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3s good afternoon everybody welcome back to
6s the last epoch devstream as always i'm
9s your host mike
10s how's it going everybody
12s how you doing what's going on
16s hanging out
18s playing a little epoch
20s if this is your first time here
22s please feel free to ask questions at me
24s about our lovely game here i'll be happy
26s to answer them
27s right now i'm just going to keep playing
28s my lovely
31s squirrel dancer
34s i would have recorded these days
36s hello everybody good day quiet
41s i don't have any weekend plans really no
43s uh
44s go gonna go on a nice little local hike
47s with the with the wee one
50s did you do that every weekend
57s let's get my
59s fingers back into
62s form for this this build
65s the plane of mark's been testing
67s recently
70s what i'm doing
79s and as always we are streaming for
81s charities so all of the cash we get in
84s goes directly to them
85s right now it is
87s the ms society
90s they're pretty cool
97s oh yeah if you've got questions for me
99s please toss an atlas epoch game in the
101s question and i will see it a lot easier
106s yeah
107s how's everybody's uh going
111s i don't pick these weapons up i don't
112s really need them
123s we started
127s uh another round of testing today which
129s is great
132s i also have some construction going on
134s here
136s finishing up building a fence so if
137s anyone hears loud like grinding
140s or drilling let me know
149s [Music]
156s yeah feeling good
158s i really like this build i i only play
160s it on stream
161s but like
162s i don't know it's a ton of fun just the
164s squirrels everywhere the swarm
168s nice i'm missing the so we've got the
170s the counter it says every week i see
171s this belt because the counter that
173s doesn't cap at 15 anymore for the number
174s of ailments on targets
178s and i miss it a lot every time i come
179s back to the live build
182s and we had a we had a i guess
184s we had a little
185s raid here
186s before we started
188s vision
189s welcome from vision stream
191s and also thank you arrow weird for a
194s resub seven three sub
196s awesome
199s hello trickster
202s um
203s normally i have a plethora of questions
206s but due to long content down time i'm
208s sorry it'll be worth the wait i promise
211s uh without teasers i can't ask anything
213s it's my long way to wave saying asking
215s for teasers oh i see how it is
218s i've got a couple little things for you
220s today
221s i'm not throwing up this early
226s but i'll have some stuff to share in a
228s little bit
230s i'm gonna keep going through this model
232s a little bit i i forgot again i was
234s gonna get all the waypoints on this
235s character to be able to do um
238s some other stuff
239s and i i forgot to get the waypoints
254s what's unfortunately
255s that's nice
258s it's my it's my vine just trying to take
260s my mind speaking of ailments any info
261s you can tease about the rework not
263s really we haven't really done anything
264s since last week on it um
267s been working on a lot of multiple stuff
268s working on i've been working on arenas
270s working on monolith improvements uh for
273s multiplayer and everything
274s um
277s don't we have anything big for the
279s element rework much other than what i
280s already talked about
282s honestly i can't remember everything
283s that goes into it right now
288s but it's it's less of a
291s like it's not like every single ailment
292s is getting changes to it type thing it's
294s more of just we're adding a few new um
296s things we can do with ailments um
299s and then we'll be looking at and i
301s already explained what those words
302s there's like threshold bonuses for
303s elements um
306s that's what we got the tech working so
307s then we'll start doing the design stuff
308s after that
317s hi singing games tv how's it going
321s found you uh i found you guys on this
323s interview it was great thanks the game
325s and the transparency you're welcome hope
327s you're having fun and enjoying it
330s you can tease us that immortals is
333s secretly for
335s secretly the emperor
339s there's uh
342s i i love all of the
345s like story speculations that come out
347s uh i think they're absolutely wonderful
350s i love reading them
354s i definitely more than once seen
356s something uh where i was like
359s i think that's actually what's gonna
360s happen
362s um
363s like just random speculations which is
365s pretty funny
368s i try i try and write it down when that
369s happens so i can like
371s if someone someone calls something
372s really far ahead of time so i can shout
374s out um i don't know where they were i'm
376s sorry
377s and we've had a few on stream though
379s uh for various things
384s kind of just going off on the on the
385s monolith right now
388s laura question
390s the npc teased a couple weeks back given
393s her outfit design
395s is she from the north like the prime
397s list from here bro by chance i have no
399s idea
400s uh
402s let's see if let's see if uh
406s mr laura masters online i'll ask him
411s where is he
413s where are you hiding bud
420s i love this track
421s [Music]
424s where are you
426s there you are
441s [Music]
448s i just asked them
452s i'll get back to you
456s uh if multiplayer is not coming in
458s september why did you increase the cycle
460s period to six months um so i just want
462s to be clear the the the the news around
466s the water cooler of there's a patch
467s coming in september is very misleading
469s and if anyone sees this please remind
471s them that we've never said that the
472s patch is definitely coming in september
474s um
477s at least i don't think we did if we did
479s it was a mistake there's no guaranteed
480s plans on when the patch is coming um
486s but
489s uh basically we just need time to be
490s able to work on getting multiplayer and
493s all the other features ready for the
494s game out faster every time we do a patch
497s it pushes our it delays our development
498s time quite a bit because it takes a lot
500s of us a lot of time to push out a patch
504s so every time we push out a patch we
505s lose some amount of time it's it's hard
508s to quantify really but it's probably a
509s couple weeks
510s um
512s and we are getting kind of close to
515s to launch and we're
517s where we can see the light at the end of
519s the tunnel and we've got to
522s um
526s we we've got to get there as soon as
527s possible so every day that we push
530s uh push back is gonna cost us and uh
535s so yeah it's
537s not having an extra patch in there is
539s gonna help speed us up quite a bit
545s there's something that happens just with
546s like it's just context switching in
548s general i know i talked about this last
549s time with uh attention about jeopardy
551s about it but every time you change what
553s you're doing
554s it takes you a bit of time to readjust
556s to get back into what you were doing
560s um
561s it slows you down
563s it's even worse with
565s uh game development probably any sort of
567s software development where there's
568s multiple branches
569s so just physically switching
573s from the like
575s uh it's hard to explain if you
576s understand how git works this is really
577s easy to explain
578s but it's um every time you switch sort
581s of the state of your development
582s environment
583s um
584s it can take half an hour sometimes if
587s it's a big it's a big change so going
589s from the like
590s you're working on multiplayer you're
592s working on
593s uh
594s creating new content for that that's not
596s gonna be the next patch to working on
598s the content that is gonna be in the next
600s patch like just that switch from uh like
603s what your computer can do like you lose
605s a bunch of time there just that switch
607s um so you can't really bounce back and
608s forth so you kind of have to dedicate
610s yourself to one or the other
613s um
617s oh my goodness it is hot in here
620s i am realizing that closing the window
622s may have been a mistake
629s so it's basically the reason is we just
632s need to get to launch faster this can
633s help us get the launch faster
644s uh do you think we'll ever get tools to
645s get a sense of what the meta is like in
648s terms of skill item usage is it
651s something that needs server hosts
655s server hosted saves to work yeah pretty
657s well um
663s like so we do have a little bit of that
664s right now already with just the ladder
666s you can go look at the ladder and see
668s um see what skills are being used and i
670s know it's not perfect in everything yet
673s but there is already a touch of that and
675s i think we'll
676s experience one
677s i think that'll get better
680s uh as we go forward
682s just with the quality of the ladder
683s improving in general um
688s i'd like to see some sort of like
690s i don't know
694s build share system built into the game
698s uh but it's also important to have like
700s like these third-party websites where
702s people can do things on
704s are going to exist and and have really
706s good tools for it as well so it's
709s like there's um
711s there already is last epoch tools that
713s has a lot of that information on it they
715s do a really good job of displaying it
716s too so
719s i don't know if i'll have a built-in
721s system for that or not
722s probably not at launch at least
725s but here's what'll happen eventually and
726s i just heard back from mr loremaster
730s uh keeper lina is not from heboria it's
734s one of the smaller unseen villages
738s uh
739s that pepper the central part of a terra
741s not too far from the temple of terror
744s she was an orphan taken by keeper
746s balthus
747s when he was passing through helping said
750s smaller villages
767s and i just asked him as well if he'd be
768s willing to do a uh
770s to hop and stream with me sometime to to
772s do a little uh lore focused stream so to
775s speak and he said he'd be interested
779s so good news there
783s some of that's been requested a few
785s times
792s so does anyone need to write anything
793s down for you
796s [Music]
799s for oh
801s no
806s uh i've been noticing while looking and
808s watching this game that mobs are spaced
810s out more than your average hack and
811s slash you plan on ramping up density at
813s all um
815s i mean so
816s yes and no kind of both um
