's
2880s get it never mind
2882s I shall protect you
2884s maybe not
2886s no I will
2896s it's the sort of crap we get up to when
2897s we're testing
2903s how many enemies can I aggro
2910s oh no they're following me whatever
2912s shall I do
2914s foreign
2917s here
2925s I'm not gonna actually kill him
2950s we're gonna we're gonna do this properly
2951s and stick this in our uh stream images
2957s kick
2959s I don't know why I find that so funny
2977s here we go
2982s transformed Center on screen lock it
2985s make invisible haha
2989s there we go that's the new uh new
2992s texture for
2994s the joth Bears
2996s in our game who can teleport
3004s oh I just realized you guys can't see
3005s chat
3008s so every time I laugh about chat you
3009s guys can't see it I should I should I
3011s should flip myself
3014s see you guys can see chat because John's
3016s been talking to me this whole time
3045s all right yeah that's a bear that really
3048s shouldn't exist
3060s it was comparison what they look like
3061s now
3078s is multiple a thing now no multiple is
3080s not a thing now multiplayer will be a
3082s thing March 9th uh we're just giving a
3085s little little preview of where we're at
3086s with multiplayer what it looks like
3088s um
3090s I actually I I thought I would be alone
3092s today just uh decided he wanted to come
3094s join
3098s but yeah this is this is what
3099s multiplayer looks like in our current
3102s internal testing version of the game
3103s that the community testers are playing
3105s with oh today
3107s with that
3110s um yeah so this is this is what the in
3111s if you've seen people like oh they're in
3113s the CT program
3114s um this is what they're playing
3123s and I will say that I like like
3126s um there's a lot of things that are
3127s really well doing really well really
3129s polished and we're gonna hit a few bugs
3130s we have hit a few bugs
3132s um
3133s so I'm really not trying to avoid things
3135s to whitewash what's
3136s like
3139s to avoid bugs really this is I'm just
3142s playing the character I play when we do
3143s testing and
3145s um
3146s you know doing stuff that I would do
3150s there are there are like there's a
3152s couple things that aren't in yet that I
3153s won't go to because of that like um
3157s I won't go to the
3161s um
3164s I can't remember the name of the fire
3165s necrotic dungeon I won't go there
3166s because it's just like not in the game
3168s right now
3172s I missed that shot completely
3185s and I am I will say I'm also
3187s intentionally avoiding uh opening the
3189s skills menu and opening the passes menu
3194s um
3194s so so sorry the the mechanical changes
3196s to those are not I'm not going to show
3198s you those
3204s so I'm hiding a few things
3206s that are you still need to have
3208s something to show for patch notes you
3209s know
3218s multiplayer will be available March 9th
3221s for everybody
3236s here we go
3239s oh it's a bit of a mess bit of a mess
3245s careful Judd
3252s I would love to go to uh
3255s you could
3256s go make these legendary you've got some
3259s that I was planning on
3263s yeah I was gonna try and hit the queer
3265s boys there and that with the blessing
3267s that I have with max out and I can
3268s switch my chest piece out
3289s foreign
3301s I know
3303s foreign
3316s there's still a lot to do
3319s any plus four of meat here fire damage
3322s idols
3348s foreign
3364s Arena ladder split by group size uh yeah
3367s what's the plan right now
3370s Aaron hi hi Mike what have I missed
3373s you're late you have missed stuff you
3376s are late
3378s um it's okay though we've um I mean you
3381s might notice some things on screen that
3383s are a little different than usual
3385s just in general
3387s um
3390s but other than that we showed up uh we
3392s showed off our uh
3396s um new art new two yard for a um
3401s foreign
3428s Judd took the texture for
3430s and just like drew some runes in the
3433s side of it uh as it just like slapped it
3437s back in as a new texture
3464s is it CT yes this is the CT you can see
3466s patch right there
3476s yes this is this is
3478s um build version uh 0.8.12 or 12. it's
3482s 12. 0.8.12
3485s which I know doesn't make any sense in
3486s the way numbers work but it makes it
3488s works the way the patch versioning works
3492s it's not a decimal it's a sub version
3494s number
3505s Judd's meteor just like blew up
3507s everything there it was like okay well
3513s all right
3516s yeah I ran into some problems trying to
3518s do Empower models on my own got my butt
3519s kicked and had to had to drop it down to
3521s to 90s on my own because I'm a noob
3525s wow
3536s I don't know why I got excited about
3537s that there's no good belts for me inside
