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5s good afternoon everybody and welcome
7s back to another
9s last Epoch dead stream as always oh
13s as always I'm showing stuff from last
16s stream oh there we go I'm your host Mike
19s that's right
20s lucky I wasn't uh just like pre-spoiling
23s the
24s the other spoilers had ready oof that
26s would have been bad
28s how's it going everybody you may notice
31s that we're on a new character
35s yes frozen over is done and we're
36s playing melee again primarily we're
39s looking on void cleave doing some some
41s void whirly Boy action a little rebuke
47s yeah
48s let's have some fun with it
50s I don't think we're a little low so I
52s think we're just gonna start with normal
53s and see what happens
56s it's just happened a little fun here
60s how's everyone doing if this is your
61s first time here welcome
63s I'm surprised you're here right at the
64s very start if it's your first time but
65s if you are and it is we always stream
67s for charity Child's Play is our charity
69s of the month right now and we'll be
70s doing that all month long
79s now uh oh I Rhymer made this build for
82s me
84s so we've got a nice a nice filter that
86s he made for me as well oh it's pretty
88s look at that
90s so I don't even know what's going on in
91s here
92s uh
95s we'll take a quick look through our
97s abilities here so we're primarily using
98s uh void cleave Warpath abyssaleka's
101s lunge and anomaly however this like
104s listen this is not on our bar and we're
105s going to be triggering that
108s um main items that make us work after
110s his Ma and Titan's heart are our uniques
113s of choice
123s it's a Buffs you know just yet we're
126s just damage taken it's always good I
128s haven't seen the icon for that in quite
129s a while
132s it's your first time here
134s welcome glad to have you
138s um
139s for you and anyone else is here uh will
142s you I like to take questions with the
144s community if anyone has any questions
145s please feel free to ask them please put
148s an at last Epoch game in front of your
151s question so I see it pop out from chat
153s look all pretty
158s yeah it's just gonna just be a casual
159s relaxed q a stream here today
162s uh got a couple spoilers later on for
164s you
164s little little neat neat updates things
168s to share
175s what's this what's this
179s oh that's
183s zero poison res what is going on
189s wait do we have damage conversions
190s somehow
192s something am I crazy
194s I wouldn't be with there
209s long time player for some Watchers oh
212s glad to have you here
215s hope you're enjoying hope you're
216s enjoying the game so far
222s a question of trying to make ignite
224s Warpath work and bleed from gear and
227s passives are not being accounted for I
230s know so the skill conversions only work
231s on the respective trees that the case
232s here no they shouldn't be
235s um
238s uh your so if you have a conversion
244s um
245s it probably won't show in the character
247s screen
249s the like the they won't it won't show
251s here so if you've got a skill specific
254s conversion it won't show that it is uh
258s affected being affected here
260s um so so like your ignite chance for
263s Warpath if it's converted
266s um to fire the bleed chance converted to
268s fire will work but it won't show here as
270s ignite chance
272s um
274s yeah
279s I'm always bleaching okay that's that's
281s the thing so I just don't need poison
283s res because it's a DOT and I can just
285s out leech it is that what's going on
288s let's just pay attention to the uh
290s whatever we're doing here oh I know what
293s the problem is
296s my movement abilities on the wrong key
304s [Music]
311s uh the normally
313s there we go that'll be better
317s engage cage
326s um yeah so it's
327s the um
331s it should be working but yeah
335s sorry
339s foreign
349s is patch 0.9 close to being complete
354s um there's there's still a lot of stuff
355s that we need to do on it um I don't I
357s don't have an exact timeline for you on
359s it at the moment
361s um you have to wait for an official
362s statement for when it's ready
367s there'll be a Dev blog or something that
370s will like outline when it's coming all
373s that jazz
375s at some point
390s how do you guys feel about juicing
392s monoliths
394s um I mean it's kind of hard to do that
397s really like it's you can you can kind of
399s do it a little bit but because the
402s um modifiers wear off after a certain
404s number of them it's kind of hard to to
406s stack it too crazy High
409s um we do like it is it is a a thing
413s that's fine with but I don't think that
415s there's a problem with the way it is now
416s if that's what you're asking
418s foreign
424s I'll get used to it don't worry
433s I love it
434s it's just it's just a tanky boy I think
436s I'm
438s um
440s I'm gonna try and make some legendaries
442s I've got a legend potential on my chest
444s and weapon and that's that's our big
445s goal today is to get to get uh some sort
448s of
449s exalted item on there
453s and we got a couple to give it a couple
455s shots you know just for fun
468s if you're using anomaly more shouldn't I
470s just
472s like a happy spinning
474s just spin it away just while in the time
477s spin spin spin
479s don't forget to drink lots of water this
480s this run left bug's been fixed by the
482s way in there in the 8.9
493s hi medium term last Epoch player here
498s uh missed a few Q A's wanted to ask you
500s a question could you please explain
502s Sexton blocking
505s I I still didn't get the like detailed
510s explanation ready because yeah just if
512s you just thought I stopped I stopped
514s getting the question
517s well so you see how
520s like sometimes you have this kite Shield
523s or you have like a big Shield like this
524s and it's really effective at blocking
526s attack because there's lots of surface
527s area
528s to protect yourself behind to hide
530s behind it with a proper Shield
533s um sextants are really inefficient at
535s this process because they're so much
537s smaller and it's not a solid piece like
540s a single solid piece of of like tempered
542s steel or something like that so you
543s can't
545s um you can't like
547s protect yourself with it as well so they
550s Infuse these sextants with magic
553s um because because they're inherently
555s magical devices obviously right
557s um and
559s and when you get all of this magical
561s energy into the Sextant it wants to
563s repel everything from it so it just it
565s just can't handle anything being near it
568s um and then you put a dimensional anchor
570s on the handle so you can still hold it
573s but it repels things the other end
576s um and that that blocks incoming attacks
581s foreign
595s Buffs including leech yeah I should I
597s should use it I know I should
606s I guess we could we do a little
608s um
609s do a little dive through our our
611s abilities here and see what we've got
614s I haven't even looked at the character
615s properly yet
617s I was like yeah this looks good I took a
619s brief look at the abilities and then
621s some of the Keynotes I'm like yeah this
622s looks awesome let's go for us have some
624s fun
625s do you love voice leave it's just such a
627s satisfying ability
630s but the um
631s the visual feedback on the hits created
634s by things especially with large singular
636s hits like void cleave are being updated
638s so much and like this is it's fun I know
641s I keep gushing about it but I keep
642s running to this issue where I'm using it
644s in this bill although I'm like that
645s doesn't feel the same as it does on
647s multiplayer
649s that's true
653s it's true
660s where's the tunes man I'm so bad at
663s bouncing the audio volume I don't know
666s what it is I'm just like
669s is that better
678s I'm happy I'm happy to adjust Music and
680s Sound volumes in general as people see
682s fit
686s a little a little one LP devotion then
689s I'm not so savvy
696s Mike speaking words when they'll
698s understand them hey man as soon as you
701s learn English you're right there
712s is that rebuke how is that useful for
713s Warpath it's it's more in the situation
715s like um so the boss of this model for
717s example has very large attacks
720s um
721s that like you need to move out of them
724s quickly but because lunge is your
725s movement ability
727s um sometimes you don't have a Target to
728s Lunge to I can't lunge right now
731s um so if you can't get out of the large
734s attack that's coming in you just tank it
736s and so even a baseline rebuke
739s um without any points in it or anything
741s it's still 80 percent less damage
744s um so like that's a huge and it's a less
747s modifier so it's it's multiplicative
749s with everything else
752s uh if you already got like
755s a few layers of
757s 75 you know it's it's pretty uh it's a
760s pretty huge amount of damage reduction
761s you can quite often tank a lot of
765s um a lot of abilities a lot of
766s possibilities with it
773s every time I have four paths on my bar
774s though I find myself just warp acting
780s it's just too good of an ability
790s all right is there any way to make a
792s black hole lightning Elemental currently
795s in game or any plans does something make
797s it lightning I like lightning yeah it's
800s um we pretty intentionally did not have
802s lightning damage involved with it
804s um
805s you might think that's a weird uh a
808s weird decision to make on a class that's
811s specifically all about getting as many
812s of the different elements as possible or
813s being able to use one specific element a
816s whole bunch
819s um but one thing we're really clear on
820s is is not having every ability be
824s um
825s instantly
827s functional like with every single
829s element like every single conversion
831s it's
834s it makes everything a little too samey I
837s think
839s um I think you'll end up with a lot like
842s it might seem like oh more options
843s better more diversity but I think you'd
845s actually end up with so similar builds
849s um
850s I think the building builds would
852s homogenize a lot more if basically every
854s spell could be every element because it
856s would just be like all right which one
858s does the most damage okay convert it to
860s the element you want okay let's go done
863s and I think that would just be and then
865s like you pick your support abilities to
866s go with it
867s um
868s but having the mechanics function
871s specifically in certain ways and not
873s have them be available for every single
877s um
880s uh element gives gives a little bit of
884s um
884s it was it was the saying um
887s limitations between creativity
888s restrictions bring creativity something
890s like that
897s we do have a build command driver
901s uh and I have access to that so I'm
903s going to do that
907s it's called nightbot isn't it yeah it is
912s commands custom commands
916s Mike is working on
919s that builds
925s there we go that should work now
932s yeah
935s oh I that's what I forgot I need