820s i'd say overall yes so like or if we get
823s that question like at all like yeah i
824s mean you can
826s say yes that pretty easily and add one
828s mob to the entire game typically
829s densities increase right uh
831s anyways um yeah probably the
834s there was a bug i don't know if it was
836s fixed or not um
838s on live i know we fixed it locally where
840s some
842s uh sometimes the random mob spawners can
846s uh
847s basically put
848s fewer enemies than they should in a map
852s there's basically no minimum number of
854s enemies so sometimes you get
856s um
857s while the average density is
860s pretty decent
861s uh sometimes you get maps where there's
864s like really few and those ones tend to
866s stick out a lot
868s um
873s it is generally intentional that there
875s are that there is lower density than
877s some other arpg's like um devil three
880s and pathetic that's very intentional
882s um
884s we also were having quite a few uh
887s performance issues with high density
889s mobs um
893s and we've
894s we've been improving um
896s performance quite a bit as well so
897s there's more room to add more in
899s but just because we can doesn't mean
901s we're gonna make it like
903s quite as tense as uh some of the more
906s extreme cases available uh to compare it
908s to
910s don't want that
911s i don't think
914s i don't want that
924s oh don't forget to put at least the [ __ ]
925s game and i will answer your question but
926s i saw this one the one question would
928s you consider putting two versions of the
929s same skill in your bar with different
930s specs for example having one fireball
932s smack a single target one with aoe at
933s the same time this is a question that
934s comes up well every couple months or so
936s i see it on something um the short
938s answer is probably not um
944s i mean
945s we have considered it in the past
948s um
951s and and we we decided against it
954s short answer
958s while it is
960s technically probably possible for us to
962s make it work
963s um
966s there's a lot of back-end changes that
968s would have to happen
970s uh
971s to
972s to make that possible
974s um just the way everything
977s the way everything was set up it was set
978s up with the assumption that you'd only
980s ever be able to have one specialized at
981s a time
984s um
988s and so we would have to like really want
991s to do it to make a change that big i
994s know it seems like a small change like
995s oh just let me put you up here just let
996s me put down on there call it a day the
998s way it's built in the back end it would
1000s require humongous changes like
1003s the
1004s like the whole casting system the whole
1006s animation system
1008s um
1010s the whole uh the sound system the vfx
1012s system um
1015s though the way skills are networked we
1016s have to change um like so much would
1019s have to change like that's not even
1021s including the mutators
1023s um the the way like the skills are set
1026s up and like the yeah the skill assets
1028s themselves were to change um
1030s like so much the tooltip system would
1033s have to change
1034s um and like like pretty significant
1036s changes in some cases um
1039s i know i'm missing stuff too like it's
1041s it's a shockingly huge amount of changes
1044s that would need be needed for that
1046s um
1047s and at the same time we're less
1049s interested in doing the change
1051s anyways so
1054s probably not
1063s all right
1064s next question hope that you will
1066s continue streaming even after official
1068s launch of version 1. keeping up for
1069s years to come even after that i mean i'd
1071s love to i i have a ton of fun doing this
1074s um
1075s and i i don't see why not really
1079s i could i could see you switching like
1081s every other week or something or maybe i
1083s don't know just being less strict
1084s because i've only missed like three or
1086s four of these
1088s uh since we started this back up again
1091s a couple years ago
1092s um
1095s so i might be a little less
1098s vigilant so to speak
1100s but no i have a ton of fun doing this
1102s and i really like it um
1104s hey i think i think it's really healthy
1106s for the for the game as a whole as well
1108s so i'm glad you like it
1110s some water here
1116s drink lots of water it's important
1119s you'll feel better
1133s yeah i think you said patch was coming
1135s like in september-ish yeah i think i
1137s think what i said was um
1139s sometime
1141s uh september-ish or in around there give
1145s or take some
1146s roughly
1148s or something like that
1156s and we know we know it's a big gap we
1158s know we've conditioned everyone to
1160s expect uh pretty frequent
1162s uh frequent updates from us which is
1164s great
1165s uh and
1167s we would really like to continue that
1168s and we will continue that post launch
1170s it's just there's this humongous
1173s hurdle we have to get over and until we
1174s get over it
1177s nothing else really matters
1181s and a lot of it has to do with how many
1183s different roles a lot of us that work on
1184s the basically everyone plays um
1188s so like
1190s some of the people who do
1192s who work on like multiplayer
1194s architecting and back-end systems like
1196s that are also
1197s uh
1198s like doing design work and
1201s um
1202s a lot of that stems from us starting as
1204s just a few people and everyone wearing a
1205s bajillion hats but and yes but there's a
1208s lot more people now
1210s um but you get you get your fingers so
1212s far into so many systems that
1214s it's it's hard to hand them off
1216s sometimes
1218s um
1235s so i know it sucks i know everyone would
1237s like a patch much sooner but
1241s i promise it'll be worth the wait
1259s do any of the devs feel like a meta
1261s posting is bad for the game because it
1263s makes things feel stale
1266s uh no okay oh welcome everyone from
1269s lizard stream come on down
1272s i'm sure none of you ever heard of this
1273s game before
1277s glad to have you with us everybody
1283s i think i i love this weapon
1286s i'm just gonna just gonna take a second
1287s here
1290s just i just love that it's just a giant
1291s bone
1298s love it
1301s that's one of my favorite if not my
1302s favorite weapon base in the game i think
1311s okay doing the devs feel like meta
1313s posting is bad for the game because it
1314s makes things feel stale you mean like
1317s um like just having a build meta like oh
1321s like fireball is really strong so
1322s somebody could play fireball
1325s i i think it's
1328s when you get extreme
1330s concentration meta it's it can be a
1332s little negative um and usually it takes
1334s quite a while to happen or
1337s um
1338s or very clear benchmarking systems to
1341s happen
1342s and that's part of the reason why we
1343s don't have super clear benchmarking
1344s systems in the game um
1349s because like i think you can end up with
1353s uh
1354s like that's what i said long periods of
1355s time using example it doesn't have clear
1356s benchmarking systems but so um diablo 2
1359s has
1361s um i know a lot just happened with the
1362s recent patch but up until that point
1364s with the like 10 year gap in any content
1366s change
1367s um
1368s it was really obvious what the best
1369s builds were for sure
1371s um
1372s and it was really hard to innovate and
1373s come with something new or play
1375s something that was off the beaten path
1376s and still really enjoy it because most
1378s people
1378s like to feel powerful and if you feel
1380s like you're doing significantly less
1382s damage than the meta builds it can take
1385s away from not the metabill because you
1387s don't feel powerful enough
1389s maybe you've played another meta build
1391s or you see other people playing the meta
1392s builds online and you can tell like oh
1394s they're better because they just become
1395s meta because they do things better
1396s faster stronger so just
1398s um
1399s and
1402s i i so i think it can hurt a game
1406s some to some degree but at the same time
1408s i think it it can help as well so it's
1410s there's this
1411s nice sweet spot of balance between
1414s um
1415s too much meta information and not enough
1416s meta information
1420s um
1422s it'll be interesting to see if we can
1423s hit that
1427s interesting thanks lord share
1430s welcome
1432s oh yeah that was uh uh yeah
1434s uh
1436s uh how's the build going it's going
1438s great
1441s i love it
1444s i need i need waypoints because i need
1446s to make this into an actual legendary
1449s um
1450s that's going great
1455s better hurry up before deal before at
1456s least so you could be dead at launch
1463s diablo4 will make quite a large splash i
1466s don't think that um
1468s there's only room for one game or even
1471s only two games so to speak in the market
1474s um
1475s i think there's lots of people to play
1477s and enjoy multiple games
1484s i think the other four is going to bring
1485s a large um
1488s a large batch of people who are
1491s not unnecessarily like avid air pg
1494s players
1495s and welcome them to the genre
1499s so it might actually help us who knows
1509s he's warm out
1517s there was a bone here mike we need the
1518s leaks okay
1523s here's here's a little one
1526s we gotta move it
1527s didn't position it looks really you see
1529s just the handle right now
1532s i'm just going to minimize this
1535s put it over here
1538s that's good spot for it
1541s boom
1544s uh this is a
1546s uh
1550s render of a model
1553s for a weapon
1559s so yeah we're continuing to uh implement
1562s uh 3d art matching 2d yard
1564s it's already in the game
1569s well there's a few people here
1573s i did not invite you all my birthday
1575s party
1577s you'll have to leave out the back
1580s i only have enough goodie bags for 17
1582s people
1589s my mom made me promise i'd give one to
1591s my cousins
1601s all right don't forget to uh put
1603s atlassian puck game in the question but
1605s i see this one as well
1607s i guess i'm not reinforcing that very
1609s much by seeing the questions alright am
1610s i
1612s are there any plans to make gear more
1613s impactful over skills so i think this is
1614s a question uh regarding the
1617s uh implicit power associated from skills
1619s sometimes um not all skills but some
1622s skills
1622s uh where the skill itself is providing
