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2s good afternoon everybody welcome back to
5s the last epoch
7s devstream
10s as always
11s i'm your host mike but not like always
14s you may notice this lovely cord hanging
16s over my shoulder
19s i am parked robot you do it all along
22s uh
23s having some back pain so we're sitting
26s down with a heating pad on us today but
27s we're gonna still power through and keep
30s going
31s leveling our
33s holy trail
34s javelin
36s paladin
38s um yeah so lots lots happened today this
40s week i guess
42s i guess i should start out if this is
43s your first time here please feel free to
45s ask any questions you'd like i'll do my
47s best to answer all them please put an at
48s last epoch game in front of the question
50s so i see it ahead of time
53s um
54s and as always we stream for charity so
56s all of our charity
57s all of our streaming proceeds go towards
60s good sports who's our chat of the month
62s and they are uh helping kids
65s get into sports
66s do sports things
69s you know what's fun sports kids do
73s so yeah we've um
75s i guess catch people up on the news of
77s the week if you haven't heard
79s we've been uh
81s doing lots of multiplayer
83s development we've um did a couple
87s multiplayer streams with ziz and steel
88s mage
90s went awesome
95s very happy with that
100s yeah
102s stuff's moving along
104s it's great love to see development
106s moving along
107s um
108s i i tried to unlock the empowered models
111s on this character and failed somehow
116s so we're uh we're just gonna keep
118s working this game playing through
119s because i'm enjoying it it's nice
120s relaxing uh character to play
124s has good
127s damage if you can find some uh
130s we find a couple gear upgrades this time
132s our gear is pretty sweet
134s i'd love to uh to make a weapon
137s that's that's that's that's my goal for
139s this this week i think actually is
141s legend dies legendary eyes legend of
143s akai i don't know what you wanna call it
145s um my uh my weapon
152s legend defy yeah there we go
157s to make legendary that's that's that's a
158s term right
162s we should do um
163s we should do a vault at 8 million gold
165s spend it see what's up
173s all right first question coming in
175s welcome lone star mcfluffin how you
177s doing bud uh how did you all feel about
179s multiple streams this week on the
181s technical side
182s did uh did it go how you expected slash
185s hoped um so there was those
188s i guess overall yeah pretty happy with
190s it um
192s was there room for improvement did some
193s stuff go wrong yeah sadly it did um
197s that was the first time i'd seen that
201s um
203s the so at the end of steel mage's uh
205s streaming we we all basically got hung
208s and locked out
209s um and on that build of the game that's
211s the first time i've seen that happen
214s so it's been a while since you've seen
214s that happen which is a little
216s disappointing to have happened it was
218s near the end and you know like it's not
220s terrible but it's a little frustrating
222s that it happened at all
223s um
224s you know like you play for for weeks not
227s having things like that go wrong and it
229s does when you're showing it off you're
231s like ah come on
233s um
234s hey you know overall i thought it went
235s really well i think the um
239s i i think the footage especially when
240s you're seeing from like this perspective
243s and
244s um
246s like because we we we were across an
248s ocean and plus a large continent in some
251s of our cases so like i was experiencing
254s i would say
255s mild lag
257s um
260s which i mean is to be expected when
261s you're playing that far away um
263s but it was like you watched the stream
265s back and it was really smooth for ziz
267s um
269s which was great
271s so yeah overall happy improvements yeah
275s but we expected that
276s as far as the first look goes i think it
278s was uh it was pretty successful
280s i i'd actually be interested to know how
282s people felt about i don't think i've
283s seen much
284s feedback maybe it's not looking hard
286s enough on the
288s stabil game stability
290s um that we saw
298s as their viable thorns build i was loved
301s watching enemies punch me in the face
302s and explode there's
304s um kind of like
309s there's
309s there's a fringe build that i've seen
311s people kind of work a little bit
314s um
316s viable i think might be a stretch
318s at this point
320s uh it doesn't scale like normal damage
323s um so it's it's hard to it's hard to
326s push it into
327s like empowered models basically
332s usually it's used more as supplementary
334s damage sort of like uh
336s i know i'm gonna get hit a fair bit so
338s i'll put a little bit of this on to sort
340s of boost my damage and just get a little
342s bit more
344s out of being hit
353s uh
354s how about from a sales side did you see
356s noticeable bump this week due to
358s multiple streams um
360s there's ev every time we do a large
362s publicity event like that there's
364s definitely a noticeable difference in
367s sales patterns
370s um
371s i i haven't actually seen the the graphs
373s but uh
374s there were a couple comments so i'm like
376s okay yeah as expected good cool
380s um
381s which is nice i try i try really hard
383s not to pay attention to any of that
385s because it's it's um
388s like i know it sounds
390s kind of i don't know weird but it's
392s really just about making a fun game like
394s that's that's the best part
396s uh so i try and ignore as much of that
397s as i can
399s and just uh just stick to making a game
406s there's other people that can worry
407s about that
412s i'm quite lucky not to have to anymore
417s all right i thought it was great you're
418s able to showcase multiplayer with people
420s basically all over the world i feel like
422s that's not uh getting enough attention
424s yeah i i appreciate that yeah it was so
426s there was people in
429s um
430s south central united states
433s uh
434s as far west as west goes canada
437s and
438s uh
440s east central east
442s ish
443s canada
444s um
447s and i am very very big on the general
450s areas here um
452s and uh and then uk as well so like
455s there's
456s uh and we were all we were playing on uk
457s servers the whole time
460s um
461s so it was yeah it was pretty far away
464s and it was i don't know like at no point
466s when we were playing i know you couldn't
468s see my perspective um but at no point we
471s were playing did i was i like oh my god
473s this lag is terrible
475s there's something wrong here you know
477s like uh at worst it's just like
481s oh that guy
484s position corrected cool
488s that's the sort of stuff i've seen
490s pretty
491s rarely which is nice i was quite i was
493s quite happy with the gameplay experience
494s i was getting even so far away and i
496s know and i'm like it was exactly what i
497s expected because i've done that lots
499s before
500s um
501s and i also know that
502s when you're playing on a local like a
504s server that's that's nearby you so if
505s i'm playing on any of the north american
507s servers at all like even if it's a far
509s east coast server right it's as far as
511s i'm concerned it's the same as single
512s player
522s i found one build with void knight have
524s damage tank support in the same
527s time playing my character nice
532s a well-rounded character is lovely to
534s have
536s uh i love how blade dancer works with
538s shadows and create a good combo with
540s different abilities to create to
542s creating shadows and using them are
543s there any other builds that play like
544s that you'd recommend um
547s i mean so we really do try and keep one
549s of one of the big like pillars of design
550s that we do talk about frequently is
553s class identity so we do frequently try
555s to make
556s mechanics unique to each class
560s um there are there are things that that
562s do cross skills like that though that
564s aren't just um
567s that aren't just shadows like there's
568s there's also so i was playing a um
573s my current like maine
575s called maine and multiplayer is a
578s uh
581s a fast detonating decoy cinder strike
584s build
585s um
586s which is actually what i started
587s building in steel major streams
590s uh but that one is
593s that that was that was really fun and it
595s actually uses shadows too um so it's
597s interesting you can kind of you can kind
598s of sneak the shadows in multiple
599s different different builds if you want
601s to
602s um
604s but i think there's
606s like cross-skill synergies in just about
609s every every class
610s um another one where it uses one skill
613s outside of
616s any skill like so um
619s you can just use some good fireworks
620s stuff on mage and that's like a a
623s triggered ability that's
625s consistent across several skills
629s it's kind of similar i guess
639s all right i wanted to know about the
641s bosses in multiplayer because my friend
642s and i are playing masochist difficulty
646s good luck
647s and for us alone the space to fight with
648s a boss is very small
650s how will that be a multiplayer yeah it's
652s uh it's it could get tight on some boss
654s arenas for sure
655s um
657s that's generally by pretty intentional
660s having this space be small having it be
662s uh necessary to be kind of tactical with
664s how you're doing things those are nice
666s boots right out of the gate
669s love those
670s spike has resub thank you very much for
673s the resub spike i appreciate you welcome
675s to the party oh actually no welcome back
676s to the party
679s um all right yeah those boots are nice
684s i like the strength more than the
685s vitality i think
688s i mean the vitality when the strength
690s words yes i know what they are and how
693s they work
695s i was made up anyways
703s oh yeah nice nice nice little
706s nice little idol
710s i want to place that a bit
713s uh
715s yeah it's like
717s i will say the game's not generally
719s balanced around masochist mode that's
722s that's uh that's a very much an
724s extra challenge you're taking on for
726s yourself
727s um and i wouldn't expect things to be uh
731s rebalanced or tailored towards that mode
733s in general it's it's it's definitely an
735s uh experienced player extra challenge
739s um because because it's it's exactly
741s what it says it is you like the
743s you like the pain you like the
745s difficulty
746s it is it lives up to its name at least
748s we try to let make it live up to its
750s name
757s totem blocking my way ugh
760s oh despair glyph
763s would like to see
767s all right
769s i like to echo that the gameplay looked
771s a lot smoother than i expected it to not
773s exactly expect necessarily and the
775s confirmation of some things was great
777s multiple this year yeah yeah there's um
782s a lot the last couple years has
784s basically just been making multiplayer
786s and and hopefully
788s hopefully it's uh we're showing off
791s a good reason for it to have taken so
793s long
795s in that the quality is high that's
796s that's been our goal since the start was
798s just really high quality
800s multiplayer systems
801s the whole game
803s we've been focused on quality for the
804s last last couple years
807s because we think we've got a pretty
808s solid base
810s um
810s and executing on those those last few
813s systems and increasing the overall
815s quality of just every aspect from
817s like like the visuals to the to the
820s gameplay systems to the
822s the the actual functional experience
823s everything
825s yeah
833s next question how do you feel about the
835s experience book nodes being buffed post
837s launch when experience gain is lowered
838s overall uh i mean okay so the
842s really the experience game that we
843s talked about um stretching out was
844s specifically the 95 to 100 range um and
848s like it's a curve so it'll curve but
850s like
852s that's that super end game those those
854s last few levels that's the part we're
855s really talking about stretching out as
856s far as experience gain much more so than
859s anything else and still even not that
861s crazy much but just like
863s i just want to be clear on that that
865s it's not like uh oh hey we're stretching
867s everything no no no no um
871s as far as the the books being buffed i'd
873s say i'd say that kind of
875s counteracts the uh the effect of
877s stretching out the experience
878s requirements so probably not but maybe
880s you never know it's uh
883s not out of the question and uh
885s once once it happens i'd say give it a
887s shot see let's see how it feels and uh
890s if you want it we're always open to
891s suggestions and feedback for sure
899s all right are additional in-game systems
901s planned for 1.0 or will be added later
903s like more dungeons or models content for
905s example i mean we're always planning
907s more of that stuff um i i can't really
909s say exactly
911s what's going to happen
913s by 1.0 but there's definitely
916s a long road map that we have planned for
918s lots of new in-game stuff
921s uh like
923s for many years we've got more stuff
926s planned
926s um and that includes more in-game stuff
929s a lot of more in-game stuff