937s paranoia and I have paranoia
939s in my
942s um in my stash
949s it's gonna take a look at this
952s oh that's a lot of meteors
957s leap years I'm calling them bleed ears
980s Johnny
989s let's get shot back up so we can see
991s what's happening instead of just
992s ignoring everybody
997s I'm just just finishing up on that um
999s lightning black hole question I will say
1001s though there are more lightning
1003s abilities in the pipe
1005s for uh mage
1009s well kind of mage
1015s foreign
1027s I'm sorry I'm just gonna hide the magic
1029s items because
1046s there we go clean things up a touch
1048s okay
1053s yeah sends her away but her ability
1055s stays that's funny
1070s oh she's a tanky girl okay and next
1075s question
1076s don't forget to put in that last Epoch
1079s game in the question if I'm going to see
1081s it uh here we go
1084s hi
1086s Demo Man from Team Fortress 2 an average
1090s height last Epoch Enthusiast year I
1093s leveled some characters to level 80 but
1095s did not manage to find a single one that
1097s would have a sticky bomb launcher as a
1099s main skill any chance would add
1101s something similar ability also uh
1103s training super or sticky jumper would be
1105s nice for flying around uh detonating
1108s arrow on the Marksman I think has pretty
1111s similar functionality if you extend the
1114s um the arming duration
1117s and increase I think it doesn't know it
1120s increases Army duration and
1124s um
1125s explosion radius and other things one
1128s node that does that
1133s could be wrong
1138s maybe it's already in there
1141s just out of curiosity when are the
1143s optimization changes coming to the game
1144s if there is a date for it no date but it
1146s will be involved with the next patch the
1148s 0.9
1149s uh Ready Mix 15 months in a row thank
1152s you very much it's a big one
1157s I'm gonna I'm gonna show off I'm gonna
1159s show you
1160s um I've been
1161s we recently got this board game wingspan
1163s oh my goodness it's great and I've been
1165s printing everything I can for it and so
1168s this is the Sprint's almost done had
1170s little problem so I'm going to reprint
1171s pieces of it but there's a little
1173s birdhouse bird feeder Dice Tower thing
1180s and I'm printing the uh the roof for it
1183s right now
1187s so that's what you get random remix for
1189s that I'm gonna just show you a random
1191s print I've been working on
1194s which I know is completely unrelated and
1196s unsolicited but
1199s there we go
1204s [Music]
1205s any plans to add other types of Idols
1209s like set legendary or something else
1211s legendary's tricky
1215s foreign
1217s legendary implies the existence of
1219s exalted
1221s Idols which is which is really tricky
1226s um partially because currently Idols do
1229s not have
1231s ranks or tears on their shards on on
1234s their um oh what am I trying to say
1237s affix tears on Idols do not have ranks
1241s and therefore you cannot have they're
1244s all tier one so there's no such thing as
1246s a tier six or two seven Idol affix
1250s um so you can't have an exalted Idol so
1251s you can't make a legendary so we either
1253s have to like amend the term or add tears
1257s or do something to make exalted Idols
1260s I'm not sure what an exalted Idol would
1261s look like but it would have to be
1262s consistent terminology
1264s to make sense
1266s um
1267s so it while it's not impossible
1271s um I would say it's not a 1.0 feature
1273s look
1275s um
1276s so we'd be we'd be more interested in um
1280s looking at other Mechanics for that
1282s as far as
1284s um
1285s set or there are unique ones already so
1288s you could we could add LP to the unique
1289s ones
1292s so that part's fine however uh as far as
1294s set items Set uh Idols go
1296s there's not a ton of space in the idle
1299s inventory
1302s um and because it's class independent
1306s um set ones are a little tricky one
1308s thing I we could do and I
1311s I'd kind of like to see it
1314s um we don't have any plans for this at
1316s all but like have a piece of a set be an
1319s idol and
1321s um
1322s and then have the rest of the set be in
1324s your gear
1326s which I'm pretty sure we can do because
1327s they're just items like any other items
1329s and the set affixes are just affixes
1331s like any other affix really
1335s um
1336s so yeah I think that's possible
1339s um I think that'd be cool we don't have
1340s any plans for it but
1342s um
1344s I think that might be neat yeah
1347s or have uh
1349s have a unique Idol that interacts with
1351s sense in a weird way that could be
1352s possible but yeah there's no there's no
1354s plans to that immediately we're pretty
1355s happy with this with the idle system
1358s um there's a lot of room for it to grow
1360s for sure
1361s um but as far as a 1.0 launch complexity
1363s feature we're pretty happy with it
1366s um
1367s I could see there's a lot of different
1370s places to to work with the idle system
1373s um some of it's through as like a reward
1375s for
1377s um for interacting with other systems so
1380s uh what any other end game systems have
1382s them as a reward have a dungeon have it
1384s be a reward to interact with Idols
1386s somehow
1387s um possibly the existence of like
1389s limited crafting on Idols through
1390s dungeon reward is a possibility
1393s um we've we've talked about all sorts of
1395s things like the a suggestion that gets
1396s brought up pretty frequently it relates
1398s to the centerpiece of this of this idle
1401s slot right here having something here
1403s that maybe affects all the idols or
1405s something that gives you Buffs
1407s um based on the number of Idols so all
1409s the idols
1411s um
1412s we we get suggestions various
1414s suggestions along these veins quite a
1415s bit and I'm just relaying those
1416s suggestions so there's like one
1418s suggestion we see is like uh an idol
1420s maybe a slot here that says like
1423s um plus one Vitality for every small uh
1426s like one or two slot Idol like small or
1429s medium whatever it is
1431s small Stout and Tumble idols
1436s um
1437s or something like that and you could I
1439s think you could do some cool synergies
1441s that way those other stuff we got
1442s frequently is
1444s um
1445s like a slot that goes in here you could
1446s have things like along the lines of like
1449s a jewel that sockets in there and says
1452s um 10 more Effectiveness to all your
1454s idle stats or something like that so
1455s yeah there's there's things you can go
1457s both ways where the idols affect the
1458s thing in the center or the thing that
1459s Center affects the idols
1461s um there's other options there too as
1463s well
1467s I mean I
1469s post post launch stuff there's there's
1471s lots of room there
1473s um
1473s and I can do the boss and I just went
1475s into this
1476s Echo like a like a scrub-a-dub-dub
1482s what is Mike doing ugh
1486s let me just show your your monitor
1488s [Music]
1491s and I hang my head in shame because I
1493s know you're right
1495s all right another question here let's
1497s see what I missed
1498s uh
1500s we expect it's a fantastic game it is a
1502s fantastic game if you're um
1505s looking for a good two-player board game
1508s highly recommend
1510s highly recommend
1517s we haven't we haven't played with anyone
1519s else yet so I'm like always a little
1520s curious on like what other people's
1522s scores are like like are we good are we
1524s just terrible but like we're similar
1526s enough to each other that it's still fun
1527s and competitive in our like minute meta
1540s yeah uh snow drift for manifest arm of
1544s the frostbite effect per freeze rate
1545s seems to not work around it would be for
1548s um for the Manifest armors freeze rate
1550s not your own so your own foods that
1552s would not count
1554s um
1556s it's pretty hard to get freeze rate on a
1558s manifest armor so so it might not be
1559s appearing very uh very much
1564s um at the same time that and that mod
1566s might not work as well I'm not sure uh
1569s I'd have to I'd have to get in the
1570s editor and check to see if it was
1572s working or not
1578s snow drift is an older one I think
1582s I think it's an old one and the older
1584s ones some of them are still using an old
1585s system so they don't they're not they're
1587s not they're non-functional with manifest
1588s armor
1589s um
1592s but they're all being updated
1595s perhaps a new type of idol that fits in
1598s the center of the ilu I mean yeah that's
1601s it I think it would have to be called
1602s something different called like a jewel
1604s or a gym oh a 2lp strong mind
1608s I'll take those
1618s it's cool
1621s it's not really great this is cool
1625s oh we're just getting all sorts of them
1628s okay
1629s okay buddy
1631s bye bye
1634s maybe I'm not even gonna let you die I'm
1636s just gonna leave you in the void
1638s languishing for all time
1641s it's how evil I am
1647s all right next question here
1652s maybe where are we
1656s maybe for a season in one point x you
1659s have a blessing part of a set oh that's
1661s cool because you're right you're
1663s absolutely right blessings are items uh
1665s and they work the same way as items so
1667s you could do something like that
1669s yeah that's really cool actually
1673s have have and like like a Ring of Royal
1676s Grandeur blessing
1679s um sorry I like a single a blessing that
1682s says like all of your set items need one
1685s less piece to complete it's it's a lot
1688s more powerful than the fact in um in a
1691s game where the sets are generally quite
1693s small like Epoch compared to
1696s um
1697s uh where you have a lot of six pieces in
1700s D3
1707s oh the question your first time chatter
1709s hi I started playing for two weeks now
1712s and I really like the game thanks you're
1714s welcome I can't wait I can't I just
1716s can't play with a controller any updates
1717s on that still feels some wonky yeah
1720s there's there's controller updates
1721s coming all the time uh some sometimes
1724s there's little things sometimes the big
1725s things but yeah we're constantly working
1726s on the control of the 1.0 version of the
1728s game will uh have full controller
1730s support
1732s but we don't have that yet controller
1734s supports in
1736s development we'll say we'll put it
1739s nicely
1745s sort of just you oh and I miss my
1747s anomaly I did miss my anomaly
1750s it's unfortunate
1754s it's okay we can just bye bye
1761s will there be a way to check minions
1762s next exercise resist HP and armor
1765s um yeah so there's
1767s maybe hopefully probably
1771s um there's two different types of uh
1773s important minion stats because
1775s currently minions do snapshot when you
1777s summon them which is something else
1778s we're working on
1780s um you get
1783s like the the information that's on here
1788s um even if we had like uh your skeleton
1791s Warriors have the stat and you're like
1793s you're like increased skeleton Warrior
1795s bit damage and increased skeleton Mage
1797s damage and increased skeleton archer
