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4s good afternoon everybody and welcome
6s back to the last Epoch Dev stream as
9s always
10s I'm your host Mike hello
12s how are you doing today I'm doing well
14s thank you good thanks for asking
18s gameplay the pleasantries are out of the
20s way we're just gonna hop right back in
21s we're going same build
23s we're gonna do empowered monos let's
25s let's let's try and get some cool stuff
28s just hopping right in if this is your
29s first time here
31s at the super early stage I'm just gonna
33s say anyways from the start please put
35s out Lassie Puck game in front of your
37s questions and I'll be happy to answer
38s them all
39s as best I can oh my goodness
46s wow okay
48s let's remember that we are not able to
51s just like
52s assume we're awesome
55s it's a bit of a rude awaken ready to
56s start there
59s okay
65s were we doing the power last time I
67s don't think we were
72s let's just start this sentence over
74s again welcome to the last defucked gem
76s stream oh we have a ton of modifiers
78s going on this is a fresh one
80s okay well as always we stream here for
82s charity
83s guess who would watch some fool like me
85s play like this for normal reasons uh
88s and we're shooting for Child's Play
91s charity right now which is a sweet
93s organization involved in bringing kids
95s games
97s which is important
113s yeah we're out we're not super duper
116s strong but we're pretty good
118s it's pretty good
122s I just I need to drop the difficulty
124s down slightly because there's too many
125s modifiers on that
127s models are already you know just like
129s just just just just ease things up a
131s touch
137s [Music]
139s make it through Halloween okay we're
141s coming up on well let's see coming up on
144s Christmas but I guess for a lot of
145s people it's Thanksgiving first isn't it
147s yesterday
148s [Music]
150s is today Black Friday or is it next week
159s it's weird we we in Canada we like we
161s kind of have black friday-ish but not
164s really because like we don't have our
166s thanksgiving's like a month and a half
168s ago already at this point so
170s um this is only totally like tie like
173s pin it to
180s a little weird
182s also in future news
185s we'll be uh we've got some interesting
188s stuff coming to the stream soon
189s hopefully
191s um
192s I know it's really vague but uh I I
195s think we're gonna have some exciting
196s stuff that we've been wanting to do on
199s stream for a while we're finally gonna
200s be able to do soon
202s um vague for Shadowood
207s which is pretty cool
213s yeah
215s are you angry game thank you I
217s appreciate that I'm glad you're enjoying
219s it I assume you're enjoying it
223s this build is
225s um
226s it's a lot of fun there's there's some
228s uh spiky versions of it you can get into
231s with super late game stuff
233s um we're still pretty early last time if
235s you weren't here we managed to get on
237s first try get this um less bonus damage
241s from crits onto our weapon which is
243s amazing
246s with a single LP weapon
258s and our goal this time is to get
261s um some sort of
262s uh
264s uh wow lots of damage coming out
267s our gold this time is to get some
269s legendary on our chest
271s so we already have our uh one LP chest
275s version so we just gotta find an exalted
277s item to go with this
279s um
280s we're gonna do yep but you know
281s something sweet comes along okay come on
290s Mr proven points
300s I started uh I started looking into
303s Links of the past randomizers
306s I I just like I've sort of seen YouTube
308s videos pop every once in a while about
310s like this sort of thing and like sort of
313s dismissed it I actually tried it
314s recently oh man it was fun
317s I also realized that I know nothing
319s about that game
324s this sometimes fun
336s oh come on Mike
339s one thing at a time
342s is there anything is I I'm not sure what
344s we're looking for for our chest exalted
346s but um
347s I guess I'm wondering what we should be
348s looking for
350s it has an idea of what they think we
351s should be looking for let me know
354s if you have any questions buddyfuck
356s where it's going where we've been what
357s we're doing
359s happy to answer those two
365s as I get meeting invite notifications on
367s my phone
377s definitely doing one thing at a time
379s here
392s now look what are the actual Buffs we're
395s gaining from anomaly because I can't I
396s remember I was gonna look at it last
398s time I just never did
399s uh
402s oh look at these we should kill things
403s first before looking
408s all right let's just give me time bubble
410s yeah we know that
413s 10 cast speed very useful Health leech
417s yes
420s saturation
422s yep
424s good chance okay nice
429s leech crit text me works for me
440s uh hell you got a question hey uh why
443s don't we have throwing crit chance
446s appearing on the character screen like
448s others
450s Ah that's interesting
453s I don't know why maybe is is there
454s anything that actually gives that stat
456s specifically
463s yeah it's not there is it
466s that's weird I don't know why it's out
468s there
469s we may not have had the stat may not
471s really um
473s been around we created the character
475s sheet which is a long time ago it's just
476s before the Rogue really
478s um we've done some updates to it to add
480s in stats there but I'm surprised that's
482s not there
503s wow
504s these guys are
505s you guys are beefy
507s poison pen we'll take it
514s yeah that's interesting I don't know why
515s we don't have it there
518s um there's there's sort of this like
520s nebulous idea of one day we're gonna
523s update the character sheet oh and it's
525s gonna be awesome and we've like gone so
527s far as to create like a mock-up of it
529s and like set out design specifications
531s for it
533s um and just like never finish the actual
535s I never like at least we actually even
537s started it briefly
539s um and then we're like okay a person
540s working on that this other thing is way
542s more important you gotta change what
543s you're doing now
545s um
546s and then just like it was just one way
548s more important thing after another and
549s it kept getting pushed down the line so
551s it still is in the works
553s um
554s and things like that will be added in
556s what I'd really like to see and I don't
558s know how possible this is
560s um I I think it should be doable it's
562s because of the way that the Stat system
563s is set up
565s um is to actually have a like custom and
568s this is a this is a mic pipe dream
572s uh request for a system like this if I
573s was if I was making it
575s um
576s and that that's have a like custom stat
579s feel so like I'm gonna move this like a
582s favorite stats section so like there's a
585s whole bunch of these tabs and you can
586s like favorite some of them so that they
589s show up on the front screen but then
590s like if someone's not in here you could
592s even like with like a drop down menu you
594s could pick multiple tags because you can
596s because all the stats are just a
597s collection of tags So like
600s um
601s there's they'll have like a base
602s property and then it'll have uh added
605s increase or more value
607s and and that's that makes up the the tag
610s the the stat and sometimes there's like
611s additional things so like
613s um increased ignite chance is actually
615s the stat property ailment chance with
619s the optional tag ignite with the
623s um the type of
625s with the actual number that's involved
627s with it as an increased chance
630s um and so if you could just like pick
631s those things from a drop down you could
632s like make your own stats to like stick
635s out there which I think would be really
636s cool
639s um
640s let's see this it's a lot of work and uh
644s who knows if we can actually pull
645s something like that off but I think it
646s could be really good
647s um because there's just so many stats
649s being able to if there's like some
650s obscure build that you're like I really
652s need to track my bow reflect damage for
655s this build because it's a really key
657s component I don't know
660s um
662s not a dragon sign no healthy though and
664s uh yeah I think you put some cool stuff
666s in there
670s oh
673s I know we really want to get the the key
675s thing we want to put in the in the in
677s and updated character stats screen of
679s some sort is
682s um ability specific
684s information so like okay my and this is
688s a lot easier now since the reworked to
690s most skills has been finished actually I
692s think all seals now have been finished
693s as far as their back-end functionality
695s for stats is concerned and um
700s you could you could get like okay my my
703s uh Warpath has
706s um
706s this much chance to ignite and my
708s Warpath has this much chance to uh
711s poison and then my void cleave has this
713s much chance to ignite and this much
714s chance the poison type thing and you
716s could you could separate it out by
718s individual skill which is probably the
720s most important thing for people
731s I thought we were doing all this
735s this is a lot of stuff here and I kind
738s of want to just like oh all these are
739s about to drop off which is nice
744s anyways some endurance great we have
747s culling
748s no big deal
755s one health regen anyone no nothing oh
757s gosh
774s we've also got some interesting stuff
776s with increased cooldown recovery speed
778s relating to movement abilities and
781s um
783s uh the the order that they start in and
786s things like that coming that we're kind
787s of reworking that a little bit
789s it's just a touch on them
791s um
795s I think it'll make I I think we'll have
798s some some classes that are
801s um feeling like they don't have the
803s ability to get their movement speed up
806s to a reasonable position
808s uh have the opportunity to through
809s gearing to get their uh movement speed a
812s little bit better
813s and then um
816s uh classes that that have significantly
820s better movement speed
822s for the most part will feel relatively
824s untouched
827s um
840s a few exploit cases getting dealt with
842s two which is nice
847s will we ever get legendary items that
849s add extra projectiles duration oh wow
852s it should have been you know looking at
854s the screen soon whoops
857s um
859s will we ever get legendary items that
861s add extra projectiles duration other
863s stuff like that um so I assume you mean
864s unique items
866s um and yes we already have those so
869s I I assume Moore's is possible for sure
872s but um because like there's already uh
876s why are we here
878s um
879s Cinder is a cinder song
886s Defenders
894s brought the wrong name for it
899s I just it's a wand that adds two
902s projectiles to Fireball
910s s in there why didn't those go away
913s that's
916s I died this should go away
920s I wonder what happened there
924s okay
925s um
930s I'm I'm uh I'm struggling to make
932s progress here
941s I almost feel like we should just go
943s back here because we do have calling and
944s we'll probably be able to finish it I
946s think
947s will stash tabs always be available with
949s gold yes we don't plan on selling stash
951s tabs for real money if that's the
953s underlying question sitting there
956s um
957s just a quick reminder if you do want to
959s ask a question please put Atlas debut
961s game in the questions so I see your post
963s stand out a little bit easier
970s be all those like um
974s like the the sort of like the oh it's
978s not that bad pay for convenience stuff
980s um we really we're really avoiding that
983s stuff hard
994s it's a fair bit of poison on the ground
995s here
1004s like hype it's another question that
1006s usually comes up with with that is that
1008s um
1009s like hypothetically if we ever were to
1011s add in an auto loot pet type thing
1014s um it would be available
1016s without money and that any purchased
1019s versions of it would be just cosmetic
1020s variations on the mechanically identical
1023s in-game pet
1026s we do have Mini Pets they just don't do
1027s anything right now
1041s hey could you comment a bit on how do
1044s you balance