1625s so much power you can
1626s make it do really good damage without
1628s wearing much in the way of gear to um to
1631s synergize with it even
1633s and and the short answer is yes um the
1636s detailed answer
1637s uh
1639s i i don't have details for specifics on
1641s there but yeah i mean we're we're
1643s looking at
1645s some
1646s some ways we can make adjustments to
1648s that
1651s the hitbox that needs to be bigger
1657s oh another xb1
1659s come get it
1661s uh yeah like there's
1663s there's a lot that's changed in the
1667s the power levels in general we're also
1669s also looking at how we can make
1671s um
1673s i guess gear
1675s scale the power that is granted to you
1677s from skills a little bit better um
1683s so not necessarily like changing the
1686s values of the skills like a lot of
1689s people come here just go more and see
1690s what's there and like
1692s you know look for the damage modifiers
1694s to and just go for go ham on those
1696s damage modifiers on a lot of skills and
1697s that's that is the awful way to do a lot
1699s of skills right now
1700s um
1704s i guess what i'm going at is
1706s not necessarily changing these values
1708s too much and yeah i think we are looking
1710s at changing these values a little bit so
1711s right now on average the goal is to make
1714s most nodes that are
1716s uh focused around giving you power to
1717s give about 10 more power on on the build
1720s overall
1722s um and we'll probably be looking at
1724s tuning that down a little bit i don't
1725s know how much exactly yet or what those
1728s numbers look like but yeah we'll be
1729s looking at
1730s probably tuning that down slightly but
1732s then also tuning up
1734s the
1735s um
1737s the way that gear applies damage to
1741s uh to just to skills and i mean i'm
1745s being careful let's not say too much
1746s because we don't really have details on
1747s how we're gonna do this yet um
1751s we basically just like sat down with our
1753s game design meeting and had we're like
1755s yeah we should do this
1756s you know figure out exactly how we're
1757s doing this later
1759s um
1761s so that might that might look something
1763s like um
1765s there are there are nodes i have a good
1767s example node is in a void night tree i
1769s think there's a void night one i think
1771s that uh
1773s gives you power per
1774s vitality or something like that in a
1776s passive or something i can't remember
1778s what it is um
1779s but sometimes adding adding things that
1781s scale like that um
1784s sometimes adding things that scale uh or
1786s possibly also just changing the scaling
1788s rate
1789s to start slower and ramp faster
1793s for
1793s um just the inherent
1795s um
1798s there is
1798s so this is like four percent increase
1800s damage per point maybe that changes
1803s um so it's uh like one percent more or
1806s something like that you know so it's it
1807s like starts slower but as you get more
1809s of it it actually helps more
1811s i always said more like eight times to
1812s describe it so so there's we're looking
1814s at some different ways um
1817s really clear not specifics
1819s please don't take any of these numbers
1821s as exactly what's gonna happen uh just
1823s using those examples through a point
1826s um but yes the
1828s uh
1829s we're looking at ways that we can change
1831s the scaling curve of gear
1834s uh to make it be more impactful overall
1837s than it is right now relative to the
1839s amount of power you're getting from
1840s skill points directly
1852s a really long wounded way of just saying
1854s yes
1855s it's hot in here
1857s i don't keep saying it
1861s but it's true
1866s no chicken wing challenge today no
1868s [Music]
1869s but you know what
1871s i'm definitely gonna do that again
1873s my goodness it was fun and we seem to
1875s have started something in our uh
1877s dev team with the hot sauce challenges
1881s i've got
1882s oh i can show you a picture of my garden
1884s right now
1886s i've got uh carolina reapers
1889s i've got um ruger scorpions i've got uh
1894s uh i don't know how to pronounce it but
1895s chilopia is something i think it's those
1896s are ghost peppers basically uh i've got
1899s habaneros thai chilies and something
1901s called a rainbow pepper
1903s um and i've got much armageddon peppers
1905s in the freezer so we're gonna we're
1907s gonna make some hot sauce this year
1912s got a few flavors planned
1915s i learned a lot from last year that i
1916s did i grilling fruit
1919s like barbecuing fruit before you put it
1921s on before you mix it in for hot sauce oh
1923s my gosh it's amazing
1925s all the ones that i grilled the fruit
1927s first are delicious and all the ones
1929s that i did not grill the fruit first are
1931s good but not great by any means
1943s all right are there any plans to make
1946s that oh yes
1950s uh then he plans to add different mana
1953s sustain options to the game like mount
1954s on crit more options for lower spell
1957s costs um i mean we're always adding
1960s more stuff in general to the game i
1961s don't
1962s like
1964s it's so hard to answer these questions
1965s like i get a lot of questions that are
1966s like are there any plans to do this
1969s no there's not
1970s um that doesn't mean it's not gonna
1972s happen though uh just because we don't
1974s have any specific plans for right now um
1979s and i think this is one of those things
1980s that's probably going to be surprisingly
1984s uh heavily affected by multiplayer
1989s actually
1990s um
1993s and we still want to have that single
1994s player balance be fun and engaging
1998s and doing that
2001s that balancing work for
2003s both simultaneously is really important
2006s so a lot of the a lot of the balancing
2007s stuff we've kind of slowed down on until
2010s we have both that we can play with and
2011s test with simultaneously
2013s um and we do we're really close to
2015s having that ready it's just once again
2016s the people who are doing that balancing
2017s other people that are building the
2018s systems um
2021s so we gotta wait till it's finished
2022s first
2026s so maybe
2032s um we do really like having the i guess
2035s it's what part of this boils down to is
2036s we do really like having certain skills
2038s that are really high mana you can't spam
2040s them
2041s um
2043s and so
2045s what usually happens after we have this
2046s we're looking really we've got this
2047s ability let's use glacier as an example
2049s um or volcanic or media that's a lot of
2052s sorcery things source has a lot of tools
2053s to deal with this but let's use one of
2055s them as an example of a really high cost
2057s skill um
2059s and i think there's this feeling of well
2061s every skill should be spammable
2063s in the game you should be able to take
2065s any skill and spam it like crazy
2067s okay fine no problem you want to spam it
2069s you got to drop something off the skill
2070s to make it less ridiculous to spam
2075s okay but i don't want to have any nodes
2076s that do anything negative
2078s okay so we've got
2080s a triangle and you gotta pick two
2082s um and you want all three
2084s but compromises are only gonna give you
2086s two
2088s um
2089s i'm not sure if that's popular or not
2091s but uh
2094s i guess that's where we're going right
2095s now you gotta pick you pick either
2097s um
2099s between high cost
2102s and the whole skill
2103s [Music]
2104s or a
2106s reduced version of the skill like i
2107s don't think it's not a triangle but you
2108s know what i mean like
2110s you can't have all three
2117s has to be a compromise somewhere or else
2119s there's just no reason not to take all
2121s of it you know it's like it's it's it's
2123s one of those things where there's
2124s in order to
2126s have these like decision moments where
2127s you're actually choosing what to put
2129s your build instead inside just like okay
2130s well obviously the best choice to take
2131s full glacier without the mana cost
2146s there's a lot of enemies here too okay
2148s then i think
2158s very under level for this
2161s but that's okay
2162s because we got a sweet build
2169s but we do we excel like i just followed
2170s towards this time but we do really like
2171s having interesting ways to
2174s um
2175s to work through the problem work around
2176s work with the problem i guess
2178s um
2182s love that one uh so like having having
2184s interesting
2185s and
2186s interesting ways to work with that
2187s problem is important so having i don't
2190s think good examples for this one
2191s specifically but having something that
2193s is maybe an item that
2195s uh you can suddenly use this all but it
2197s has some other drawback that's not
2199s directly related to the scale maybe
2217s uh also just like a side note of the i
2219s just looked back at the question there
2220s was a like mana on crit as an option man
2223s on chris really dangerous as affix
2226s really dangerous as an affix because it
2228s basically means
2229s um
2230s like you could spam volcanic orb forever
2232s if that was an option
2234s um
2237s you know like there would be it would be
2239s like not
2240s yeah
2241s that would be having it all
2243s um
2244s man on crit would have like
2246s uh oh volcanic all your abilities have
2248s plus five second cooldowns there you go
2250s there's another crit you know like
2251s something dumb like that
2253s um
2254s yeah
2259s i
2260s do not think that's a good solution but
2264s i'm not sure how you'd fix that
2267s towards not just obviously the best
2268s thing to take
2277s because part of it is we are really
2278s trying to avoid having that just this is
2280s my rotation i'm just gonna roll my
2282s fingers down one two three four as we go
2308s that was gonna hurt a lot more than it
2309s did
2312s all right double three kept buffing
2314s lesser builds until all numbers were
2315s super inflated i hope last epoch game
2317s will not let numbers spiral out of
2319s control less goes more yeah i mean
2321s there's um
2322s there's a sweet spot for sure of like
2325s uh having things
2327s feel really good
2330s um
2332s and and not getting out of control like
2334s that so i think i think one good example
2336s of this is
2337s like
2338s our our attribute system i think is a
2340s really good indicator of where we like