3539s items right now
3541s hahaha
3555s are they
3557s yeah okay the damage changes around
3559s actually
3569s this is what I was talking about before
3569s I've been over this like several times
3571s but if you notice the the damage on uh
3574s on my bow is just 60 bow damage and then
3577s the the affix line is 19 bow fire damage
3580s so this is how it's gonna look
3584s and a lot of people were very curious
3585s about that
3602s if the Bears at our Zoo could teleport I
3604s bet they would mostly use it to plot
3606s themselves in front of food without
3607s having to get up and play on the floor a
3610s very silly lazy seeming animals yeah
3612s pandas pandas are funny
3621s pandas are very funny
3633s get out of those those Moonbeams hurt a
3637s lot
3643s what are we doing here oh
3646s oh
3648s your call hey out of his call there we
3651s go
3656s twice as many meteors I don't know if we
3659s can handle that many meteors
3661s it's a lot of meteors
3676s easy oh that was such a lucky timing she
3679s said they just appeared and exploded the
3681s exact same moment that was cool
3684s I'm just like going the wrong way
3687s wait am I going the wrong way
3695s how many weeks am I taking off for
3696s Christmas when well you should be
3699s backstreaming um I'm taking off at least
3701s one week for streaming
3704s um
3707s and
3710s personally I've actually been off all
3711s this week too
3712s um
3713s I just came back to stream
3716s and um
3720s I hope you're not seen that way because
3722s I've still been informs and everything
3724s but yeah yeah I have informing
3726s activities of just going to the forums
3727s and talking to people
3730s anyways
3731s um
3733s uh at least one maybe two we might take
3735s two off but it'll definitely be one
3738s um there's a Friday right before New
3739s Year's that if I'm around I'll just do
3742s it
3744s um
3745s but that'll be a pretty light light one
3747s there won't be any spoilers on that one
3748s so
3749s um if I do that one it'll just because I
3751s feel like it and it's fun
3760s all that heat strain oh yeah oh yeah
3770s I love how fast that portal takes you
3771s back oh my goodness
3774s just the best
3785s foreign
3801s January 6th
3811s so that's that's better than being
3812s wishy-washy about it
3819s you want to fill it in stream CT no
3821s sorry Aaron
3823s good try though
3826s good try
3842s have a good time DiMaggio
3847s I hope you have a good Christmas
3851s I hope you eat whatever food makes you
3854s happiest
3856s as long as it's
3858s legal
3878s there's some there's some wild Foods out
3880s there that I've
3882s like learned about recently that are
3886s like
3888s some some some stuff that you're like
3890s that's a thing
3892s but but why oh yeah look at that triple
3904s yeah let's go get a unique here
3907s it's gonna be awesome
3911s be awesome
3918s I've been planning a
3921s side note because there's no question
3923s right now but if you have questions
3924s please put them up here and I'll answer
3925s them happy interrupted just a little
3927s update for things I've been doing
3928s because I feel like it I've been making
3931s I've been deciding to make my own
3934s magic booster Cube
3937s um so I've been going through old sets
3941s and and picking out and like curating
3943s booster packs that are like for for
3945s Magic Gathering
3947s um they're like 20 card packs
3950s um
3950s for doing drafts with
3954s um
3955s and so having like 32 packs of packs
3959s like random packs throughout Magic's
3960s history
3962s um and I've been
3964s getting those all made up
3966s and I've been printing I designed
3971s and printing I like the old ones I've
3974s been I've I designed and printed my own
3976s little booster packs
3979s a resealable booster packs
3981s and a little Trader that happens put
3983s them in huh
3986s look at that
3994s not very good in blender yet but I'm I'm
3996s getting better
4002s I did not get any of the 30th
4004s Anniversary stuff and even if I did I
4005s wouldn't admit to it
4011s because that's how you get chastised on
4013s the internet
4029s thoughts on Henry cavill's starting
4032s Warhammer 40K cinematic Universal
4035s starting a 440k cinematic Universal no
4039s what
4040s Henry Cavill is joining I did not know
4042s that's
4043s he's Henry cavill's so cool
4047s putting that out there he is awesome
4059s big Henry Cavill fan
4062s I don't know why I'm still in here let's
4063s get out of here
4068s um kind of useless for me
4074s foreign
4086s yeah I I started replaying The Witcher 3
4089s actually
4091s um
4093s and someone made a mod I couldn't bring
4096s myself to put it on uh I almost did but
4099s somebody to put his face into The
4101s Witcher 3.