1798s damage and increased fire rate damage
1800s and like even if we had every single one
1802s of those stats it still wouldn't be
1803s accurate necessarily for each one that's
1804s in the world
1806s um
1808s it would be accurate for the next one
1810s you summon and I think that's the style
1812s of system we would still stick with
1815s um and work on the snapshotting effect
1817s afterwards but I think the um like
1820s opening up a character sheet for a
1822s summoned minion that exists in the world
1823s that probably we won't do
1829s I I did it again you know what I'm I'm
1832s just gonna leave
1834s I just want to be the boss
1841s we're just checking it out nope no big
1843s deal
1845s foreign
1848s [Music]
1865s dragons
1868s that was somewhere
1878s hey let's go
1881s Mighty Morphin boss fighting time
1889s you're printing stuff for wings man that
1891s I've got these little nests
1894s put the eggs in yeah
1900s card holder
1905s we're going a little we're going a
1907s little overboard with it
1911s it's like I'll use my printer for is
1913s like game pieces for other games
1917s oh Avalanche run
1926s come with me
1928s and you'll see
1930s nothing because it's the void I'm
1932s sending you to
1946s go all right
1951s oh my God hide behind your little ice
1954s walls from me
1966s yeah we're gonna I'm gonna go find
1967s paranoia from my um
1970s uh stash here after this I think
1997s hmm
2001s there we go
2003s problem solved
2010s the the models make good magic card
2013s names for hers yeah yeah
2020s laughs
2022s #calling
2027s um yeah the uh
2031s there's a whole bunch of there's a new
2032s set coming out right now in Magic that
2034s has a ton of new Erza cards if anyone
2036s doesn't know Erza is one of the main
2039s characters in magic magic story lines
2042s original story lines
2053s but the urza
2055s in um last Epoch was named actually
2059s completely independently because I I
2060s talked to the person who named it and
2062s I'm like oh is this a nod to Magic and
2064s he was like no and had no idea what I
2067s was talking about
2069s um
2071s and it like he explained like where the
2073s name came from and had like all sorts of
2074s other significance and I was like that
2076s is one one Epic coincidence
2093s I love the warpath Echoes I took a
2096s surprisingly long time to to make
2097s function
2100s oh
2101s yeah see there
2103s there's rebuking action I just stayed in
2105s the middle so I don't like leave and
2106s come back take the hit
2113s sometimes I make
2116s not in optimal place
2122s I'm great at being okay
2127s do you guys plan on full release in
2129s December no be smart to do so D4 coming
2132s that way more people play Ellie no I I
2134s think that
2136s um
2139s a full a full like 1.0 release December
2142s is way too early for a 1.0 release I
2143s don't think
2144s uh that that should not that should not
2146s come as a surprise to anyone who if
2147s you're um
2149s been watching closely that should not be
2150s news
2151s um
2154s we're not even at 0.9 yet like there's
2156s there's always before full release
2158s um having a man I had a good foreign
2162s post yesterday that just like says
2163s exactly what I would not say perfectly
2165s here I'm just gonna re find that post
2167s and read it
2174s how do I find my own stuff activity
2176s there it is
2184s a little foreign post
2187s I was on Discord wasn't it
2190s oh Mike you're taking way too long for
2192s this now
2205s gosh
2207s Mike what are you doing
2213s all right here we go regardless of when
2215s other products release if we launch
2216s before it's ready we'll forever carry a
2218s dark rain cloud of a rough launch it's
2220s possible to shake them off for a
2222s well-established franchise but for a
2223s first time game it's especially perilous
2225s we're extremely mindful of everything
2226s external that can affect us in this and
2229s we take into take it all into account uh
2231s we get advice from other developers
2233s Publishers producers community members
2235s and everyone else's opinion on the
2236s matter the bottom line is that we're
2238s doing what we can to get the game out
2239s the door as soon as possible we aren't
2241s interested in sacrificing our mental or
2242s physical health to hit a deadline we
2245s know just how tough it is to wait for a
2246s game to come out especially when it's
2248s already later than you initially
2249s expected
2250s I've got a few games that spring to mind
2252s myself that I want to drop so bad
2254s my wife just booked her vacation for
2256s next year so and to coincide with a
2258s certain green tunic wearing hero easiest
2261s Mother's Day present ever
2262s uh as for an Epoch roadmap this is a
2265s question what was the original question
2267s about a roadmap as for an Epoch road map
2269s I don't think we need plans to publish
2271s another official one anytime soon really
2273s all hinges on multiplayer in the status
2275s of certain major bugs so much of the
2277s other stuff is just whatever we managed
2279s to get in by the time we have multiple
2281s polish so it's tough to be to put those
2283s specific on a public list because it's a
2286s lot of stuff that will Flex between 0.91
2287s and 1.1
2289s just as a side note finishing the
2291s masteries is not what I would consider a
2292s flex feature they will be in at 1.0
2296s specifically
2303s general statement I I think the
2306s um
2310s the important part of all of that is
2312s that
2313s um
2314s good boy
2316s yeah I think this is the exact situation
2318s I was talking about before about having
2320s to to tank that instead of being able
2321s because you can't run out of it because
2322s I have no movement ability
2329s oh I just put it on cooldown
2333s we're going into the corner
2338s um
2343s that's close
2345s that was close
2347s um
2348s like the whole you gotta beat D4 to
2351s Market mentality there is I understand
2354s where that's coming from and there's
2356s definitely a history of uh examples you
2358s can point to where like two things were
2360s competing directly and and one got to
2362s Market first and and that one was the
2364s wildly successful one on the other one
2366s had had much reduced success because of
2368s that
2369s um and and I can see where people are
2372s coming from with the suggestions like
2373s that but
2375s um if we release
2378s the game and and we're basically just
2381s ignoring Diablo 4's release date at this
2383s point and trying to get the game out as
2385s quickly as we can
2386s um and it's like but we do have certain
2389s minimum quality standards that we're
2390s gonna release the game with so it's once
2392s we're happy with the quality of the game
2394s oh no no too early okay we're good
2397s um once we're happy with the quality of
2398s the game we'll release it and that's
2399s just that's that's that's it like we'll
2402s get it done as soon as we can
2404s and they don't release it and um
2408s yeah there's there's
2410s probably some things that will be a lot
2412s easier uh and maybe better if we if we
2415s got it before DL before but
2417s um it's more important that we
2421s um
2422s you know do our do our own thing
2428s Trixie
2431s oh come on
2435s I'm trying to push them away from all of
2437s these blood pools on the edge
2448s um
2448s so yeah like
2451s we'll get it done as soon as we can
2454s um
2456s I don't know when that'll be
2460s all res
2469s primer what's what's in the build here
2470s these are some good ones
2486s foreign
2488s listed on the build
2493s leech looks pretty good too
2509s future plans for dungeons I like them
2511s conceptually but I don't really feel I
2514s don't really enjoy actually running them
2516s too large too many walls perhaps the the
2518s I think the random
2520s um generation nature of dungeons being
2522s more typical to the genre would be a
2526s huge Boon for them
2527s um I also think increased variety which
2529s we're definitely planning on doing would
2530s be a huge spoon as well there's there's
2532s lots of really big wins available on the
2534s dungeon system
2536s um it's got a really strong backbone and
2539s um
2541s I I think there's a lot of really
2542s powerful things I I mean power power in
2545s terms of game design power that that are
2548s there and um
2550s I I think we'll do well with the system
2554s and yeah it's not finished yet
2557s it still has potential
2566s yeah
2568s Knox I don't know how to pronounce
2569s anyone sorry but yeah GeForce 2mo for
2571s you yeah and that's that's the thing is
2573s yeah they are slightly different games
2575s um there's also plenty of room for both
2577s games to exist in the in the world in
2579s the genre
2580s um
2582s we're gonna go
2586s [Music]
2597s um
2598s just I'm just I'm just joshing it just
2600s kidding
2601s um
2603s the
2607s yeah like
2609s D4 is gonna be a huge game
2612s laughs
2614s um
2616s it's gonna be around for a long time
2620s um
2622s most of the time that D4 and last Epoch
2625s are
2626s released and in people's hands and
2628s available to play and are being
2629s discovered by people and people entering
2630s the genre and all sort of stuff they're
2633s both going to exist for the vast
2635s majority of that time and which one
2637s releases first
2638s I don't think we'll have a huge impact
2645s yeah like it's one of those things where
2646s we want to get out as soon as we can and
2649s we're doing everything we can to
2651s um
2653s but uh uh beating Diablo for the market
2656s is not worth
2658s here's gonna put it beating Diablo for
2659s the market is not worth a bad launch
2662s being in jail before the market is not
2664s worth
2666s destroying everyone who works on the
2669s game uh and and just like
2672s you know like a huge amount of crunch
2674s work is not worth beating devil for the
2676s market for us
2677s um
2679s so yeah it's as soon as we can but
2682s you know like We're Not Gonna We're not
2685s gonna kill ourselves over it
2690s all right
2693s oh Samuel that I saw not apparently oh
2695s whoopsie
2699s do I have any sweet exalted chests
2704s or
2706s um weapons that I can I guess it has to
2707s be a two-handed ax doesn't it
2710s uh that I can that I can slap something
2713s on one of these
2717s like I'm sure I do here
2725s 's on axes
2735s I mean organizations for suckers right
2740s it's terrible
2742s looks really terrible Mike oh
2746s I want to put something on that has an
2748s affix and it might not be able to use
2751s oh
2754s arrive of course it is arrive on it
2758s this isn't exalted though with six Forge
2761s potential okay never mind
2777s this is uh surprise usually I can find
2779s something buried in here
2783s oh here's an ax
2786s he's a big X it's got terrible affix on
2788s it for us
2795s oh what's this
2797s it's a one-handed X of course it's a
2798s one-handed X
2802s [Music]
2807s luckily there's a lot of tabs here from
2810s what I was mucking about
2813s oh
2817s oh
2819s that's that's way better
2823s yeah
2826s do I have any uh forged pencil on the
2828s still no 16.