2342s of of of why we like numbers sort of in
2345s that
2347s smaller
2348s number set um
2353s and even this is a little higher than we
2354s initially intended so we're already kind
2356s of getting a little on the high side and
2358s we try and keep it keep it low
2360s um
2362s having those
2363s attributes under a hundred
2365s in most cases most non-extreme cases is
2368s generally what we aim for
2371s and i know there's builds where it gets
2372s way higher than that
2380s but just like
2381s it's hard to comprehend
2384s the difference between
2388s when numbers get too big
2390s it makes it difficult to really quickly
2392s understand those numbers
2394s because um
2397s there's uh there's a great video by um
2401s tom scott
2402s uh he's a
2404s british youtuber
2406s who
2408s does a lot of
2409s math science technology engineering
2411s applications for
2413s um for
2414s weird things this is a lot of language
2416s stuff too i don't know
2418s there's a lot of cool stuff but there's
2419s one video he has where it's um
2423s uh
2426s trying to understand and visualize how
2429s big large numbers are like a million and
2433s a billion and being able to actually
2434s like
2435s feel what that is more than just trying
2439s to conceptualize it without some sort of
2440s physical
2441s way to ground that that number and and
2444s it it becomes clear very quickly
2447s um
2449s that
2450s like the first time i watched it became
2451s clear very quickly that i really had
2453s very little understanding of how big a
2455s million really was
2476s get those xp
2478s nodes
2484s i do i do think sorry going back a
2485s little bit to the um
2487s mana question i do think having more
2489s mana generator spells in the game is a
2490s good idea
2492s um
2493s and the ability to like convert things
2494s into mana generators i think is really
2496s neat
2500s i don't know
2503s a lot of unique in last epoch are rather
2505s pigeon-holed in what skills they work
2507s with for example the upcoming rad city
2509s spear has a bunch of lines of text
2511s calling a volcanic orb or the devotion
2513s amulet calling out its
2515s best effect only for smite yes do you
2518s think it's good for the game for many
2519s uniques just hit one skill in one build
2521s or have no use otherwise um
2525s there might be the okay so i think that
2526s there it's really important to have a
2528s lot of those yes
2529s um
2531s is there a point where there's too many
2532s of those yes
2534s um
2535s we do really try to
2537s um
2541s okay first there's there's quite a few
2543s skills it's what 120 skills i think is
2545s that is the final number when it's all
2547s said and done like maybe it's like 118
2549s or some weird number like that but it's
2551s quite a lot right
2554s um
2555s and
2559s quite often people have really specific
2562s because each skill tree each skill has a
2564s really specific skill tree the things
2566s that those skills can do
2568s um
2570s tend to be really specific to that skill
2571s and having
2572s uh
2573s having a unique that works really well
2575s with
2576s um more than one of those skills can be
2578s tricky to do
2580s and we do try and make those whenever we
2581s can um sometimes we're making a skill
2583s we'll be like um
2585s is there another is there another skill
2586s even on another class that this works
2588s really well for that we can like add
2589s this
2591s into um most of the time the answer is
2594s no
2595s but the effect of the item's so cool
2597s that we're like
2598s like get it in it's gonna be sweet um
2602s we may it's possible we could have swung
2603s too far the other way uh the other way
2605s swung too far into two specific too many
2607s two specific items
2609s um
2612s but i don't think that's like
2615s something that's
2616s unfixable you know um and the way to fix
2619s it is just make more awesome uniques
2621s that are a little bit broader
2623s you know
2631s so if we have crossed that line i think
2633s it's fixable
2637s how's multiple progress going really
2638s well thanks um
2645s i think there's probably a distinct lack
2647s of cts here right now for a pretty good
2648s reason
2657s i had a big breakthrough with arena this
2659s morning real happy with that
2670s i'm way too hot we're opening this
2672s window
2678s and this door
2682s it's an airflow this you see this right
2684s here this is how i feel
2686s oh that breeze
2697s oh it's nice
2699s okay we keep going
2700s uh where were we
2704s uh how are the improvements to combat
2705s feeling really good i'm personally
2706s looking forward to seeing unkilled
2708s visuals based on damage types more yeah
2710s um there's lots of really cool stuff
2711s happening there um
2713s and
2714s it's it's it's a lot there's a lot of
2717s stuff there because it's every time you
2719s if you say hypothetically added um
2721s one new damage type it like multiplies
2723s the number of effects you need by the
2725s number of enemies in the game
2726s uh and there's a lot of damage types
2728s [Laughter]
2731s so yeah there's a lot to do there um
2734s our uh bfx team
2737s just grew
2739s by i think
2740s double
2743s just not saying much because it was
2745s basically just one person for a long
2746s time
2747s um
2750s and so yeah we're uh
2751s we're ramping up that pretty hard
2754s and uh if it feels really good i don't
2756s know this
2757s i should get one of those videos to test
2759s in sometimes
2760s one of those test videos the show
2761s because it feels really cool
2774s will you have some in-game systems like
2776s in le like paragon and d3 but more
2778s extensive so um paragon specifically uh
2782s is
2784s like
2786s pretty different than most of the things
2788s we have planned
2790s um
2794s just because it has
2796s um
2797s or has that infinite scaling
2800s of the character power uh
2805s it's an infinite almost linear scaling
2807s of character power it's i know it's not
2809s quite linear but like every time you get
2811s a level you get an extra five or one
2813s whatever it is one strength or five
2815s strength remember the numbers
2820s like your main set just keeps going up
2821s right
2823s and
2829s um i think he creates this sort of
2833s ethereal unobtainable perfect character
2836s you can't really describe what the
2838s perfect character is because
2840s you can always get another paragon level
2841s right
2843s um
2847s and while like you look uh let's look at
2849s another game deal with two for example
2850s while you could net like realistically
2853s you're never gonna make a perfect
2854s character because there's always
2856s tiny change tiny improvements to make on
2858s on gear that'll make it just just a
2860s touch better technically technically
2862s it's a little bit better it wasn't
2863s actually perfect
2864s um
2866s but you can define what a
2869s essentially perfect character is pretty
2871s easily
2873s or you can def you can you could at
2875s least define what a perfect character is
2876s you could put this is the best piece of
2878s gear you could possibly have uh this is
2880s the perfect rolled stats on it this is
2882s the perfect character stats you can have
2884s like you could define what a perfect
2885s character is
2886s and i think having that like
2888s um
2889s this is what a perfect character is
2891s as as a line
2893s is actually pretty important
2897s um
2898s we we having said that
2901s we do have some
2902s uh
2904s some systems that we've
2907s planned for for that to have a little
2909s bit bigger tail
2910s um
2912s on them as they are and also just
2914s increasing the character leveling
2915s process as well i think you get to 100
2917s too quickly right now
2919s first partially because 100 is like
2923s the amount of power you're actually
2924s getting from let's say 95 to 100
2927s is so little in your character it means
2930s so little um
2932s and i think having
2936s other progression systems
2938s in the super end game
2940s would be better
2942s um
2943s things that don't really start until
2945s later on in the game or if they do start
2947s they start really slow early on
2949s i think they'll be a lot better thank
2950s you very much 30 sub heavy uh i don't i
2953s don't think you missed that much the
2954s biggest thing you missed i think is uh
2956s sitting right here
2958s and trace it on my other screen wow this
2960s is trippy
2961s uh yeah that's the biggest thing i
2963s traced that pretty good actually
2966s so i can't actually see that on my
2967s screen
2970s uh
2991s but yeah we we do have something for uh
2993s like a little more endgame progression
2995s stuff that we've talked about i don't i
2997s don't know if that'll be a 1.0 system
2998s we've got a lot of systems that were
3000s like
3001s really passionate about getting in and
3003s like we've ideated and designed a lot of
3005s these systems um
3007s and we we
3009s were like we have to get a launch title
3011s together um so sometimes we're like okay
3013s this is not a launch system okay this is
3015s not a launch system um
3019s but
3020s we we we've got content for a long time
3024s to come planned
3028s there's always another system
3035s and
3036s hopefully goes to that same but i'm
3037s gonna say it anyways
3039s every one of those gets
3040s um
3042s reassessed and re-designed and re-worked
3045s on as we're doing it
3047s with the current state of the game when
3049s we're working on it so systems like
3051s their systems that we designed and
3052s worked on
3053s three years ago that
3054s never made the game or did make it into
3056s the game but changed heavily before they
3057s actually came in because the other
3060s things that were in the game changed
3061s what needed to happen to make the mark
3070s it's crazy how fast things like that
3072s evolved and and how one thing can affect
3075s another so heavily
3081s this is a funny little um
3084s uh blocker
3086s on the on the nav mesh blocker that
3087s exists because it's uh part of the
3089s storyline element
3090s and doesn't get removed with the rest of
3092s it
3096s call that a bug
3098s very very minor bug but i'd call that a
3100s bike
3101s oh this big jump
3110s being told i should take this image off
3112s my screen now
3114s i liked it there
3116s thank you very much
3123s jordan all right um
3131s another first time chatter uh please
3133s don't forget to put out last epoch game