931s um
933s yeah
934s because we know that's that's
935s really important content to have and
938s it's what's gonna keep uh keep keep the
940s game engaging for a long time
955s oh did you see this got another helmet
957s on the screen today i did
959s yeah he posted it in our um
962s uh our our group dm with him
964s shut it off so that's that's pretty good
968s um
969s i don't think i don't think he was
970s playing like stormcrow bear though not
972s you know he was playing wolves probably
974s didn't expect to drop one i don't know
975s if he switched after that though
985s are were there any questions you
986s expected to be asked that weren't if so
988s what were they and any leaks for the
990s video today i don't have a lot for today
992s um we've had a lot of news over the last
994s few days so i'm hourt it's a light week
997s for sure at best
998s um but i've got a fun little fun little
1000s thing to show you guys later
1002s and uh as far as questions that we
1004s expected to be asked that weren't
1006s um
1007s i don't think so
1013s uh
1015s oh yeah
1016s i'm
1018s i i guess we were
1020s not expecting
1022s uh half expecting
1025s wouldn't have been surprised if i'd seen
1027s more questions that were
1029s i guess a little more tightly relating
1031s things
1032s to poe
1034s i was happy that it was it was all about
1036s epoch which was great
1037s um
1039s yeah i was expecting a little more of
1040s that relation i think
1042s um mostly from like chat questions i
1045s mean there may have been more i wasn't
1046s paying attention to chat for most of it
1054s especially in steel majors that's trying
1055s not to die yeah
1061s all right
1063s i love how this game looks uh so i think
1066s the most arpg creators are inspired by
1068s diablo was there any was there an idea
1071s that you wanted to pitch
1073s in that would make this game unique
1078s was there an idea that you wanted to
1080s pitch in that would make this game
1081s unique i mean i think we've
1084s really tried to
1086s carve out our own space of
1088s uh
1089s like
1090s visual style and lore and all that sort
1092s of stuff
1093s and yeah like we
1094s all draw inspiration from the games that
1096s we play
1097s um
1099s but there's there's a pretty wide
1100s variety of games that people play on our
1102s on our team um and so you get a lot of
1104s inspiration from a lot of different
1105s places and and when you get enough
1106s inspiration from enough for different
1108s places it kind of starts to create
1110s something brand new i think which is
1112s um
1113s obviously you can draw connections and
1115s individual components but i think we're
1117s at a point where this is sort of
1119s our style now
1122s truly like
1135s there's yeah um
1138s some of the artists
1139s that uh that have done like a lot of
1141s work have definitely done a really good
1142s job of of making making a unique style i
1145s think
1146s um
1148s and some of the artists that have joined
1149s us recently have been able to like
1151s uh to to match the the theme the overall
1155s theming but bring their own twist and
1156s and add their own
1158s uh
1159s uh
1161s to it which i think is really cool
1168s i i i love
1170s i love getting new concept art posted in
1172s our in our um
1174s in our development discord like just
1176s seeing the new stuff that's showing up
1178s and
1179s uh i don't know that's one of my
1180s favorite things to do is just look at
1182s new concept art
1191s i have the
1194s uh look where it is down there somewhere
1196s i've got the like
1198s um
1199s the
1200s zelda
1202s whatever anniversary
1205s uh concept art and design book
1209s here's somewhere in oh it's just
1210s gorgeous to look through
1212s i'd love to do something like that that
1213s would be really neat i i
1215s don't take that as anything to just i'd
1218s love that
1219s as a fan
1223s that was mike talking about ehg mike
1225s talking
1231s all right uh at what point can we expect
1233s a character wipe so the characters that
1235s you're playing right now on the 085
1237s client are locally saved characters
1241s and we're not going to go in and delete
1242s your characters from your from your
1243s computer
1244s so those are yours you get to keep those
1246s have
1247s fun um once point nine releases
1250s and uh we start uh opening up
1252s multiplayer those characters will not be
1254s eligible to transition into multiplayer
1257s so offline characters stay offline
1259s online characters stay online
1261s done
1262s um
1263s no exceptions
1266s and uh
1268s so i i
1269s you can kind of look at that as a wipe
1272s because the characters you're playing
1273s now will not be playable if you change
1275s to a new game mode so it's kind of a
1276s wipe it's it's
1279s soft wipe maybe you want to call it a
1281s fresh start for everyone a forced ladder
1283s reset i don't know what you want to call
1284s it but um
1286s so there's that and then once we hit
1290s uh 1.0 the character will start a new
1293s ladder at 1.0 um or shortly after
1297s possibly we're not 100 sure when it's
1298s gonna happen but it'll be in and around
1300s 1.0
1303s um
1305s the only reason we might just decide the
1306s only reason we might delay that is
1308s uh to make sure that server stability is
1311s solid with the uh increased player count
1314s that would that would show up there but
1316s um
1317s i i hope we'll be
1319s solid enough and confident enough given
1321s the extensive multiplayer testing we've
1322s done in the ct's and 0.9 to 1.0 release
1325s schedule that we'll we'll have enough
1326s tests in there we want to do that but
1328s back to the main question of um wipes
1331s the the characters that you make between
1333s 0.9 and 1.0 will not be eligible to
1336s compete in the 1.0 ladder so it's
1339s another
1340s soft white so the the characters that
1342s are that are in the the beta beta
1344s multiplayer will go into a standard
1347s league um they'll still be playable so
1349s they're not gonna be wiped um so this is
1352s this it's it's a hard question to answer
1354s when's the next wipe never
1356s at point nine at one point oh like
1358s depend to find wipe
1360s so it's a little tricky but uh hopefully
1362s that gives enough info
1364s and i think this is
1365s basically how most people do it um other
1368s side note as well as the people who are
1369s playing multiplayer right now on the ct
1371s builds um that is a separate environment
1373s it's like a ptr where they're not
1375s um
1376s they're not eligible those characters
1378s stay
1379s in the community tester environment they
1381s do not get a
1383s head start when point nine releases
1387s and they're very aware of that or if
1388s they're not
1390s uh
1391s everyone i've talked about has been very
1393s aware of it but that way
1402s some decent stuff there
1405s ah the old dude
1410s all right next question here
1414s from the gameplay that we saw on scissor
1416s and string how much more are you going
1417s to improve combat feel
1419s uh i
1420s i saw that only a couple of enemies are
1423s improved as there are no arrows
1427s improvements for combat feel at all
1430s there were no arrows improvements for
1437s um i it might be a little subtle in some
1439s cases
1440s um
1441s but every single enemy has had
1444s um
1445s and every single ability has had
1448s combat improvements
1450s period
1451s so
1452s all of them have had it
1464s um it is an ongoing process that will
1466s continue
1467s well through one point now like it's
1468s that's not something that's uh it ever
1470s gets finished really
1475s but yeah every ability has been hit
1478s um actually so there's uh
1481s just
1482s yesterday or last week there's a bunch
1483s of of the ragdoll improvements that went
1486s through
1488s kind of just subtle little things that
1490s have a surprisingly big effect so the um
1493s although all a lot of the enemies that
1495s have ragdoll incorporating to their
1497s death animations have
1499s um
1500s uh basically weights attached to their
1502s feet
1504s um and it provides a more realistic
1507s uh ragdolling style that happens to them
1510s so they uh
1512s they don't go quite as crazy but it's
1514s still regal and
1516s um
1518s it feels more realistic i guess
1528s what's your favorite class in the game
1530s it's rogue i keep trying to play other
1532s things uh and i do really have fun
1533s playing other things for sure but like i
1535s keep coming back to rogue it's just so
1537s great i love it so much
1551s and i've been i know llama will like
1553s this i've been uh experimenting subtly
1556s with uh
1558s a two-handed melee rogue for fun
1561s he keeps going on about it's gotta be
1563s fun right
1569s uh since you mentioned roadmap are they
1571s gonna be in uh are we gonna get a rough
1573s layout for the future like before uh
1576s i don't think we have any plans to to
1578s redo those that exact same style of
1581s um
1582s uh upcoming road map stuff right right
1584s now it basically just looks like
1587s multiplayer
1588s multiplayer
1590s multiplayer
1592s um there's a bunch of other stuff on
1593s there i guess too but uh
1595s it's it's possible
1599s i haven't seen one in a while though
1606s i would also love a concept artwork book
1608s as much just saying that did not judge
1610s yeah yeah yeah
1611s uh do you plan on doing a league of some
1613s sort yep we're doing uh cycles
1615s uh yeah never mind you answered that yep
1618s uh we will we ever
1620s hear more
1621s epoch talking to us yeah story delivery
1625s in general is getting a lot of work
1628s um
1629s a lot there's a lot of progress
1630s happening there a lot of great stuff um
1634s i i would be surprised if we didn't
1639s when can we expect the queen 69
1641s sponsored stream
1644s i don't know
1645s also just just i guess for the record
1647s the uh the streams this week was this
1649s and steel mage were not sponsored
1652s that was
1653s uh that was a they came to us situation
1657s which was great
1660s a ton of fun
1662s i think they did too
1665s i i i'm gonna watch back the um
1668s the replay was in a bunch of meetings
1670s during during their stream yesterday
1672s um
1674s but i'm gonna watch back
1676s the uh the replay for that
1690s can we have gregory in the main servers
1692s i mean so
1694s gregory has quickly become a uh
1698s a staff favorite
1700s character and uh i i'd be
1703s he's he's out he's looking for jobs
1706s he's being really responsible about it
1708s he's not just sitting at home um
1711s he's you know he's he's out there he's
1713s dropping off applications
1715s he's doing his best to find another job
1717s he's
1718s we put him out of work pretty early but
1719s he's coming back
1721s we'll find someone else for him to do
1735s would you ever do a multiplayer stream
1737s on this friday stream at all yes uh it
1739s was fun hearing all the different esg
1741s perspectives and see the gameplay yeah i
1743s i'd really like to do that for sure um
1746s i don't know if we'll be able to
1749s um
1750s but if i get the chance i will
1751s definitely jump on it very quickly
1759s and yeah i know there's there's a lot of
1761s people that i want to get on the stream
1762s it's it is tough because it
1765s like it takes a little bit of planning
1766s um takes away from doing doing work on
1769s the game all sorts of stuff and um
1772s but i do want to get some more people on
1773s here and just just talking
1776s because there's a lot of cool
1777s perspectives people have and things
1778s they've worked on that
1780s i think would be really neat to share
1798s oh hello
1801s you need a spear though don't we
1803s it's too bad be really nice
1817s and we made our gloves
1823s i'm just gonna start dropping stuff
1825s because
1827s i know they're great
1828s i'm sorry if this is something that
1830s you're looking for
1844s such nice stuff
1853s oh let's let's take a second let's climb
1855s stop the hill and take a look around
1865s this is one that i always thinks in
1866s arena when it loads in i'm like oh an
1868s arena
1870s wait is it arena i don't think it's
1872s arena no it's not arena dang it
1877s all right is your warlock class at all
1879s similar to the warlock class from silk
1881s road i don't know that game well enough
1884s to uh to to comment on it
1887s and i i
1889s frankly if i did know that game off i
1891s probably wouldn't make a direct comment
1892s on it because
1894s um
1895s it gives a lot around about information
1897s that
1899s we're not ready to share
1905s all right
1907s next one
1908s has there been any mention of doing
1910s leagues of peoe to keep things fresh in
1911s the future yeah and and uh so we have
1914s talked about this pretty extensively
1915s and there's a more detailed response
1919s um i'm sure in lots of places but i'd
1922s say that the short answer is yes um
1925s so if you look on the
1927s diablo
1928s season to path of exile league spectrum
1932s um
1933s it'll be somewhere in between those two
1936s probably leaning a little bit more
1937s towards the poe side of things but not
1943s definitely doing our own thing
1960s it's a it's a three-dimensional graph
1965s all right