2832s might be able to do something with that
2835s your chest chest at all oh that one
2845s I think we're doing I think we're doing
2846s ax
2849s Colchester class exactly
2861s yeah I'm not seeing anything else here
2865s is this bug is this the same one as
2867s something else
2869s no it doesn't look like it
2872s gosh this is riveting isn't it
2875s trying to question the answer while I'm
2876s doing this I'm not just
2879s just boring everybody okay uh before the
2882s new patch is there a chance
2884s um you would do a Friday stream of
2886s multiplayer yeah I think there's a good
2888s chance of that I think
2890s um I think that's the sort of thing that
2891s as we get closer to the patch we can we
2894s can start look at doing I'd love to I'd
2896s love to get
2897s um
2899s I have no idea if that's possible I
2901s won't say it I I'd love to get some
2903s people on to play with me uh on Friday
2906s streams that
2909s um
2912s yeah you can just they can just help
2914s showcase a little bit better than I can
2917s what's possible
2920s yeah ambiguous enough that I done didn't
2924s say anything bad nailed it okay which
2927s one of these are we gonna are we gonna
2928s stick on our app is not here
2930s uh Fizz damage not huge does that void
2933s damage the frailty's real nice
2937s oh I dropped that one whoops
2940s um
2942s that added melee boy damage is really
2945s nice though
2947s I think either of these because this is
2949s way more forging potential let's see
2950s what we can just craft out of this
2953s quickly
2954s mainly avoid damage how high can we go
2959s not very high
2961s and did I ruin it because well Discovery
2963s work now if it doesn't have anything oh
2966s I just just
2968s you want to know how to completely ruin
2970s everything
2972s that's how
2979s uh it's got four affixes we're good to
2981s go
2985s [Music]
2988s here let's uh it's actually ah
2992s let's just chaos it
2996s okay
3004s there we go
3008s that's actually a pretty sweet weapon
3018s okay
3020s okay yeah sweet no big deal
3025s [Laughter]
3028s oh we're gonna start here with one of
3030s those 65 uh 41. okay we're going to the
3032s chest now okay we're gonna stick
3035s something dumb on it
3036s foreign
3049s that
3054s oh does it still have 40 potential left
3057s it does I'm gonna mirror it
3060s tried it then a couple times
3064s I think I have a couple don't I I should
3067s yes I have a couple
3071s totally a hundred percent
3075s perfect
3082s I'm just gonna just taking a stroll
3084s through the neighborhood
3091s come on
3092s all right let's get let's get to a
3094s question here
3095s I'm apologizing I took so long of just
3098s just in my own world they're doing
3100s nothing
3101s scroll back up and find somebody missed
3103s probably
3106s make the armor and weapon somebody's in
3108s looking and shiny yet hi Max was the dog
3110s here hi Maximus
3113s woof woof you know
3116s um
3116s from void Caverns here uh yes was
3119s wondering when is my master coming home
3123s is getting kind of dark out already but
3126s I saw a weird stranger from another
3128s Epoch who was wearing my Master's ring
3130s for some reason anyhow would be
3131s appreciated this is an interesting note
3133s here I know people know this but yeah
3135s this is exactly right that's the only
3136s place in the game to get uh the
3138s captain's ring
3140s um
3141s as a as a as a ring at all and it's it's
3144s from yeah maxus's Master that's that's
3147s what I saw
3149s it's a nice touch there I like that
3151s um
3153s yeah this is uh like
3157s the worst episode of Futurama ever
3159s situation or the best depending on how
3160s you look at it
3165s which is the worst cigarette that
3168s Band-Aid off
3170s for the new patches is there any chance
3171s you oh yeah I did that already sorry I
3172s skipped out of the question curious on
3174s your thoughts about
3176s Torchlight infinite's crafting system
3180s I am so remiss to say I do not know
3183s anything about Torchlight infinite's
3185s crafting system I am so sorry
3190s I cannot provide you with any opinion on
3194s it
3201s uh you think the lack of risk is
3202s negative but it has to be on this okay
3204s so I'm just talking about lack of risk
3206s in general is there
3208s um
3209s is there ever like a one-way
3212s change to an item like you you add
3214s something random and it just adds it to
3215s the item or can you always just re-roll
3217s everything you did no matter what like
3219s is there is there anything at any point
3221s that's like this is a permanent change
3222s you're making to the weapon
3224s like corruption's a good example ice
3227s Beetle boys
3229s um
3231s having zero
3234s oh no moments uh I I'm not a huge fan of
3238s personally in a crafting system but I
3240s mean it can work really well in lots of
3241s games so I mean it could be great
3244s I just
3247s I do not have the information to make an
3249s educated um
3250s response to that I'm sorry
3253s uh any chance sets will eventually be
3255s able to go legendary as well it's it's
3257s very unlikely
3259s um currently wanting to play with that
3260s lightning meteor but the set bonus
3262s doesn't seem uh to be strong enough to
3264s outdo or on par with customized uh
3267s equipment and makes it harder to go
3269s defense uh to get defensives needed to
3271s survive yeah I um
3276s there's definitely some sets that are
3279s really interesting and look really
3281s awesome for late game but due to a lack
3283s of core stats or power they're just not
3287s um they're just not good enough and then
3288s they don't have a way to to get that
3290s stat bump to scale a little bit more
3292s into end game unfortunately
3294s um
3295s having them go legendary on the same way
3299s that uh uniques do with legendary
3301s potential and exalteds and things like
3303s that I isn't it's something that we were
3305s actively not planning on doing
3308s um we've talked about it quite a bit and
3310s it just doesn't really fit with
3312s um
3313s kind of what we're hoping for here
3317s oh my goodness where where am I going
3319s sir
3320s did I miss something
3329s is Mike lost
3332s a little bit
3334s that's not always open so
3343s okay come on
3351s gotta get to this uh the short answer is
3354s the tool tips are just way too long
3357s like that's the short answer
3360s um they all we already actually scale
3362s the uh scale the scale
3365s of
3367s um some set item tool tips based on if
3370s you've got like the set bonuses and you
3371s you hold alts and it just like shrinks
3373s the entire tool to just to fit on screen
3374s even now without that
3377s um slap up to four more affixes on those
3378s items and like
3382s we're gonna start having like Pages for
3384s uh for the for the affixes on an item
3387s it's just too much it's just too much
3390s um
3393s so there's kind of a hard limitation
3395s there on item description length I want
3398s to call it
3402s um
3402s so I think if we were looking to if we
3406s were looking to increase or mechanically
3408s add a new system to involve set items
3412s um I think there's there's a couple
3413s different ways we can do that and
3416s um they might not be directly linking to
3419s the item itself and I think we I touched
3421s briefly on like one one option which I
3423s don't think will actually be the thing
3425s that happens but
3426s um just as an example the type of thing
3428s I'm talking about you could have let's
3430s say an idol that says
3432s um
3434s well there was an idol suggestion
3436s earlier that I was mentioning about how
3437s it like counts for a set piece
3440s um for your set bonuses but then also
3441s there's there's other options where it's
3443s like
3444s um
3445s plus two to all attributes for each set
3449s item equipped
3451s or something like that you know
3453s um
3454s one percent less damage taken for every
3456s set item equipped
3458s um
3461s uh you know there's like this cool stuff
3463s like that that you can do
3465s and I I think that's where you'd have to
3468s go to sort of make set items a little
3470s bit more viable
3472s um
3476s on the whole this is all there's
3478s obviously individual set item Buffs that
3480s we're looking at and there's still other
3481s mechanical options that we could look at
3483s to to to to bring set items to scale
3486s better into into end game I think that's
3488s part of the big problem is that there's
3489s also just not enough sets we've sort of
3491s got this sort of weird compounding
3492s problem there's not enough sets so some
3495s of the sets are like the ratio of like
3497s leveling sets to end game sets there's
3500s there's really not that many sets that
3501s are designed as in-game sets in the
3503s first place
3505s um
3507s and oops
3509s like what button is it again
3512s uh and
3519s so yeah you can end up in situations
3521s where
3524s you um
3532s where you want
3535s well I care what I'm talking about sorry
3537s uh synonyms aren't good enough yet we're
3539s still working on it uh we don't have a
3540s good solution
3543s there's the tldr
3546s um making them legendary is is almost
3548s zero chance that that's going to be the
3551s thing that makes them awesome
3561s let's drop a pool up here
3573s bye bye
3576s bye bye bye bye bye
3579s bye bye bye
3588s all right
3590s sorry to repeat myself before I tell you
3593s last time ah I missed it good good good
3595s repos then wait well done uh but I
3598s forgot to tell you last time I am a
3599s person that is not a huge fan of the
3602s seasonal model
3604s yep uh and we'll likely spend a lot of
3606s time in the Eternal realm after release
3608s what content will there be for me to
3610s engage with or will it all be about
3612s encouraging me to move over to seasonal
3614s play
3615s um
3616s I'd really like to see
3621s um there'd be
3622s a thriving community in the standard
3626s realm or or whatever you want to call it
3628s standard League
3629s um standard cycle Eternal cycle Eternal
3631s realm Eternal you have the term right
3632s there
3633s um I I'd really like to see there be a
3636s thriving community in the Eternal Realm
3640s um
3643s I'm not 100 sure what that looks like
3644s right now
3645s I'm not 100 sure the details of exactly
3648s what's going to be there
3650s and probably what you're more interested
3652s in is what's not going to be there
3654s um
3656s I think ideally we'd have as much
3658s overlap as possible
3661s and the main reason for that is actually
3662s just because
3664s um maintaining two games is hard
3667s and maintain two games takes a lot of
3669s time and effort and energy and money and
3672s all that sort of stuff that could just
3674s be put into making the game better
3675s overall if uh
3678s we weren't maintaining two of them and
3680s and uh especially early on I think
3683s there'll be very little difference
3686s especially early on when there's
3690s um
3691s I don't know maybe maybe there's more
3692s things that change later and or maybe
3694s there's less things that changed later
3695s it's definitely the sort of thing that
3697s we will be
3699s um looking for feedback on from our
3701s community and will be like
3705s um
3707s I don't know wanting to make sure that
3710s that that's the sort of thing that yeah
3711s getting getting feedback on for that
3713s will be really nice
3714s oh hey let's let's just make some random
3717s boots
3717s here
3718s let's make some random boots is that
3720s something we can do yeah
3722s there's some fun let's make some boots
3723s what am I doing
3739s we got 34 Health on our boots
3742s neat
3745s I'll just do this to beat it so they can
3747s uh
3750s come back here
3755s getting people into the seasonal play
3758s um
3759s I think will happen pretty organically
