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Hey Travelers!

We are adding some new tools to the Sentinel’s arsenal in the upcoming patch, the first of which being Void Cleave. It is a powerful melee attack with a short cooldown and moderate mana cost that hits all enemies in front of you while also granting additional forward momentum. This skill requires a 2-handed sword or axe to be equipped, does not rely upon weapon reach, and added damage applies at 400% effectiveness!

While it is primarily designed for Void Knights, the specialization tree offers conversions to support other masteries in addition to a wide variety of options for players to customize Void Cleave’s behavior.

Void Cleave: Skill

vc_main421×624 235 KB

Note: Skill icon is not finalized.

Void Cleave: Example Nodes







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Forget everything you know about Abyssal Echoes.

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Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Quite a few :slight_smile:

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We wanted to keep the increased stun duration under control, but it does deal more damage than before.