3134s in the question and i'll be happy to
3135s answer it um what we've got is the next
3137s major content update planned to include
3140s multiplayer or something else
3142s starts to start chapter mastery etc um
3145s there will not be any new masteries ad
3147s from the next patch i can say that for
3148s certain
3151s um the
3154s the uh
3155s well
3156s the plan
3158s i should just stop saying
3159s the plan currently is for there not to
3161s be any new masters at in the next patch
3164s um
3167s uh currently the plan is to have a very
3170s large system added in the next
3179s match still long ways out though
3182s plans change who knows what'll happen
3185s i know you expect me to know i don't i'm
3187s sorry
3194s i'm assuming you guys are doing some
3196s tweaks with manifest armor soon are
3198s there any intentions to update the rest
3200s of forge guard as a whole in terms of
3202s power smelter's wrath and forge guard
3204s our forge strike are very underwhelming
3206s at the moment um
3209s i don't know if there are actually
3210s rhymer would know the answer to that
3211s probably a lot better than i would um
3215s i i know we did
3219s notice another skill sorry
3221s um
3223s short answers uh manifest armor is
3225s probably going to get some changes
3227s um
3228s i i don't know if smelter's wrath or
3229s forge strike have had any uh in-depth
3232s looks at them yet
3234s but um i can see them getting some love
3236s because they are a little bit on the on
3238s the light side
3240s it's it's really hard to get
3243s and this goes back to a little bit what
3244s i'm saying about earlier the heavy
3246s like heavy
3248s hitting high cost long cooldown style
3250s skills
3251s are so hard to get right and i
3254s um
3256s i feel like we've got a couple that are
3257s in a good spot but for the most part
3259s they're
3260s they're really just on the edge of being
3262s good and they're kind of just okay for
3264s the most part i think um and i'm not
3266s personally i'm not really sure what's
3267s missing to make them awesome and i think
3269s it comes back to this
3270s feeling of wanting it all with with the
3272s skills and wanting to have
3274s um
3276s these these abilities that are designed
3278s as slow big fast or slow big
3280s heavy-hitting skills
3283s to become
3284s uh
3285s fast big heavy-hitting cheap skills you
3288s know like these
3290s and i
3290s i don't know um
3292s i don't know how to how to reconcile
3294s that really just yet
3303s because i think i think part of it is
3305s people really don't like seeing the that
3307s red text
3308s on a um
3312s on a scale really and rece so recently
3314s we did increase basically all of the all
3316s those abilities i'm talking about like
3318s um judgment uh forge strike spells wrath
3322s void cleave erasing strike
3324s uh i know i'm missing one or two all
3326s those abilities in eight five
3330s um got
3332s all of their base damages went up i
3334s think
3335s and i could be wrong with some of these
3337s i i'm pretty sure that all of their base
3339s damages went up and all of their added
3342s damage scalings went up too
3345s um
3347s but those are things that i could see
3348s getting
3350s when we when we do start to look at uh
3352s damage scaling from gear having those
3355s having that scaling work better for
3357s abilities like that as well so maybe say
3359s hypothetically let's say we did change
3361s the default from
3363s four percent increased damage per point
3364s of strength to one percent more damage
3366s per strength and then something like
3369s uh smelter's wrath
3371s or uh say four strike is two percent or
3374s damage per point of strength or
3375s something like that i don't know like
3376s it's
3377s um might help with scaling into late
3379s game better because they do have
3381s really powerful early games generally um
3385s there's still scale for them very well
3387s for the most part
3400s that is actually a nice helmet
3403s yeah i can pick it up
3425s come on
3427s so many of these
3430s i really should stop picking them up
3431s because i don't need them at all
3435s at all oh some that are low unless
3438s they're in the 200s
3449s oh that hit flash spine
3451s come on turn this way
3453s yeah there's do you ever see that
3458s rhymer if you're watching
3461s you know the the spine hit flash was the
3463s the full thing instead of a cutout
3470s my hair is getting way too long too
3472s way too long
3476s uh yes skillbone ideology is good if you
3479s add a beneficial aspect you should have
3480s a compromise something damaged whatever
3482s yeah it's it's tricky to
3485s to have like those those red those red
3487s mods that are those red anything red in
3489s this in the tooltips that show up are
3491s just so i don't know if there are this
3493s one
3494s yeah like cool down two yeah
3497s it's just
3498s i don't know every time i see one when
3499s i'm
3500s building a character uh it's so hard to
3504s i don't have a good example one where i
3505s wanted to be
3508s a better one
3509s there you go yeah like no knock back
3511s that's not that bad actually because
3513s it's a sweet note but
3514s all those ones where it's like this is
3516s the negative part about it like it sucks
3519s it feels there's a few on rogue that i
3521s really that are near the start and i
3523s think those are the problematic ones
3525s it's the ones that are near the start
3526s that are a really big issue um
3529s because you'll see there's like there's
3531s like six nodes behind it you want to get
3533s to and you're like i gotta go through
3534s that node that says negative damage and
3536s it just like hurts your soul to go
3538s through that negative damage node
3547s oh basically enough sweet let's move the
3550s last one
3551s uh you can always make the triangle feel
3553s less like a compromise and more like a
3555s base modifier giving some skill
3557s different flavors yeah and i think that
3559s actually helps is like there's good exa
3561s there's good examples of that i think um
3564s in this for example right here where it
3565s is it's turning it from a physical
3568s uh shout work right knock back into uh
3572s like a cold
3574s breath
3575s almost
3586s that might be an example of if it done
3588s well actually
3593s uh in general is a windmill stat adding
3595s more benefits to creating just more
3597s spiraling out of control yeah this is
3598s referring to the the crit mana comment i
3601s think i made earlier
3613s the video where he drives certain
3614s distances or represents different
3615s numbers yes he starts out walking the
3617s tom scott video is talking about about
3618s visualizing large numbers he starts out
3620s walking
3621s um and then he starts driving and he
3623s gets to a beach and he's like and then
3625s if i were to get on a plane and fly
3626s around the world eight times
3628s it's like the last number you're like oh
3630s my goodness
3651s oh
3660s i think if we do uh
3662s i think we've got enough stability now
3664s we can just go
3680s let's go let's go
3684s i don't know if this one asked but is
3686s multiplayer next patch over the patch
3687s out sometime soon um i do not have
3690s answers for either of those questions
3697s sorry um i mean like
3700s the the what we've said is the next
3703s patch would be roughly's in and around
3705s somewhere september-ish thereabouts give
3707s or take
3709s we hope maybe could change
3714s and it's gonna have some stuff in it
3716s but it won't have any masteries in it
3719s i think that's that's all the
3720s information right there in a nutshell
3725s not a lot of information i know part of
3727s it is just we don't know how well
3729s certain things are going to go that
3730s we're working on um
3733s and
3734s if they go really well they'll get added
3736s to the patch if they go really poorly
3738s they won't get out of the patch um
3743s i mean if they go poorly we'll delay the
3744s patch and make sure that they get at it
3746s or you know things like that so we a lot
3748s of the
3749s the content for the next patch and the
3751s deadline for that patch is very much up
3753s in the air based on how well things go
3756s over the next few weeks
3765s so far things are going great
3777s and believe me guys we are pushing hard
3778s for you
3790s the big part of it is like
3792s we're making this game because we love
3794s games like this um
3797s and just like getting to hop in and play
3801s is
3803s the reason we do this it's the most
3804s exciting part about this for us
3814s can you confirm that the squirrel
3815s legendary item is not getting nerfed
3817s because
3818s uh
3819s nerf because like it so much
3821s um
3823s i cannot confirm nor deny it
3827s um but i do love it and i i don't think
3829s it's i don't think that it's broken at
3831s all
3832s i think it's very powerful i think it's
3835s i think it's rare i think it's powerful
3836s i think it's hard i think it's really
3839s rare to get a really good version of it
3841s and
3842s um
3846s i think that i think that puts it in a
3848s pretty good spot actually
3849s um
3851s i can see it getting small numerical
3853s changes up and down in various
3854s categories pretty easily
3856s but uh
3857s i'm very happy with it actually
3860s i do like this one
3862s it's uh
3866s a downgrade
3867s i'm not gonna wear it
3870s we're there
3871s not wasting a bunch of time we're going
3873s for it
3878s are the currently any plans are there
3881s currently any plans to revisit the
3882s abomination seal for necromancers i love
3884s the skill but i feel detached from it
3886s when i'm using it has the team thought
3887s about adding skills that make it
3889s synergize with the character rather than
3891s just seeming like a standalone thing
3893s um yeah i mean there was a
3897s an early
3898s uh an early idea version of it so this
3900s is not something that we're planning to
3901s add to it but
3902s um
3903s you want to know about things that we've
3905s that we've thought about uh so here's
3907s things we've thought about uh at one
3909s point we talked about having it be like
3912s a suit like a mech suit that you get
3914s into i know that's why people have
3915s suggested a bunch and i never really
3916s confirmed that we ever talked about it
3917s but yeah we talked about it
3919s um