3762s I don't think that there's going to need
3764s to be a huge
3767s um and I I I think a lot yeah I think
3770s it'll happen pretty organically and I
3772s think the people who are interested in
3774s playing a seasonal content style will
3776s play a seasonal content style
3779s um
3780s even even if it's just and I so I'm
3783s using my own
3784s um I guess
3786s um Prejudice the wrong word my own
3788s um
3791s weird brain example
3794s uh
3797s like Diablo 2
3800s um that's an example
3802s had did have some content that was
3805s latter only
3806s so little
3810s so little it was it was like about 20
3813s Rune words
3815s and that was it
3818s um and because it had been around
3819s they've been around for so long all
3821s those run words existed you could trade
3822s for easily in in non-ladder no problem
3826s um
3827s so really just couldn't make new
3829s versions of those weird words that was
3830s really the only difference
3832s um you can still get them on all your
3833s characters and everything
3836s but that was still enough that I only
3837s ever played ladder
3839s like later rolled over I just deleted
3842s the entire account
3843s and started a new account from scratch I
3846s just was instantly actually that's not
3848s true I would go into a public game and
3849s drop everything and then delete the
3851s whole account just be like all right
3852s that's it not not doing anything with
3854s this ever again because it's not latter
3856s deal with it and and that's just that's
3858s just the way that I like to play so that
3862s um
3864s and I I think I I don't know I don't
3866s know if there needs to be a lot of
3869s um
3872s big incentives to drive people to play
3874s that if they want to play they will play
3875s it
3876s I think I could be completely wrong
3885s I think that's that's something that
3886s we'll see a lot of feedback on and we'll
3888s um
3889s I think the feedback will be very
3891s valuable for that
3894s you could use the captain's ring and
3896s last Epoch Cube like a recipe oh that'd
3898s be cool yeah like um
3902s uh like wart's leg
3908s some special recipe with it
3911s I like that I think it's cool
3913s uh item can be used uh can be crafted as
3915s long as you have resources that can't be
3917s broken about Torchlight very uh very
3920s casual craft okay
3924s that makes sense
3927s uh can you comment at all on if your
3930s relationship with tencent has given you
3931s guys more resources for development or
3934s is it silent so far
3936s um I I don't I don't really know what
3938s I'm allowed to talk about with that
3941s um
3945s um I I can say that we still have
3947s complete autonomy
3949s I'll say that
3950s like complete the economy there's
3952s there's
3953s um
3955s at no point have I looked at any
3958s decision we've made and gone like
3962s oh like was there 10 cent influence in
3965s that or anything like that like no it's
3967s um
3968s it's it's all us all of our mistakes are
3971s our own fault
3973s we've got no one to blame
3987s I haven't really done anything
3989s I mean like we've like I'm I'm not
3992s really directly involved with that so I
3994s there could be more happening that I
3995s just don't know about but
3997s it's been oh it's been great it's been
4001s basically nothing but uh
4005s I know I know there has been a few good
4007s really really good things that have come
4008s out of it for us
4010s um
4012s overall I'm very very happy with the
4014s decision we made
4016s it's been it's been great
4018s um but there hasn't been any like
4022s pressure from them to do anything or
4024s change anything or
4036s all right let's move on uh what is the
4039s design reason for sets not having
4040s legendary potential I think this may
4042s have been uh
4044s I kind of talked about that already I
4046s think I might be behind enough that I
4047s already answered that question in the
4048s middle of my rant
4051s um if you really want me to go back into
4052s sets and not having LP let me let me
4054s know
4055s ask it again and I'll get back to it uh
4058s which of the new Lich model with the new
4060s glitch model coming yeah will it fix the
4062s issue where you sometimes see both the
4063s re-perform and you uh standard for your
4066s character
4067s um
4067s that's I actually know that was a bug
4069s that's funny
4071s um I I'd be surprised if we don't have
4073s that fixed
4077s there's been a lot of things like that
4078s we've been working on
4079s um and the entire transform system has
4081s been completely reworked from scratch so
4084s uh pre-existing bugs like that probably
4086s just got incidentally fixed
4094s Leslie Puck is supposed I think to
4096s launch early 23. are you taking into
4099s consideration that deal before it's
4100s likely to come out at least beta in
4102s April um so yeah I talked about this a
4103s bunch earlier
4105s um the the tldr is
4108s we're gonna get uh out the door as quick
4110s as we can
4112s um we're very aware of everything that's
4113s happening in the genre in the space and
4115s other games coming out but we're not
4117s going to let that
4119s um
4120s Force us into a bad launch
4123s uh or forces into crunch
4126s that's the short short version
4141s on a personal note I'm pumped for it
4147s the fun has arrived hey Aaron how's it
4150s going
4153s I'm playing I'm playing a build very
4155s similar to one uh you you uh made a
4157s video on recently actually this doesn't
4159s have a racing strike though so it's a
4160s little different
4169s gotta get through here
4170s yes get me through
4175s Jorah
4178s are you ready
4179s are you ready for a tickle fight
4181s I think so
4186s come here
4192s uh is Ellie more CPU or GPU intensive
4196s game trying to figure out my bottleneck
4197s CPU big time
4203s it also uses a lot of RAM
4205s warning on that one but yeah it's it's
4207s definitely CPU a lot of the stuff that's
4210s um
4211s if you're having troubles especially
4212s with like a lot of enemies on screen
4215s um and stutter slowdowns things like
4217s that uh if you have very like a very
4220s powerful GPU and even a very powerful
4222s CPU and you're trying to um
4225s uh you're wondering why you're getting
4226s terrible performances in general just
4228s anyway if you have a very strong system
4230s and you're wondering why your
4231s performance is terrible turn streamer
4233s mode on
4234s trust me it will help a lot
4237s foreign
4250s there's a very specific problem that
4252s happens that was a bad order
4254s um and like if it is what I think it is
4256s that would be causing that to happen uh
4259s like it's just a massive amount of
4261s frames
4266s it's not usually quite this extreme but
4268s like I've seen people be like oh I just
4269s gained like a hundred frames on average
4272s you're like
4273s that's not good there was 100 frames to
4276s grab off the floor
4300s get back here
4324s finish those tight
4333s here we go
4337s almost there
4340s just call it already there we go
4347s is that zombie again
4349s nailed it here we go
4356s first of all
4367s if you haven't seen this before this is
4369s a pretty sweet item
4370s if you have
4373s forging potential left on an item
4376s you can duplicate it
4379s but they're in creation it sets both of
4381s them to zero forge potential afterwards
4382s so it doesn't use as much as you can
4384s without finishing it off so getting into
4386s like a it's a really good spot
4390s and you just get two of them
4395s you can't do it over and over and over
4397s and over because I need to have some
4398s left
4401s but
4405s let's take two cracks at this eh
4414s so I think the less bonus damage taken
4416s from critical strikes is what we want
4417s the most because that's just basically
4419s that like we no longer need credivoids
4421s on any gear we're just good to go there
4424s the frailty's pretty great too
4427s um and the void damage is also awesome
4430s we do have some physical damage that
4431s we're
4433s probably
4434s um creating just because there's still a
4436s bunch of melee physical damage here so
4438s it might help me
4441s really what we're hoping for is that
4443s last one
4448s and like
4451s I hope I didn't have my
4454s self covering the screen too much there
4455s I I have a an unfortunately amazing
4459s track record with this sort of thing
4462s so I'm kind of assuming it's it's gonna
4464s miss here
4466s I assume there'll be an update uh
4469s animations for the reaper form Lich uh
4472s is the skill tree getting touched at all
4474s yeah a lot um yeah there's there's I
4476s think there's a bunch of new animations
4477s I don't think it's a complete
4479s like ground up start from scratch new
4481s animations but I think there's a few new
4483s ones
4484s um
4486s some of them may just be like tweaked
4487s versions of the old or something like
4488s that to fit better with the new model
4489s but it's pretty similar model so not a
4491s lot needs to change
4493s uh and then as far as this the tree
4495s getting touched I don't know I know
4497s basically if we've gone a pass through
4499s basically every single tree so there's
4500s something touched on most trees
4504s um
4506s I'd be surprised if it was if it was uh
4508s any major changes we also haven't
4510s finished uh balancing for things like
4512s that
4514s any plans to bring back the passive grid
4516s also what happened to sockets are they
4518s still planned
4519s um so yeah passive grid as a passive
4521s system no we're gonna stick with our
4523s current passive system as far as a
4526s um as another mechanic that works with
4528s something else in some other way with
4530s some expansion or something like that I
4532s don't know I think it'd be really cool
4533s and I'll advocate for it but we'll see
4535s what happens
4537s um
4539s and then as far as sockets I I think
4541s socket's really interesting because
4544s um if you look at an item like this
4547s um and you have like the affix shards
4549s the like an empty slot an empty affix
4552s slot and an affix shard in our in our
4555s crafting system is basically just a
4557s socket and a jam you know it's basically
4560s the same thing
4562s um so sockets are tricky uh we we've
4565s come we've looked at a few different
4566s versions of sockets
4567s um one of which is like an affix that's
4570s that's as plus one socket instead of the
4573s affix so it's just like a flat one-tier
4576s affix
4577s um we also looked at a version where
4578s like the exalted version was two sockets
4580s and something like that
4582s um it's a pretty huge jump though so
4584s it's the scaling is really hard to do
4588s um and then once again you run into
4589s issues with item length as well so you
4591s gotta be careful with that
4593s tricky it's a tricky thing to do I think
4596s sockets you'll see in a little bit of a
4600s non-standard way
4601s that's what I think will happen nothing
4603s set in stone yet for them
4613s first try
4620s foreign
4630s oh my goodness
4637s oh
4641s all right we'll take those
4646s I I swear to God this is the standard
4650s stock client I I can I can prove it is
4654s the stock client
4655s like there's it shows this is this is
4659s what's running right now here's a
4660s screenshot of it
4661s on Steam it it would show the beta
4665s Branch running if there was something
4666s other running
4674s oh that's hilarious you know it's
4676s celebration time
4678s celebration time look at this good boy
4680s oh look at that good boy
4691s foreign
4698s I don't know how
4726s does anyone know how to give mod status
4728s to someone on
4733s twitch
4734s oh there it is it's just not on
4736s streamlabs that makes sense
4741s gotcha Steve
4749s all right
4751s it might be literally