1968s uh when can we expect to lock class 1.0
1973s uh have you spoken about how you guys
1976s are going to handle cues for multiplayer
1979s we haven't that's still um
1981s details of stuff where we're
1984s i guess finalizing and making sure it's
1985s smooth before we really go into detail
1987s on how it's going to work um
1989s sometimes things like that get altered a
1990s little bit based on feedback um some of
1993s those things things like that can alter
1994s a lot based on feedback but it's um
1997s it is really important
2000s uh
2003s like we're we're doing our best to get
2005s the
2006s uh login servers to be as efficient as
2008s possible um spinning up extra cloud
2011s servers at super peak uh
2015s uh game like um
2017s player counts or super peak times i
2019s don't know what you want to call that
2021s just when there's a lot of people
2022s playing uh get it getting those
2027s uh those cues down as low as possible is
2029s really important
2033s i'm still gonna be stuff that we
2034s continue to
2036s you know work on and
2045s just crushing through here
2058s i know is i know it's a few tests for
2059s that exact problem what we've done is
2061s we've done things like
2062s um
2063s disable all the all the bare metal boxes
2066s for
2067s uh for for a region and uh and just have
2070s everyone join that region
2072s and sort of like see what happens that's
2074s like effectively the
2076s the rate that we can pull people out of
2077s a cue at with super ultra high peak
2081s users
2094s uh any plans to weave cycle content into
2097s the monolith similar to how poe puts
2099s extra content in maps yeah and i think
2103s that it's important to note that that
2104s could be the primary part of a of a
2107s cycle is extra content in the monolith
2110s um
2111s you know that could be the focus of a
2113s cycle for sure
2115s i think the
2116s monolith is
2118s one of those things that's going to
2119s become a pretty core part of our
2122s in-game structures
2123s and we'll we'll see a lot of pretty
2125s frequent minor adjustments and then some
2127s infrequent major adjustments too
2131s we'll see adding new mechanics into it
2133s we'll see we'll see all sorts of things
2136s i think
2144s i will each always be an online only
2147s company i heard most you guys work
2149s remote all of us work remote actually
2152s um
2154s i guess like
2156s technically one person doesn't in a
2159s weird way
2161s um
2164s but no ev everyone is remote
2167s and we have been since day one
2169s and when you start a company from
2171s scratch as a as a pure remote studio
2174s like that it's really hard to transition
2177s because every single person you've hired
2179s is for a remote position um and like
2182s we've got people
2184s all over the world and like uh even if
2187s you were just even if you were gonna
2188s like try and set up shop somewhere
2191s and
2192s uh and like pick pick an office location
2195s and say like okay we're gonna pick an
2196s office location where more people
2199s than anyone else in the world work to
2201s like make it so the fewest people have
2203s to move
2204s you're still asking like 95 of the
2206s company to move
2209s like
2210s there's just there's nowhere there's a
2212s large concentration of people enough um
2216s and and like yeah so i i'd be pretty
2219s surprised if we ever switched to in to a
2222s a physical office location
2225s um there's a lot of really good
2226s positives about having a physical office
2228s location like that um
2230s but just
2231s because of how we started and how we've
2233s been going it's it's really
2235s um
2236s it would be hairy to there would have to
2238s be a really
2240s really important reason to do so
2244s um and i i haven't seen one of those yet
2245s myself
2249s who knows maybe
2251s maybe one day
2273s is the duration of the cycles known and
2276s if not do you guys have an approximate
2278s time frame in mind uh we don't have it
2280s set in stone yet um i would expect them
2283s to be relatively similar to what you see
2285s in other games in the genre
2289s um
2291s yeah like generally in that same realm
2294s ish give or take
2295s uh and we may experiment with longer
2297s shorter
2299s i've seen i saw a really cool suggestion
2300s on the forums
2302s uh it was quite a while ago now though
2304s where you have like and it they related
2306s it back and they they want me over as
2308s soon as i started relating it to how uh
2310s to the the golden age of magic so to
2313s speak um
2314s so so in the past what there's a card
2317s game there's no magic the gathering very
2319s popular card game uh they release new
2321s sets constantly and so the the primary
2324s competitive play format for magic is
2326s just the most recent x number of sets i
2329s know that's not an accurate
2331s exact definition of it but it's the it's
2334s the most recent like five-ish sets
2338s i know that's not
2339s accurate just an example um so the sets
2342s rotate constantly
2345s and for a long time they were releasing
2347s sets in what was called a block so you
2349s have a block of three sets and the sets
2351s would release over the period of about
2353s three months uh
2355s two three months each something like
2357s that and
2359s uh they'd form this sort of cohesive
2361s story of three sets that would go
2364s together
2366s uh and then they would then they start a
2368s new block which would consist of another
2369s three sets and sometimes they'd do two
2371s sets sometimes they would slide in an
2372s extra set here there but usually it was
2375s three sets make a block um
2377s and and i i saw a suggestion that
2379s related uh having a cycle like a longer
2382s form cycle
2384s with major changes in these mini pat
2387s them mini patches in these like large
2389s patches that didn't restart the cycle in
2392s the middle of that
2393s um which was a really cool idea and i
2395s hadn't actually thought of it before
2398s i hadn't heard anyone vocalize it before
2400s i'm sure it's
2402s not a
2403s completely original idea but you know it
2404s was the first time i'd heard it i
2405s thought it was pretty cool i liked it um
2409s we we haven't considered doing that at
2412s all but um
2413s that's what i'm saying is there's still
2415s a lot of
2416s things we could try and uh
2419s a lot of details that are not nailed
2420s down with regards to
2422s cycle length
2424s and details and specifics and we are
2425s open to feedback and suggestions on
2426s those as well
2430s uh how you've spoken about how you guys
2434s are going to handle cues oh here's a
2437s repeat question
2438s uh do you guys have any plans to make
2440s the monolith tree visible to players
2443s other than the host in multiplayer this
2445s is a really good question and oh my
2448s goodness is it tricky we would love to
2450s um probably not
2454s probably not um
2456s we are look so there's something similar
2458s that happens in the vaults of uncertain
2460s fate and i can
2461s uh talk a little bit about the goals
2463s there and we hope to get in
2465s it's not in yet don't know if it's
2466s possible or not but so like the the
2469s first person
2471s um one of the options we're exploring
2473s with the baltimore uncertainty is in
2475s order to make it so that it is
2478s uh still useful to do it in a group but
2480s not
2481s explicitly best to do it in a group
2484s uh we want to
2486s um i guess have one person take charge
2489s of paying for the vault
2491s and picking the
2493s mods that are going to be in there but
2494s still having the other people
2496s um
2498s be able to have input on there and not
2500s get full benefit
2504s geno is a really vague and nebulous way
2506s to save everything but like this is one
2507s of the options we're exploring
2510s so it's a possibility what might happen
2513s trying to be really clear it's not set
2514s in stone yet uh is you'd be able to see
2517s what the other person was doing in that
2518s window you could be like you could see
2520s everyone see the the mod that's being
2521s offered at the time
2522s and you could talk to each other and say
2524s like hey i really want that one or i
2526s don't care what that one at all or like
2528s um
2529s yeah i don't know
2541s i think i think it'll be a really good
2542s way to do it and so extending sorry i
2544s remember the questions about now
2546s extending that type of uh system to the
2548s monolith i think would be ideal where
2550s you could or one person would be like in
2552s charge of of operating it uh maybe it's
2555s the first person that opens it uh or
2557s just like whoever's model if it is in
2559s charge of operating the device but
2561s having other people be able to open and
2562s see what it looks like in order to give
2564s feedback on it
2566s uh
2567s might be doable and if it is i think
2569s it'll be really positive
2572s the bar for highlighting idols for me is
2574s too low because i'm finding a lot of
2576s idols that are like this is great
2579s and they're good
2582s that double dash
2584s great game
2599s all right do you guys have any plans to
2600s make oh it was the same question to get
2602s rid of twice that sounds amazing because
2604s you'll never have 100 conflict with poe
2606s but also more time the devs in between
2608s to death in between yeah it's it's
2611s yeah
2612s um
2613s not conflicting with poe releases
2616s uh is a very important thing for us to
2619s make sure
2621s is at least taken into account
2623s especially early
2626s um
2630s it feels like the audio the music is
2631s really loud
2640s um
2642s just swelling there but i also i'm like
2644s i can really hear the music
2646s um papa where are we
2650s yeah we don't want to compete with with
2652s a pee multiplayer release it's
2656s foolish
2657s at best
2659s for everyone involved for us for them i
2662s mean not so much for that they probably
2664s wouldn't care that much
2666s um but yeah it's it's uh
2669s not not wise
2672s like we we can see i know this is
2674s nowhere near the same but um like just
2677s viewership on this this weekly stream
2680s um
2681s the
2682s the the number of people that show up to
2684s two streams on um
2686s a poe
2688s launch day
2689s is tiny
2691s compared to normal it's like it it's
2695s sixty percent eight seventy percent
2697s eighty percent just vanish which is
2699s fully expected
2710s oh will solo stash work the same way in
2712s multiplayer as it does offline
2715s one stash per character will it be a
2717s stash for non-trade cell phone uh i
2719s think we're leaning more towards having
2722s it be
2723s um
2725s i i don't think this is sentence done
2726s yet i think we're leaning towards having
2729s uh
2731s uh we'll we'll lean towards having them
2735s a single stash
2737s um
2739s one stash per non-trade cell found
2742s not one stash per
2745s solo character as it is now i think
2748s that's the way it's
2750s uh going or leaning
2754s uh
2755s simon joris thank you for the reset
2757s that's three months in a row this is my
2759s chance for a free question how do you
2760s spell epoch
2764s do you mean how do you pronounce eblog
2767s epoch that's how you spell it exactly
2769s where you spelled it
2772s i think
2776s feel free to re-ask that question if i
2778s got it wrong
2779s um
2781s you all mentioned at the different
2783s servers around the world which is great
2784s to hear are you able to share uh
2786s internal expectations about player
2788s numbers for 0.9 and subsequently 1.0 i i
2791s have no idea what those numbers are i'm
2793s sorry
2796s and i
2797s probably wouldn't share them if i knew
2800s i i'd have to get approval to share
2802s those numbers
2803s um
2804s but i have no idea what they are i'm
2806s sorry
2809s uh will ssf characters be able to play
2811s with other players um
2813s like so we're still working on details
2815s of all that uh
2817s by definition i would assume no because
2820s solo
2821s and solo
2823s and playing with other people is kind of
2824s a conflict of terms i think
2834s i love letting enemies explode and deal
2836s damages to any enemies anything like
2838s that planned ah that already exists
2844s like there's already abilities that say
2845s like when this thing dies it'll deal
2846s damage stuff around it that's that's
2848s definitely in the game
2850s um
2852s also don't forget to put at last epoch
2854s game in a question
2856s and i will make sure to grab it
2872s uh hey mike thanks for doing this again
2874s you're welcome glad to have you here
2876s uh loving the open communication will
2878s dungeons continue to implement unique
2880s mechanics key requirements or functions
2883s or can we expect to see dynamic random
2885s dungeons for story uh diversion loot
2888s opportunities something to break up
2890s linearity of an area um so the
2892s like that's kind of what they're there
2894s for is to
2895s to provide extra options to jump off the
2897s beaten path if you want um we will
2900s continue to add more dungeons they'll
2902s still likely all have
2904s the same key features of a dungeon being
2907s that they have a unique mechanic through
2909s an extra ability
2910s and a
2912s unique reward at the end
2916s and
