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Hey all, just thought I’d weigh in with a little info about why it’s the way it is.

I quite often see the comparison of base classes and masteries to PoE classes and ascendencies. This leads to the feeling that masteries should probably be respecable as each mastery is an option of the class you’ve chosen.

This isn’t how we currently view mastery classes. We’ve generally thought of the game as having 15 classes (12 for now). You start out by picking a general theme and then after about 25 levels, you pick your class. You get a chance to test it out and decide which one you like instead of having to pick right out of the gate without information. We try to give a taste of each playstyle in those early levels. Some can’t be done well, but we try to give a bit of a feel for them all early.

I know it’s a different way of thinking about it that isn’t necessarily what many people think when they interact with the system but this is how we’ve intended it so far. Like most other things, it’s not set in stone and you feedback helps shape the game.

We really appreciate feedback on it and I just want to make it clear that everyone’s opinions on of it’s good or bad or what they would like to see instead are relevant and valid. I know it can be tough to present contradictory stances without letting it feel personal.

about 2 months ago - Mike_Weicker - Direct link

Sorry, nothing exciting there.