4756s or you click on in in the actual twitch
4759s UI you just click on the name there's an
4761s add mod button
4764s all right let's get this picture off the
4766s screen
4767s uh enough time with that let's get back
4768s into some combat
4770s you know what I'm feeling bold
4773s let's go
4775s get some experience because I'm it's a
4777s little lobby lobby level here we go
4781s all right
4785s let's get some more questions
4786s I'll just be asking again what is the
4788s design reason for sets not having
4790s legendary potential just want to hear
4791s your other team's thoughts and
4792s philosophies well okay so the
4795s one one thing that I did I did mention
4798s was reiterated again is just the items
4800s would become too large and unwieldy
4801s there's too many stats there's too many
4803s things going into it it's just it's just
4804s all over the place and it's
4807s um it's just too many stats so right
4809s right off the bat it's kind of precluded
4811s from being it
4812s a legendary potential there uh second
4814s thing having the upgrade pass
4818s mechanically differ from item type to
4820s item type is is good is interesting it's
4824s um it lets us whoa create different
4829s um activities to do with with unique
4832s rewards uh that are that's just gives
4836s gives more things to do it's like maybe
4837s it's another dungeon reward that lets
4839s you scale a set item uh and just the
4843s fact that it's different is uh
4845s maintenance is like a new interesting
4847s mechanic we can work in there so it just
4848s adds depth that way
4850s by just not having it be the same thing
4854s um and then it's it's also the fact that
4856s they would be it's like that's the item
4858s type name it's it's a legendary the
4860s thing that makes it a legendary is
4863s um it started out as unique it was
4865s combined with an exalted and it became a
4867s legendary so
4868s um are now set items that are legendary
4872s because they had legendary potential
4873s they became a legendary
4875s um is it now a legendary set item I
4878s guess it kind of blurs the lines then
4880s you're talking about legendaries and
4881s then like our legendary set items
4883s included in legendaries and muddies the
4885s water and complexity that way as well
4888s um so there's a whole bunch of little
4890s reasons there's nothing huge in major
4892s but there's a whole bunch of like little
4893s things you're just like well that's not
4895s ideal
4896s well that's not great oh we should avoid
4899s doing that well maybe we shouldn't do
4900s that and it's just like it all builds up
4903s to the point where you're just like no
4904s we're not doing that
4913s dude you always got great great comments
4916s I just saw your name and I'm like oh
4917s it's gonna be good let's take a breather
4920s hi ancient Immortal Le player adjacently
4924s an emperor of a bunch of skeletons
4926s formerly known as Grail uh spoiler alert
4929s any ideas what we can do after I have
4931s conquered the known world and pretty
4932s much chill in my Palace all day long
4935s it's getting kind of boring so my advice
4937s is because you got so many skeletons
4939s laying around
4942s is you Cobble them together in different
4944s ways and start like a soap opera because
4947s I mean if you're stuck at home on the
4949s couch all day what's better than a good
4952s soap right
4955s that's what that's what I feel like
4957s they're all there do your bidding
4958s anyways
4963s it's just easier that way
4969s streamer clients
4976s I I wonder sometimes myself you know
4979s like how
4982s I set up the I set up so much stuff to
4984s like
4985s make to take a second crack at it
4987s because I'm like there's no way
4989s that's a one in four shot so it's not
4991s that bad
4996s all right any plans to uh to have like
4999s collectors part in the stash where you
5002s can stash each unique set item once I'm
5004s a collector yeah so this is a cool um a
5007s cool feature that actually gets
5007s requested a fair bit I I'd really like
5009s to have something like that
5011s um
5012s I think it would work better as an
5016s achievement tracker
5018s in the
5020s there's pros and cons in both of these
5022s different ways but this is the sort of
5024s two ways to do this one you have a
5026s single stash page that like Scrolls and
5030s has like a unique space for every single
5033s unique item to go in it and and you're
5035s filling it up like a like a coin
5038s collector book or something like that or
5040s like a stamp collector book where you're
5041s like filling in these slots with all of
5043s each thing that can go in there which
5044s which is very cool
5046s um
5048s it's a little unwieldy it's a little
5050s like there's there's a lot going on here
5052s there's this giant page that I'm gonna
5054s scroll through just to find it and
5056s everything it kind of sucks
5058s um
5059s the other option that I've seen
5061s suggested which I think I actually
5062s prefer but I I don't know and I could be
5064s con probably pretty easily convince
5066s someone with the other is is having it
5068s be more of an achievement tracker
5070s um and and one of the big upsides to
5072s this as well is you don't have to
5073s actually take a copy of the item that
5076s you found and stick it in that slot it
5080s would just it would just work on like
5082s every time you find a unique it would
5084s just update an achievement tracker it
5086s wouldn't matter if you like you have to
5088s pick it up but it would be like
5089s have you ever picked up this unique
5091s check have you ever picked up this
5093s unique check
5095s um I I think I think that's the way I
5097s probably well that's a nice space to
5099s craft on
5100s um I think that's the way I probably
5101s would prefer to see it myself but
5104s super open to feedback on it
5106s um
5108s and and it's it's definitely uh like
5110s Grill quests I've I've gone on a couple
5112s D2 Grail quests I've only ever completed
5114s it once
5119s I think I think I finished it I don't
5121s know it's so long ago I know I know I've
5124s found every item in Diablo 2. I know
5126s that I don't know if it's always been
5129s on the same time I know I've started a
5130s couple Braille quests they're tough
5133s definitely given up on more than a
5134s couple
5136s anyways
5138s um
5140s having it automatically track makes
5141s things a lot easier
5157s and don't forget to put Atlas seatbelt
5158s game and the question so I see it can
5160s answer it I did see one here that didn't
5162s happen that's okay let's answer it now
5163s any plans to make sets best in slot for
5166s some builds
5168s um
5169s we really try and avoid saying like Okay
5172s let's tune this item so it's best in
5174s slot for this specific build no matter
5176s what that's a statement that we really
5178s try and avoid
5181s um normally what we're looking at it
5184s um more in the terms of hey are there is
5187s this is this a tool we could add a cool
5189s tool we could add to this builds kit is
5192s this something that might improve this
5194s build or give it another option on ways
5196s to build it and like uh think things
5199s like that those are the types of
5200s statements we're looking at more so when
5203s we're talking about adding new items if
5205s we are looking at specific builds that
5206s it could go in we're generally more
5208s looking at
5210s um
5212s come on back uh I just really like that
5214s when we added the ability to like bring
5215s them back early oh Game Changer
5218s um
5220s yeah I
5222s I don't see any reason why a set item
5224s couldn't be best in slot for certain
5226s builds
5229s um specifically tuning it so that it
5231s intentionally is best in slot that's not
5233s something we really do
5246s oh
5247s you know what's happening
5249s I'm taking a lot of poison damage
5259s got that 12 all res certainly helping
5268s so that's our goal is get a bunch of
5269s poison res
5271s on our chest
5273s the legendary potential in the chest get
5274s a bunch of poison res
5276s that's our goal
5284s which um
5288s Echo has poison res oh my goodness
5294s I know I can leave
5306s same foods that I just made legendary
5309s it's funny
5319s we have to have multiple achievements
5321s then one for any stats and one for
5323s perfect stats we just have like a check
5324s mark if you found it a little star if
5327s it's perfect there you go
5329s uh one advantage of the coin collection
5332s model is that when people make an uh on
5335s a unofficial ladder deciding whether uh
5338s to put your ravenous voids in the tab or
5341s wear them add strategy yeah
5344s I if it was going to be a physical thing
5346s that you're putting in there you'd have
5347s to take them out too wouldn't you
5349s like
5351s the bowl stamping having having like
5353s permanently immortalized in some giant
5355s tab I think oh
5360s I I can I can feel the support tickets
5363s coming in now I put it in my stash and
5366s it's gone forever and I can't get it
5367s back like even with the giant warnings
5370s all over it like this is permanent don't
5372s put anything in here the big pop-up that
5374s shows up and it's like warning warning
5375s this is permanent we
5377s thousands of support tickets guaranteed
5381s now it has to be removable
5390s because this
5392s tells you it's a permanent decision
5394s several times
5396s oh boy do we get a lot of sport tickets
5398s about that
5400s and they always State you never warned
5402s me
5405s and the response is always
5407s sorry about that
5411s because to be fair if it's not something
5413s that people are seeing it's not being
5414s worn well enough so it is on us
5423s so we start adding these skill testing
5425s questions
5427s and it's like it's a it's a really long
5430s binary string that translates into
5433s this is permanent and you have to like
5435s go look up what it means online you
5437s could like copy and paste and Google it
5439s to see what it actually means so you can
5440s type out the words
5442s foreign
5446s we like don't let you paste things into
5449s the fields you actually have to type it
5450s out there we go perfect
5454s it's like those um
5457s there's some game where like it says
5459s there's like a little a prompt when
5460s you're making your character it says
5461s please uh please enter uh character name
5464s and if you type the words like character
5466s name or something like that it goes haha
5468s very funny pick a pick an original name
5470s and then if you type in original name I
5473s like it just keeps like giving you new
5475s ways to take the instructions way too
5477s literally and clever responses when you
5479s do
5483s I really like that I don't know why they
5485s reminded me of it
5486s all right more questions we'll get there
5496s in Gates of orium and epoch's call are
5499s is Gates Memorial Epoch still coming at
5501s some point uh how will you balance the
5503s critical chance
5504s changes uh oh it's two questions here
5506s let's pull these off
5508s um okay so Gatesville Morgan epoch's
5509s call were names of endgame systems that
5512s we had
5514s um
5515s Loosely created some information for
5518s that we had planned to release
5520s um
5521s early on and we have that was before we
5524s had really created
5526s um
5528s uh the dungeon system hadn't even been
5530s considered yet
5532s um the model the systems changed
5534s immensely since then
5537s um there those are really good names to
5540s use
5542s um and I think there's a very good
5544s chance we'll use them at some point for
5546s end game systems
5549s um we don't have anything specifically
5551s planned for either of those names at the
5553s moment anymore
5556s um most of the features that we were
5557s planning on putting into those either we