2917s number addict has subbed thank you very
2920s much glad to have you with us
2928s welcome welcome stick around have some
2930s fun
2931s maybe you'll teach me something
2935s people do all the time
2939s all right
2942s 1.9 drops
2944s when point nine patch will be released
2947s question mark um we don't have a set
2949s date for that yet i'm sorry
2955s for example in poe almost every league
2957s mechanic is tied to the atlas requires
2960s you to do maps uh how are you going to
2962s add new content will everything be tied
2964s to the model system i'm not everything
2966s will be tied to the model system no i
2967s think there's a really good opportunity
2969s to add new systems to the model with the
2972s new mechanics through the monolith in a
2974s um
2976s in a new cycle mechanic i think that's a
2977s great place to do things there's a lot
2979s of really easy wins there there's um
2981s adding entire new islands shuffling
2983s where the islands are
2985s um
2986s changing the connections between them
2988s like that stuff you can do that doesn't
2990s really require much of anything
2992s and can have a pretty significant impact
2995s on the flow of end game
2997s and then once you get inside as well
2999s having maybe different types of islands
3001s show up um having new things that can
3003s show up in specific islands um like
3006s there's lots of stuff you can do in
3008s there we kind of tried to build it in
3010s such a way that there were opportunities
3012s for these extra mechanics to appear
3014s um will be the only thing absolutely not
3017s um
3018s the the the end game systems that you
3020s see in the game right now are not the
3021s only ones we have planned so they're not
3023s the only ones that will have room for
3025s adding well room for adding new in-game
3027s mechanics in cycles we'll have room for
3029s maybe maybe a cycle is like a dungeon
3032s specific cycle and it adds several new
3034s dungeons
3036s um maybe a cycle is adding a new
3038s mechanic altogether a new immune system
3040s all together maybe it's uh maybe it's an
3042s arena focused cycle and it's there's a
3044s lot of stuff with that i don't know
3045s there's there's lots of different ways
3047s we can do this and so we're going to try
3048s and explore as many different avenues as
3050s possible um
3052s with our
3053s psycho mechanics and cycle content
3057s you know just
3058s we're kind of just treating each one of
3060s them as i guess a really big patch that
3061s we get to add a bunch of new fun stuff
3063s to the game
3077s uh the wingari
3078s spires i find especially
3082s and then we've got the
3083s lovely
3086s lovely avalanche that i'm so good at
3088s avoiding oh yeah it's my specialty
3094s all right any plans on bringing back a
3096s ravaging stance not as an active skill
3099s that goes in your bar at least but um
3102s i can see it being a node in something
3104s passive triggered ability
3106s um something that goes on an item
3109s you know there's lots of places where it
3110s could show up still but i don't think
3112s it'll it'll reappear as an active
3114s like ability that goes like one of these
3123s hey guys i'm trying to have a
3124s conversation with everyone here it's
3125s pretty rude
3127s come on
3129s i said
3130s walk away you should have walked away
3144s all right what's next what's next what's
3145s next
3147s do you guys think that the box price
3149s could be a disadvantage compared to free
3151s a free-to-play model of poe possibly
3154s um it's really hard to say i think it's
3156s um
3158s it's it's
3161s there's different expectations with a
3162s free to play game and a box price game
3165s um some of those are good some of those
3168s are bad it's it's hard to
3170s specify his
3171s but um
3173s no it's
3174s i guess
3175s what we're doing and uh i i think it's
3178s the right call
3179s um
3182s yeah
3185s oh we've got a whole bunch of stuff
3187s happening here
3188s hunter solomon
3191s thank you very much glad to have you
3193s with us welcome to the party and then
3194s we've also got oh big so
3197s five one two one we're very nice uh
3200s uh
3201s austria
3205s astria
3206s astria
3209s something i like it i like that that's
3211s my favorite way of pronouncing anything
3212s so that's what i'm going with i love it
3214s thank you very much for the gifted subs
3216s and congratulations to anyone who got
3217s one of those
3220s hope you're having fun
3223s hi erin
3225s how's it going
3229s uh good job proud of you thank you very
3231s much
3233s i assume that was pronouncing your name
3235s right yeah
3237s i'm just gonna assume i'm great at that
3240s i'm so terrible at that
3242s uh
3243s i'd be shocked if i got it right
3245s uh any thoughts on having minion damage
3247s in game shows actual damage not just
3249s percentage increases so you're talking
3251s about flat added
3252s um like plus 10 melee minion damage um
3256s and that does exist it's pretty rare
3259s i should say that it does i'm pretty
3260s sure like this somewhere
3261s um
3263s it's pretty rare and uh
3266s the general plan is to keep it that way
3278s i really need an exalted
3281s spear
3282s that's what i need
3284s any exalted spears
3289s rare stays not quite
3293s not quite
3294s uh insidious aspect also subbed thank
3296s you very much guys it's time tons going
3298s on here today
3300s those flood we're flooding the place
3305s lots lots of kids gonna be playing
3306s sports
3311s i would assume i i don't know the extent
3313s of uh
3315s uh their programs but
3319s i i think so whenever we get a new uh a
3321s new um
3323s uh charity that we're gonna sponsor i'm
3325s like that's wrong we're giving them
3326s money uh a new charity uh that we're
3329s streaming for
3331s um i always like go check out their
3332s website just see like roughly what
3334s they're about and um
3337s yeah i i do like the uh
3340s there's been a few that have been really
3342s like yeah
3343s that's my jam
3345s sending kids to sports
3347s my jam
3352s i played hockey growing up which was
3355s so awesome
3360s only only actually really stopped
3361s because the pandemic
3363s i haven't picked it back up again
3366s luckily they'll accept my beer gut back
3379s all right
3382s uh
3384s next question duty plans to ensure that
3386s the new players experience is the best
3388s in all rpgs something like build
3390s templates uh like poe china has um
3396s i think the goal
3398s so pro probably not with built-in build
3401s templates
3402s maybe that's something i could see maybe
3403s happening um but i think it's the goal
3407s is more so to try and create
3409s and i think we've done a really good job
3410s about this already actually is trying to
3413s create a natural flow and progression
3415s with the abilities um
3418s and having the
3420s having straightforward synergies be
3423s generally pretty effective and generally
3425s pretty good where you're able to say
3427s like
3428s i'm going to be a
3430s um
3430s i'm going gonna be a void knight and i'm
3432s gonna focus on void abilities
3435s and
3436s i'm gonna take void synergy abilities
3438s and kind of just try stuff out and it's
3440s probably gonna go pretty well
3442s you know um
3444s like as long as you're
3447s being
3448s remotely
3450s appropriate with your choices like
3453s you're not taking
3454s increased poison damage when you're
3457s doing void build you know like as long
3459s as you're not going completely
3461s just left field with things you're
3463s probably gonna have a good time
3466s and i i think that's really
3468s um
3471s like i think that's important to have
3473s that sort of natural flow experience
3475s built in for for the new player
3477s experience um
3479s we do try we do try and make things
3482s a little bit like we do sometimes say
3483s okay well here's a good node for uh for
3485s an early uh like a new player to get
3487s experience with this or
3489s would you try and take that into account
3490s sometimes
3492s um explicit build guides for new players
3495s i think is dangerous
3498s um
3500s especially if there's
3503s i i could so i have no experience with
3505s the the peewee china build guides that
3507s that are in that client so i'm really
3509s not speaking to that at all but i can
3512s see a a trap that would be really easy
3514s to fall into
3516s is
3517s is having um
3520s those builds that are those like those
3521s new new noob friendly build guides that
3524s are built in having those be
3527s uh not like
3529s top-tier pushable builds
3532s and um
3536s having them have them to end up being
3538s like there's this like expectation that
3540s we're like setting you up for success
3541s with a really good build and then it's
3543s like it doesn't perform at end game
3545s really well and there's this like
3546s disappointment that we've like given
3548s we've set you up for failure
3550s um because the the expectation of
3552s success might be set a little too high
3554s possibly with a build like that and i i
3557s think there's some some dangers there
3558s that i i'd like to avoid
3560s um
3562s it is a neat idea though honestly i
3564s don't know
3567s let's turn this heating pad back on
3571s i've like draped it through my shirt so
3573s it's going like under my shirt down onto
3575s my back and then i've got one of those
3577s like rubber physiotherapy
3579s like stretchy bands tied around my waist
3582s holding it in place
3583s oh it's like time surviving right now
3590s also robax
3596s as prescribed by a doctor under the
3598s maximum limit
3600s stay safe stay hydrated
3606s all right
3607s uh is there any chance of changing being
3610s able to respect the mastery so i
3613s this is something that comes up a fair
3614s bit i think so right now we don't have
3616s any plans to
3618s we generally think of the game more of
3620s having 15 classes than having five
3622s classes with uh three sentences
3627s and and so i i think the
3631s there's there's a little bit of an
3632s expectation of being able to change that
3635s because of poe having that
3637s um as an option
3640s and
3641s i i don't think that on its own is a
3644s good enough reason to change it
3647s um
3651s so it's not
3652s a reason not to change it either it
3655s makes any sense uh
3659s but yeah it's it's
3662s not something we're planning on changing
3664s right now
3666s but it's not the
3668s there's there's no like
3670s it's there forever it will never change
3672s or anything like that
3673s i don't know what accent that was
3679s was that churchill was that was that a
3680s really terrible subtle churchill
3683s it was the world's worst churchill
3685s impression that's what that was
3687s um
3690s is there any chance or that one
3692s i believe you guys have said that you
3694s don't want to make it feel like
3695s multiplayer is required for any content
3698s but what about content that encourages
3700s party play but doesn't actually require
3701s it for example in warframe it's better
3703s for you to group up with leveling gear
3705s but you can still do it just fine by
3706s yourself yeah i think that um
3711s i'd really like to see people
3714s uh playing with friends playing with
3716s strangers that become friends uh and i
3719s think having that having
3722s um
3724s having as few barriers to entry there as
3726s possible and having it be a smooth
3728s process getting into that
3731s and that's a that's a that's a solid
3732s base to a helmet
3737s there's not a lot there but
3739s yeah this is the solid base
3742s it's the right stats
3749s a little shade a little shade
3751s maybe not
3758s yeah like
3760s we we definitely wanted to be to be a
3762s very smooth smooth process getting
3764s multiplayer leveling multiplayer um
3769s i think there's some subtle things that
3771s you'll that'll be like like
3775s this is this is really good to play
3777s multiplayer it's really nice to play
3778s multiplayer like um
3783s and it's it's a fine line to walk not
3785s having
3788s the like the the feeling left out of
3791s having something more efficient on the
3793s like the grasses greener type effect
3795s is
3796s is tough to skirt
3799s um
3803s and it's it's trying
3805s sometimes it's trying to find things
3807s that the
3808s that make it better that the other
3809s person doesn't want and i don't know i
3811s don't have a good example of this but
3812s like
3814s um
3816s get out of here avalanche
3818s but just just having something that you
3820s can give
3821s for people to play multiplayer that
3823s people who really don't want to play
3824s multiple don't care about
3826s i have no idea what that is right now
3828s but uh that would be the ideal stuff to
3830s do
3837s and there are some natural synergies
3838s that are just gonna that are just like
3840s natural like things that are better than
3842s just gonna happen
3843s um as simple as just
3845s like your friend is dropping loot and
3847s you're dropping loot and you might drop
3850s things that are good for each other
3851s like just that alone is
3854s uh
3855s potentially you know decent
3858s chunk
3861s what type of stats we're looking for
3862s resistances how are our resistances
3864s right now they are gorgeous
3867s okay so we don't really need resistances