1046s um the shared subclasses I recently did
1049s a few Fresh ssf Starts uh and primals in
1054s Sentinel felt way better compared to the
1055s others just because they had access to
1057s more options yeah I I think this is an
1059s interesting
1060s um
1061s you'll you'll look at like acolyte Rogue
1064s and oh my goodness
1069s okay you look at acolyte Rogue and
1073s Mage and they're missing that third
1075s subclass it is it is hard to keep their
1079s um
1081s like the feel and the quality and the
1083s power all all on par with the other ones
1085s that the other two that like I say do
1087s have that third subclass and it's
1091s it's it's really difficult and I think
1094s that we definitely have
1096s um
1101s we've we've left room for it
1104s intentionally because we don't want to
1105s have to go back and do things as much so
1108s we we kind of don't in a sense
1112s um we try we try and give them as many
1114s options as we can and there are some
1116s instances where we've put a few nodes in
1119s one passive tree or even in the base
1121s passive tree where we're like okay
1122s eventually that's gonna be a rune Master
1124s node or oh eventually that's gonna be a
1126s falconer node and so we've we've hidden
1129s a couple of those around already
1131s um but for the most part we're kind of
1133s just in the mindset of let's let's do
1135s things with as much focus on this is
1138s what it's going to be like at launch as
1139s possible
1141s um and that's that doesn't always work
1142s and everything but
1144s um we we kind of want to
1147s if we can avoid redoing stuff
1153s so let's sort of just make it feel as
1154s good as we can with the
1157s with the space that we have the design
1158s space we have
1160s and yeah it doesn't always work out
1163s quite as well unfortunately
1171s I think my health is a little low I
1172s think that's part of the big problem
1173s right now is I need more health
1179s I'm not sure where that's going to come
1181s from possibly Idols partially
1184s um
1185s I think the passives that I'm looking at
1187s because I'm still only 83 I think a lot
1189s of the passives I'm looking at are
1190s Health passives right now
1193s I said that's a big problem about doing
1195s that level 100 content with uh level 83
1198s characters there
1201s are 17 missing
1203s absence
1207s kind of conflicting stuff there uh
1209s Paladin skill avoid night passive
1216s what up last debug what up nastyb
1220s um
1220s how big of a bribe do you need to not
1223s Nerf umbral blades in upcoming passage
1225s patches well I mean I cannot Nerf it
1228s more
1230s than we already have but yeah
1233s um
1235s it's it's it's a pretty
1240s um
1241s Bonker strong ability right now
1247s ah icdr
1250s yeah I think part of the cooldown
1252s reduction stuff I was talking about
1254s before is cooldown Productions it's only
1255s on helmets
1257s and it's a little like
1261s um it's a little narrow right now
1269s I feel like someone was talking about
1270s that in here actually a little while ago
1276s lots of ground effects don't stand the
1278s fire ice
1280s go send in the cold fire
1285s stand down or die
1288s is multiplayer platform with same Unity
1290s engine version or is updated version
1292s it's the same uh I mean technically it's
1294s an updated version
1298s but it's like
1301s the the like
1305s um it's like 2019 point
1309s uh what is it
1312s foreign
1316s 19.4.40 F1 instead of like
1319s 2019.4.38 F1 or something like that
1323s you know it's basically the same but
1325s technically it is updated
1328s get that crit
1330s except on that
1333s I'm not critting they just get pure grit
1335s did I knock at the shrine
1338s did I just like not click on it
1350s just ate that one to the face
1368s Mike what did you say about standing in
1370s the fire
1371s oh yeah
1373s favorite breakfast
1376s my favorite breakfast is kind of weird
1379s um it's like one of the first things I
1380s learned how to make as a kid
1382s and it's
1384s um bunch of rice love rice
1389s um yet rice eggs cheese salsa
1394s my favorite breakfast
1398s I mean like
1403s I don't know I'm sure I could just like
1404s start listing off ingredients and uh or
1407s like things like okay we have like
1409s French toast I'm gonna have little like
1411s steak and eggs in there at the same time
1413s no like actual breakfast that I if I'm
1415s actually gonna make something
1418s yeah
1421s I'm sure there's like a real name for it
1422s but I don't have a name for it
1429s go away for a second guys come on
1432s I'm just gonna deal with these ones
1433s first
1438s welcome back
1440s didn't expect you so soon to the party
1445s across this bridge I've probably should
1447s have gone to that other one first I
1448s thought this was way closer
1456s we just started testing Temple sanctum
1460s in multiplayer
1462s it's pretty good
1464s it's pretty cool that actually got
1466s released to the CTS
1469s want to say yesterday
1476s can we normally this we can
1483s that's funny
1491s the um
1492s the the the game object
1495s on the back end that like you can't see
1497s it or anything but the the game object
1500s that holds things when you when you when
1503s you put them into anomaly like when they
1504s go in there
1505s um it's the game object itself is named
1507s a TARDIS
1510s like it's just called Tardis not a
1513s tardis yeah
1516s that was funny I thought
1519s uh do you expect multiplayer meta
1523s to have dedicated Support classes like
1525s Paladin or would you rather have all
1526s classes bring some Synergy options
1528s but no actual supports I I think we'll
1531s see
1532s um if I was able to like dictate what
1535s the meta was so like it's first off I
1537s should say I I know we have no real
1538s control over what the meta is we we can
1540s we can try and influence it by buffing
1542s and nerfing certain things
1544s um but it's going to be whatever the
1545s community decides it is really because
1547s that's that's just how it works
1550s um and hopefully everyone decides to
1553s make it something that is fun for most
1554s people I never clicked on that's
1556s hilarious
1557s um
1560s so yeah it's it's
1562s sort of whatever but if we if I if I
1565s could if you could say hey Mike if you
1566s could make the amount of whatever you
1567s want it to be what would it be I would
1569s say that there would be
1571s um
1573s there would be the option to play a
1575s support class if you wanted to
1578s um where it was functional and viable
1581s and it worked
1583s um
1584s but it wasn't required so um
1587s I know these like some viable and
1589s required or always so nebulous and like
1591s okay viable for what required to do what
1594s um and usually that conversation that's
1597s being discussed comes down to
1599s um viable ads
1601s Bible such a a funny term in something
1604s like this because quite often the line
1606s for viable is one of the top like one
1610s percent
1611s not even top
1613s tenth of a percent of builds those are
1615s the only viable ones that are the super
1617s Tippy Tip Top ones
1619s um
1619s and I'm not a huge fan of that but I
1622s mean fair enough I think it should be
1623s possible to complete multiplayer very
1628s high-end content be competitive with a
1630s support in your group but not be
1632s required to bring a support if you don't
1633s want to
1634s I think what will be more important
1636s hopefully will be more important is
1638s having Synergy in your party
1641s um
1641s so if if
1643s um I mean we we've actually solved this
1645s problem it's not a thing but like
1646s hypothetically if this was a problem
1648s this would be an example of porous
1650s energy
1651s um there's uh a primalists can't I think
1655s it's primeless maybe like Rogues can
1657s like strip bleeds off targets can like
1660s consume the bleeding stacks on a Target
1662s to do something
1664s um so quite often what you'll do is
1665s you'll focus on setting up a large
1667s quantity of low power bleed Stacks to
1669s consume them all quickly
1672s but um then so if you have someone else
1674s who's relying on using uh very powerful
1676s bleed Stacks to deal damage and you're
1678s consuming their bleed Stacks it would be
1680s like sort of anti-synergistic
1682s um and
1685s I I think that things like that it would
1689s be like bad for your party or whatever
1691s and um obviously I guess so it's
1696s like
1697s I don't know It's tricky to quantify
1699s really exactly what that means
1702s um
1703s can also turn it up there I yeah I think
1705s it should be viable and possible to play
1707s with a support in your party
1709s um and I think that should come in many
1711s different ways like
1712s um I I think this should be possible to
1715s play
1716s um as like uh uh
1720s like a spring and form support
1723s um with like you're you're bringing like
1724s spring minions and spring and form and
1726s you're trying to play like shielding up
1728s your friends and and using the heels
1730s from your from your spring into like
1731s healing wind and things constantly and
1733s stuff like that like
1734s um
1735s I I and all the way to things where
1739s you're you're more about care more about
1740s buffing your allies or you care about
1743s like an acolyte support where you're
1745s specifically focused on like cursing
1747s people and
1749s um maybe that's that's the whole deal so
1750s your your whole form of support is not
1753s about actually dealing damage yourself
1754s but you're like I'm gonna put curses on
1757s people and uh make that be my like like
1760s a team of three three melee people and
1762s like uh uh curse Bill where they're
1765s hitting with bone bone Chris really
1766s quickly and that's like the primary form
1768s of your support is you're just helping
1770s your melee party do better so having
1771s those synergies is more important than
1775s um the the the like holy trinity
1778s composition of the bill where you like
1779s tank uh DPS support things like that
1782s like we're less interested in forming
1783s those relationships and more just
1786s um did you find some way to increase
1788s your group's Power by making things that
1791s work together nicely
1799s uh can you tell are you using Havoc
1802s physics package with your Unity engine
1804s no we're not
1807s all the major packages like that
1810s um that we're using show up in the
1812s splash screen when you first start the
1813s game
1819s um
1821s and some of them not because we even
1822s have to
1828s can we expect you all to go nuts with
1830s more squirrel based uniques nice that's
1832s what you did there I I mean
1835s too much of a good thing you know
1840s I could see I could see a couple more
1842s coming in
1844s um
1848s I I I'd be surprised if any time even
1851s remotely soon but maybe eventually we
1854s see like you open your your your
1856s character sheet it's just like a bunch
1859s of squirrel themed items your entire
1861s character sheet I I think that's
1864s um
1865s not overly likely to happen you know
1870s but uh but possible I guess
1877s uh so other than what we already know
1879s about adaptive melee and other attacks
1881s yeah so um
1883s it's just a quick note on that it's just
1885s that we're removing we're we're adding
1888s the ability to have
1890s um damage types damage stats added
1893s damage stats appear on items without an
1897s element previously all added damage
1900s stats needed to have an element so
1903s um the elements are these seven things
1905s here
1906s and I guess element that damage type the
1909s problem is using some damage type and it
1910s refers to two different things
1912s um
1914s and we use the term Elemental for these
1916s three things which is why element is
1917s confusing when it's talking about all
1918s seven but anyways so you see how this
1919s says melee physical 101 melee physical
1922s damage that physical is going to drop
1925s um and so it's just gonna be one-on-one
1927s melee damage
1929s um some of you went to the question do
1930s you guys plan on having a lot of Buffs
1933s and Nerfs by the release of 0.9 or
1935s intend to balance more next patches
1937s there will be quite a few Buffs and
1938s Nerfs
1939s um some of those just are incidental bug