5559s realized are not possible or we're kind
5562s of building them into other Engine
5564s Systems
5578s okay next one achievements unique
5580s tracker would still make us need to
5583s browser dive to see the items
5586s I love the unique tab in other games
5588s because they just look at the stuff we
5590s don't have as you were saying like
5592s um
5593s having the like tool tips available for
5595s the items that you haven't picked up yet
5596s I mean you can still put that in
5598s in an achievement list
5608s uh when are you planning for this
5609s multiplayer when it's ready
5612s which I know is such a non-answer and it
5614s bothers people apologize
5621s uh we separate leaderboards and multiple
5623s launches for example will there be a
5625s bunch of different ladders such as solo
5626s ladder two player ladder three plot by
5629s the player ladder yeah
5630s basically
5632s we we're really we had a tough time
5633s deciding what axes we were gonna split
5636s the ladders on
5638s and it still could change a little bit
5639s but
5640s um number of players is a big one and
5642s it's pretty important
5644s um
5645s hardcore solo
5648s things like that
5653s hey guys just dropping by to ask
5655s something I've been thinking about a lot
5657s lately did you guys ever consider making
5659s a blockchains easier to get and nerfing
5661s blocked effect to compensate
5664s uh there are a lot of cool shields in
5666s the game but I always feel like I should
5667s use Bastion in the end uh end game
5669s because capping block chance is almost
5671s impossible in a lot of cases
5673s um yeah it's
5676s um
5677s uh any question that starts with did you
5680s ever consider on a popular topic chances
5682s are the answer is yes just right out of
5684s the gate
5685s um this one definitely yes we we have
5687s talked about this quite a bit
5689s um
5692s it might not be balanced quite right but
5695s that's not
5697s um a universal change we're likely to
5699s make having blockchains be capable
5704s um
5705s easily I
5708s it's a tricky thing there's I don't want
5710s to go too deep into the defenses because
5712s there's only 20 25 minutes left here but
5715s um
5716s there's this sentiment that I personally
5719s don't agree with
5720s um but I I do understand where it's
5721s where it comes from uh where it
5724s basically states that any defensive
5727s layer
5728s that is
5731s um chance based
5733s to have a percentage reduction
5736s if you can't get it to a hundred percent
5739s chance it might as well be zero
5744s um
5747s and I I like the the big one this pops
5751s up with a lot is cred avoidance when I'm
5753s talking about credibility
5754s um
5756s and and I I understand the sentiment I
5759s believe me I do just want to get that
5760s out of the way right out of the out of
5762s the way to the start but
5764s um I I don't agree with it at all really
5768s um
5769s I don't think it's bad to cap it or gets
5772s 100 but it's it's definitely not
5774s worthless if it's not capped
5780s I might just die here we'll see what
5782s happens
5788s uh what was I talking about though uh
5791s blockchains yeah I I block block is a
5795s very popular and core mechanic to a lot
5797s of builds and
5800s um is is a primary defensive layer for
5802s an entire base class and a secondary
5805s defensive player for several others
5807s um
5809s no I even hit function but it's just
5811s timing too late uh
5813s oh yeah so that means as well just give
5815s me a second I'll get to it
5817s um
5818s I'm trying to say here I I think that
5822s adding more options for
5825s uh for block block builds will will have
5828s a huge impact on the
5831s um just just on on the diversity of
5833s shields that are used
5836s um
5838s there's probably a few Shields that are
5841s not designed initially at least as like
5844s um main mainstream endgame shields uh
5849s that are that are being compared to
5851s uh with Bastion and then
5854s as far as just like uh like ongoing
5856s block and I'm using a shield
5859s therefore I'm gonna use the best block
5861s Shield
5863s um there's always going to be a
5864s mathematically best block Shield
5866s like that's just gonna be unless unless
5868s we have several that have the exact same
5871s block stats and a few other things that
5872s are a little bit different
5874s um
5875s maybe that's what we have to do but I
5877s really hope not
5879s oh I just kicked my chair behind me that
5880s really hurt a lot I'm just saying this
5883s so I don't start yelling into the
5884s microphone
5889s okay uh yeah
5893s wow
5895s uh
5896s something up on screen
5899s oh my goodness oh
5901s it's comically large yes Mike good job
5906s sorry about that
5914s oh my foot hurts
5919s oh
5923s there we go
5926s oh okay this is showcasing uh
5930s oh stagger and stun animations
5934s and hit effects and death animations
5936s it's just a whole bunch of General
5938s combat Improvement feels
5941s um with a weird amount of hammers
5945s but yeah there's a lot of like staggers
5947s that are happening
5950s I'm gonna break this down later you'll
5951s see there's there's a whole bunch of
5953s like they're getting hit and they're not
5954s they're they're their animation is
5957s getting interrupted to stagger the
5959s character and it doesn't have a gameplay
5960s implication but it does make it visually
5963s appear more appropriate
5974s okay cool here we go
5977s a little teaser but stuff's looking like
5979s coming up here and I missed the question
5981s either it was a two-part question and I
5983s skipped the second part
5984s a little while back so I need to go back
5986s and find that
5988s I apologize
5991s uh okay how will you balance Critical
5994s Strike changes
5996s um where increased crit is going to be
5997s changes into flat crit
6001s um
6002s it's a pretty it's a pretty wide open
6004s question how will we bounce well I I
6008s don't know the exact uh details on how
6010s we're gonna do that how what it's going
6011s to look like and everything but
6014s um the goal I think will be to have
6017s similar levels of overall crit chance
6020s for builds that already exist so not
6023s having a huge impact on Bounce overall
6026s um but it's more about
6029s um
6030s simplifying the
6032s uh the system a little bit just and it
6035s has kind of a loaded statement
6037s simplifying something but
6039s um
6041s the complexity that it does bring for
6043s having added and increased on a
6046s percentage ability like that
6049s um that's that's a very common ability
6051s does have
6053s um
6054s comprehension issues
6056s pretty frequently
6059s um it's it's extremely common to see
6063s um I've got 100 increased Critical
6065s Strike chance why am I not always credit
6068s like that's that's a very very common
6072s um misconception or problem or issue or
6074s misunderstanding to have
6076s um
6078s and if we can if we can help alleviate
6081s that without removing much depth in the
6083s system
6085s um that's a big win
6088s so we'll be looking to do that
6091s and that's not this I I also think
6093s that's not to say that the stat becomes
6095s impossible to include
6098s um
6100s it's it's more that we're looking to
6102s remove increased Critical Strike chance
6105s as a primary or common stat there's a
6108s way to put it removing it as a common
6110s stat so it still is possible to get but
6114s um
6116s exceedingly rare
6123s some it's like it's a similar sort of
6125s style to the
6127s um what we're doing to weapons so the
6130s the base the base damage on this weapon
6132s will change from physical little like
6136s 101 melee physical damage uh in point
6138s nine it's just gonna say 101 melee
6140s damage and it's not going to have that
6141s physical tag and it's going to get the
6143s element from whatever ability you're
6146s using so if you use this with void
6147s cleave it'll be 101 void damage
6150s which is great
6152s um because it'll help things scale
6153s better because right now there's so much
6155s physical damage that's happening here
6156s still even though it's void cleave it's
6158s a ton of time that's physical
6160s um and voically might be a bad example
6162s because it is a melee physical skill
6168s but it'll help overall
6173s it'll it'll especially help a lot
6176s um
6177s uh
6179s spellblades a lot
6187s I have more questions hello guys just
6189s dropped to ask something I've been
6191s thinking a lot about lately do you guys
6192s ever consider making oh everything
6193s whoops
6195s I need like a little like ability like
6197s tick off questions like I'll answer that
6198s good job Mike way to go
6201s uh hi Mike shortly after chapters 10 to
6203s 12 were revealed you mentioned on
6205s Discord that the plan at the time was
6206s step chapter 10 by launch and the
6208s remaining chapter sometime afterwards
6210s that's still the planner has changed I
6211s think that's still the plan
6215s um
6217s there's there is work being done on
6221s other parts of the campaign a lot of
6223s work being done in a lot of other parts
6224s of the campaign actually
6227s um just to improve the quality
6229s um replayability fun all those sorts of
6232s stuff of the um of the campaign that
6233s already exists
6236s just the angles running it looked like I
6237s had no weapon for a second it was like
6239s did I drop it somehow no again
6242s um
6245s stuff's beefy here
6254s foreign
6266s will there be a wipe when multiplayer
6268s drops
6269s um
6272s offline characters will not be able to
6275s transition to an online environment we
6278s will not delete characters off of your
6280s computer all of your saves are currently
6282s stored on your local device and we're
6284s not going to delete your save files off
6286s of your computer however we're also not
6288s going to accept those save files that
6290s you have on your computer as legitimate
6293s save files that we will upload to our
6294s servers when we start playing
6296s multiplayer so you'll still be able to
6299s use those same save files playing
6302s offline when multiplayer goes live you
6305s will not be able to bring those
6307s characters online
6310s so
6313s my one of my favorite means well yes but
6316s actually no
6330s uh provided that it's not entry-based
6332s chance yet
6334s uh any plans to make multiplayer testing
6336s opt in without having it be Community
6339s tested program you get more volunteers
6341s to help you test the servers yes um we
6344s we do have plans to uh open up a little
6347s bit more uh large-scale multiplayer
6351s testing and lower barrier uh entry
6356s into that system
6358s um
6359s the system's still rough enough that
6363s um
6366s oh opening if we just said okay anyone
6368s who wants to play multiplayer can opt
6369s into it go ahead download it there you
6371s go have fun
6373s um
6375s the suddenly people are getting in
6378s without going through the process of uh
6382s learning uh exactly what the state of
6385s multiplayer is and what to expect what
6387s bugs to expect
6388s um there's there's no support network
6389s for those people in in that they learn
6393s from other players quickly that that
6395s okay well this feature doesn't work and
6396s oh you can't do this and that's no big
6399s deal because it's still in a very early
6401s stage of multiplayer
6403s um but as soon as it's okay anyone can
6405s join and just come do this it's well why
6408s haven't you fixed this yet
6411s um and there's a lot of things that
6414s would super duper fit into that why
6416s haven't you fixed this yet category
6418s um and the answer is because it's not
6420s ready
6421s um so so that's why we can't release a a
6423s wide open version like that just yet
6426s um I I think there's possibilities that