3869s here that much to the fire physical
3872s yeah the fire not so much at all
3876s we could reroll that fire actually on
3878s our piece that we have
3879s oh we got another one
3882s thank you very much
3888s it does it puts everything in all lower
3890s case over here and i have a feeling this
3892s is one of those names that when i look
3893s at it later on and see it'll have some
3895s capitalization i'll make this a lot
3896s easier to figure out
3899s um
3900s but we're gonna go
3905s s dub
3909s search ice
3910s sub sucker dyson
3914s stubs auger dyson uh stubs auger dyson
3920s so is that one of is stubs auger dyson
3924s i used an auger recently to
3926s to drill some holes and post holes for a
3928s big fence
3929s it's not that big of a fence but still
3931s that's pretty
3935s cool i mean
3939s that's the one right there isn't it
3943s let's craft on this ah yes oh yes
3948s oh yes
3953s it's my terrible matt berry
3956s father
3964s i just want to up at once first let's
3966s just try and go right away okay let's
3967s find two the health will just put there
3971s oh the hybrid health's not on here right
3973s you idiot like
3982s actually probably
3987s our physical resistance will drop below
3989s with this off on it
3991s yeah so we could just put physical reds
3993s there
4003s i don't need those
4006s or we'll take two real big hits right
4008s away
4009s oh we got there
4015s that's uh
4016s i see i probably sealed this actually
4018s upped it once first before sealing it
4020s but that's a t22 uh
4022s relic with a very nice uh increased
4025s healing effectiveness and damage over
4026s time mods
4042s we're not really shy for battery gen at
4043s all
4044s um the the the
4047s implicits are really big here though
4049s aren't they
4052s i don't care like having exalted
4055s wow whatever
4062s for me thank you
4065s all right
4067s moving on here what happens to the
4069s current solo characters will we still be
4070s able to play them and will there be game
4072s based challenge for solo characters
4074s we'll be offline client based so the um
4079s current solo characters will stay
4081s exactly as they are as current solo
4083s characters offline
4090s uh any
4093s silliness planned easter eggs kell that
4095s kind of stuff
4097s who says we haven't done it already you
4099s just haven't found it yet
4101s no seriously don't go looking it's not
4103s there um
4104s yes
4106s i think that there's uh the cow level is
4109s a
4109s fantastic example of
4112s um diegetic silliness oh nailed that
4116s term
4118s uh i love it i i definitely want to add
4120s stuff like that into the game and
4123s um both in the sense of having secrets
4126s and
4127s silliness
4128s and and i think those are both key parts
4130s to it because we've definitely done the
4131s secret stuff before um
4133s and
4134s seeing the the people hunt for it and
4136s find it and try and hunt for more and
4139s not finding it and all it's just so
4141s great um
4143s the the first time
4145s fractured crown was unveiled as a thing
4147s and people started hunting for it uh
4150s like that hunt was so great it was it
4152s was like a week-long hunch for it and i
4154s maybe even longer oh it was a great week
4157s however long it took i don't know
4159s that was so cool to watch
4160s um and i talked to a few people that
4162s were like they were working really hard
4164s to get it um
4166s and and i the people i talked to were
4168s having a lot of fun with it
4170s um
4171s and one of them i remember one of them
4172s opened a conversation with me and was
4174s like whatever you do don't tell me how
4176s to get this
4177s but i'm working on it and this is what
4179s i've tried so far
4181s um and i thought that was really cool
4185s anyways thank you very much for back now
4189s big ups for the sub
4194s uh yeah
4196s uh will you use league seasons to test
4198s out new systems that will be added
4200s permanently to the game yeah this is
4202s like so the question kind of assumes
4204s that the content
4205s done in league seasons will not
4208s uh be part of standard right away uh
4210s which we're still debating um
4213s it's
4215s possible i i think if we add something
4217s to a cycle it's something that we're
4219s probably pretty confident that we want
4222s to keep in the game long term
4223s um
4225s we can be wrong about that
4228s um
4231s but especially especially early on
4234s uh when we're still
4236s uh gaining gain momentum gaining
4238s experience with doing these sorts of
4239s things the the the types of content that
4241s we're going to be seeing
4242s early on
4243s in cycles is is um
4247s uh not time that we're going to want to
4249s be wasting i always since the wrong
4250s we're not time that we're going to want
4252s to be
4253s getting limited value out of that's a
4255s good way to put it um
4257s so it's stuff that we're gonna be
4258s putting in with the plan to
4261s push forward on
4262s i think for the most part at least
4272s and a lot of that is just from a
4275s like
4276s studio resources perspective right
4283s and i do apologize i'm getting a little
4284s bit behind on the questions there's
4286s usually
4287s not so many and so i've gotten into the
4289s habit of uh
4291s being a little more verbose i think
4293s but uh i'll try and make sure i get
4295s through
4296s if i'm if i've fallen really far behind
4299s i'll i'll try and do a rapid fire
4301s section where i run through a few
4305s before the end aside from the obvious
4307s ability to play with your friends what
4309s other features do you feel are uniquely
4311s provided in multiplayer experience in
4312s last epoch um i i think
4315s one of
4317s just
4321s fundamental to a multiplayer experience
4324s uh having the just the sharing and this
4327s is kind of just the stuff he said apart
4328s from
4329s multiplayer
4336s i think it feels like there's more value
4339s in the things you find
4342s because it's in an environment that's
4344s shared
4347s like um
4350s yeah if you're seeing the show last man
4351s on earth and he like
4353s collects
4356s a a completely priceless
4359s set of artwork and everything and the
4361s value it holds is
4363s so minimal because he's alone there's
4365s there's no one there to to share it with
4367s to show it off to all those sorts of
4369s things um and so i think that a lot of
4371s the things that are just in the game
4373s already become better when it's in a
4375s multiplayer environment personally at
4376s least
4379s that shared experience is valuable
4382s but that's really just the playing with
4384s your friends i don't know i don't answer
4385s this
4387s sorry
4389s i'll try and think about more
4391s uh hey i asked earlier but forgot to add
4393s the name
4394s uh sorry i missed it
4396s thanks for reposting it i appreciate
4397s that um
4400s i'm enjoying the game and dying to look
4402s cool which i consider the real end game
4406s when will the cosmetic store be open it
4408s allows me to look cool and support the
4409s development well i appreciate that for
4411s sure um it's it's going to be part of
4415s uh i think 0.9
4418s um
4420s it's in development right now
4426s i'm um sure i'm pretty sure it's going
4427s to be a a 0.9 feature
4430s or possibly like shortly after but
4432s um yeah that's the sort of thing that we
4434s want to get up and running for
4436s for multiplayer
4438s because we we do know that it is an
4440s important thing for a lot of people and
4441s one of the things we wanted to do and i
4442s think we've done a pretty good job at is
4445s um getting a lot of the visuals in game
4448s for
4449s uh for items that are in the game
4452s which i think is an important step to
4454s getting any sort of mtx visual store so
4456s you can look cool which i think you can
4458s look pretty sweet
4460s uh without any sort of mtx purchases
4462s like
4463s come on
4464s right
4465s come on
4467s i love designers this is this is what
4469s i'm here i like it's i'm lucky i mean
4470s this is my favorite armor sets
4482s just melting
4485s get it it's a nice prison
4492s hello
4495s woohoo
4497s bye
4498s have fun
4499s i know those bad guys they're still too
4501s bad
4502s uh with the last three masters coming at
4504s 1.0 is their concern about bugs etc
4506s since they won't be in beta at all
4509s oh yeah that was a big part of the
4512s consideration for sure
4513s um
4516s definitely yes
4519s i i think we'll still have um our tester
4523s program running at that point
4525s um so hopefully that'll help like just
4526s like test rounds and stuff to to get
4528s stuff
4529s tested earlier with a slightly larger
4532s audience to help uh help find more bugs
4534s and stuff like that um
4537s yeah
4543s where am i going yeah this is in the way
4546s we're cleaning the map down so we're
4548s doing yeah
4549s it's playing all along gotta make sure
4551s the whole map's cleared except for that
4552s bit in the left we don't care about that
4557s uh will the in-game help stay updated
4560s over time yes also do you think
4562s also thank you so much uh i love not
4565s needing to go to a random wiki and maybe
4567s get a real answer yeah um
4572s we
4573s definitely do have so financially press
4575s g open the game guide tons of info in
4577s here about all sorts of topics
4579s um
4581s blessings
4582s totems
4584s blind all sorts of random stuff in here
4586s um
4587s and it's definitely not finished
4589s definitely has a long way to go still
4593s but we're gonna keep doing that
4604s follow me i dare you
4612s oh god they followed me
4616s they called my bluff
4617s didn't see that coming
4620s they're mad men
4622s and women
4623s and dogs
4637s and
4638s birds
4644s all right next question
4648s uh who was better party members stanzwar
4651s or judd
4652s ah
4653s well stands for uh knows knows how to
4656s get get some pretty strong deeps but
4657s he's he definitely plays uh glass cannon
4661s no support
4662s purely for the for number one
4665s um
4667s so it's you know
4669s and i think uh
4670s judd generally is is more interested in
4673s the
4674s making something cool happen
4676s category
4680s that's a tough question to answer i'm
4681s going to say because uh
4683s do i just say judd because he's he's the
4685s boss boss
4689s no i got it i got it i got it i got
4691s it it was our guest
4693s it was uh
4695s our host sorry it was
4697s ziz or steel mage on those days those
4699s are the better party members
4701s sidestepped like a boss nailed it all
4703s right uh moving on any price point on
4706s cosmetics none so far sorry
4708s uh any thoughts on minions getting
4710s damaged numbers not just percentage
4712s in game to show
4715s um
4717s i i think this is about
4719s i'm not i don't want this question sorry
4721s i thought that means getting damaged
4722s numbers and not just percentage in game
4724s show is this
4726s like uh like asking if we're gonna get
4728s this damage per second number to show up
4730s properly for minions
4732s uh in the tooltip
4733s uh hopefully working on it trying to
4736s it's really hard to do for them
4738s especially
4740s um
4742s or if you're asking if like this plus 56
4745s spell fire damage
4747s if we get plus 56 spell minion fire
4749s damage
4751s um less likely than i already said one
4753s but i'd say probably not and oh my god i
4756s just got to the five gifted subs i am
4758s 26 minutes behind
4760s that's not
4761s the worst
4763s but i'm 26 minutes fine okay let's uh
4765s shall we shall we go on a little bit of
4767s a speed run here
4772s okay boss fight then speed run yeah
4774s when the game launches will prices
4776s increase uh no we are planning to stick
4779s with a 35 price point that's the that's
4781s the plan 35 bucks usd
4785s uh is there a date on the next patch uh
4787s for new modifier changes excited to uh
4790s back to my hammerton no we do not have
4792s any dates planned for the next
4795s uh the next patch
4801s this boss fight actually can require
4803s some
4804s decent
4807s concentration
4812s behold the rage of winter shutter
4817s do not stand in my way
4821s rise my fallen champions
4824s aid me
4825s there's a reason you're fallen poop
4828s this is a mercy
4830s oh i'm in the ice beam
4833s do not stand in my way
4838s yep there we go
4840s i guess we're not empowered are we
4844s yeah that's not it's not nice but it's
4846s not terrible
4848s come
4849s sons of art
4852s hi puppy
4866s you know you're playing on content
4867s that's not hard enough when
4873s do not stand in my way i nailed it ooh
4878s two keys i'll take it
4881s all right what are we gonna cold res
4882s yeah it's about cold chilling yeah he's
4884s just yeah definitely called reds we just
4886s pulled it off other gear slots
4896s on the next patch sorry was cool down
4898s reduction as a prefix suffix considered
4900s before yes what's the team's current
4902s stance on this
4904s uh it is so uh increased cooldown
4907s recovery speed
4909s is a prefix on helmets
4914s and we're happy with that
4916s so
4919s that's the stance yeah all right uh any
4921s thoughts about a twitch plugin like
4923s kiwi's got yeah that would be sweet
4926s oh boom this is the empowered unlock
