18 days ago - EHG_Steve - Direct link

Hey Polish Travelers!

We are working on figuring out a fix for this. We apologize for the delay here, but it’s definitely something that is taking a bit of time to figure out. As soon as we have more info we will let you know.

16 days ago - EHG_Kain - Direct link

We are aware of this and have been discussing it every day to see what we can do alongside other high priority items.

From what we can see, it’s related to how the ISP is routing traffic to our servers, which isn’t something we can change on our end. We are however still investigating it to see if there’s something we can do on our end. We have provided the wireshark trace to our backend team to see if that can help them. If it is how the ISP is routing things through their network, the only thing that can change that is with user feedback to them.

Again, we are still discussing this and looking into it internally. The most helpful information right now would be information on what the ISP is saying when reached out to regarding the connection issue to the servers.

15 days ago - EHG_Kain - Direct link

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to provide another update concerning this. We believe we’ve identified the issue as Orange ISP blocking the connection. In order to resolve this, they need to allow list a set of IP’s from our service providers. We are attempting to reach out to Orange ISP, as well as requesting our service providers to reach out to have these IP’s allow listed to resolve this issue.

14 days ago - EHG_Kain - Direct link

Popping in with another update alongside the Discord thread. We had one of our developers in Poland reach out to Orange, and was advised the most effective thing would be to have individuals who are effected to reach out to them.

We also attempted to reach out to Orange to have the servers globally added to their allow lists, however our request was denied. They did provide an email for our service providers to reach out to, and we’re still asking our service providers to also reach out to them. Their most recent replies veribitm have been

MS has no relationship with the ISP. In fact an ISP may be suspicious of a large IT company asking them to whitelist IP addresses the ISP detected as being suspicious. E.g.: ISP: “We blocked these IPs from company XYZ as suspected DDoS attack vectors.” Then representative from company XYZ calls and says “No, they are fine, really, trust me. Whitelist them.”

However if one, or many, of their customers point out an issue with their service as a result of those addresses being blocked, the ISP is more likely to listen. So one of the affected customers, or better yet, all of them, should reach out to the ISP and report the issue, and that it has been identified as one or more of the following game IPS/endpoints being blocked by the ISP. If the players are vocally very upset about it, have them direct their wrath at the ISP armed with the whitelist info.

We are continuing to try to get our service providers to reach out to the ISP.

I do also see reports that some users with other ISP’s are also experiencing similar issues, and would recommend the same course - to reach out to your ISP regarding them blocking connections to our servers.