1942s fixes that um like like there's I don't
1945s know a couple dozen nodes that just
1946s weren't doing anything apparently
1949s um we've done we've done an entire game
1951s on it so um
1954s uh QA staff has an unreal job of
1958s tackling where they've gone through and
1960s tested every single node of every single
1963s ability in the entire game
1965s um and explicitly check that it
1967s functions in relation to every other
1968s node of every other ability in the
1970s entire game
1971s um and so a lot of stuff that came out
1973s of that was just like there were certain
1975s nodes that just like you put one point
1977s in and it does the exact same thing it's
1979s putting 10 points in
1981s um there were some notes that just
1983s didn't work like there's there's lots of
1984s little things and they're like subtle
1986s hidden things that's so hard to tell and
1989s the only way you can tell really is is
1991s with
1992s um tools enabled or if you're like
1994s really really looking
1997s and most people aren't really really
2000s really looking for it type thing
2002s um
2004s so yeah there's there's some sort of
2005s like incidental Buffs and Nerfs that are
2007s gonna happen from just bug fixing
2009s um and then on top of that we do we do
2011s generally like to take a pass at
2012s balancing in general if there's certain
2015s builds that are underperforming pulling
2016s them up a little bit if there's certain
2018s builds that are
2019s um
2021s I'd say extremely powerful and unfun to
2025s play those are the really problematic
2027s ones
2028s um and so we take a shot of those
2029s generally too
2031s um
2032s sometimes we're just trying to make the
2034s build more fun by removing some sort of
2036s like
2037s um Mandatory Action you have to take to
2039s make it function or
2042s um sometimes it's like there's really
2044s subtle things too so there can be and
2046s sort of indirect fixes for things like
2047s that I guess
2049s um there was an issue where
2052s um
2054s I can't read the exact thing I guess
2056s this is this isn't this isn't what
2057s actually happened but I'll give an
2059s example of a scenario that's related
2062s um and it makes the point well
2064s uh extinguinous was for a while the only
2067s item that would actively force your
2069s health to a low Point
2071s um to enable a low life play style build
2073s really easily and
2076s um
2077s if you didn't have easy access to that
2079s you could you could spend a long time
2082s before your build came online or be
2084s forced to play another character until
2085s you got that item or be forced to play a
2087s different build and switch over which
2089s are which are really not things we
2090s wanted so we added in
2093s um
2094s two more items that come a lot earlier
2096s in the game in the form of a different
2097s chest that's just a weaker version of it
2099s that's acolyte only and Boots as well
2102s that perform a similar function and it's
2103s not actually why any of that happened
2105s and
2106s fudging the story to prove a point of an
2108s example but things like that do happen
2115s the chest is actually because we
2117s switched to having class specific chests
2119s and
2122s um it's kind of related because there
2123s were issues where acolytes were having a
2125s tough time getting it too late so it's
2127s half true
2132s all right
2135s it's getting better it's getting better
2136s I feel like there was a lot of mods that
2138s were built up on the on the monolith
2141s that were just a little too much for me
2142s I died a couple times and they went away
2144s and now we're okay
2145s foreign
2148s not for us that's okay
2154s what else do we got a couple more
2156s questions here
2157s oh as far as just bouncing Joe we are
2159s are also going to take just a a normal
2162s balance pass on things before we launch
2164s it
2165s um which which does have to do with like
2168s multiplayer balance and like the
2170s cooldown recovery stuff I was talking
2171s about before and and there's all sorts
2173s of little things here and there that
2174s need to get balanced and touched on and
2175s just as as people play more and we see
2177s more things evolving and we learn more
2180s about the game and we release new items
2181s and things like that like all the
2183s balance effects on the other things
2185s all right next question when multiplayer
2187s comes out our current characters won't
2190s be able to go into multiplayer true well
2193s a similar thing happen from multiplayer
2195s to 1.0 release or will we need to
2197s re-roll at release as well
2202s this subject to change however the
2204s current plan which I expect to be stable
2208s is that
2210s um characters created at in the live
2213s released version of the game when
2215s multiplayer is live so when 0.9 releases
2219s um will be playable in 1.0 however they
2223s will likely be pushed into a separate
2227s cycle a separate environment so you will
2231s um if it's sort of the use Poe terms
2233s standard leak so they'll go into
2235s standard leak and they'll go into
2238s um a persistent pool of characters that
2241s will that will grow as time goes on
2244s um the other two terms non-latter you
2247s know like like pretty straightforward
2248s stuff that's uh sort of a concept that's
2250s pretty ingrained I think in the genre at
2252s this point
2253s foreign rage
2257s enraged half out seems bad when you have
2260s calling so increase health is not
2261s terrible
2273s so yeah if you want to play on the new
2276s ladder when 1.0 launches you'll need to
2278s start new characters
2280s um but for people that don't care about
2281s that or just want to keep with their
2282s characters they'll still have access to
2283s them that's that's the goal that's the
2285s plan I I the way we've designed
2287s everything something would have to go
2289s pretty colossally wrong to make that not
2291s be the case
2292s um and the reason I'm just being kind of
2293s like
2296s non-committal about it is because
2297s sometimes things do go wrong that was
2299s sweet the guy just stopped the cliff
2301s that was great
2314s I wonder if there's any room to craft on
2317s our current gear I guess it's just any
2319s four-dimensional and and space available
2321s let's take a quick look
2325s nope this button I had to move it from
2328s my normal key
2330s a little while ago do we have anything
2333s here
2333s a little forger potential
2336s oh we can we can touch some stuff up
2338s we're in like T3 T4 gear oh let's see
2341s what we got here
2346s oh my face is oh it's on the oh no Mike
2350s what have you done
2353s oh
2354s just oh ruining everything
2358s oh it's way too big now oh no
2363s yeah better but it's not right okay
2366s we're just gonna I'm just gonna do a
2367s little quick little zombie all right I'm
2368s struggling with with
2370s um
2370s survive in a touch let's
2373s you know what just a little bit more
2376s during threshold we'll take us
2379s a little bit further
2383s void residents are doing oh oh yeah
2386s let's go
2388s one
2389s we take those we take those here
2396s endurance yep let's get some of that all
2399s strength there'll be a little bit of
2400s armor too on it
2401s pretty sure something's still the summer
2403s move speed hello
2406s armor hello more move speed hello
2414s armor
2415s take that
2425s it's our fizzer is like
2428s plenty it's good boy damage
2436s oh it's worth a shot right
2438s [Laughter]
2445s our physical is pretty high I mean I can
2447s almost tend to re-roll that a little bit
2448s but
2449s [Music]
2450s um
2451s let's just try and steal some big ones
2453s why not right now
2455s we did get the strength crit though so
2457s that's fine let's see we can see this
2462s that would have been incredible
2464s oh we need an amulet
2468s we need a new amulet that is
2471s that is a woefully understated amulet
2473s here
2475s okay I mean that should help a little
2477s bit eh
2478s a few stats here and there
2481s crafting breakover
2483s see how that does this
2488s oh so much more powerful that's
2490s basically the same whatever though
2502s we'll take those regardless
2513s I'm quite kind of haphazard with my
2515s crafty aircraft materials though so
2516s don't be quite as Reckless as I am would
2518s be my advice
2520s Spy Hunter Alpha
2532s all right let's find another question
2534s here
2535s if I'm gonna die
2538s might as well go doing what I love
2540s answering questions
2549s oh my goodness
2566s hahaha
2586s there we go
2589s that was touching good the whole time
2591s there
2594s okay
2596s slides more questions if you have any
2598s questions please feel free to ask them
2600s and put an at last Epoch game in the
2601s question we gotta reiterate my like
2604s starting Spiel here a little bit we also
2605s do stream for charity everything goes to
2607s charity child displays our charity this
2608s month we'll do a new one every month
2610s exclamation mark build in chat we'll
2613s tell you what I'm playing
2615s hello
2619s say hello to me I gotta say hello back
2620s hello
2622s dig a straighter
2624s prosinto
2631s I'm butchering you horribly but how's it
2634s going bud
2635s how you doing
2637s all right we'll be able to copy our
2638s multiplayer characters into offline mode
2640s obviously not the other way around yes
2642s obviously not the other way around but
2643s it does get asked quite a bit which is
2646s um why it is important to clarify so
2648s thank you for clarifying um moving your
2649s characters from online to offline
2654s Maybe
2656s it doesn't have much in the way of a
2658s gameplay implication
2660s there's a bit of a like
2663s okay I'm gonna like practice my crafting
2665s offline
2667s um element to it that's a little tricky
2669s and like
2671s um
2673s like you suddenly get weird like
2677s experimentation systems and tools that
2680s require you to copy your character from
2681s online to offline things like that but
2682s then if you don't have that ability it's
2684s just a manual entry which kind of sucks
2687s um
2689s It's Tricky and there's already tools
2691s that that use uploading your save file
2693s it's a great effect which I which I I
2694s think are wonderful
2696s um
2697s so it's it's a tough thing to say yes or
2700s no to and we haven't made a decision on
2701s it yet
2702s um I think it would be a positive thing
2704s overall
2708s um
2709s but we haven't I haven't really landed
2711s on it yet it's not it's also extra
2713s functionality
2715s um
2716s it's not terrible to do because it's
2718s really just take the like is the single
2720s player multiplayer clients to the same
2721s client so it's just like take them out
2723s to their character you're playing that
2725s all that data that you can download
2726s anyways because it's just your character
2727s and just run it through the save
2729s function that already exists for single
2731s player so it's not terrible to do it's a
2732s little bit of extra back-end stuff that
2733s needs to be done for it
2738s but realistically right now because
2743s um
2743s because of the way multiplayer Works
2744s your characters save never actually
2746s fully oh it might make it onto the
2748s client
2751s not the same way it's a little different
2754s so maybe I'm gonna give you a maybe uh
2757s corruption right now is is at 50. I am
2761s so good at this I'm level 83 you know a
2765s little break here
2768s do I have any passive points though
2776s what about the performance what about it
2777s we're gonna be
2779s um
2779s we've got any performance updates coming
2781s through there's all sorts of stuff we've
2782s done in that in that past that I was
2784s talking about earlier about the entire
2786s game pass that QA did they also checked
2788s every single uh scene in the entire game
2790s every single level every single zone
2793s um check it for uh like bugs
2798s um
2798s like uh visual obstruction overhangs
2802s um checked it for
2805s uh
2807s uh performance there's like there's all
2810s sorts of new tools that were developed
2811s recently by one of our technical artists
2812s that are just so great to have ding
2815s there we go love it thank you very much
2818s someone hello headless Hunter subscribed