4104s um except like
4106s there's there's like a like a cinematic
4108s version and then like a scarred up
4109s version that's like even more intense
4111s but yeah like when it's designed to make
4113s him look older because he's a lot older
4115s in the in Witcher 3 game than he is in
4116s the TV show
4119s oh this is uh not going great
4135s ER feels good nice oh
4140s oh
4142s why what's no come on let me
4149s well I won't get any rewards now
4165s is that any unique did I just actually
4167s leak into unique oh no
4171s Mikey ruiner
4177s well I guess there's your second leak
4179s for the day
4189s I uh I dropped it like I didn't pick it
4191s up it's gone
4200s I didn't I think that was new it's this
4202s is the problem with it being so long is
4204s I don't even know it's new anymore
4206s people like what's new coming like
4208s that's been in the game forever so that
4209s doesn't count that's not new I don't
4210s have to talk about that
4219s that's funny
4226s and there you may not even notice it but
4228s because I was clicking slightly above my
4230s character but as I pressed portal you
4232s didn't even see the portal open on this
4233s portal instantly
4236s but yeah so Judd got his
4238s stuff but I didn't because I failed
4256s I imagine you might be in the same boat
4258s yeah
4269s just go search search one of the sites
4271s and see what shows up there
4277s I started a rogue Sonic fast
4289s I do I do love love like shift it's just
4292s it's such a great like repositioning
4294s ability
4296s um
4297s it's just it fits the rogue's toolkit so
4299s well
4319s I got already oh yeah
4323s pew pew here we go
4336s ding
4338s ding ding ding ding
4341s ding level up ding level up ding level
4344s up ding level up
4348s would you like a pass a point with that
4350s would you like a passive point with that
4353s okay
4365s nailed it
4384s I'm getting close here I'd like to hit
4387s this boss if we can
4389s uh Chill on here I'd rather not face
4392s that
4394s slow on it I'd rather not face that
4399s glancing clothes not terrible but I
4401s think maybe with high Health increase
4402s damage
4405s it's not very unique yes
4408s I'm not terrible
4414s well I am terrible but not that terrible
4418s that was weird there's like no enemies
4420s there
4424s foreign
4458s collectively we didn't die like Judd
4461s survived so you know there was no there
4463s was no party wipe it's it's I know I
4465s abbreviate it to my deaths but really
4466s it's party wipes that we do it on
4478s that's cheating yeah well good will you
4481s make the rules
4489s I always like the cop games where you
4491s would play through a level that would
4492s show stats for who did the most damage
4494s reward accordingly have you talked about
4496s the
4497s um that inside of monos with multiplayer
4498s could be a fun compete a bit for most
4500s kills or damage I think systems so so we
4503s we have considered that and we're likely
4504s not going to do anything like that
4506s um
4507s it's not impossible but as for as far as
4510s like a core game mechanic I think it's
4512s extremely unlikely that we would do that
4515s um it might be something that you'd see
4516s as like a I like leery about looking at
4519s mousing or uniques now actually
4522s um
4524s the
4525s the reason why it's it's a it's I think
4528s it's a great fit in games like for
4530s example um
4531s uh uh Legends God Legends the the more
4536s recent Gauntlet game uh came out like
4538s eight years ago nine years ago or
4539s something
4540s um
4542s games like that are really good for it
4544s because it's giving you a generally set
4548s toolkit and expectation for each player
4550s in the party
4552s um
4553s in in an RPG like this or or even in
4556s like say an MMO or
4559s um games where not everyone in the party
4560s has the same reasonable expectation of
4562s damage
4563s um it can put people at a
4566s um
4568s uh like uh it's it's lost before it's
4570s begun situation so like you're walking
4572s into the The Motto and it's a foreground
4575s conclusion that the um
4578s the the the the the Mage that has
4581s basically just meteor and Fireball and
4584s you know like just damaging abilities
4585s it's gonna just inherently always just
4587s do better than the
4590s um the Paladin who's just there with
4592s healing abilities it's just like they've
4593s got like holy Aura and sigils of Hope
4596s and and Healing Hands and it's just like
4598s it's all they're there is to heal
4600s um and uh so so it puts pressure on
4603s people to not play the way they want to
4605s play and one of the things we really
4606s like to try and do as much as possible
4609s is give people the opportunity to to
4611s make characters that might not be quite
4613s as traditional or to make support
4615s characters or to make tank characters so
4617s so it's less about DPS and and then you
4619s get into like weird ways of trying to
4621s track the the players
4624s um
4625s uh involvement in those activities so
4628s it's like okay well so you're you're
4630s playing a support character
4632s and now we're gonna try and track your
4635s um well progress is what I'm gonna input
4637s quality of your play the the the quality
4641s of your contribution to either the the
4643s trying to quantify your contribution to
4645s the to the parties uh ability to finish
4648s and complete missions or Echoes or
4651s anything like that
4652s um is really difficult when you're not
4655s measuring Apples to Apples so if you're