3923s it's a little ridiculous and i don't
3924s think it would work properly
3927s um
3930s there's a few other things we talked
3931s about it being able to like
3933s um
3935s like take pieces from things that you
3938s kill
3941s and it would change its abilities it was
3943s one idea we said we had at one point
3945s um
3947s that that wouldn't work either
3949s uh it
3950s kind of gets into like head under
3952s territory a little bit um
3964s mike just just you know
3966s don't die
3968s if you were gonna die try not dying
3971s instead
3972s it's better
3975s pro
3977s tips heard it here first
3985s impossible
3991s i see you corrected you are there as
3992s well
3993s next next line
3995s um yeah it's uh
3998s abomination is a really tricky one it's
4000s it's so big there's so much going on
4003s there
4017s uh i know golem golem has some some
4019s changes coming down the pipe
4021s uh i think there are
4022s so so basically
4024s here's the general answer for this
4026s abomination question there's there's
4028s changes coming to every skill in the
4030s game eventually um
4033s is abomination
4034s in the lower half of skill qualities
4037s right now probably
4039s is it in the
4041s uh lower quarter of skill quality right
4043s now probably not
4045s um
4049s so it's not at the top of the list for
4051s reworks we've got a lot of skills to
4052s make skill before launch we've got a lot
4055s of skills that do need reworks badly
4057s before launch
4058s um
4059s and it's it's not high on the list but
4062s um
4063s everything's on the list
4074s are fps better or worse than pewee i it
4077s depends
4088s uh
4088s paragon 5000 is is that the the cap
4092s i didn't even know there was a cap
4110s impossible
4124s everyone on the prison let's go
4138s are there plans to make the ui
4139s customizable not immediate plans no um
4143s i know there's certain things that
4144s people really like about um ui
4146s customization and uh
4151s there are certain elements of our ui
4152s that i'm sure some people that really
4153s bother some people um
4157s a lot goes into the ui and making it
4161s feel and work really nice i was i was
4163s playing
4164s um
4166s this is quite a while ago now i was
4168s playing a
4171s um
4173s i hear what's called like a classless
4174s version of wow
4176s i hadn't played wow in i don't know 10
4178s years at that point
4180s and
4183s uh i joined i joined the raid fight like
4186s i used to play like keep in mind this is
4187s i used to play wow to the point where
4189s like eight hours of playing was a day
4192s off that was like that was like okay i'm
4193s gonna take a death i'm gonna play eight
4194s hours today um
4196s and
4198s i couldn't find
4201s the like because there's those little
4202s balls that are around the the map
4204s um
4205s for different add-ons and mods and
4207s everything like you can rotate them
4208s around the ui you know this is like a
4209s tiny little minor thing but i couldn't
4211s for the life of me find
4213s how to go into
4214s using the raid finder get into a dungeon
4217s and it's just this like green
4219s circle that you click and click like go
4221s go go to dungeon or whatever i don't
4223s know what it's called but it's like a
4224s little button there and it's like just
4225s go to dungeon i just couldn't figure it
4227s out
4228s um
4231s and it's like the dangers of a
4233s customizable ui
4235s you can hide things that are necessary
4237s you just
4238s can't find them anymore
4240s i know that alone is not reason enough
4241s not to have a customizable ui but
4243s there are pitfalls apart from
4246s just okay let people move things
4249s um
4253s that takes a lot of
4255s a lot of time and effort to make work
4257s and we're still
4259s putting our ui
4260s effort into
4262s uh into making the the base version of
4264s the ui
4267s so a customized ui
4269s maybe possibly sometime in the future um
4273s launch no will not be a launch feature
4291s there's also something to be said about
4292s having a game be recognizable by the ui
4294s at a glance
4296s of what game it is
4301s i don't think that'll be enough for us
4303s to stop doing it as uh overall but
4306s it reduces the incentive a little bit
4308s puts it down the priority list a little
4310s bit
4325s wow he melted
4328s barely got enough time to use all the
4330s cooldowns
4332s all right any plans for an additional
4335s skill modification system or more
4337s extreme skill modification via craftable
4339s item modifiers
4341s wow um
4343s uh maybe uh damage conversion additional
4346s projectiles area
4347s repeats et cetera upside
4349s and downside
4355s i i mean
4357s i feel like we put things like that in
4359s the on on on uniques for the most part
4363s okay are we gonna do a little a little
4365s bit of crafting before we get into this
4371s let's let's let's dump some items
4379s yes sorry if you really like any of
4381s these
4383s and i'm just wasting them
4390s okay
4392s do any of these have anything we can do
4394s to them
4405s let's see what we get
4412s damage
4414s okay
4420s looks like that's basically how we're
4422s going
4424s let's give her
4431s our burst uh for more extreme
4434s uh item stuff i could i could see there
4436s being a system that does that little
4437s later on um
4441s nothing nothing immediate
4448s uh as long as heavy hitting skills can't
4450s benefit fully from armor shred and res
4452s shred they're just inferior by design
4455s maybe penetration blessings so shred can
4457s reach 100 pen but pen blessings gives
4459s you a 30 up front i i think yeah
4462s um
4467s do you mean just like that they can't
4468s apply it fast enough
4471s oh my goodness
4475s do not stand in my way
4480s because i know we talked about having uh
4482s like ailment application scaling rate
4485s similar to
4487s um
4488s at a damage scaling system
4490s i can't remember why we decided against
4492s that we definitely did talk about it and
4494s decided against it
4509s mercy
4513s [Laughter]
4527s [Music]
4529s that was close
4533s we got to stay inside the whirlwind you
4535s just said you have gold rush physically
4545s do not stand in my way
4549s he's gonna charge yup
4558s this is a mercy
4561s shutter
4562s do not stand in mind i really like this
4565s boss fight
4568s come on
4570s nailed it
4572s kill steal
4576s squirrels were like it was my kill that
4577s was mine
4581s we're just endurance thresholds here
4585s and that's
4586s totally fine
4607s also any news on revisit to the stun
4609s formula the two times damage
4610s schneidergens uh
4613s no sorry it's not uh
4617s this is the problem i i did talk to uh
4619s chi about that as well
4621s and uh
4624s i should write down his answers when you
4625s come to these questions because he had a
4626s good answer for it
4630s oh yeah we got it we've got to uh
4634s turn them all on now
4643s [Music]
4648s empowered online
4654s two months free with this free trial
4661s uh so you're saying new base class
4662s without masteries maybe the next patch i
4664s need a monk even d4 drop monk
4666s no no there will not be any new bass
4668s classes for
4671s at the bare minimum a year from now
4688s didn't get empowered
4696s does actually click on it am i an idiot
4702s whoops
4706s so infrequently i uh actually empower
4708s models so i usually change builds
4711s on stream before we get here
4722s okay okay okay
4728s should be obvious that i have to click
4729s on this right
4733s there we go
4737s what do you do with yourself mike
4739s what are you doing with yourself
4742s the game will have seasons yeah we're
4744s calling them cycles where's the cash
4745s shop nowhere to be found yet uh and for
4749s the record
4750s absolutely no pay to win progress any of
4752s that stuff
4759s is there any chance of adding sci-fi or
4761s cyberpunk themes to ellie considering
4763s time travel is the main theme of the
4764s game yeah i i so
4768s this is one of those things of like is
4769s there any chance can we ever have it
4771s yeah
4773s um
4775s what is that chance unbelievably tiny
4779s um
4780s i hate closing the door and things like
4782s that but it is
4783s uh
4787s it's it's
4789s uh if we're starving for content in five
4791s ten years
4792s maybe
4794s um
4795s it's kind of the same answer i give to
4796s just guns in general
4800s i would say we're more likely to
4802s uh explore more of the because there's
4805s there's some there's still the uh the
4806s ancient era still has very little uh
4808s explored in it
4811s um
4814s so i think i think we're more likely to
4816s to explore those themes a little heavier
4818s before we go into things like sci-fi
4820s cyberpunk it's pretty at odds
4823s um
4824s thematically oh yeah that's why of
4826s course it didn't i do that every time i
4829s even i know it's there
4831s just can't help it and so yeah like
4833s here's a good example that's not density
4835s um what just happened right there i
4836s think is just the randomizer um getting
4839s unlucky and not having that minimum
4840s value set
4854s alright sorry additional skill
4856s modifications on craftable items my
4858s thinking is more for enabling odd weird
4860s builds without need for enabling uniques
4862s to exist for every possible thing so for
4864s example being able to give up a prefix
4866s slot
4867s to get fire conversion for a given skill
4869s and acolyte
4871s ah
4873s okay i
4881s i i
4883s i might be misunderstanding a little bit
4885s but that really seems like that's just
4887s the the role we have for unique items
4891s it's me
4898s like
4905s i i think that just goes on a unique
4909s having it be like a universal thing is
4912s is not
4914s like just having um
4916s like this can convert any skill to fire
4919s you know type thing or or something like
4920s that is
4922s very unlikely going to happen
4926s um partially because of what's required
4929s in in the
4930s like just making a single skill convert
4932s to fire
4934s um takes quite a bit
4957s and and having it be
4961s having to be too many conversions for
4963s each skill is something we do really
4964s want to avoid as well
4968s so we really wouldn't want to be
4969s universal
4978s so i don't know i mean i'm i i swear i'm
4981s missing something
4985s they can't apply it periodically uh
4989s uh four strike and the like can't apply
4992s ailments at all
4993s what