2821s thank you very much welcome to the party
2822s hope you're having fun
2824s stick around I might learn something
2828s I doubt you will though I mean
2831s I got I got nothing to teach here
2835s but um yeah they was I saying just for
2838s that
2842s same things stuff and things
2850s here we go
2854s oh my face
2856s it hurts Avalanche my one weakness how
2859s did you know
2861s I want to open the window it gets really
2862s hot and you want to do this
2874s because I hate wearing my constricting
2877s suit at the office oh
2883s all right another question sorry if this
2885s has been asked before that's okay it
2887s probably has we'll be happy to answer it
2889s again no problem
2891s um will there be an alternative way to
2893s level once you've finished the story on
2895s a character uh kind of yes kinda no
2899s um we're sticking with the same system
2900s we have now which there is a
2903s um a way to augment your subsequent
2905s leveling process through the use of
2907s dungeons
2908s um it's it's not quite as effective at
2912s the job as we had hoped and were we're
2914s still looking at improving that
2916s experience and um increasing the ability
2918s to which you can augment your leveling
2920s process through dungeons
2925s um
2925s this sword looks so cool and like this
2929s is the version in here I don't think it
2930s is
2931s it's not in here yet
2933s the
2935s what is it is yeah
2939s yeah so subtle yeah
2943s yeah love it anyways
2945s um
2955s necro red small charm we'll take it
2957s small Idol
2963s um yeah so so the the with the dungeons
2966s if you're unaware you can go into a
2968s dungeon
2969s um and dungeons all have
2972s um storyline skips so for example if you
2975s go into temporal sanctum
2976s um it spits you out at the end of time
2980s um basically so it's pretty sure oh no
2983s it's um
2985s the woods the woods drops you at the end
2987s of time
2988s yeah you you um
2992s no not so far Bastion
3007s Wow Mike
3009s um so you're coming through the game
3010s here
3011s um if you're unaware this is where
3013s chapter a starts
3015s um after the prologue uh so it's out
3018s here you have a few questions here then
3019s you start coming along here
3021s um chapter B starts in here I think this
3023s is where chapter B starts
3026s I think uh which you all know is chapter
3028s three
3030s um
3031s and then uh you can take a detour up
3034s here uh to light this Arbor when you
3036s complete like this Arbor this spits you
3038s out it jumps you all the way to the end
3040s of time skipping all of this
3043s um
3044s which
3046s skips quite a bit of the storyline so
3049s like all three of the dungeons that are
3050s in the game right now do have storyline
3051s skips and they let you um one of the One
3055s lets you jump right to the end the last
3056s chapter basically
3059s yeah and they'll just they'll just help
3062s a little bit
3064s to speed up that leveling process now
3066s there's there are some issues with
3068s um
3070s the like the difficulty uh with early
3073s level characters especially with that
3075s lightless Arbor dungeon specifically
3077s that one uh low levels and um
3081s so there's a few there's a few changes
3083s that need to get made there to make it
3084s play better and feel better
3086s um then on top of that in multiplayer
3089s um rushing someone in multiplayer is
3091s unbelievably easy and efficient
3095s um so if you've got a friend who's
3096s already uh already at endgame uh getting
3100s there yourself takes 10 seconds
3103s like you just jump right there so it's
3106s you know
3110s kind of yes
3112s in a way
3118s um there are there are elements of the
3120s storyline though that
3123s um you will need to complete in order to
3125s um have a fully finished character so
3127s like the the quests
3129s um the quests that give you uh stat
3132s point or passive points stat points
3134s actually with the final quest of the
3135s game right now uh and because the final
3138s quest the game gives you one to all
3139s stats it's part of this dexterity
3141s intelligence are coming from
3142s um
3143s and uh you get your passive and idle
3147s stats so there are eight idle slot
3150s rewards for Quests for secondary quests
3152s and um
3154s uh or side quest sorry and then there's
3156s 15 pass-a-point rewards for the same
3159s type of quests and also some main quests
3161s probably too I don't know exactly where
3162s they're all located but there are way
3164s more than eight Quests for idle slot
3166s rewards that are in the game so you can
3168s pick and choose the eight that you want
3169s to do and there are way more than 15
3171s passive reward quests in the game so you
3174s can pick choose the ones that you want
3175s to do
3176s um like so here's here's an example I
3178s still haven't done this Quest yet
3180s uh it's a side quest it's a pass-a-point
3183s reward but there are 15 finished passive
3186s reward quests that I've done so I've got
3188s all the passive points that I can get
3189s and you won't actually get a passive
3190s point from this I should probably update
3191s the UI to show that you won't get this
3193s because you're already capped or
3194s something like that
3197s make a note Mike
3199s okay good
3201s um
3217s oh we have to pass a point we can do
3224s thanks for remember
3238s [Music]
3239s we got a shout out to in-game chat for
3242s constantly having one of the most
3243s helpful and nice communities rare to see
3245s uh one so decent nearly every hour I'm
3247s on that's cool man I'm I'm glad you're
3249s having a good experience in there I
3251s don't see too many like horror stories
3254s about that which is great
3256s um
3258s the the the and like
3261s I also rarely see people complaining
3263s about the mod team in there which is
3264s really nice to see as well
3265s um just shout out to you people that are
3266s doing a fantastic job
3271s any cool leaks
3272s yeah sure
3274s what do you want
3281s I got a couple things planned
3291s I really hope you just like asked for
3293s something that I just have queued up
3294s it's kind of like it's kind of what I'm
3295s hoping for here
3297s foreign
3299s number two leak okay you want the number
3300s two league first sounds good okay
3306s okay Cosmetics win
3310s that's actually what I'm working on
3311s right now
3313s proving to be very difficult to do
3315s here is updated VFX for a
3319s uh
3321s uh the oblate ability yes it's actually
3323s in spellblade
3324s um
3325s take a little Peak
3330s juice pretty hard got that repeat
3332s activation shatter strike
3335s um
3336s so it's it's Auto recasting itself a
3339s whole bunch
3344s I like this one
3347s Elemental Weapons Anya start
3361s oh yeah
3362s that's it
3371s yeah it's I think it's a really cool
3373s update
3374s um
3378s you like the pretty snowflakes in that
3379s me too
3381s so yeah we're there's there's lots of
3383s abilities that are getting a little
3384s um a little it's pretty huge visual
3386s updates on them
3387s um
3389s just to just to bring them into our
3391s modern era of Awesome
3394s it's a thing isn't it
3408s I do need I need some more more damage
3411s output here
3412s I don't know where we're gonna get that
3413s from
3417s but you need a little bit more of it
3421s should probably be looking for for gear
3425s oh hey
3426s hello there amulet with a ton of
3429s resistances on it a little bit of Mana I
3431s might craft that to something cool
3442s how close are we until multiplayer and
3444s economy trading release
3446s um
3447s an unknown duration that I can't share
3450s with you right now
3453s so the uh
3456s I I don't I don't have an update on the
3459s ETA for multiplayer just yet
3462s um as for the phrase like economy
3465s trading release
3466s um I think you might be expecting a
3468s little bit more in the uh
3472s uh trading category then is gonna happen
3477s maybe not I could be reading into that
3478s way too much
3490s hey dude is it necessary for you to keep
3492s selling copies of the game to get out of
3494s Early Access I hope this isn't a rude
3496s question by the way
3497s um it yeah I I understand the question
3499s um it's not it's not rude it's totally
3500s fine even if it was true then I wouldn't
3502s be offended or whatever but
3504s um the worst case scenario I just
3505s wouldn't answer
3507s um
3509s I I get I guess this boils down to is
3511s hypothetically in the scenario that we
3513s sell zero copies between now and release
3514s are we okay as a company yeah we're fine
3517s um
3518s well like there's no risk of us not
3521s making it to release
3527s I mean okay there's always some tiny
3530s amount of risk right
3532s um
3533s but no we're fine it's
3536s smooth sailing
3539s um
3546s memory those are nice if you haven't
3548s seen one of those before it it um lets
3551s you start the arena at the halfway point
3554s um
3555s between of like what you complete last
3558s thing so if you completed and a minimum
3560s of 50 I think so if you completed like
3563s 400 waves last time it starts you at 200
3565s instead of zero which is really nice
3570s it's always glance it looks fine we're
3574s gonna go with that
3576s sounds good well nice to hear you we're
3578s doing pretty good
3581s and then like to be fair
3583s I I say I said answer the last question
3585s was such confidence I have no access to
3588s the details of the company financials so
3591s really I don't know 100 but um
3600s as far as I'm aware
3602s everything's totally fine
3609s two of you
3613s I'll plus Eight's all attributes that's
3615s a nice one that's in there
3625s DPS up a little bit here
3628s I'm not sure what to do their best
3636s are we planning to implement an economy
3637s system similar to PO you're deal with
3639s you no
3648s I think I've been pretty clear about
3650s that
3657s void res oh we actually have more dress
3659s caps look at that we're over capped on
3661s it what did that happen
3664s where this one we've got oh lightning
3666s res is down what happened what
3679s I haven't seen the road map there isn't
3680s one right now how far down the line uh
3683s are the unfinished masteries unfinished
3685s Masters will arrive with 1.0 launch at
3688s the same time so whenever 1.0 launches
3690s Masters will be the same day same time
3692s same patch
3695s um
3696s this was it was an interesting decision
3698s to to get how we got there
3700s um
3703s part of it is just where we are in
3705s development with them and
3707s um
3710s like I know it sounds weird but most of
3711s it was a decision to try and get
3712s multiplayer out faster
3714s um it's been been way too 90 a month
3716s throughout anyways but yeah that's
3718s um
3719s we had considered releasing some of it
3721s 0.9 or something between 0.9 and 1.0
3725s um and and I think it'll just hit hit
3728s hard hit nice and then be a big big
3730s event at 1.0 and be like here the game's
3732s finished now we're not finished but
3734s um it's a complete game now there we go
3735s that's a better way to put it
3741s well hello Aaron spoiler time I just did
3744s a spoiler come on
3748s maybe later maybe a little bit I've uh I
3751s don't have a ton lined up today I got a
3753s couple things but you know
3755s you missed it
3756s so I'll show you again real quick just
3759s for you
3761s what's through
3777s what's the whole thing
3781s gotta get here on time
3787s oh let's get rid of you
3794s wild guess after 0.9 is out and smooth
3797s sales you think
3798s it's faster to get content patches 3.9
3801s to 1.0 oh yeah yeah the time between
3804s content patches
3806s um between the last patch and 0.9 is is
3810s going to be an extreme exception to our
3813s our development pattern not the norm I I
3817s do not expect to wait this long between
3820s patches hopefully ever again this is
3823s this is this is very much uh
3827s longer than we we had initially planned
3829s longer than we had expected all that
3831s sort of stuff but it is
3833s um
3835s super duper not representative of our
3836s long-term plans for release schedules at
3839s all
3841s you know it's not even you come on get
3843s over there
3843s keep going
3844s there we go
3847s oh
3849s my mouth is too full I can't chew
3851s anymore
3867s okay come on oh my man is hurting