4656s measuring DPS to heels that's that's
4659s really difficult to do because if you
4660s just say okay like okay the person who
4661s healed them though like we're not healed
4663s the most but like
4664s um say like okay uh one point of healing
4667s is worth one point of damage okay
4670s um
4670s what if you suddenly have uh people in
4674s your group that are all about mitigating
4676s damage or people who are all about
4678s having high Health pools so the amount
4681s of heals that you're doing changes
4682s dramatically or
4685s um
4686s you know like maybe the way you're
4687s supporting your team is by doing a lot
4689s of crowd control and stuns and you're
4691s like you're splitting up the party uh
4693s the part of the the enemies you're
4695s fighting to in order to make it easier
4698s to deal with like your your time
4699s shifting enemies or your stunning things
4701s and it's
4703s um those things are really hard to
4704s quantify uh to actually say like who
4707s contributed more and and give more
4710s rewards that way
4712s um on top of that you can also then
4714s start to kind of
4716s um I'm just gonna sound ironic given
4718s what we just announced but you can you
4719s can if you want you could intentionally
4721s funnel things onto one player a little
4723s bit easier as well it'd be another
4725s mechanism for that
4726s um and then you get into like the public
4729s groups not being happy about
4732s um like oh well like
4735s I I want more stuff or something you
4737s know like there's there's also social
4738s aspects that come into it as well I I
4740s think that those systems like that work
4742s really fantastic for couch co-op games
4745s where it's like a little mini
4746s competition every single run
4749s um and it's like oh you got me this time
4751s but I'll I'll beat you next time that
4753s sort of stuff and
4754s um that's why I use Gauntlet Legends as
4756s a really good example
4758s um for where it's a system like that
4760s works really well
4762s I could see it being a fun uh like a
4765s dungeon a specific dungeon that works
4767s that way and and everyone knows that
4768s going into that dungeon that's what
4770s you're gonna do
4772s um but having to be uh so such a primary
4775s part of the core end game system like
4777s the models as a whole I doubt we do
4787s that's a good question I like that
4788s question
4799s I I don't know how like I read it for a
4802s long time ago
4804s um but then I completely forgot about it
4806s and was reminded of it last night when I
4807s was reading something else and it's the
4808s um if you ever wondered what game design
4811s as like a
4815s um
4816s something to do or or like more
4818s information about it there's there's a
4820s really short
4822s um
4823s description of different roles in game
4825s design and game development uh
4828s stemming from a game design perspective
4830s and it's called the door problem
4834s it's just it's a five minute read at
4837s most
4839s um
4839s tiny little thing but it's I highly
4841s recommend checking out if you're at all
4842s interested in that sort of stuff
4860s I do I do really want to get more
4863s um
4864s Dynamic activities involved in the
4867s monolith in general I think that's a
4868s pretty common request
4870s um
4871s and something that we are hoping to
4872s hoping to expand upon
4876s and like
4877s yeah really I think that'll really bring
4879s it to life a lot more is those Dynamic
4881s elements in the uh in the model which is
4885s something that's missing a little bit we
4886s have several
4888s here
4905s is he coming back
4917s don't forget everyone can see what you
4919s type
4921s just adds up I know that wasn't bad but
4937s how's the last three masteries going
4939s um we haven't touched them in quite a
4942s while
4945s um they'll be a big focus in the new
4946s year for us
4955s you're so close I just want to hit that
4958s here
4962s cleansing blow
4964s not ideal
4967s we go here here and that'll be enough
4992s last year Master's gonna be a lot of fun
4994s though I know like you can say that it's
4996s sort of a empty statement to say but I
4999s think they're gonna be a lot of fun
5007s you're you're you're listening to me
5009s through the stream with a delay do you
5011s want to come in here
5013s don't have to
5038s ah got it no problem
5049s it's probably a busy household then eh
5056s I just I just noticed I say it there but
5059s like I never realized how much I say a
5064s until I started working on an
5065s international team
5073s that's one of those Canadian stereotypes
5074s that is very true we say a lot
5087s uh Curious are they done one at a time
5090s or all three at the same time
5094s um well we tend to work on one at a time
5099s um in in the like early design stages
5102s and then once we get past that or those
5105s early design stages we end up sort of
5108s um
5112s we end up splitting up the test into
5114s more fine tasks and they started going
5116s um side by side so like when uh when
5119s you're into the like okay all the design
5122s Works done and we're into let's
5124s implement the
5127s the warlocks third skill and all the
5129s nodes associated with it that are
5131s designed we can
5132s um like give that to a team and then
5135s uh you know like they'll be working on
5138s that whilst maybe someone else is is
5140s working on uh implementing
5144s the uh like let's say the the Rune
5147s Masters fourth ability or something I