4998s feels like i'm missing something in like
4999s three conversations
5000s oh no
5005s let's scroll back up a bit here
5012s as long as heavy hitting skills can't
5013s fully benefit from armor shred and red
5015s stride
5019s i assume they can't apply it at all
5022s so like
5023s four strike can't apply
5026s armor shred
5045s oh i see what you're saying
5047s you you you want them to die
5050s from that big hit
5053s so you don't want to use any other
5055s skills simultaneously with it i
5056s understand what you're saying
5060s i mean
5066s not everything can just die from one hit
5067s if you're playing a big hit build
5069s right like like like elites and bosses
5073s having everything be one shot of always
5080s like you're probably overleveled if you
5082s can one shot anything
5104s or over gear might be a better way
5110s and if you are one shotting everything
5111s why does it matter if it could take
5113s advantage of
5115s i'm sorry i i know i'm missing something
5117s here and i don't know what it is i'm
5118s sorry
5123s i'm gonna move on
5127s the wrong side of the screen aren't they
5130s and what a big one of
5133s the losses big hits have is that
5136s penetration debuffs get applied
5138s afterwards maybe skills could add okay
5140s this is the shred not penetration
5146s because because they do
5147s they they do use
5148s penetration
5151s we can't have it apply the ailments
5153s before damage is dealt no
5156s sorry
5159s the game will have seasons yes
5161s i don't know why you checking in that
5162s but yes
5163s i agree with your statements it'll be
5165s called cycles but
5167s yes uh
5168s you're welcome
5169s for the gameplay on the feedback
5175s scrolling scrolling scrolling am i
5176s really far behind
5178s [Music]
5181s yeah don't forget to add lassie game to
5183s the question and i will happily answer
5185s it new here probably a repeat question
5187s do you all balance around lazy players
5190s who don't want a whole bar of active
5191s skills yeah i mean um
5194s we do have we kind of have a
5196s a saying when we're designing skill
5198s nodes sometimes a node will be quote for
5200s the lazies um
5202s and it's
5204s there's a few examples of those here and
5206s there we don't do it a ton
5208s um
5210s but for example uh on
5215s uh enchant weapon there's an autocast
5217s node
5221s for the lazies
5222s um
5223s there's also some some nodes that will
5226s uh
5228s either just nodes that basically take
5230s away the need to use like
5233s uh the like some of the campaign
5236s companion ability activated abilities
5238s they're like
5240s um that like makes you can't activate
5242s them but it does something else
5246s most of the time the automation nodes
5247s like that or like remove the ability to
5249s activate things are
5252s generally
5253s less powerful than other nodes
5256s not always but
5258s um
5260s generally
5273s uh not about one shots but if you have a
5275s skill with a three second cooldown you
5277s can't stack 20 stacks of shred
5280s and you're waiting for cooldown
5281s supplying nothing it's just so inferior
5283s but you can use another skill in the
5284s meantime right
5294s you could start with something that
5295s applies like four hits and by the shreds
5297s and then finish it with a big one
5310s oh my gosh i cut up
5311s you know what happens when i catch up
5316s here's a cool video
5319s all right here we we're respecting the
5323s um
5330s uh we're changing a little bit how
5334s the base values for hungering souls the
5337s base function of congress looks
5362s a little bit of updates there
5369s oh sneak peek a little
5371s sneak
5391s uh okay but but if you're gonna use a
5394s second skill to apply shred you lose one
5395s support slot
5397s uh
5399s why not play a bill that uses four
5400s supports one image because i don't know
5402s the one that does a lot of damn the
5403s extra one that does a lot of damage on
5405s the cooldown ends up dealing more damage
5407s maybe
5413s it might not be perfectly optimal maybe
5415s it's just cool you like it
5434s the core idea is basically to have some
5436s build enabling affixes in the crafting
5439s pool so that this is back to the uh
5443s item idea that i'm not getting there's a
5444s couple ideas i'm just like not grasping
5446s here
5447s uh according is basically to have some
5449s build enabling affixes in the crafting
5451s pool so that those builds don't need
5453s full-blown uniques developed to enable
5455s them make them playable so like having a
5457s craftable death seal
5458s is converted for fire
5460s for example uh that would enable you to
5463s play fire death seal builds without
5465s needing to develop a fire destiny unique
5467s that would probably do more than just
5468s convert to enable weird build variations
5470s without needing dedicated unique designs
5472s yeah okay i i understand what you're
5474s saying
5474s um
5480s a lot of the more extreme conversion
5482s nodes or or or or build changing nodes
5487s can't sit in the crafting pool because
5490s we can't control what they go with
5491s without them being really crappy or
5493s having some sort of drawback that goes
5494s with them innately
5498s um
5499s we we have tried to actually do this
5502s with um
5503s here let's just see
5510s there are there are a few like here uh
5512s yeah here
5513s here's a perfect example this is exactly
5515s this is what you're talking over
5517s here um so acolyte a increased
5520s projectile speed with marichons and
5521s bonobo this this is i think this is
5523s exactly what you're talking about um
5525s just maybe not as extreme as you'd like
5527s but i think this is
5529s this is what you mean and yes we have
5531s tried some of these
5534s um
5537s the the bigger the bigger ones though
5540s the more extreme ones i
5542s generally can't live in the affix pool
5545s from from
5549s i do love this weapon
5552s i like big weapons apparently
5554s big hammers big swords big maces
5564s uh you probably asked already but why
5566s not just add auto recast as a baseline
5568s and certain abilities that players just
5570s unlock anyways um because we're gonna
5572s change those abilities so that they
5575s uh won't be
5577s good to do that for anyways
5580s that's a short answer
5584s uh any plans to show love for some items
5586s in the same unique skill legend
5587s potential um
5589s maybe
5590s there's something that they need
5593s uh i have no idea what that is yet
5595s um
5598s we did just buff a whole bunch of them
5600s um we might just buff a whole bunch more
5603s of them
5604s uh
5607s set items are an interesting thing i was
5609s talking to you about this uh last night
5612s before and
5615s like
5617s can anyone
5618s point me at a game that's actually done
5620s like an arpg that's actually done set
5622s items as well
5624s like most like that where there are i'll
5627s do this where 20 of the sets are done
5629s well not even most of them just twenty
5632s percent of the sets are done well
5637s um
5640s yellow two
5641s i don't know ten percent of the sets are
5642s done well at most
5645s um
5647s double three would argue zero percent of
5648s the sets are done well
5650s uh
5651s qe doesn't have sets
5653s uh
5654s you know like
5656s we're running out of options here
5662s i i don't know what the solution to set
5664s items is
5666s um
5668s i think there's one out there
5672s uh we don't really want to do much
5675s drastic them until we're confident we
5676s have a solution
5678s but buffing some of the hot some of the
5680s later game sets i think would be the
5681s best thing to do temporarily at least
5684s um
5685s i think there's
5687s at least for the time being gonna be
5688s quite a few sets that are
5690s leveling sets and are just
5692s not great at endgame
5694s um which is unfortunate and i don't
5696s think you'll see that away forever
5704s i think the big problem with the the one
5706s one things that quadrant gets asked is
5707s when i just slap legendary potential on
5708s uniques or on set items because it just
5710s it works you can just slap llp on them
5713s and they're basically the same thing
5714s good to go the the tooltips are already
5716s too big
5724s and that's that's kind of a problem with
5725s set items in general
5731s we're still we're still trying to figure
5732s out exactly how to fix them we know that
5734s we know there's something wrong
5736s don't know how to fix them yet
5740s things are hitting a lot harder all of a
5742s sudden
5745s bothers me so much that little
5747s uh nameplate that shows up oh two people
5750s eating heart
5752s not too shabby
5755s yeah got it
5758s except there's no build up reward and
5760s first thing you want to do is the
5763s um the
5765s unique affix basically
5767s um
5770s uh except there's no build up reward for
5772s the first thing you want to do against
5774s enemies is hit it with your big thing oh
5776s no this is not
5781s about the large large hit problem
5783s uh feels weak because you need to stack
5786s debuffs first it's disappointing why not
5788s just stack damage on the non-cooling
5790s skill flame read combo node for example
5793s sort of alleviates it
5795s but it puts at the end of the seal cycle
5798s is that a problem
5806s having to build up to the big thing not
5808s not being able to lead with it
5810s in the situation where you want to use
5811s shred
5820s maybe it is
5822s i want that health potion
5824s cause i'm hurting
5843s f
5844s what's uh i am embarrassed i feel like
5846s there's an acronym that i'm missing here
5850s f-o-p-r
5851s oh it's just an extra p just for example
5853s okay
5855s so you're trying to figure out what this
5856s acronym is
5895s but if those
5902s yeah okay so the the big seal has to do
5904s more damage than the small skills yeah
5911s and maybe they don't right now
5913s that might be that might be the whole
5914s problem
5931s all right so we'll full controller
5933s support menus etc be in the game my
5935s hands kind of
5936s uh so i need a controller most times
5939s yeah we're still improving controller
5940s support uh i we
5943s we want to have full controller support
5944s for lunch um
5947s that's that's what we're working towards
5950s unless something goes wrong we probably
5952s should have it
5955s we do have a
5957s extendable
5958s fairly universal menu controller system