3878s yeah that's uh it's a bit of a struggle
3890s there she blows
3893s you know what I found out today
3897s before Leslie Nielsen was like the
3899s prototypical uh comedy straight man
3902s it was like a serious like
3906s fantasy action sci-fi drama actor
3910s um
3912s I just I got recommended mood today
3914s Forbidden Planet I'm gonna watch it
3915s excited to see it
3919s I mean that's not bad actually
3924s and Only Could strike avoidance
3938s and also not terrible
3942s also not terrible well take it
3945s was a quick chance that's okay we don't
3948s care about crew chance
3953s uh any hints to cosmetic cost
3957s uh mainly in relation to cosmetic points
3959s from Kickstarter backers
3961s um yeah that's a great question we
3963s haven't uh haven't nailed those down
3964s quite yet
3966s um
3969s I I don't I don't want to make any
3971s statements about expectations for
3972s quantities of purchasable with the
3974s amount of points that we've already
3975s given out and things like that how much
3977s those points are going to be worth
3979s um I I think the the number of points
3981s will be
3983s in the ballpark representative of the
3986s size of those packs if that makes any
3987s sense
3989s um
3991s but that doesn't really mean anything
3992s without knowing how much what those
3993s points can buy so yeah it's it's
3997s uh I don't really much didn't [ __ ]
3998s share with you on that one sorry
4000s um
4003s I I I think it's it's gonna be
4007s we definitely the points the points of
4010s the cause the the whole the purpose of
4012s the Cosmetic um rewards ntx system and
4014s things like that
4015s um
4016s is is really fun to development long
4019s term right
4022s um
4023s and I like
4026s I assume I'll be involved somewhat in
4028s those that decision making a little bit
4030s at least
4031s um and I think that everyone involved
4033s with that will
4035s I don't want to make any too Outlander
4038s statements here but I I think it'll be
4040s reasonable I don't think there's gonna
4041s be anything ridiculous
4043s um
4047s yeah
4049s I know I basically just said nothing in
4051s like four different ways I'm sorry
4055s oh we have a good answer for it
4061s I think you will be able to see here's I
4063s guess something I think you'll be able
4064s to see a distinction in flashiness
4068s between the different
4070s um price points so like likely things
4073s that are on the cheaper side will have
4077s um less extreme visual effects that go
4079s with it
4081s um and things that are on on the pricer
4083s side will probably have have a little
4085s bit more going on
4087s um with them so like I don't know maybe
4089s maybe there's like
4091s I I guess really examples just look at
4093s look at the pets that are already there
4094s and the tiers that are available and
4095s that's the type of progression I'm
4096s talking about
4105s what's that beast king
4115s well we have a battle pass
4119s um I there's no immediate there's no
4122s like design document for a battle pass
4123s that I've seen or anything like that
4125s um I can't say it'll be something it'll
4126s never happen and
4130s um
4130s I think it's also important to note
4132s distinguished like
4135s I think battle passes get a bad rap
4139s overall as a like a a catch-all for a
4143s negative term
4145s um when in reality there there's a lot
4148s less
4150s um
4152s a lot less negative stuff happening
4154s there I mean I think there's
4157s a lot of negative stuff happening there
4158s as a core system I think there's ways to
4161s battle passes positively I guess what
4163s I'm trying to say um I think it's almost
4165s never done
4167s um but it does happen and there are
4168s there are games that do battle passes
4170s really well when you look at them and
4171s you're like that's cool that's really
4173s cool
4174s um and sometimes they don't even look
4175s like a battle pass but they really are
4177s when you boil down what it's doing
4180s um
4181s and sometimes they're like they're even
4183s just free they're even just um it's a
4185s free battle pass there's no paid version
4187s of it uh and and you're like that's cool
4190s that's just a neat way to uh encourage
4193s varied engagement in the content with
4195s rewards for completing certain tasks
4198s um
4198s and that's cool
4200s um
4202s tying power into it
4205s um and having the discrepancy between
4207s the free battle pass and a hypothetical
4209s paid battle pass being extreme it's
4212s where you start to get issues I think
4215s um
4217s so while we don't have anything planned
4218s I could see there being a way we tie
4220s something similar to a battle pass in in
4223s some way in the future and it might not
4224s even look like you may see it and be
4227s like oh this is a cool system and buy
4228s the scenes I'm like that's a battle pass
4229s you just can't even tell
4231s um that type of thing might happen but I
4233s don't know it's it's all that's
4235s long-term plans at best
4237s long-term hypotheticals let's call them
4239s that
4243s I don't like our armor getting Shred
4246s I'm not a fan of that in range we don't
4248s want to enrage
4253s um yeah the cooldown's not terrible
4255s go for that
4259s why is there no Mana leech or Mana pots
4261s in the game I mean there is Mana leech
4263s on specific skills
4265s um why is there no Mana pots and very
4266s little man leech president man leech
4268s stats
4269s um we try and use cooldowns as little as
4271s possible our primary means of balancing
4274s and uh regulating skill frequency and
4278s visual noise from those large flashy
4280s skills is generally through Mana that's
4283s our main form of that and being able to
4286s um and we do sum it through cooldowns as
4288s well it's part of the reason why there's
4289s so fuel
4291s um
4291s like why cooldown and Mana is such a
4294s such a difficult stat to get is
4295s partially because we want the base
4297s versions to feel good and have the
4299s maximum potential of it not be too
4301s extreme
4303s um I guess what I'm saying is having
4305s being able to just
4307s cast something like uh
4311s what's what's man again it's not cool
4313s it's meteor navigated I think it's
4314s mitigated
4315s um but you'll just like spam meteor
4317s forever would be a little gross
4320s all right there's probably some build
4321s that can do that
4322s um but you know what I mean like there's
4324s we try and also use Mana as a way to
4328s encourage uh skill weaving so where
4331s you're not just being like okay this is
4333s my skill I'm a one button bill it's all
4334s I do and we do have builds like that
4336s that are available
4337s um but man is man is quite after the way
4339s we try and do that so that you're less
4341s worried about
4344s um can I use this ability it's more how
4346s many times can I use this ability in a
4348s row so things are available when you
4350s need them for the most part and
4353s um it's it's
4354s strategically using them is a part of
4358s your play pattern and thinking
4363s is the goal
4372s don't forget to put that last seatbelt
4374s gaming your questions I see one here
4375s that I don't know what it means so I'll
4377s read it out I'm gonna ask you to
4378s rephrase it so I can understand you uh
4380s ever gonna Implement stun b or Bach
4383s animations ns4 characters
4385s I don't know what that means
4387s um please tell me what that means
4390s hey Mike uh last development update
4392s communication was dropped September 2nd
4394s any official communication coming soon
4397s um
4398s hopefully
4400s uh I don't think there's anything I mean
4403s like like right now
4407s um no seriously I I don't know of any
4410s um major Dev updates blogs planned right
4413s now
4414s um I I think it's been a while I think
4416s it'll be good to get one out
4418s um sooner rather than later
4424s yeah
4427s no details sorry
4431s um new subclasses will not be unlocked
4432s on the battle pass no new subclasses
4434s will not be unlocked on a battle pass
4440s so I shouldn't I shouldn't laugh at
4441s something like that because I'm sure
4442s there's there's there that is a thing
4444s that happens but no um that's not
4446s something we're planning
4450s we're like to be clear I just want to
4451s submit this clearance there's no battle
4453s passes there are no battle passes
4455s currently planned
4457s um I I was merely leaving room for the
4460s possibility of a battle pass-like system
4462s that could emerge sometime in the future
4464s if we decided to
4466s um and was trying to give examples on on
4469s how that could be done nicely
4472s but no we have no plans on a battle pass
4474s system at the moment
4480s our our modernization model is is
4482s incredibly simple
4484s uh
4486s there's
4488s um below average box price and some
4491s strictly cosmetic only microtransactions
4493s uh that's about it
4497s ah
4498s it's pretty it's pretty it's pretty
4499s simple
4506s all right Leslie [ __ ] is surprisingly
4508s fun on Steam Deck cool I know some
4510s people have been like getting into work
4511s and some people haven't been able to and
4512s some people have so it's interesting to
4513s hear that at least you are that's cool
4515s um but I could use some controlled UI
4516s improvements uh if y'all ever get the
4519s time I love hybrid controls input scheme
4521s that incorporates the best parts of Poe
4522s steam deck and Le steam deck yeah we've
4525s um we've put literally zero time effort
4527s thought into the steam deck at all
4530s um what does work is purely incidental
4532s luck
4534s we we've completely ignored it and have
4537s no intention to support it until uh
4539s we're a little bit closer to to release
4542s it possibly after release like it's it's
4544s not a platform we're paying attention to
4546s um it's something that we'd love to to
4548s get more involved with and have be be
4550s like an action supported platform but we
4552s don't have the um
4554s the resources allocated to that at the
4556s moment it's it's just
4558s if it's working cool if it's not oh well
4561s we'll work on it later type thing
4563s um we just gotta get to launch and
4564s adding more platforms to our launch
4566s platforms we'll delay that so it's it's
4568s it's
4569s um back burner for now
4571s I'm glad you have it working to some
4572s degree I will say also there are a lot
4575s of incidental things that will improve
4576s it so just general UI improvements that
4578s are coming down the pipe will help it
4579s um General controller support updates
4581s will help in a ton because that's the
4582s biggest problem with it right now is
4583s that there's no we don't have full
4585s controller support then that is a launch
4586s feature so there are incidental things
4588s that will happen to improve that
4589s experience but it is not something that
4591s we're focusing on at the moment
4595s with the change to the change to making
4600s weapons have adaptive base damage and
4602s just because we're not calling it
4603s adaptive anymore the term adaptive's
4604s getting dropped so it's just generic
4607s base damage let's call that
4609s um a generic song term too
4611s um
4612s just added melee damage is not a stat in
4615s the game right now
4617s um added bow damage is not a stat in the
4619s game right now added throwing damage is
4620s not a stat in the game right now we're
4621s gonna add those stats
4624s are there any planned changes to Flat
4626s damage added modifiers
4628s um so yes they're the basically what it
4632s is is
4633s um almost and not all of them there are
4636s exceptions to this but almost every
4638s weapon is going to get its implicit
4640s damage stat converted to the new style
4644s which means we'll be dropping the word
4645s physical from most added damage stats on
4650s weapons and we'll be dropping the word
4652s adaptive from spell stats as well just
4656s so so the term adaptive spell damage
4658s will just become spell damage
4660s um and so the stat melee physical damage
4663s is not going away and you can still have
4665s the stat melee physical damage and it'll
4666s still appear on
4668s um affixes and things like that that can
4670s go on gear so use this this 119 melee