5149s don't know I'm picking random numbers
5151s um so those things can happen in
5152s parallel
5154s but for the like
5157s bigger uh more broader sweeping
5160s conversations we usually do them one at
5161s a time to focus on one
5163s um gameplay aspects at the time
5167s but those are those are pretty much done
5173s apparently Judd's gonna fire whoever
5175s tune to the diamond Matrix
5183s or maybe we should just fight whoever
5184s tuned meteor huh
5190s kidding just in case anyone's wondering
5192s this is all a joke
5196s just to be clear
5204s not nearly an iron of deep Sun meteor
5206s yeah
5207s oh yeah
5210s now we can do it
5214s all right Judd we're going to kill orbis
5216s or shade Marvis
5221s drink lots of water eh
5224s yeah Kane it is pretty true eh
5230s this is one of the more personal
5232s questions looking back did you expect
5233s this project to take as much effort and
5235s be as big as it is right now and what
5237s you think your proudest moment is of all
5238s that
5240s oh my goodness
5243s um yeah that's a huge question that's a
5244s that's a let me let me think about that
5246s for a week tip question
5249s um
5251s I definitely was when we first started
5255s this I had no idea that this would be as
5259s huge of a project
5263s um as in in so many different ways like
5265s the amount of work it would take the
5267s amount of time it would take
5269s um the size of the game like what there
5271s is to do in the game size the the size
5274s of the like number of people who are
5276s interested in it
5277s um like like the scale in every single
5279s way you can talk about the scale is
5280s bigger than I expected it to be
5281s originally
5283s um
5284s it's always what you hope but you never
5286s expect it
5287s you know and
5289s um
5291s no it's it's so much it's it's fantastic
5294s it's wonderful that that there's
5296s game is doing what it's doing right now
5298s and and um
5300s I don't know I'm thrilled thrilled about
5302s it uh proudest moment of all
5306s um
5312s the zero eight four launch
5315s was was a huge
5318s huge launch that felt really great
5323s um it's always launches though it's and
5325s um
5327s I think and there's there's a few
5328s individual moments of like oh like
5330s finishing a certain
5333s uh certain thing like the first time we
5335s played on our current architecture
5336s online
5338s um
5339s yeah lots of things like that
5345s just wait until Judd was done doing
5347s stuff you'll see a little book over his
5349s head
5350s that was indicating that
5369s Kickstarter uh the the day that the
5372s kickstarter rolled over past the like
5374s it's been funded moment
5376s um which was on the like day 28 of 31.
5381s was was pretty was a pretty huge moment
5385s um I'm kind of just going through all
5386s the times that I cried while working on
5388s this game
5417s I I really like this moveset
5430s foreign
5454s stuck in a classical anytime soon Falcon
5456s class will be coming with 1.0
5459s uh not not before but at 1.0 exactly
5464s the boss boss fight music still playing
5466s that's funny
5471s we need one more
5473s gonna do one more didn't quite make it
5478s thank you you had a lot of fun playing
5480s Ellie I'm glad you've had a lot of fun
5481s playing Ellie I've had a lot of fun
5483s playing le2
5485s makes me feel good when I hear people
5487s say that
5492s less damage taking from Avalanche too I
5494s love it
5503s specifically Avalanche
5507s and that moment you realize that they
5508s moved the enemies use is actually called
5510s enemy Avalanche not Avalanche and you go
5511s oh no
5530s wait you're playing last Epoch too
5532s I I'm playing last epoch t-o-o
5539s good one though
5542s thanks Dad
5554s sorry for the loaded question that's
5555s okay thank you for everything keep the
5556s great work I'm definitely going to be
5558s supporting things that you and ishi have
5559s going on now and into the future that's
5561s cool thank you I appreciate that
5564s we'll try to live up to the standard
5574s I really want to put my passive point in
5576s that little plus is just like eating
5579s away at my soul
5580s but I don't want to open my passive
5581s screen
5592s it's like a ringing phone
5595s that glowing button must be pressed
5618s a few little hiccups and bugs here and
5620s there along here but I'm not doing too
5621s bad
5626s got him
5630s ah gloss
5641s me every time I'm like I must check it
5648s oh that's gonna trigger it did I trigger
5650s it I press it too many times
5655s oh Mike's an idiot
5670s foreign
5681s and so you're just seeing him
5683s teleporting like using the ability to
5685s teleport
5692s may have lost that
5696s unique that was there which is not
5698s awesome but that's okay
5707s foreign
5711s we're going for it Judd we're going to
5713s fight the boss
5717s it's gonna be a few
5733s don't see it right yeah
5736s I'm gonna go down there first to open
5738s that up right
5751s not that thing further
5755s here on time
5758s here a ton
5761s that's a lot of cool damage coming out
5788s what do you want for Christmas
5791s foreign
5794s for Christmas I want I don't that's a
5799s question that I have such a hard time
5800s answering
5803s and purpose because I spend so much of
5804s my time on my computer
5808s I'm like
5809s either on my computer
5812s um taking care of a small child or
5814s playing video games
5816s a smooth point nine launch is what I
5818s asked Santa for every night yeah that's
5820s that would be