6428s we could see something along the lines
6430s of uh like an open weekend or something
6433s like that where we're just like we're
6436s gonna crash the servers come help us
6437s crash the servers let's do this let's
6438s see what happens when we crash the
6440s servers
6441s um and just let anyone in that wants to
6443s get in
6446s um so yeah things like that I think
6447s would be cool um and then once we get a
6449s little closer just having having that CT
6451s program
6452s going forward is still something we're
6454s interested in
6455s um but maybe the multiplayer is not
6456s maybe being part of the city department
6458s is not mandatory to play multiplayer
6461s um even before it's released that's that
6462s could that could happen too we're not
6464s entirely clear on exactly what's going
6465s to happen oh boy
6469s that's a bird for sure
6485s are all these additions will be included
6488s next facts it's been almost here yeah
6489s there's tons of stuff coming the next
6490s match it's gonna be cool
6494s we don't really hide stuff or like
6496s you're like oh we built this sweet thing
6498s we're releasing it a couple patches no
6500s it's like we built something sweet it's
6501s in let's do this let's go release it
6505s um
6507s so yeah all the stuff I've been talking
6508s about it's all in all the stuff that
6509s we've been teasing anything I've been
6510s teasing on stream is gonna be in for
6512s next match
6515s I'm not gonna I'm not gonna tease
6516s something like this and not not bring it
6517s for next match oh that would be mean
6521s someone could probably think of an
6523s example when we've done that already and
6524s I am sorry
6529s I bet the where bear rework I bet we
6532s teased the way where we work like
6534s two three patches before it actually
6536s happens
6542s will this game ever be completed yeah of
6544s course
6552s would your stash transition to new
6554s online characters no your entire saves
6557s everything is stored offline on your
6559s computer
6561s um
6563s your your materials here
6565s like like if if I just got to bring 22
6568s Runes of Creation with me into online
6570s play oh my God that's such a massive
6573s Head Start If I got to bring
6575s 346 glyphs of Despair into online play
6578s oh my God that's such a huge Advantage
6582s Head Start like that is crazy if I just
6585s got to bring 6.3 million gold because I
6587s just had it lying around oh my God
6590s that's such a huge Advantage
6592s um no we we can't we can't bring any of
6594s that information in uh when multiplayer
6596s drops if you want to play online you're
6598s playing from Level zero level one
6601s um
6603s you you won't have any
6606s uh any equipment no runes no nothing
6608s it's it's like you started a brand new
6609s account
6611s um
6614s you can still play your offline stuff
6616s offline but online is brand new anyone
6618s who's also is important to note here
6620s while we're talking about this anyone
6622s who's um in the CT program the CT
6625s program is on a different I want to say
6627s realm it's in a different bubble than
6630s everything else so people who are
6632s playing in the CT program right now the
6634s characters that they're creating will
6635s not be playable in the main
6637s multiple environments they're also not
6639s getting a head start advantage
6641s the thing um like a knowledge Advantage
6643s I guess because they're seeing things
6645s um and they'll they know certain things
6647s that are coming before they actually
6648s happen and things like that but they're
6650s they're not getting a functional
6651s advantage
6664s I need a functional advantage to tell
6666s you what
6667s this is why the game this is why the
6668s game gives me these ridiculous legendary
6671s roles it's because it knows I need them
6678s all right getting pretty close to the
6680s end of the stream here so if you have
6681s any more questions please toss those in
6684s chat and I'll try and get them as quick
6685s as I can trying to hammer through a few
6687s here speaking of offline characters
6688s we'll be able to name them freely uh as
6691s per recent steam thread uh words like
6695s butts or rapid are banned rapid is
6698s banned really
6699s that's funny
6701s that's really funny
6706s uh I'm not 100 sure what'll happen with
6708s that
6709s um honestly it'll probably use the same
6711s naming restrictions online and offline
6715s uh rapid seems weird that that's banned
6722s oh poison the pick up the poison rats
6726s bike what are you doing
6729s oh 14 armor who cares
6738s foreign
6754s you know what we're doing it
6758s poison rest is just just too much
6761s okay
6763s um
6777s sure safe one
6780s I feel like there's probably better
6782s things to put it in but
6784s that's okay
6790s next question Mike get to the questions
6793s uh okay don't die either following up on
6796s the Block discussion that the entropy
6798s chance statement uh how is your stance
6800s on making chance based systems like
6802s critical strikes blocks or Invasion
6803s having such a component to make them
6805s more reliable
6813s um
6815s oh I see what you're saying so like
6818s um if if you
6823s it's it's so well the question what the
6825s question is asking for this is a pretty
6827s complex question for me to the end of
6828s the question I think I think this is
6830s what you're asking for
6832s um if here is
6834s uh zero luck
6837s and here is
6839s oh my God what the [ __ ] amazing luck
6841s this is amazing and here is super sad my
6845s luck's terrible
6847s um and and this is this is blockchains
6851s block percentage
6853s um and so zero being like say you have
6855s 50 block and block chance and you
6859s literally block and you you've been
6861s attacked 100 times and you blocked 50 of
6863s them that's the zero Mark here uh and
6865s this is your fifth string block chance
6867s let's say fifty percent
6872s this is 100 blocks this is zero blocks
6875s and this is 50 blocks there we go
6878s um from 100 hits and and so
6883s um like an entropy reduction system is
6887s uh trying to bring people who are these
6890s outliers into the center artificially
6894s um so
6896s say so we assume you're at 50 always to
6899s start off with and you block once
6902s and then your blockchains becomes 49.
6905s and you block again your blockchains
6907s becomes 48. when you miss a block and
6909s your blockchain goes back up to 49.
6912s and then you miss another one and it
6914s goes up to 50. and then you miss 80 in a
6917s row and it's up at 100.
6920s and then because your block chance is so
6922s high and you start blocking a whole
6924s bunch in a row and then you come back
6925s down so it's it's this at it's this
6928s forcing you back to the to the point
6931s where where your average should be
6934s um and it's it's just stopping because
6937s with with any sort of percent system
6939s like this in a proper random system
6942s um given enough time
6946s um
6947s you will receive strings at 50 you will
6950s eventually receive strings of blocks
6953s successful blocks in the thousands and
6955s strings of successful fail blocks in the
6957s thousands given an like an infinite
6959s amount of time and an infinite amount of
6961s attempts at this will happen that's just
6963s the way math Works
6964s um
6966s practically for almost every single
6968s person that plays it will stay extremely
6970s close to 50 or whatever the actual
6972s percentage is
6974s um
6975s it will it won't it will it'll like go
6978s to here as like the max for most people
6980s that actually experience
6983s um it won't it won't you won't see
6985s people get like way out here that just
6987s almost never happens
6991s um
6992s and personally I'm not a huge fan of
6995s these
6996s um entropy correction systems or
6999s whatever
7001s however
7003s however
7005s we do have gear in the game that
7008s literally does this
7012s um
7013s so if you really want it equip it
7019s oh okay speaking of which I'm about to
7021s die
7034s thank you
7036s I think it may actually be called
7038s entropy or something
7050s yeah just want to fight one at a time
7054s come on down
7066s oh with the laundry thing I think part
7068s of like if you look at the roots of a
7070s game like this and even just like the
7072s the game itself as it stands on its own
7074s I I think it's really interesting when
7076s you have these big swingy things that
7077s happen
7079s um
7079s it's like oh my God you'll never believe
7081s what happens
7082s Story Time like oh I hit 40 blocks in a
7086s row in this clutch moment and I only had
7087s 10 block chance and it was amazing and
7089s it's probably because of it beat the
7090s boss oh it's cool
7092s um and yeah there's the inverse of that
7094s too but uh it still makes for a good
7096s story anyway some one of the best
7097s stories I have is you know getting
7100s stalked by a cougar after having a boat
7102s stolen off of the back of a trailer and
7104s the strap ripped off as we were
7106s traveling you know like like
7108s good stories come from things going
7110s horribly wrong
7113s um so yeah it's
7116s maybe unlikely
7119s all right oh I'm kind of behind here
7121s Greg from accounting you may have to
7123s wait uh we're gonna see them out of
7125s total uncollected cold per character in
7127s prepared Gilly reports
7129s that would be hilarious that we don't
7131s track it uh any plans to release the
7133s microtransaction shot before 1.0 yes uh
7136s so if multiplayer is not in a state
7138s where it's ready for public opt-in then
7140s it's safe to say multiplayer won't be
7142s here in 2022. I am not going to comment
7144s on the assumption but I
7146s drawing assumptions from the evidence is
7149s a dangerous game at best
7151s also I think
7153s I think a lot of these issues with crit
7155s could be solved if character sheet and
7157s more information instead of having to
7159s change crit completely
7161s um the problem really the information is
7164s there very clearly on the crit on the
7166s character sheet like it just says what
7167s the number is uh it says what the bass
7169s is I I the problem comes from seeing
7172s things where it says I don't even have
7174s anything where it just says like here's
7176s a bunch of increased crit chance
7179s um and like you hold this at like or uh
7182s there and it like describes what it is
7184s even and it's yeah
7188s right writing it down having information
7189s to read in the game is very rarely the
7192s solution for things like that because
7195s getting people to read is the hardest
7199s thing to ever the hardest thing to do in
7201s the developing a game the absolute
7203s hardest thing to do is get someone to
7205s read what you've written that is by far
7207s the hardest thing to do
7209s as a game developer designer just if you
7212s can if you can get someone to read
7213s something oh god tier unlocked
7218s anyways
7220s I had a great time today I hope all you
7222s did too uh if we made any mistakes or
7225s you've got something to say or you've
7226s just had more questions please head on
7228s over to our Discord we've got an ask the
7230s devs channel where I'm very very
7233s um
7233s active and lots of people to answer
7236s questions in the community that know a
7237s lot more than I do even and uh Reddit we
7240s have forums all sorts of stuff
7243s um please come talk ask questions come
7245s say hi we're friendly
7248s um
7249s yeah
7250s that's all I got for you today
7253s I hope you had fun I know I did I think
7255s that's what I say we'll see you later
7260s let's go say hi to someone who's
7261s streaming who's streaming today
7266s find someone I don't know
7268s it was a dangerous game
7271s I like to see a webcam in a little
7272s preview
7287s all right