4672s void damage that's an actual affix on
4673s this gear
4675s um this is any trick you can alt tab
4677s if you're in windowed mode if you're
4679s playing in a window
4680s um and it will uh basically separate
4683s your cursor from what's going on uh but
4687s the the tooltip system is designed to if
4691s you alt Tab out of the game it forces
4693s the tool to stay on the screen
4695s um so you can move around this is just a
4698s neat little trick
4699s um
4700s so this this physical is going to get
4701s dropped here so let's be melee damage
4705s um but this void damage uh will likely
4708s not get dropped in most instances but
4711s could appear dropped in some instances
4714s if we wanted it to
4716s um so it's more like so we're just we're
4717s adding new stats into the game and we're
4720s um
4721s in a lot of situations converting them
4723s over but not all of them so there are
4724s certain weapons that are like the weapon
4726s clearly looks like it's on fire so it's
4728s gonna be Melee fire damage it's gonna
4729s stay Melee fire damage basically all the
4730s ones that are not physical are keeping
4733s their damage tight
4734s and maybe a couple of them that are
4736s physical or keeping it too but it's it's
4738s really rare the vast majority of the
4739s moral is changing to straight damage
4742s um
4743s and that will function the same way that
4746s adaptive spell damage functions at the
4748s moment
4750s um as for changing what those modifiers
4752s are this does increase the power of most
4754s of those weapon implicits because it is
4756s the proper damage type such that
4759s um because I'm dealing mostly void
4761s damage and suddenly this melee damage is
4763s adaptive to the it becomes white damage
4766s on his avoidability so increased void
4768s damage will increase that whereas
4769s increased boy damage does not increase
4771s this physical damage right now so all of
4772s these stats are getting a little bit
4774s more powerful in general
4776s um it's not a huge shift and there
4778s doesn't need to be a massive balance
4779s pass there are a couple tweaks that are
4780s happening as we're going back through
4782s weapons and we're like okay this one
4784s gets converted to generic this one
4785s doesn't this one uh you know like like
4788s okay well this one gets converted and
4789s let's let's turn it down by two percent
4791s or something you know like like there's
4792s little changes that are happening there
4793s as well
4794s um which is just generic balance stuff
4796s love to see it love to see it
4802s do something cool try and try and up
4804s something to like slap a
4806s maybe get a LP on there you know give it
4809s a shot right right
4812s uh are we there
4815s 850 13 shorts
4825s oh hey that's a good one I don't really
4827s care about good chance
4831s foreign
4833s any plans for some sort of matchmaking
4836s process with multiplayer um so yeah if
4838s you just declared something up if you've
4840s seen us refer to the term matchmaking in
4842s previous Communications
4844s the term matchmaking that we've used
4845s refers to the server's ability to find
4848s when you when you're Zone transitioning
4851s uh to be able to find the proper server
4854s that your other people in your party are
4856s on and put you in the same server as
4859s them or create a new server to spin up
4861s for the new Zone that you're that you're
4863s entering if necessary if there's no one
4865s in that zone yet
4866s um so when we've used matchmaking in the
4868s past that's what we mean by matchmaking
4870s just just a little FYI
4872s uh as as far as Aaron I just saw your
4876s comment oh my gosh
4877s um as far as as far as matchmaking in
4879s the terms of like open a menu and be
4881s like looking for group for uh
4884s temporal sanctum T4 uh need one Healer
4888s you know like like that that type of
4890s thing where it's just where it's more of
4891s an automated system
4893s um we're not really looking at much
4895s right now that's that's something that
4897s might be added on later if we deem it
4899s necessary uh we we have got some
4901s feedback that's a little tricky to find
4903s people to play with in our in the CT
4904s program right now
4906s um people are using Discord a lot people
4908s are using the in-game chat a lot for
4910s things like that
4911s um and it's freaking okay but not
4913s fantastic
4915s um I know personally my experience with
4917s things like that is it's never been
4918s something necessary for me because the
4920s way I play these games
4922s um quite often is solo until I've got a
4924s friend to play with and I play with a
4926s friend
4926s um and so like I'm already communicating
4927s with my friends on some other platform
4929s anyways
4930s um
4932s that's definitely not the only way to
4935s play at all lots of people love to play
4936s multiplayer with just random people on
4938s the internet which I think is a great
4938s way to connect with people and make new
4940s friends and
4942s I definitely have friends still now
4944s today that I played that I rated in WoW
4946s with you know 10 years ago more than
4949s that oh my gosh 15 years ago when did
4952s wrath come out anyways
4955s um
4956s and
4959s oh yeah so so I I consider being a
4961s feature we look to add in the future but
4963s it's not one that we have in right now
4968s sort of uh maybe feature it's not maybe
4970s a baby baby bag maybe maybe
4973s uh can you provide any data on the base
4976s stats of minions such as the attack rate
4978s and base damage tankless has uh mined
4981s some of it but not all
4982s um
4983s if you ask really nicely in Discord in
4987s the ask the devs channel uh very
4989s specific ones I can go grab a couple for
4991s you we don't have a big out uh like a
4995s big sheet of all of them or anything
4996s like that so I actually have to like go
4998s and find their model in the game and
5001s like
5002s um look through a couple different
5004s scripts to find what their stats other
5006s base stats are
5008s um
5010s so I I'd be willing to do some but I'm
5014s not gonna I'm not gonna go uh
5017s build an output system for the whole
5018s thing at the moment or um
5022s probably should at some point
5027s drink lots of water kids
5032s might confirms battle pass well yes but
5035s actually no
5039s we're not not doing that
5041s reiterate we have no current plans to
5044s implement a battle pass system
5047s super clear uh will your character ever
5050s be stunned Frozen
5052s uh will your character ever be stunned
5055s froze block as far as animations
5064s instantly missing in that question
5069s like like animation locking for Block
5072s animations like I think that's what I
5074s think that's what it's asking so like
5077s um if your character blocks an attack is
5079s there an animation that happens which
5080s locks you in place for a brief moment no
5083s I don't think there is I'm pretty sure
5084s it's just a block happened and that's it
5087s someone just picked me in the Discord
5089s I'm not gonna do it right now if that's
5091s what that was
5098s oh
5102s this is look gone he's a totally
5105s unbroken super stable perfect build boss
5110s that works in every situation
5115s um no he's super busted there's um
5117s learning his abilities is really
5118s important I'm gonna like get it wrong
5119s and just get popped at some point here I
5121s guarantee it
5123s um but learning which way this beam is
5125s gonna go I think is the most important
5127s thing to improve your survivability in
5129s this so it always travels towards the
5132s center
5134s so as I can turn red for a couple
5135s different reasons
5137s um either he's doing that big downward
5138s eye blast that he just did or he's doing
5141s the sweep and so he notice how he sweeps
5143s towards the center here and so when I
5145s saw him start to sweep I moved to the
5147s outside so that he would sweep away from
5150s me
5152s um and I gave some advice on Reddit this
5154s and I did I said the exact opposite
5156s thing and I just realized right now that
5157s I said the exact opposite thing so I'm
5159s sorry random person I've read it that I
5160s screwed over completely you moved to the
5162s outside because he's gonna move to the
5163s inside
5166s um and so whenever you start to see him
5168s like do that that animation where he
5169s like dips down a little bit with his red
5171s eye that's the big dip for the for the
5173s directional blast and that's the the up
5176s downward blast so yeah those things so
5178s he's gonna move to the center see there
5180s um so if I could have got to the outside
5181s of the far side I would have but there's
5182s enough room that you just run to the far
5184s side and you're fine
5186s uh because I was it was it was recently
5188s a thread that came up about how you
5190s can't beat lagon without a movement
5191s ability because that beam always gets in
5193s the way
5194s um
5195s and it's it's it's learning how it's
5197s gonna work it's gonna come to the center
5199s it's not gonna make its means fine
5202s but if you can if you can move to the if
5205s you can move
5206s in the direction that it's coming from
5209s you can quite often uh get away from
5212s having
5214s uh to stop DPS
5221s and also this little Center fills up
5223s with how close you are to the next phase
5225s if you didn't notice that as well so
5226s like got the full moon phase two
5250s and like the second phase is a lot
5251s harder to dodge because you have all the
5253s waves going
5254s we also had some interesting bugs happen
5256s recently in uh multiplayer where people
5258s were killing the boss so fast and this
5260s might happen in Singapore too you kill
5262s the boss so fast that it still triggers
5263s that you actually kill the boss in wave
5265s one
5267s um and it would still trigger uh phase
5270s two
5272s uh so you still to complete phase two
5273s before the boss would even die and then
5275s it would bug out after that half the
5277s time and cause horrible problems and we
5279s just fixed that now so if you do burst
5281s the DP burst DPS down the boss before
5283s phase two even starts
5285s you can skip phase two and three
5288s entirely
5289s which I think is cool
5301s getting stunned there
5307s let's be complete oh no okay yeah
5309s there's there's I was I messed that up a
5311s bit
5312s it's an example what not to do
5326s yeah there we go that was textbook right
5328s there textbook
5331s oh God knows award for schools yes I can
5342s if he goes up real high or down real low
5343s get out of the way oh I went to the
5345s wrong side
5351s yeah well I'm boring everybody else
5353s because my DPS sucks so much
5356s and I'm not gonna look at chat because I
5357s will die and we'll do all of this all
5360s over again
5362s oh I went the wrong way again
5370s I thought I was gonna make it
5375s so adaptive spell damage will just read
5376s spell damage noted as well yes
5380s yeah the term the term oh no did I go
5382s the wrong way completely
5384s no okay fine the term
5386s um adaptive will no longer be a term in
5389s last epoch
5391s um
5392s but it will
5394s but we are using the functionality for
5397s adaptive
5399s they go the wrong way I had to go the
5400s wrong way I'm losing the thread
5402s it's okay it doesn't sweep that far
5410s yeah I think it's pretty good come on
5418s there we go that's how you do it right
5427s what about increased support for
5429s throwing damage
5430s um so usually this question is
5431s referencing two actual added throwing
5434s damage on weapons
5436s um that was perfect there too yeah
5439s getting it back
5441s um we're not planning on adding weapon
5444s based types with added throwing damage
5446s implicits on them
5449s um that's really intentionally not
5450s available
5451s for the most part but there we go get it
5455s get it get it yeah
5458s just like double the lightning res from
5460s that
5461s lightning shred wow lighting damage
5464s yeah we're just we're just gonna get way
5466s more
5468s lightning risk can we uh does it show
5470s here what's the oh it's even a high roll
5472s in there yeah
5473s that's what I'm talking about
5476s let's get some
5477s um
5479s double key we'll take it
5485s uh
5486s [Music]