5822s the best Christmas present ever a smooth
5824s 0.9 launch oh
5827s if Santa showed up with like a letter
5829s that said 0.9 is going to go so well I
5832s would sleep like a baby every night
5835s like there's an extra there's an extra
5837s two hours of sleep every night for me
5839s easily
5847s a box of honeybees no thank you
5851s they're people way better equipped to
5853s take care of a box of honeybees in the
5854s world than me
5874s I did ask my dad for some more uh
5877s some more filament for my printer
5878s because I've been eating it all up
5880s making these booster packs
5896s many people myself included often have
5898s problems figuring out what items
5900s actually improve their DPS the tool tip
5901s in RPGs tend to not be very accurate is
5903s there anything that last Epoch has that
5905s addresses that problem
5907s um original tip DPS is not overly
5910s accurate either
5912s we're working on improving it
5915s um
5918s part of the problem is so much of
5922s um
5923s some so so many mechanics that are
5925s really interesting and fun to play with
5928s um they they talk a lot about
5931s uh how well or or
5934s um procking abilities or synergies
5937s between abilities or
5939s um using cooldowns efficiently or
5943s um chaining Buffs together properly so
5945s like say you have an ability that says
5947s um your next
5948s so you have a fire attack and a physical
5951s attack and a cold attack
5953s let's go fight right let's go fire cold
5955s lightning
5957s um and so you've got fire cold lightning
5959s attack and each one of them says
5961s um
5963s like
5966s your next physical attack will deal more
5968s damage
5971s um and so if you use
5976s if you use the like the the fire then
5980s the frost then the and each one has like
5982s a unique buff let's say so if you use
5984s all three of them before you use your
5987s physical attack the physical attack goes
5988s up way up in damage
5991s or if you just use the physical attack
5992s on its own it's way less damage so
5996s um calculating the amount of time it
6000s takes to use those other abilities and
6003s applying that as a ratio of the Buffs
6005s that it will apply to the to the file
6007s ability like the payoff ability as
6009s opposed to just using that final ability
6012s relative to the number of enemies that
6014s it's going to hit for each one of those
6015s things is so impossible to calculate
6020s um and and we we kind of say sometimes
6024s we're doing the DPS calculations like
6025s okay well this ability will usually when
6028s you're using it in a swarm it'll usually
6030s hit like three things let's say on
6032s average you'll hit three things so we'll
6034s we'll assume you're hitting most of the
6035s time three things with this ability okay
6037s but then this one's like it's only a
6039s single Target ability so you're only
6040s ever hitting one thing with it and so
6041s sometimes we'll try and use that in the
6043s calculation sometimes we won't
6045s um there's there's a lot of guesswork
6047s that comes in when you're when you're
6049s dealing with
6051s um
6052s trying to calculate real DPS for
6055s abilities in a game like this because
6056s the situations that you're in is always
6057s so different and the order that your
6059s usability is in can have such a huge
6061s impact on the actual damage you deal in
6064s um that all we can really calculate is
6066s if you were to use this ability right
6068s now how much damage would it deal when
6070s you hit someone with it
6073s um which isn't really useful in a
6075s practical situation
6078s um if you want to calculate real DPS of
6081s an ability
6088s foreign
6092s so when we try and generally do
6096s the way the way we try and handle it is
6099s less about trying to calculate your DPS
6102s um your total actual real DPS and more
6105s trying to give relatively accurate DPS
6107s changes based on gear changes so if you
6111s were to like equip this bow over that
6114s bow what happens to your DPS on it and
6117s and you can kind of get like okay what
6119s went up like 10 percent
6120s and so while the number might be wrong
6123s the relative damage is hopefully fairly
6126s close
6128s um to give a better idea on like if
6130s something's better or not now
6135s definitely not perfectly accurate at all
6137s yet and we're we are working to improve
6139s that and there's certain times where
6142s um
6143s where where certain certain abilities
6145s are like some of the times we said like
6148s okay well this usually hits more targets
6150s or
6151s um
6152s like it is isn't a good idea or so
6155s there's times where we've
6157s um
6158s like missed pieces of the calculation
6160s say like okay well uh there could be
6162s this other thing that could be affecting
6163s the damage and we've just forgotten to
6165s account for it or uh you know there's
6168s lots of different things because the
6170s damage that an ability actually deals is
6172s calculated when it deals the damage not
6176s when the ability is used
6179s so when uh
6181s when a fireball goes out when you press
6183s when I like when I press the ability to
6185s shoot sentence right here the damage
6188s that it's it it basically just conveys a
6190s whole bunch of stats onto
6192s that ability
6194s and then when the ability actually hits
6196s something it calculates how much damage
6199s it's gonna do
6203s um
6205s because there's a lot of things that can
6208s be happening on the target as well so
6210s like
6211s um