4937s and now we've got hard mode
4941s um
4943s we're gonna go all the way back to the
4944s start
4945s i think
4947s and uh take the path less traveled
4958s i'd like to even come back
4960s does it not have an active one
4964s did i mess this up with my attempting to
4966s unlock it before
4969s am i just terrible
4977s mike you've ruined everything haven't
4978s you
4983s all right let's go play some arena
4988s buttons i know what they do
4990s any thoughts about a twitch plugin yeah
4992s there's lots of um plugins apis all
4995s sorts of stuff that we'd love to do it's
4996s it's tough uh
4998s getting the game out first is the
4999s priority i think you also already have
5001s done a great job but with rpg being
5003s extremely complex genre always more
5005s helps than peoe does a very bad job i'm
5006s not sure what that question was in
5008s reference to i'm sorry i'm so far behind
5013s let's just hop right into an arena run
5019s oh we gotta start start early hey
5022s well let's just power through some early
5023s ones and get some hard ones these are
5025s fun
5026s uh when are you making encounters when
5028s you are making encounters do you have a
5029s baseline expectation from players
5031s defenses like always is capped x amount
5033s of armor dodge glancing blow ward etc
5036s when you have mandatory stats bill
5037s variety also gets hurt yeah not really
5040s um
5041s i'd say there's sort of uh
5044s well we'll more so look at um
5049s kind of look at a boss and say okay we
5052s we think this is uh
5054s on like x end game
5057s level boss and
5059s uh we wanted to have like roughly y
5062s difficulty
5063s um
5064s and sort of
5066s i guess play different characters
5068s against it see how it feels with a
5069s variety of of different similarly styled
5073s uh or or differently powered characters
5075s that makes any sense um
5078s but we're not really saying like we're
5079s not really putting specific numbers on
5081s things like okay you gotta have capped
5083s reds for this um because different
5086s there's that we try and put enough
5087s different defensive and offensive layers
5089s in
5090s that
5091s um you're not gonna take all of them
5093s so um
5095s some builds specifically don't cap rez
5098s and some builds specifically don't take
5100s block and some builds specifically don't
5102s take dodge um
5104s and so we don't want to say like you
5105s need x
5107s and the the following questions is okay
5109s well then do you look at a an amalgam
5111s stat like effective hp
5114s an answer still no
5116s um
5118s so like sometimes we'll look at it but
5120s we won't use it as like uh
5123s oh okay the minimum ehp of 5k for this
5126s fight no
5130s no
5133s just cruising just go
5138s with multiplayer coming soon will you
5141s guys add an aura
5144s uh reservation skills for the classes or
5146s maybe entire class for support um well
5148s so
5149s uh having a pure support class is not
5151s something we're planning
5153s um
5154s having
5155s uh mana reservation is something we're
5158s not planning
5159s um we do already have an aura at least
5162s one pure aura ability holy aura um
5164s that's all it does just as an aura
5166s um
5170s and there's a couple others that
5172s uh do have that are there less
5173s traditional aura style abilities that
5175s are in there as well
5182s and there's
5183s plenty of abilities
5186s that can be specialized or start out as
5189s support abilities
5190s um
5191s that you can make support
5193s like strictly support characters that's
5195s definitely doable and something we're
5197s not planning on taking away but we're
5200s not planning uh classes that are saying
5203s like this is a support class we're not
5205s we're not planning that
5209s we want every class to be playable solo
5213s and most the times pure support classes
5216s are not playable solo
5225s yeah i said the right words there
5229s all right
5237s uh also is there
5240s oh i got the name close enough yeah
5242s yeah
5245s all right
5246s also there any particular reason that
5248s crafting drops go to your inventory
5250s feels like the transfer creating uh
5252s crafting items is superfluous
5255s perfluous
5256s um
5258s yeah it's
5259s we're really trying to
5261s encourage this feeling that they are
5262s items and
5264s one of the key properties of items is
5267s that when you pick them up they go to
5268s your inventory
5275s all right do you plan
5277s for poe like challenge rewards per cycle
5280s i there's
5281s um
5283s similarities but not the same
5285s it's kind of the answer for
5287s for most of those style questions so
5289s like
5290s there's lots of good things that do come
5292s out of that and i don't want to say that
5293s it's going to be exactly the same
5295s but
5295s um
5297s there's there's a lot of things that
5298s will work similarly in last epoch but
5301s you know
5303s their own twist on it they're
5306s and and yeah
5308s i just don't want to be like okay this
5309s feature is the same this feature is
5311s different
5311s um
5312s but yeah like
5314s having having things
5316s having goals for people to accomplish in
5319s inside of a cycle i think is an
5321s appropriate and
5323s uh
5324s fun thing to do
5326s how that looks and details of what that
5328s looks like
5334s because
5335s while
5337s thematically there's a big difference
5339s between
5340s introducing a new
5342s npc
5344s that has that sits in the world
5347s and says like
5348s like you release a new area you could
5350s put an mp dropping npc in the area who
5352s who has like a quest chain to work
5354s through
5356s that's related to the new the new
5358s content
5359s um
5361s while that is
5363s uh
5366s thematically extremely different than a
5369s like
5371s say this word don't freak out
5373s don't freak out like a free
5375s seasons pass style mechanic while those
5377s two things are thematically extremely
5380s different mechanically they're really
5381s similar in a lot of cases
5387s so it's
5389s what that looks like and exactly how
5391s detail how those details come through
5394s it's still very much being worked on
5397s um
5400s personally i'm a big fan of having
5402s having it more diegetic having it more
5403s in the game
5405s um
5407s there's a lot of there's a lot of really
5409s good things that that brings
5411s and and having it be part of the lore
5413s part of the world so you can like build
5414s the story build the lore uh and and sort
5417s of
5418s have people become more engaged in how
5420s things are existing in the world and
5423s care about the characters that you're
5424s playing this game with and all this
5425s stuff
5445s i do want to just clarify what i just
5447s said about the season's passing so it's
5449s clearly a like a free seasons pass like
5451s a season's journey might be a better
5453s term there
5455s as soon as you're paying money it's it's
5457s different
5460s very different
5470s let's go get through these get some hard
5473s hard hard hard
5475s i ones
5476s want to do a vault
5479s i might roll through one of each dungeon
5480s here
5481s just back to back to back that'd be fun
5485s let's do that
5488s do that
5495s uh
5497s do you have any holiday events like i
5500s planned like runescape used to be back
5501s in the day
5502s like a whole quest line with rewards etc
5504s that'd be cool yeah there's um we've
5506s definitely talked about that and
5508s uh
5509s we've considered doing it in the past
5511s and intentionally have avoided it
5514s specifically because
5515s um we wanted to keep
5517s prime game development
5519s uh moving forward but yeah i think those
5521s are really cool um
5523s sometimes you gotta be a little uh
5526s like
5527s uh
5528s winter winter festival day you know
5533s but uh but yeah i think there's
5535s there's a lot of room for for good stuff
5536s like that
5539s i also think like it's really cool to to
5541s to use those as an opportunity to
5544s um
5545s maybe explore
5548s and and educate people about cultures
5549s that that aren't as uh front and center
5552s in the world
5553s and um
5555s because there's some really cool
5556s holidays out there and celebrations that
5558s happen in in different cultures that i i
5560s think i think would be really cool to uh
5562s to make special days for like like pick
5565s a
5566s um
5568s less north america-centric holiday
5571s uh
5573s that that maybe doesn't get featured as
5574s much
5575s in in pop culture and stuff and like
5579s uh and do like a different one every
5580s year or something i don't know i don't
5581s know i think it'll be cool
5586s we're just spitballing here you know
5588s we like to make up random things in the
5590s stream as as what ifs and one days and
5593s wouldn't it be cool if
5602s all right well why not cycle why not
5605s call the cycles epochs it
5607s genuinely sounds cooler uh
5610s it was spam during this interview but
5612s never got attention i think yeah it's uh
5615s we we get that question a lot uh and the
5617s term cycle's not set in stone 100
5619s so you know you know you never know but
5622s um
5624s i think the
5626s uh
5628s the the term recognition for what it is
5632s from using the term cycle it's easier
5635s and quicker to recognize
5637s to get an idea of what it is when you
5640s say like oh like last cycle we had this
5642s and next cycle we're gonna have this and
5644s if you see like last epoch we had this
5645s and next epoch we know this and we're
5646s like wait isn't the game called last
5648s epoch uh what
5650s last epoch in last epoch we had i mean
5653s there's there's some confusing sentences
5654s there um
5658s you gotta be careful about you know
5661s uh how many times did you hear read say
5664s the word multiplayer in the last couple
5665s months
5666s uh er hundreds of times every day
5671s uh to my friends to my family there i'm
5674s sure most of them are sick and tired of
5675s hearing about it
5677s like it's coming guys can you believe it
5679s i got to play multiplayer with one of my
5681s friends who got into the ct program
5684s um
5685s he's like the instant applications
5687s opened up like months ago he was like
5689s done
5690s apply wi-fi and like
5692s uh
5693s he's he's been he's been on me since
5696s for like four years now waiting to get
5698s in to play it so um
5702s we we got a chance to sit down and
5703s actually play multiplayer together for
5705s the first time
5706s uh a couple weeks ago it was a ton of
5709s fun i had a blast that was that was a
5711s highlight for me recently i just on the
5713s personal aside
5715s it's all fun because we played a bunch
5716s of diablo two together
5718s um
5719s and
5720s uh
5721s you know so it's we
5723s we put magic together now too
5725s but um
5727s yeah a lot of fun
5731s anyways back to questions that's why i'm
5733s here isn't it
5734s uh
5735s hi
5737s hi big fan of le could you please
5739s explain sextant
5741s blocking okay so first of all last time
5744s this question was asked i just need to
5746s like i guess defend my honor with this
5749s one
5752s um i do know what sex the blocking is
5754s and it was a joke last time i just want
5757s to make sure that was clear i i watched
5758s the clip back because i looked back i
5760s looked you can see when people make
5761s clips of your stream
5763s um and i'm like this clip was like way
5767s way more viewed than any other clip
5769s we've had in a long time like oh my gosh
5770s what have i done
5772s um
5773s it just assumes i have no idea what i'm
5774s talking about here
5777s um
5779s i i i'm not gonna go into a full
5781s explanation of sexton blocking
5783s in poe
5786s um but thank you for reminding me
5788s because i did want to mention that
5792s it's a mechanic from another game we
5794s don't have it
5799s uh all right
5803s uh would you consider an uh
5806s i'm gonna say enabling respect passive
5808s points directly in the tree window uh
5811s we've we've talked about yes we've
5812s considered it quite a lot
5815s it's not planned
5819s i will warn anyone asking would you
5821s consider or have you considered
5822s questions the answer is almost always
5824s yes
5825s because that's basically all we do is
5827s consider the things about the game
5838s my goodness good thing my resistances
5840s are stacked can i just like tank this
5842s actually probably
5846s i'm not moving
5848s deal with the game
5851s let's go do some uh let's do some
5852s dungeons
5857s uh any thoughts or tidbits on how trade
5861s trade site auction house may work in
5863s multiplayer apologies this was asked
5865s earlier i don't think it's actually been
5866s asked yet this stream but no i don't
5869s have any info i can give you at all i
5871s apologize nothing got nothing for you
5881s that's
5885s we don't need your kind round here even
5886s though those are gorgeous
5888s oh so nice
5890s it hurts me to throw these on the ground
5891s why am i doing this oh god
5894s they're pretty nice actually
5898s let's go
5900s find
5901s um
5902s let's do so fire
5907s actually no i don't do that one i want
5908s to do
5910s i like still fire but it's
5912s not the reward i want right now
5916s i have any ones
5919s on me
5921s lightless arbor here we