5489s increased support for throwing damage
5491s yes there will be more throwing damage
5492s support that comes through
5495s um
5498s it's
5500s some of that will be like class specific
5502s throwing damage support some of that
5503s will be generic 200 support
5505s um there's there's unlikely to be at the
5508s same
5509s um weapons with uh added flat added
5513s throwing damage implicits added to the
5515s game that's not something we're planning
5516s at the moment
5518s just to be clear
5520s all right
5522s we did great
5524s we did great
5527s I am the butt kicker
5530s now I can take lightning runs off all my
5532s stuff
5534s go over capped we are and Fizz too
5541s of course there's no lightning rose on
5543s that gross little pieces
5546s garbage it's all algorithm on it
5549s uh Mike
5551s Mike
5556s not really
5558s we could get rid of that cold damage
5569s oh yeah we have a nice chest that I'm
5570s trying to make
5572s play
5583s maybe we're trying to forge
5590s might be worth trying to forge let's see
5591s let's see if we can get something out of
5592s this
5595s okay what are we gonna do are we gonna
5596s start with are we gonna try and roll for
5598s to preserve the forging potentials we
5600s try and roll for movement speed we just
5602s flat put it on there
5604s uh and
5612s let's gamble for it
5616s [Laughter]
5619s yes so rooted Discovery costs zero
5622s forging potential so you get you get
5624s free tiers free T1 uh Africa didn't
5627s touch the 40 potential at all so we got
5628s movements which is what we wanted which
5630s is great uh and we're just gonna stick
5632s that all the way to five
5634s what
5638s uh
5640s and we didn't use any 400 potential at
5642s all getting into there I don't know if
5643s that was all the hopes that were used or
5644s if someone would cause crits or what but
5646s wow
5648s uh all right we'll take that
5651s um
5653s okay let's let's get wild with this and
5655s like try and like seal some of these
5658s like
5659s let's try and steal some of these no
5661s it's not working
5662s okay let's just go for some Vitality
5664s straight up ah okay
5666s well we fell off hard at the end
5671s it was an epic start though wasn't it
5678s it's no better than we have already is
5680s it
5686s um
5688s basically do we want Vitality or
5690s strength and armor I think that's what
5691s we have is actually about the time to
5692s better
5696s so it's so good
5700s that bug
5702s let's go this way
5705s thank you stop and cry 45 stop crying 45
5710s stopping Chris stop crying more time
5712s yeah thank you very much for for sub
5714s glad to see it glad to hear it
5717s hope you're having fun
5723s I will not stop crying
5726s open the window though because it is hot
5729s hot too hot
5738s hey big fan of Lassie Park and recently
5740s retired rare monster mods empowerment
5744s system from another game any chance I
5746s could find refuge in your game
5748s uh I see a rare monster modifier
5751s currently are clearly written and too
5754s understandable to my liking I would
5756s gladly help you out with that providing
5758s such cool yet meaningless terms as void
5761s skinned and Lagoon touched and empowered
5763s elements sincerely harsh nemesis
5767s thinly veiled threats aside or threats
5770s thinly veiled shots aside
5773s um yeah it's
5776s we like that's something that we do plan
5779s on keeping the way it is
5781s um
5783s I I think I think I recognize
5787s recognize you
5789s and and this is all mostly a joke I
5792s think
5795s um but yes yes the keeping those those
5798s names readable and understandable is
5800s important they're not quite like fully
5803s descriptive
5804s um and I think that it's something that
5806s does need to be in the game guide
5808s um I don't think this is
5813s I don't think they're here yet
5816s you know no there's not they're not here
5817s yet it could be monster mods or
5819s something like that
5821s uh combat mechanics yeah it should it
5823s should be in here
5826s terminology yeah this is that's that's
5828s definitely something to add to the game
5829s grade the game guide is good but not
5832s like great we're like
5835s it's it's on the right path and I think
5837s that's the sort of thing that could get
5838s added to the game but even if the ones
5839s we have where it's like resists fire
5841s damage or like resist fire how much fire
5843s does it resist is it through giving it
5845s actual resistance is it a less modifier
5847s what is it how does that interact with
5849s shred things like that those those are
5851s those are important questions and having
5852s the details for advanced players in the
5855s game guide I think would be really
5856s useful
5860s uh Meister grind welcome glad to have
5863s you here thanks for joining us
5868s and I just realized I'm still on the
5870s left where my head is like cropped off
5872s partially
5873s oh
5874s you can see my
5876s not so lovely hair now
5879s that always looks weird in my head so I
5881s feel like I should get a mic
5882s like a a boom mic or something and like
5885s are you just like someone that sits on
5886s the table
5889s so I can get my hair out of this headset
5891s because I always hate I always hate how
5892s it looks on camera on these streams I
5894s always look back at clips and I'm like
5896s oh gross that's terrible what are you
5897s doing like
5907s sort of tuned in late did I miss the
5909s multiple update no no multiple update
5910s sorry
5914s I'll give you a little here again
5916s in celebration of our victory over Logan
5918s I shall share another little little
5920s tease little teasy tees
5926s I know I say it every time that happened
5927s that like run left bug is fixed and I'm
5929s so happy
5934s here is a rogue
5939s um um a medium medium early Rogue set
5941s for gear
5948s all right any exciting skill Buffs you
5951s want to share for point nine we haven't
5953s really done much of the big
5955s um
5956s bounce past stuff yet
5959s um
5962s Fury leap I'm pretty sure is getting
5964s some
5966s uh
5967s ability
5969s tweaks that make it a little bit more in
5971s line with some of the other movement
5972s skills there we go there's a tease
5978s oh will there be MCX available I
5980s um so I'm working on that right now
5981s that's that's as soon as I'm finished
5983s working on it for for point nine
5986s hopefully that'll be I'll be out with
5987s 0.9 at the same time
5994s like as soon as I'm finished working on
5995s it and that's it's qa's done and we've
5997s got all that stuff we'll start releasing
5999s it for the CTS I think as uh like to
6001s test the program out
6003s um it'll probably be like a
6006s I I don't know exactly how we're gonna
6007s do this but I assume it's gonna be
6008s something along the lines of like
6010s everyone gets a thousand cosmetic coins
6012s to test the system out with and none of
6014s it is saved and so none of it's
6016s permanent or anything like that I feel
6018s like we'll do something like that
6022s uh is it true that every time someone
6024s asks about multiplayer release you guys
6026s intentionally push it back the day by
6027s one day no because I'd like to release
6029s it this millennia
6036s okay let's keep going here
6043s in the future when all classes are
6044s complete do you plan on introducing new
6046s skills if so older skills rotate out
6048s that's a good question actually
6051s um
6053s it's it's possible that old skills could
6055s work it out because yes like one when
6056s it's all done we are going to add more
6058s skills
6059s um and and there is sort of a point
6062s where a skill page like this becomes
6065s excessive you know
6068s and we have retired abilities in the
6070s past and do intend to retire more
6071s abilities in the future too
6074s um there's even one ability still in the
6076s game
6077s but I keep saying we're cutting we never
6079s do somehow uh one day I'll get you ice
6082s Thorns one day I'm coming for you
6085s um but seriously yes uh we do plan on
6088s adding more there is this this page was
6091s specifically designed with
6094s um with room right here for an extra
6096s ability per class to easily slot in
6099s um per Mastery and then on top of that
6102s it was designed such that it could it
6104s could be it could be shifted a little
6106s bit here and there to to accommodate for
6108s some more some more skills to be added
6111s um there is room in the passive tree
6113s this one's not
6114s uh set up proper distributed property
6116s but this is how most this is how they'll
6118s all look this is the distribution that
6120s all Mastery classes will have at launch
6122s and there is clear spaces for
6125s um uh two more Mastery abilities to sit
6128s very nicely here
6130s that we that we've sort of made room for
6132s um and let's also room for another one
6134s here that I think is cheeky but really
6135s good
6136s um
6138s so yeah there's we do plan on adding
6140s more will we have to rotate some of that
6142s eventually probably and I think that'll
6144s happen more so when we come and we're
6145s like here's a new ability that we really
6147s want to add because it adds this key
6148s component and it but it also con it sort
6151s of overlaps with this other ability a
6153s little bit hey can we add in
6156s like take that one that's maybe not as
6158s as impressive not as cool maybe take it
6160s and incorporate a lot of the things that
6162s it does some of the effects that it has
6163s some of the visuals some of the theming
6165s some of the feels that it gives into
6166s another ability or like take pieces of
6168s it move it around possibly
6170s um and things like that will happen and
6172s things like that will continue to happen
6173s for sure
6174s um having the the number of skills be
6177s small enough that it's approachable to
6179s new players when they can look at it and
6181s go okay I want to do a cold sorceress
6184s and I can see very clearly by looking at
6186s this page that there's these eight
6188s abilities to choose from cool let's go
6190s let's try some out
6192s um
6193s having that approachability is really
6194s important to us
6196s um which is which is part of the reason
6197s why we've this is how the system we have
6199s is and and break things up like we break
6202s each all the skill trees up into
6204s individual trees to improve
6205s accessibility we break up the
6208s um the like hard classing things so
6211s you're not looking at so you know you
6212s don't need to take into account Fireball
6214s when you're playing a void night as a
6216s possible ability
6218s um
6219s and and we try we try to increase the
6221s accessibility that way and then
6223s um
6225s uh while still having tons of depth and
6228s making things interesting and and all
6230s those sorts of stuff you know like we
6231s don't want any there's there's a balance
6232s there's a fine line balance there and
6234s adding more skills it's it's
6237s because you have uh the combination of
6239s the skills is really what makes a build
6241s come alive every time you add one more
6243s skill you're you're multiplying the
6244s total number of
6246s um combinations available by a
6248s pre-picked number
6250s and
6252s um
6252s so we definitely want to add be able to
6254s add new skills to keep things fresh and
6255s exciting for for veteran players but
6257s having the ability to remove older ones
6260s if necessary is something that we are
6263s um not gonna be too afraid of something
6266s that maybe maybe some someone get
6267s converted into a triggered ability on
6271s um on a weapon maybe they get turned
6274s into a a spec version of another ability
6276s you know things like that there's all
6278s sorts of stuff we can do to to hide
6280s abilities elsewhere
6282s um which already exists so
6284s um the activatable ability for spriggan
6288s uh for summon spriggan the healing wave
6291s healing wind sorry
6293s was a primal stability was a primary
6295s Primal stability for
6297s um quite a while actually
6299s um
6300s and then
6301s uh fire Aura as a triggered ability on
6304s many uh Mage idols and in passive tree
6307s that was a primary ability for mage for
6309s a long time as well
6311s um
6312s it was actually a secondary effect on a