6213s just chance to shred like chance to
6215s apply fire Shred
6217s on hit is is like such a difficult thing
6220s to calculate for DPS
6223s um
6225s and and like party composition matters a
6228s ton too because like say you're say
6230s you're in a playing a build that scales
6231s really well with fire shred but you have
6234s no fire shred in your build whatsoever
6235s because you know you're playing with
6237s someone who's gonna apply Max fire shred
6238s Stacks like instantly with some ability
6240s because it's just gonna hit so fast and
6242s they have like 800 fire shred chance so
6244s you're just like you know because you're
6245s with them fire so it's great
6247s um
6249s but adding fire shred to your build
6252s would do nothing because they're already
6253s hitting a Max stacks of fire shred very
6256s very quickly or effectively we do
6257s nothing
6258s but then you get up an item so you
6260s receive no gloves equips and you get
6262s that puts fireshirt chance on on hit for
6264s your gloves technically it's not
6266s increasing your DPS at all because even
6268s though it would solo but because you
6270s know you're in a party
6272s um
6273s you know it does it does more it does
6276s less because someone else is already
6277s applying that same stat so there's
6278s there's so many conditionals and there's
6281s so many situational changes and there's
6283s so many little things like that that
6284s like we just can't account for so we do
6286s our best to try and provide the best
6288s light okay if if I equip this like I
6290s have my Center strike it's at 44.94 and
6292s equip this and it's now at 41.62 like
6294s that difference
6296s um
6298s it's actually probably pretty good in
6299s this case because this this bow is
6301s better but not by like a huge huge huge
6303s margin
6308s yeah
6310s it's it's a very tricky thing to do and
6313s in getting feedback on
6316s um which things are over estimated and
6318s underestimated from people is a really
6319s valuable tool
6321s um
6323s for figuring that out I'm ready whenever
6325s you are Judd
6330s plans for uniques based around number of
6333s players in the party unlikely oh you're
6336s up there what am I doing
6348s um I would say number of players in the
6351s party is
6354s um
6355s something that we may kind of apply to
6358s items as uh
6360s like like an um incidental's the wrong
6363s word but like
6368s I don't know how to say it like
6370s maybe you get something that says each
6372s player or like like nearby allies get
6375s Plus
6376s five melee attack damage
6378s you know that is something that scales
6380s based on the number of players in the
6382s party because it's for each Ally
6388s um
6389s but I don't think we would ever do
6390s something where it's like
6392s um you get plus five melee attack damage
6395s for each party member
6398s um
6401s wait where you're just like getting more
6403s stats because there's more people in
6404s your party
6405s so strictly but you know like there are
6409s things that scale better based on more
6410s people in the party
6413s um just because it's giving it to
6414s everyone
6417s so kinda sort of not really maybe
6420s depends on how you look at it
6438s he's gonna Dash in a second now yep
6442s nice pickup on that shrine
6451s full control of support would be amazing
6453s we look forward to that yeah that's on
6454s the list
6455s um
6456s actually this build here I could plug my
6458s controller and start playing right now
6459s Judd's probably playing with the
6460s controller right now actually
6477s multiplayer controller support is
6479s extremely new
6497s oh I must to protect my people
6501s oh give it up for that bow drop I'm
6504s gonna get that for sure
6505s during threshold Colonial channeling
6508s freezing things
6513s reign of winter
6515s you know we're taking that
6519s Judd if you got me with LP on it let me
6521s know
6525s oh he did get one without me on it can I
6527s have it please ah
6530s I'll give you one without
6537s thanks buddy
6540s do you want one without I've got two
6550s I'm gonna assume nope it's this one
6554s it was highlighted so it tells you which
6555s one it is
6563s we don't have enough time to go through
6565s that dungeon or else I do one
6567s and and and and probably apply that
6572s is all cold I'm doing fire but oh it's
6575s so pretty
6582s let's go hop back into here
6590s thinking about Le being an online gaming
6592s forward will skills be designed with
6594s Party play more in mind some are some
6597s are already I know yeah it's it's we
6600s have been designing skills with Party
6602s play in mind and solo play in mind
6605s um for quite a while now and
6608s um we've been trying to build up this
6609s environment where it's it's something
6611s that you can
6613s um you know like playing with a friend
6614s is fun in it
6616s like it's designed to work that way
6618s nicely
6627s well you guys saw the issue where if you
6630s bind move to a mouse button you also
6631s have to use that same
6633s bind to click on Waypoint portals NPCs
6635s Etc
6644s um I don't think that the changing which
6649s button is used to register a click
6652s in terms of like UI elements and NPC
6656s interaction is going to change before
6657s 1.0 it might but uh the way it's set up
6661s right now that would be that's a very
6662s big task
6663s to change
6665s a very big task
6667s and I know it can be frustrating people
6668s who have really um specific other setups
6671s but it's um