5923s go we're gonna spend a ton of cash we're
5926s just gonna dump our bank
5929s actually you know let's take a little
5930s break before i do
5932s i'll see if i die first
5935s i only got one i only got one we'll see
5937s if i die
5939s during the kickstarter you guys did an
5941s event to get a halo mtx if you shared on
5944s social media will this halo mtx be
5946s coming in 9.0
5948s no
5950s however there's a possibility that we
5952s could see it in 0.9
5954s um
5956s yes i'm gonna be that facetious no uh
5958s the
5959s um
5960s that that mtx good memory uh we are
5963s still we do have we have a list of
5965s accounts that is secure
5967s that we do know exactly who gets that
5970s uh we're still going to honor it uh it's
5973s all good
5974s uh i don't know when that's showing up
5976s but hopefully i would say hopefully
5978s point nine
5978s but maybe one point out we'll see
5981s uh so you devs have been very clear that
5984s multiplayer is currently in a thousand
5986s man closed beta
5988s there's not a thousand people in there
5989s yet unfortunately because we're still
5990s like
5991s just
5992s actually we may have broken a thousand
5994s by now last time i saw the numbers which
5996s was
5997s oh god monday it might be over a
5999s thousand i don't know
6000s that's interesting
6003s um
6005s yeah we're basically just like cramming
6007s people in as fast as we can at the
6008s moment
6011s uh what's the question
6013s will it be in open beta as well before
6015s launch yeah
6018s yeah i'm sure i'm sure we'll do some
6019s sort of like
6021s um open and opening it up to to just let
6024s people in before
6026s i shouldn't say i'm sure but i'd be
6028s surprised if we didn't
6030s at least have like a weekend or
6031s something part of the problem is that
6033s the environment that it's in right now
6034s is closed off from everything else so
6037s like
6038s uh
6039s characters that show up in that will get
6041s wiped
6042s um
6043s and that's that's a
6046s a stark realization sometimes if you
6048s don't read the fine print um
6051s that's in gigantic letters at the top of
6053s the the welcome document but yes um
6057s it's uh
6059s it's sometimes something that gets
6061s ignored so we've got to be careful with
6062s that make sure it's clear
6068s you found a way into the caverns
6074s i love that voice
6078s love it
6091s all right
6093s oh big boys
6096s titan spawn of the lizard
6102s hear that lizard your titan spawner here
6119s all right next question
6123s uh sorry if this has been
6125s asked before
6126s is there
6128s is going to be items that are unique to
6130s multiplayer game versus solo game so uh
6133s like unique uh items that are online
6135s only um i don't think we have anything
6137s like that planned at the moment um
6142s i i'm like i'm actually confident we
6143s don't have anything planned at the
6145s moment for that i don't want to say like
6146s a it'll never happen
6148s i'd be shocked
6150s i'd be shocked if it ever happened
6157s uh
6158s do totem skills
6160s get buffed
6164s uh
6165s like will there be a buff to tone skills
6167s in the next patch there some of them
6168s might be getting buffs i i don't have
6170s any specific details
6171s uh to share that i don't remember any
6173s specific details off my head
6179s let's go next room
6184s oh we got a lizard raid tonight oh my
6186s god it was 23 minutes ago
6190s oh thanks lizard welcome everyone from
6192s lizard stream
6194s oh i'm so good at this guys
6200s welcome buddy you had some you had some
6202s good questions uh some sneaky questions
6205s too
6206s on the uh on on this on this stream
6210s i liked it
6213s big fan this was one where like he
6215s wasn't sure that you're doing a sneaky
6216s question i liked it
6220s all right well the drop rates be
6221s adjusted to make certain items more
6222s desirable for trade um
6226s so i'll refer back to the multiplayer
6229s faq
6230s um
6231s there's there's a more deep there's a
6233s there's a a carefully worded answer to
6236s that question in there
6237s um i think it says something along the
6239s lines of
6240s uh we'd like to have
6243s multiplayer have as little impact on
6245s drop rates for single player as possible
6248s and
6249s um
6251s as we want to maintain and preserve that
6253s as a functional gameplay environment or
6255s something like that i don't know what it
6256s says but um
6261s everything affects everything else in
6262s some way
6264s and uh
6266s yeah
6268s so so maybe
6270s something doing our best to have it as
6272s little impact as possible
6290s uh can you drop items in instances for
6292s other people right now it doesn't work
6294s yet we've like just had our
6298s first
6299s like
6301s theoretical item transfer happened like
6304s actually practical item transfer
6305s happened
6306s it went from one character back to the
6307s same character
6309s um
6310s and actually we made we may have a
6312s little bit more than that happening now
6315s um i know i know there was a little bit
6318s of a break on on working on that speed
6319s to get some other stuff done for
6321s uh for a patch that was coming
6325s for the ct build sorry
6327s and and so like there's
6330s there's no details on trade that we can
6331s share yet
6333s we're still very early in the
6334s development process
6340s those are my usual lines right everyone
6347s uh click the stone
6349s you didn't click it
6353s what did i miss
6354s whatever it was it was intentional
6356s because i'm the worst
6361s uh is the bazaar close no
6365s we have abandoned the bazaar
6368s i apologize if you're still seeing
6369s material on our website that talks about
6371s it um hopefully that's taken down
6373s already
6374s we noticed there was some really old
6376s material in one of the sub pages that uh
6379s we did not mean to still be there
6381s you noticed that very recently
6383s someone pointed that out in the forums
6384s for us
6394s hi
6395s hi binary depth how's it going
6399s are there any plans for a guild clan set
6402s up for multiplayer will there also be
6404s shared stash for all members we don't
6405s have any plans for that at the moment um
6408s it is something that we're interested in
6409s and we think has a lot of value in in a
6412s lot of different games and um if we if
6415s we find a really good reason to add it
6417s in last epoch we'll we'll definitely
6418s look at that for now it's not planned
6421s um
6422s but we're not like
6424s against it it's just
6426s we don't have a good reason to do it so
6427s we're not doing it
6428s yet
6431s uh will players be able to import
6433s filters in point nine to 1.0 yeah
6434s filters should import just the same as
6436s the ones that exist now no problems
6439s there's i mean there's always a chance
6440s for bugs but
6441s okay we're focused
6447s like do we need to focus
6454s nope we don't
6458s nice
6475s stand over here
6485s let's go
6486s into the mouth
6492s we are totally appropriately leveled for
6494s this what are you talking about
6497s so there is an instance of variable
6499s difficulty content in this fight right
6501s here that that move that's happening
6502s right there where he
6504s takes with a heart takes two
6506s beams and moves them outward from the
6508s center point where they rotate in
6510s opposite directions for each other this
6511s beam this attack right here boom like
6513s that see how far they get the angle they
6515s finish at
6517s the the the percentage that those beams
6519s travel around
6520s the model of the boss
6522s is variable based on the tier that
6525s you're playing
6526s tier four it gets basically all the way
6529s and you pretty well have to have you
6531s have to be standing directly behind or
6533s have a way to like
6534s um jump over the beam jump past the beam
6536s dodge past it something like that
6538s um
6541s and that's the sort of stuff that i'd
6542s like to see implemented more
6544s and more strictly as well and like and
6546s more extensively not strictly
6547s extensively
6549s peak and foot of the mountain
6554s tops and tails
6557s all right and
6560s boy damage necrotic
6563s yeah
6566s some nice items there not for this build
6568s though
6573s but
6579s and i need
6580s yes space to put things oh my goodness
6583s yes space to put things
6592s our goal is the spear so we're gonna
6593s keep that
6594s um
6596s all right
6597s so this is one of our dungeon rewards
6599s whereby you
6601s um
6601s get to
6603s either purchase or pass on different
6605s mods that will affect the vault that's
6607s that's going to be opened and it will
6609s affect the number of chests that are
6610s going to be opened it will affect the
6612s number of
6613s items in each chest you can multiply
6614s them there's all sorts of cool stuff
6615s that happens here
6618s so um this for 1600 it's going to add a
6620s chest that drops many runes and glyphs
6622s so yeah let's do that sure i just
6623s dropped several exalted helmets
6625s i mean we don't have an exalted helmet
6627s sure let's get that um
6629s turns blue means it's like a an epic one
6632s all chess dropped 30 more items yeah
6634s okay sweet um
6637s gold is
6640s a lot gold's the epic one
6642s ah
6643s that's that's probably more likely it's
6644s really expensive if you decline one then
6646s the price goes up and up and up and up
6647s and up and comes more expensive the more
6649s you decline it
6652s several pieces of exalted jewelry um
6659s i think why should he pass that one no i
6661s don't know why he's overkill
6665s sure unique weapon term we don't need to
6668s be exalted weapons
6673s yeah that's a big one sure let's do it
6675s why not right it's it's chugging away at
6677s our gold this is our remaining gold up
6679s here
6680s it's ultra redux all chests sure
6682s uh several exalted weapons to a random
6684s chest yes please
6694s yeah i shouldn't see that
6697s yes
6702s yes
6704s all right this is max number modifiers
6707s all right we we got we got pretty heavy
6709s on there
6714s did i even not get the full number of
6715s chests oh
6717s mike's a noob
6735s um
6742s okay
6743s so
6746s that's one maze
6749s boots
6759s yeah nice enough for us
6762s that's rogue stuff you jerk
6776s come on
6781s some nice stuff here but it's just not
6784s lining up with our build
6791s some really nice stuff here actually
6806s oh yeah that'll play
6815s all right well we didn't get the weapon
6816s we were looking for
6819s that's okay some fun some fun crafting
6821s stuff there
6822s uh i'm just gonna try and power up some
6824s questions
6825s uh then i'll do i'll do a little
6826s crafting on some of this while i'm doing
6828s it
6831s uh it's a good one
6835s yeah there's some nice stuff there get
6837s rid of that dodge rating okay
6843s how do you see trade in the game will be
6845s auction system or something else no
6847s information on trade what's the eta 1.0
6849s no etn 1.0 uh are you worried the game
6852s won't be sustainable on pure cosmetic
6854s mtx no i'm not there's also a box price
6856s in the game um i've i've forgotten can
6859s holy trail be chained together yes they
6860s do overlap uh hey
6863s what do you say is lassie [ __ ] key
6866s attractions that's that's apart from
6867s afgh's in the world um i i think there's
6870s a lot of things that it does
6872s in airp that other a lot of other apg do
6875s really well that attracts people to
6876s other apgs and last epoch simultaneously
6878s which i think is really important that
6879s it's not just like
6882s this is why it's better but like
6884s there's a lot of things we do that are
6885s really solid that are like core to rpgs
6888s in
6889s general um but then i think we also
6891s provide a fairly approachable system
6895s um
6896s that that's like it's easy to get into
6898s it's easy to get involved with it's easy
6899s to
6900s start down that path of
6903s learning and building creating your own
6905s builds and things like that it's it's
6906s it's a little bit more approachable than
6908s some of the other options out there i
6910s think we i think we sit in a nice sort
6911s of like midpoint between d3 and poe
6913s um as far as depth and complexity goes
6916s which i think is really good
6919s uh idols is an interesting idea on
6920s sockets
6923s like having sockets in the idols i'm
6925s curious as to where they actually exist
6927s on the character story-wise are they
6929s just running around with a stack of
6930s idols jingling around as they go yeah
6932s sure
6933s um
6934s it's a lot of stuff to hold on to like
6936s where does it actually fit maybe there's
6937s like a magical thing that opens up i'm
6939s not sure exactly but it's physically
6941s kind of big to be
6942s sitting on the character but like where
6944s is he holding
6945s if you load up with spears like where
6947s are you holding those 15 spears or
6948s whatever it is you know
6951s are there any plans to add a reputation
6953s system like grim dawn had with nemesis
6955s spawns in cosmetics um
6957s nothing i can
6958s specifically talk to but uh
6961s you know it's it's it's it's a i
6963s remember it in grim dawn i remember that
6965s being a a cool like a cool thing to play
6967s with
