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  • Added new 2d art for the Devotion and Eye of Orexia uniques.
  • Javelin now scales with melee damage on your polearm rather than from all sources while you have a polearm equipped.
    • This shouldn’t make a large difference, but removes some confusing edge cases.
  • Acolyte Damage over Time
    • The Pestilence node for Spirit Plague was too strong, so it was adjusted in 0.8.3, but we feel that this left DoT Acolytes a bit weaker than intended.
    • Wandering Spirits deals 40% more damage and gains 4% increased damage per intelligence (from 4% increased necrotic damage).
    • Spirit Plague deals 11% more damage.
    • Infernal Shade deals 33% more damage and costs 18 mana (from 21).
    • Drain Life deals 20% more damage.
  • Reaper Form
    • A shared cooldown was added between Reap and Transplant in 0.8.3. Given the strength of Transplant, this has made Reap feel redundant. These changes add more options for how to use Reap in builds. Reaper Form should have more mobility than 0.8.3, but less mobility than when using it with Transplant in 0.8.2.
    • Swift Harbinger now grants Reap 30% increased cooldown recovery speed (from 17% reduced cooldown duration), and can have 3 points allocated (from 2).
    • Sanguine Reaper now also grants Reap 18% increased area per point.
    • Unholy Dominion no longer increases Reap Area, but now makes it no longer have a shared cooldown with transplant and gives 200% increased cooldown duration. It can now have 1 point allocated (from 2).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug which prevented some players from being able to load new or existing characters.
  • Fixed inaccessible enemies in the Temple Rooftops.
  • Fixed the outside radius of the Scalebane Swarmkeeper’s AoE attack being larger than its visual effect.
  • Fixed a bug where the tooltip DPS on Static Orb and Javelin did not account for damage conversion. This was only a display bug.
  • Fixed a bug where Puncture with Penumbral Ambush would trigger the mana consumption of Rogue’s Coated Blades passive multiple times.
  • Fixed Anomaly saying it scales with Vitality, when only the Time Wave sub-ability scales with Vitality.
  • Fixed Chinese punctuation marks not displaying in chat.

Known Issues

  • The “The Scalebane” quest cannot be turned in to Zerrick until the “Arjani, The Ruby Commander” quest has been completed.