6674s probably not something that we'll be
6677s tackling before 1.0
6681s it's possible but
6684s um
6688s I've I've done I've been involved a lot
6690s with the the setting of that up and it
6693s is uh
6694s really significant change
6705s it's quite up to a lot of the small
6707s things that seem like I see this all the
6710s time and it's it's like not just in last
6711s Epoch but like all sorts of games and I
6714s used to say this sort of thing all the
6715s time myself and it's just like just do
6718s this it's super simple or like it's it
6720s can't be that hard to put this in I'm
6722s not saying you're saying this but like I
6723s I it's things that sometimes seem really
6726s quick and easy to do there's like
6730s I said most the time things that seem
6733s obvious and you know if you're playing a
6735s game and you're like well they like
6736s obviously should have done this it's so
6737s simple be so easy so clear like anyone
6740s who's played for the 10 minutes to show
6741s this there's probably some really
6742s ridiculous reason why it's just not
6745s possible and some like insane problem
6748s that you're like if you like really get
6750s down into it you're like well
6753s yeah that would be someone's year to fix
6755s that oh good
6758s um
6760s and sometimes you have to make
6761s sacrifices like that and I'm not saying
6762s that's what this case is but
6764s um I see a lot on on forms for all sorts
6766s of games
6767s um
6769s and and I I it's quite often not as easy
6773s as it seems to fix things that seem
6775s really easily easy to fix like
6777s often there's a really good reason not
6779s always oh my this is why John I need you
6781s save me portal to me please here
6788s I filmed like half of these
6790s okay reset this is there a
6793s back to this one let's reset this
6805s it's to do with the controller
6806s implementation that we're working on yet
6816s just stepping in to say hi I love the
6817s game and keep it up can't wait for
6819s multiplayer it's too bad with my buddies
6821s cool cool cool cool
6824s glad to hear it
6827s that portal is dangerous
6834s this is an empowered shade by the way
6836s Judd
6838s oh we got the same
6841s same eyes
6844s do we both just get just stopped yeah
6847s people just got stopped
6852s this may have been ambitious okay you
6854s know you know whatever
6863s okay let's go here
6872s that's with Max Fire Res too
6891s okay okay
6903s what's going on
6908s oh that's why
6911s I've I've taken us into uh an impossible
6916s situation here I think
6918s we're we're right at the end of the
6920s stream too
6927s foreign
6935s spoiler alert it's not
6946s I might sound cheap sorry about that
6947s doesn't matter it's any cheap it's okay
6949s that uh does the game ever go on sale we
6951s have gone on sale
6953s um We're not gonna we're not planning
6955s any more sales I don't think before 4.9
6957s we're definitely not playing any more
6958s sales at the end of the year I know that
6961s um
6964s so if you're looking to pick up before
6965s the end of the year this will be the
6966s price until the end of the year
6981s yeah welcome prox this is a slightly
6985s different version of the game
6988s seven versions ahead actually some of
6991s those are pretty small jumps though
6993s foreign
7037s oh gosh
7041s moved
7045s ow my face
7070s oh too late
7072s here we go
7075s can I do this just pop this
7082s come on
7091s we're both like don't stand next to each
7093s other in front of each other and move
7095s the same direction
7101s yes
7107s he's over there somewhere isn't he
7110s that way
7111s this way he's down there somewhere
7113s it's health potion
7115s in his health potion
7129s okay get back in
7134s foreign
7137s there we go
7140s well that'll about do us today for us
7144s right into the void
7156s all right well thank you all for coming
7159s out
7164s thank you all for uh joining me today
7166s this is our final stream for the year
7169s um if you want to get in touch with us
7171s or I'm going to turn this uh
7174s down
7176s there you go that's still really loud
7178s for me but it's not super loud for you
7180s guys I hope
7181s um
7183s if you have here I can do this
7186s uh
7189s I I had a great time today I had a lot
7192s of fun I'm glad we got a chance to show
7194s off a little bit of our current multiple
7195s build as you can see there's still a few
7197s bugs in it uh we're still working those
7198s out and uh we're pushing hard for March
7202s 9th releases 0.9 multiplayer beta
7205s multiplayer uh release for anyone who's
7208s playing last Epoch and uh hope to see
7211s everyone there
7212s um we will be continuing our weekly live
7214s streams starting
7216s um in the New Year that'll be January
7218s 6th will be our next stream I think yep
7220s January 6 will be an extreme
7222s um if you have any questions that we
7224s didn't get to the stream or if you're
7226s watching this on YouTube or anything
7227s like that you don't want to talk to us
7228s get in touch with us we will be
7230s available on Discord Reddit our forums
7233s other platforms too that we lurk around
7235s in and you'll see us there
7237s um lots of helpful community members
7238s lots of great people content creators
7239s you can check out as well about the game
7240s if you want to learn more information
7241s about it
7242s I thought about you for us for 2022 at
7245s last Epoch I'm Mike I had a great time I
7249s hope you did too we'll see you next time
7251s bye everybody
7257s foreign