6314s primary ability that was retired close
6316s enough and so yeah there's there's we
6318s we've already sort of done this a few
6320s times with different abilities
6323s and we'll probably continue to
6326s but I want them thank you
6329s all right
6332s oh I lost my point okay I'll try and
6335s find where I was close
6342s I think
6345s also can you maybe let us know if MTX
6347s will be able soon
6349s um it'll come it'll be it'll be publicly
6351s MTX will be publicly available with
6354s um
6355s with point nine is the plan
6361s that's repeating the question please
6362s don't spam a question a whole bunch I'll
6364s get to it I promise
6366s uh unless I clearly answer questions
6369s after yours please do not repeat it
6372s uh is there plans for an auction house
6374s of some sort or a way to trade still in
6377s the mix sorry training player from tears
6379s um
6380s there is a method planned by which items
6384s can transfer ownership from one
6386s character to another or let me rephrase
6388s that there will be some system in place
6390s where buy items can transfer from one
6391s player to another player in some way
6394s given some restrictions or processes
6397s there so far unexplained
6403s foreign
6414s oh I have a question of wonderful I'll
6416s read your question could we see a lot of
6419s this extra art be compiled somewhere on
6421s the website someday oh it is get ready
6424s for this uh you guys make a lot of
6426s beautiful art and I love using them for
6428s videos about to go through 20 different
6429s Forum posts to find it all well a lovely
6432s Community member has done the work for
6434s you already
6435s um it worked for us already Andrew Tilly
6438s has compiled a ton of
6442s a ton of stuff into a sweet form post
6450s and it has I'm pretty sure this is this
6453s is all the info compiled from
6456s um like development updates uh Facebook
6460s um like Forum posts and also the stuff
6463s that's been leaked here
6465s so I hope I can post this I'm gonna do
6467s this on the website to post and chat so
6468s I don't lose my place this time so there
6470s I just posted that Forum link
6473s just make sure it's the right one
6475s yeah
6477s the lovely picture of me is a bee at the
6480s front of it
6482s okay so yeah uh that's that's where that
6485s you can find you should be able to find
6486s all of the things that have been
6488s um leaked or teased on various Platforms
6491s in that one place
6493s um
6496s we do also have a and it's a little out
6499s of date at this point
6500s um
6501s on our website there is also a media
6505s like a a gin like sort of generic news
6508s media page where there's like our logo
6510s and like some backgrounds and you know
6511s just some like Splash art stuff and
6513s things like that that are available as
6514s well
6518s if you're just looking for
6521s sort of like last Epoch related Media
6524s stuff to put a random picture in front
6526s of something as a splash or I don't know
6527s what yeah hopefully hopefully that helps
6532s uh can we have a mic skin for Prime list
6536s probably not but uh it's cool that
6539s you're asking for it so thanks
6542s maybe we'll see uh any plans let us
6544s change armor skin uh to another one in
6547s the game uh would that be paid MTX
6550s um so there will be a system by which
6552s you can do that through MTX like like by
6555s um
6558s like like you'll like this whole page
6559s has changed but yes or you'll like pick
6561s an ntx for your armor and it'll replace
6563s the visual on your character like
6565s that'll be there but if you're talking
6566s like like make this piece of armor look
6569s like some other piece of armor that's
6571s already in game like a transmog system
6573s yeah there's
6574s um I don't know the details of what
6576s that's gonna look like but we are
6578s planning something like that
6580s and we do have the back end available we
6582s can do it
6590s well there's a little bit of Dev work
6592s that needs to be done for that but it's
6593s it's not immense
6597s just having an override for a single
6598s function call so it's not a big deal
6601s oh
6604s the the in the in-game UI changes for
6607s that is the is the biggest part about
6609s that and having it um
6611s save to the actual file for the the
6614s armor piece to be able to like change
6615s what it looks like so it needs to be a
6617s new field in the save file for uh
6623s the schema would need to change that's
6624s the word I'm looking for all right
6626s um
6629s can I talk about the server Network
6631s infrastructure and all your assistant
6632s and love hearing about infrastructure
6634s types I can't really talk about it
6635s because you probably know way more about
6636s it than I do
6638s um so I would be making horrible
6640s mistakes
6645s yeah sorry
6648s uh are you slash the HG taking time off
6652s for the holidays we'd be traveling um
6653s yeah we generally closed the studio
6655s between Christmas and New Year's
6659s um just
6661s and like there's there's Skeleton Crew
6664s around I guess I have a few people here
6666s and there but yeah and like I've never
6667s really gone even when I'm on vacation
6670s you guys probably don't even notice it
6673s um
6676s it becomes just such a habit that you
6678s check your phone and like you just go to
6679s Discord and
6681s yeah anyways
6683s um
6683s but yes uh there's
6686s we'll be taking some time off uh over
6689s between Christmas and years and
6692s um
6693s personally I'll I won't be traveling
6697s um
6699s I'm I'm still in
6702s let's let's fight off this pandemic Mode
6704s come on still happening
6707s personally and but part of that is you
6710s know you have a young kid and you you
6712s really don't want them to get it
6714s so maybe you get a little overprotected
6716s but yeah
6718s I'm not I'm not personally ready for
6719s traveling yet
6732s crush crush
6740s fire Aura was a castle skill as well
6741s wasn't a
6744s I believe you
6749s makes sense
6765s okay
6767s one more questions will you have twist
6770s drops and things when you go live
6772s hopefully that's that's we don't have a
6774s system integrator for that just yet so
6777s um
6778s no details
6780s but hopefully yeah
6784s okay let's go past the bunch there but
6786s there were no more at Lassie Puck game
6787s pings in there so I may have missed the
6789s question if I missed your question
6790s please feel free to re-ask it
6792s and I'll do my best to answer it
6795s in the meantime
6818s foreign
6821s [Laughter]
6824s [Music]
6826s to get I'll take those
6832s not what I was hoping for
6835s so good though
6837s uh let's up this one see what happens
6842s nope
6848s those boots we made Let's up though see
6850s what happens
6852s oh he needs foreign obviously needs more
6855s potential like what are you even doing
6857s ugh
6865s always avoid enemies deal increased
6868s damage yeah you do catch void res
6873s but for death we're not a big fan of
6875s America death
6882s will there be any Poe style ad X Type
6886s damage modifiers that work on weapon
6887s skills that don't normally have that
6889s type of damage or element
6901s I'm not sure if I understand the
6903s question but I'm pretty sure we already
6905s do that
6907s like
6910s um
6914s this might be a bad example because it's
6916s still this physical doesn't it uh
6923s okay here's here's uh
6928s I guess we should do this like here
6930s here's
6932s this is a just a physical melee ability
6934s and the plus 119 melee boy damage
6938s applies to it
6940s so yes
6948s yes
6949s um ft mask khaki
6952s yes
6956s yeah if you have if you have uh your if
6959s your wand if you cast lightning blast
6961s and your wand has
6963s um
6965s oh no I guess
6968s I would still do it if you have Plus
6970s plus 10 fire damage fire spell damage
6974s it would still apply
6980s yeah
6983s generally we so this is kind of what we
6985s were talking about for us we use the
6986s term adaptive spell damage for the most
6988s part we very rarely will have the the
6990s specific element so that the spell
6992s damage
6993s um adapts to the spell you're dealing so
6994s it it has more synergies with your other
6997s abilities like increased lightning
6998s damage in that case
7000s um and we're doing the same thing to
7001s most to implicits at least
7004s um do this on on mainly weapons as well
7007s but the explicit modifiers do work the
7009s way you're talking about so yes
7015s foreign
7024s also to the person who I just read the
7026s comment in Discord about the stats for
7029s the squirrels and wolf if you're still
7030s listening
7031s um what stats do you want cause I'm not
7033s gonna give you all of them do you want
7034s their health do you want their
7036s damage like pick pick a couple pick the
7038s greatest hits of the stats you want
7043s most of them are probably zero
7045s almost all of her probably zero
7063s uh would you guys consider having the
7065s old Necromancer model as a purchasable
7067s skin
7069s uh it's unlikely that we go back to like
7072s I I think you mean Lich re-perform model
7076s I think is what you mean there
7079s um
7081s but I could be wrong uh as far as
7084s acolyte model or like are we talking
7086s like
7087s Necromancer like before acolyte was a
7090s thing uh because that one's not coming
7092s back
7096s um but full base model character skins I
7098s don't think it's something that we've
7099s got planned at the moment I'd say it
7101s could be something I could we could see
7102s later but not land
7116s base damage and attack rate specifically
7118s but how if they scale with equipped
7120s weapon attack rate I mean if your weapon
7123s has increased melee Minion Attack speed
7126s then it increases their Taxi by the
7129s percentage that it sends on the stat
7132s uh
7134s base damages base damage to their
7135s abilities which is probably one or two
7140s that might be different for minions
7143s actually I'll look that up but yeah put
7144s it over there
7147s thank you
7149s attack rate is probably one
7154s oh we're getting real close to the end I
7155s don't have time for another one I really
7157s wanted to go to another unique here hmm
7165s I'm really hoping to do that but I
7166s didn't find any good exalted chess
7167s beasts
7169s unfortunate we'll do it next time
7172s that's our goal next time is to make
7173s sure we get an Excel chest piece oh I'll
7174s have a backup one if we don't find one
7176s so I'll make sure we do it next time for
7177s sure
7179s foreign
7184s could you please explain Sextant
7186s blocking briefly thanks
7189s um it's so complicated you don't want to
7191s know
7193s I think some attack rates are like
7195s 0.6875 or something I like the video
7198s editing skills to test
7200s finally did I not I actually yeah it's
7203s I have another one that I had prepared
7204s but the video it like stops part way
7206s through and I almost don't want to show
7208s it so we'll give it we have an after
7210s hours leak and something happened with
7212s this video and I don't know why but it's
7214s super choppy in all shots anyways
7217s foreign
7225s oh it's even worse than I thought it was
7227s oh gosh
7229s well you can see chunks of new ride
7231s effects
7233s hopefully it looks better than that but
7235s I'm sorry
7236s I wasn't gonna show that
7238s yeah a little bit extra there
7242s all right
7245s oh nightbot you got the wrong thing in
7247s there that was our that was last month's
7249s sub anyways
7250s um
7251s have a great night everyone have a great
7253s morning have a great day whatever it was
7255s if I don't see you good afternoon good
7256s evening good night
7258s thanks for stopping by
7261s I had fun I hope you did too
7263s let's go say hi to someone else
7270s oh someone doing a blind play through
7276s let's go be helpful and nice
7279s those are cool things to be
7282s if you have any more questions that I
7283s missed uh please feel free to head on
7284s over to Discord Reddit forums uh we got
7287s lots of people asking questions
7288s answering questions all the time on
7290s those platforms and we're happy to keep
7291s doing so uh otherwise I'll see you here
7294s next time same time same place next week
7296s have a great time bye
7302s foreign