6968s um
6970s but nothing that i can be like yes
6972s this this this yeah
6974s it's it's a cool system um
6978s yeah
6980s sorry
6981s no details on it uh how do you see the
6983s trade in the game will be auction oh
6985s yeah
6985s no no phone trade sorry uh will there be
6988s adventure mode like d3 can skip main
6989s campaign seasons um not at 1.0 possibly
6992s added later it's not something we have
6994s time to answer
6996s uh
6996s uh not so much time to implement pre 1.0
6999s um and we still have to work out a few
7001s kinks uh and an option to turn off
7004s effects for other players please we're
7005s definitely looking at
7007s specific portions of certain
7010s uh abilities
7011s not being transmitted
7013s uh
7015s burned through all of that fortunately
7016s it's too bad oh well
7018s um
7019s let's crank the health up first
7022s we kind of gotta re-roll this into
7027s or if i guess we care about
7033s oh there we go
7035s can we just like seal that that's worth
7037s the shot let's steal that also worth a
7039s shot
7040s that's a good helmet now
7044s we we need this cdr that's like the
7046s number one thing let me just like have
7048s big
7049s um
7053s health's really important to be big too
7054s let's see if we can
7056s ah t3 health there that's not bad
7059s endurance here let's put endurance on
7060s this
7070s t1 strength is a little uh
7073s meh there but that's that's a decent
7074s item
7076s that's what we are using right now
7078s we can bump that up actually
7082s this is just better isn't it it's just
7083s the same thing but just better
7092s that's a pretty sick album
7095s uh okay oh no i have i have i had
7098s something for this
7101s i had something for this
7103s okay we had a
7105s while we were doing
7107s uh while we were in the middle of the
7108s stream actually the multiplayer stream
7109s we were also stress testing
7111s town scenes
7113s uh and and getting lots of people in
7115s there so here is
7117s just a little
7122s a little shot of
7124s uh everyone hanging out in town
7127s uh mucking about in the end of time
7131s having some fun
7136s ah a little group shot at the end
7138s of people hanging out in town
7143s uh yeah so there's that was just our
7146s work on getting towns while we were
7148s doing this
7149s um i know i know i've got a ton of
7150s questions left and i really do apologize
7152s we're at time i'm gonna stay for up to a
7156s maximum of 10 minutes over time today
7158s answering some questions here um
7160s just to kind of get through some of
7161s these because i know i took a lot of
7162s time we've got a lot of people here um
7164s so i'm going to stay and answer a few
7165s more questions i'm not going to keep
7166s playing so i'm just going to be
7168s chilling
7169s with my dude with no helmet on cause i
7172s took it off or put the helmet back on
7174s um
7175s and i will be answering some questions
7177s while chillin here
7179s so let's just let's just go through it
7180s will there be any way to recycle
7182s duplicate uniques for something useful
7184s it's it's a unexplored mechanic i would
7186s say so far um we don't have anything set
7189s up specifically but i could see it
7191s coming
7192s um
7195s if if it's like it's like it could be a
7196s countdown or maybe maybe it's a dungeon
7198s reward maybe that's uh something that
7200s comes in a cycle normally specific plans
7202s but it's not out of the question i love
7203s crafting in last epoch it should be cool
7206s if there was more to do with an item
7208s once it's crafted like uh enchants kinda
7210s any plants or crafting you can share
7214s crafting you can share just like uh
7219s just a trade system i guess uh i'm not
7221s sure what that means
7222s um
7227s the
7229s because our affixes are so like
7231s deterministic it's it's so similar to
7233s enchanting systems it's so similar to
7236s um socketing systems and it's hard to
7239s differ it's hard to do things like that
7240s and have them be
7241s uh be really different and like uh
7244s differentiate themselves from just our
7246s regular crafting
7247s function mechanically not just
7249s thematically
7250s uh how does the process for deciding
7252s what new dungeons will have four rewards
7254s work and do a number of dungeons you
7256s guys are looking for at release we don't
7258s have a set number we're looking for um
7260s more than three
7262s uh
7263s but we don't have a set number
7265s that we're looking at the
7268s process for deciding
7269s what a new dungeon is
7271s it's a pretty lengthy one and it's
7273s usually most of if not the whole design
7275s team
7276s um debating about it for hours really
7278s it's a lot of like
7280s what ifs and
7282s trying to figure out what could happen
7284s and why we want things while you don't
7285s want things it's it's a pretty uh
7288s a pretty lengthy process to to really
7290s work those out it's it's faster now that
7291s we've got a few under our belt
7294s um
7295s but yeah it takes a bit of time
7297s uh will we get npc in the game that
7299s reference to someone on the dev team how
7302s do you know there isn't already
7305s that's not a joke
7309s uh as a software dev myself i can't
7312s imagine how big of an achievement it is
7314s to work on such a big project mad props
7316s to you on your team good luck much
7317s success cheers from quebec canada
7320s well i'm about as far away in canada as
7322s i can get from you without going north
7324s uh
7326s so thank you very much and yeah it is
7328s it's a lot it's big
7331s it's a it's a lot bigger
7333s i don't know what i expected when we
7335s started this but it's a lot bigger than
7336s i expected it was going to be which is
7338s so awesome
7340s all right okay so i understand you said
7342s the solo characters stay solo but can
7344s multiplayer characters also play on the
7345s offline solo content for example no
7348s when you have
7349s connection issues no um online
7351s characters are online offline characters
7353s are offline period
7355s uh we should have some form of trade in
7357s point nine though um
7362s like
7362s i i just wanna
7364s be clear that the definition of the term
7366s trade is
7367s uh when you say some form of trade the
7369s answer the question i'm answering is
7370s will there be any method by which items
7373s can move between characters in some way
7376s that's the plan yes
7378s what that looks like any details of what
7380s that is no information but there will be
7383s the plan is to have some way where items
7385s are transferred from some character to
7387s some other character in some situation
7389s somehow
7393s i hope that was clear the little point
7395s have you released we don't have a date
7396s yet sorry
7397s i've been following dev updates for the
7398s last year stoked to see the multiple
7400s progress mike thanks
7402s um second phase of the mountain is my
7404s favorite boss really
7406s i actually like it too but cool glad you
7409s enjoy it
7413s that was sam did a lot of work on that
7415s one and i know he's pretty proud of it
7416s so
7417s hopefully he hears that i'll try and
7419s tell him
7420s any plans for a method to uh gem of ease
7423s and item for leveling
7427s uh
7428s we kind of have some uh
7431s google what gem of these is because i
7433s don't remember
7434s i think i know what it is
7444s increases experience gained
7446s through kills by a fixed amount um
7449s experi
7452s um
7453s there's a
7454s no is the short answer there's a
7456s monolith blessing
7458s for that
7459s um so i could see people
7462s uh in multiplayer once that hits
7464s going and
7466s uh like rushing a character
7469s to that monolith
7470s uh having their buddy power through it
7472s jumping in there getting that trying
7473s hoping to get that
7475s um that blessing
7477s and you you'll get some experience bonus
7478s that way but other than that no
7480s experience bonuses in the game i don't
7481s think other than the ones built up in
7484s inside of a dungeon or inside of a mama
7488s uh what are the chalice
7491s far right next to your boots uh oh this
7493s is a relic
7495s um so it's one of our gear slots it's
7497s sort of a
7498s um it is a class specific slot there is
7500s also class agnostic uh ones that can go
7503s in there so this is this relic can go on
7505s any class it's not class specific but
7506s this one is class specific this is
7508s sentinel you can see in the bottom right
7509s corner of it it says
7510s uh oh come on
7514s oh
7515s does this work
7517s that's a bug supposed to stay on screen
7521s this is requires class sentinels there's
7522s a bunch of them that are sentinel
7523s specific that have um generally a little
7526s bit better implicits and class specific
7528s implicits that go with it um and then
7531s some
7532s extra mods that can go on them that
7534s can't go in the generic ones
7538s uh have you considered adding pants to
7540s the characters definitely we have
7542s considered it we are not planning on it
7545s uh what is the target slash max number
7547s players per instance in multiplayer uh
7550s non-town zones where spells and
7551s abilities can be used for
7553s uh in town zones where spells and
7555s abilities can't be used uh we don't have
7557s a set number for and that's part of what
7559s that test we're just showing is
7561s about uh trying to see what the servers
7563s can handle so we have like a we have
7564s like us i i think we're doing a soft cap
7567s and a hard cap so the soft cap is
7570s a difference in the soft cap and the
7571s hard cap is one more than the maximum
7574s party size such that if you ever join a
7576s server it puts all the people from a
7578s single party into the same server and
7580s doesn't push it above the hard cap
7582s but if you're
7584s um
7586s above the soft cap it won't put new
7588s parties
7589s into the server
7591s until it goes back below the stop
7592s something like that
7595s uh will there be a wife of characters
7597s from online beta from in 0.9 to 1.0 at
7599s least we don't plan it uh we plan on
7601s pushing them into a standard
7603s league uh you ever plan on doing
7607s leveling quicker so you don't have to do
7609s the story over and over we are um the
7611s the system we're implementing for that
7612s initially is uh focused around dungeons
7615s like this one that i just did at the end
7616s of the campaign at the end of the stream
7618s here uh whereby the the ending portion
7621s of every dungeon is a portal that jumps
7624s you further into the storyline so the
7625s entrance to this dungeon
7627s is about a chapter and a half before
7630s you're supposed to get to the end of
7631s time and once you complete the dungeon
7633s it pops you out in the end of time so it
7635s skips a big chunk of the story uh and
7637s this lets you
7638s uh level faster because you're into a
7640s higher level zone quicker and you are uh
7643s skipping a little bit of the story and
7644s so all of the three dungeons that are
7646s implemented already do this and the
7647s other ones that we're looking at will
7648s also do this um
7650s some of them you we're still working on
7652s rebalancing a little bit because the
7654s initial runs a little hard
7656s uh
7657s sometimes and it's it's it's not quite
7660s set perfectly yet
7662s um and
7663s when we add more as well some of them
7664s will overlap such that you will
7667s uh not be able to do all of them without
7669s backtracking in a weird way um because
7672s you'd be
7673s uh we
7676s hopefully the goal i think overall the
7677s system is to kind of give players the
7679s ability to create their own campaign
7682s experience where they say like okay i'm
7684s playing a character that's really good
7685s at dungeons two four and seven
7688s and
7689s uh i can i can to pass through the
7692s campaign doing those three dungeons and
7693s it gives huge chunks of the campaign
7696s and i get to then quickly because my
7697s character's really good at being those
7699s dungeons and i'm and i know them really
7701s well or something like that uh i i think
7703s having that type of system's really
7705s interesting and i like it
7709s okay
7710s well i i made it to the end i thought i
7712s was further behind than that i i'm glad
7715s i caught up thank you all for sticking
7717s with me we have oh it's one right there
7719s what's your favorite archetype
7721s uh
7722s for the team to add that doesn't exist
7725s yet
7726s um
7728s i think something focused around new
7730s weapon types that aren't in the game so
7731s like
7732s uh
7734s like like unarmed fist weapons
7737s uh
7738s get crossbows in you know like weapon
7740s types
7742s classes that are focused around or
7743s archetypes that are focused around
7745s weapon types that don't exist yet in the
7747s game
7748s that would be that'd be what i'd be
7749s looking at
7750s my next my like personal and next
7753s request
7755s but that doesn't carry a ton of ton of
7757s water
7758s all right that's it
7760s i'm gonna be done here uh thank you all
7763s for coming out
7764s i had a ton of fun i i hope you had fun
7767s i know i did that's what i say isn't it
7769s yeah
7773s oh
7774s that was a great stream
7779s the great stream