5961s that does work for most venues it's not
5962s hooked up for all of them yet um
5967s but no we should we should have full
5969s full controller support
5970s i would expect
5974s i feel like that d2 was in reference to
5976s me saying that there are no good items
5978s i knew good no good sets in the game
5981s um
5983s grim dawn i think is the is the right
5984s answer for the one that just sets the
5986s best honestly but
5987s uh
5987s [Music]
5989s d2 does not have good set items
5993s d2 has like a handful of okay set items
5997s and like
5998s one or two good set items early
6002s i'll say three good signs i don't know
6005s they're not good the set items
6007s they're for the most part
6011s like okay starting gearish but like
6015s there's almost zero set items used in
6017s in-game builds
6020s almost there like there's there's
6022s three-piece towels that's used in in
6024s early farming when you're when you're
6026s farming on a sword
6030s uh full ik is okay
6033s there's like uh like i keep boots and
6036s gloves or sometimes tossed into builds
6037s here and there
6043s am i missing something horrible
6045s i don't think so
6054s rhymer you've been typing forever to me
6055s and discord i'm so nervous what you're
6057s gonna send me
6058s um
6073s so
6086s let's keep going getting that arena
6089s arena life i've been living in the arena
6090s the last few weeks
6095s can i ask when the multiplayer beta is
6098s possible i'm sorry i do not have an
6100s answer for you
6104s set item upgrade shards that locked
6107s behind in-game content like uh
6109s corruption tiers or some threshold of
6110s shards get upgraded
6112s uh the sets effect incrementally yeah
6114s like um
6118s we talked about a few different things
6120s for for set upgrade systems so there was
6122s uh there was one that we talked about
6124s where
6125s uh the sets
6127s and i really i still really like this
6128s one i know we decided against it it
6130s saddens me um but there's a few things
6132s we've talked about one where oh my
6135s goodness i'm gonna die here
6137s i can feel it
6139s my death is coming
6141s uh
6143s where the sets
6145s instead of having like the set
6147s requirements having this this was
6149s someone's someone's community's idea i
6150s don't know where it came from exactly i
6151s really liked it
6156s go squirrels go i believe in you
6158s um
6159s [Music]
6162s and i i realized this this reason why
6164s this doesn't work and it's it's having
6167s the set bonuses
6170s require a certain amount of set power
6173s and having the
6176s uh the sets drop with a variable amount
6179s of set power similar to what engineering
6180s potential does and so early versions of
6183s the sets where you drop several pieces
6185s up
6186s would require the full set to get the
6187s full bonuses but if you get better
6189s versions of individual set pieces you
6191s don't need the full set to complete the
6193s set bonuses anymore
6197s and there's there's a lot of problems
6198s with this unfortunately um
6201s but there's there's there's room for
6203s things similar to that i think
6206s that we can make improvements to the way
6207s sets progress and scale into later parts
6210s of the game
6226s get out of that
6234s i am shocked that i'm not dead yet
6240s not quite sure how or why but we
6242s survived i'll take it
6254s hey master those things like that where
6256s um
6258s like powering up the set bonuses so like
6260s having the set bonuses have tiers
6263s and
6265s um
6266s like if the set items had a certain
6268s amount of set power and you could add
6270s you could add set power to the item as a
6272s bonus from a dungeon um and the total
6275s amount of the set power on the set that
6276s you had equipped would unlock different
6278s tiers of each bonus so like uh a tier
6282s we've gone over a lot of these different
6284s things um
6285s and so like you could have the set bonus
6287s could be like plus five strength and
6288s that's the tier one version of the step
6289s bonus and then if you had enough set
6291s power that bonus goes up to like tier
6292s two and the tier two bonuses plus ten
6294s strength or something like that so it's
6295s the same bonus but it's just a better
6296s version of that bonus
6298s um so so items could scale further into
6300s the game
6302s there's lots of little things that we've
6303s talked about with that um
6306s that would be really cool to do
6308s but but all of them seem to have big
6312s uh
6313s big problems with them saigon set full
6316s silver fashion points
6321s maybe it's the build no way
6324s no way it's the pilot
6326s just crushing
6336s we're all shocked you're not dead yet
6339s ouch
6340s maybe that makes sense
6357s uh
6359s lightning meteor set is your favorite
6360s set in the game you find the staff
6362s commonly and new players try it out and
6364s like push further the scaling you need
6366s to set bonus from the rare helm powering
6368s up int on your gear uh it's great
6371s in-game build yeah i i actually that's
6373s one of our best sets in the game so i'm
6374s glad you like it
6376s um
6381s and i think overall we're getting better
6384s at making sets
6386s we haven't made a lot recently
6390s i think we're kind of waiting to see if
6391s we're going to have a big system change
6392s for sets before we make a lot more of
6393s them
6395s we even had an opportunity to make a set
6397s pretty easily with the um
6401s uh
6402s the the mountain uniques there's there's
6404s like four mountain uniques that look and
6407s beam just perfect together and you're
6408s like oh it's clearly a set
6411s somehow it's not a set
6414s um
6421s who knows maybe we figured a way to fix
6422s sets we'll make it one i doubt it but uh
6451s oh i dropped unique back there what is
6453s it
6455s 1lp chimera i'll take it
6460s don't think they'll take it at the bank
6461s though
6463s 83 we're getting there boys and girls
6467s party people
6480s come on guys out of the circle
6490s for anyone who doesn't know you can
6491s press a to direct your minions to move
6494s to a set location which is how i got
6496s them all to leave the aoe just in case
6498s even i probably didn't need to
6507s i like the
6508s the polymath is one of my favorite ones
6510s it's all attributes
6514s [Music]
6529s all right
6534s how's everybody doing
6548s um
6556s not great for me
6565s this red drop is rare the same as primal
6568s gear for dl3 no uh primal gear like
6571s probably is like a guaranteed perfect
6574s um
6575s like primal ancients are going to be
6577s perfect i i guess like
6579s um
6582s we don't have anything that's like a
6583s guaranteed perfect item
6586s uh but so we have unique items as our
6588s sort of like top tier of item that when
6591s you combine them with an exalted item of
6593s the same type they turn red and become a
6596s legendary item and so a unique with
6598s legendary potential and a purple item so
6601s you need you need oh that was a mistake
6603s wasn't it
6609s why are they still squirrels
6613s [Laughter]
6615s uh okay where'd the points come from oh
6618s here and there
6621s all right we'll take it
6622s um you need a unique legendary potential
6625s and an exalted item of the same type
6627s combine them together after completing
6628s one of the dungeons and it creates a
6630s legendary item by taking the unique item
6632s and pulling the number of stats of
6633s legendary potential that it had in this
6634s case one
6636s from the exalted onto it picks a random
6639s stat or stats based on the number of
6640s legendary potential that the unique has
6643s so if this had three legendary potential
6644s it would take three random stats now the
6646s exalted m does need to have four stats
6648s on it so we can't use this one but if we
6649s do slap an extra stat on it we could use
6652s it like if we just slapped
6653s i don't know
6661s strength let's put strength on it
6664s and of course i had chaos cliffs on
6666s there
6677s okay that's a terrible item that's just
6679s my fault for being an idiot
6682s [Music]
6686s but we could use it now
6695s alder's boots that's the other set item
6697s that's good in g2
6702s that's what like 10 items total
6706s out of out of what 50 set items i don't
6708s know how many they have probably more
6712s i'm sorry
6715s i absolutely adored you too
6718s just for the record there's it's not a
6720s perfect game though
6730s dig the standing desk yeah
6735s we can go down
6737s [Music]
6740s let me go up
6747s that goes high okay that's a little uh
6749s it's making me nervous we're gonna bring
6749s it back down
6754s there we go
6762s uh there's still squirrels because
6763s minions are snapshot and spawning if you
6764s don't you didn't know
6766s yeah
6767s we're working on it don't worry it's
6769s getting fixed
6781s big badaboom
6784s uh how to break an item 101 with the
6786s guest speaker
6788s the expert mic yup yup yup i
6791s uh i just thought everyone should see
6793s what not to do because it's best to
6795s learn from example of what not to do
6797s right
6798s no one else is going to make that
6799s mistake now
6802s didn't need it anyways it was a junk
6804s item
6813s just about the game about three days ago
6815s what's your number one beginner tip
6818s uh honestly at first
6821s i i would really advise you to just
6823s if if you have any experience playing
6825s games like this at all just play it
6831s uh you should you should be fairly good
6833s if you've ever played an arpg before
6837s uh
6838s kind of just go for it and try things
6840s out and see what you like and
6843s knock about with it you'll you'll
6844s probably be fine to get through the
6845s storyline without any
6847s following a guide or anything like that
6849s um
6851s there are some good beginner tips and
6852s tricks videos
6854s maybe maybe
6856s give it to level 40 or something to
6857s watch one just so you can
6859s get a feel for things yourself
6861s first
6862s but
6867s and once once that's done if you've
6868s picked out something you really want to
6869s do you're like i really want this play
6871s style of this archetype and i'm
6872s struggling to make it work then there's
6875s lots of great resources out there tons
6877s of people making videos
6881s last epoch tools
6882s tank labs
6884s great websites
6886s for information on
6890s like to look up items and stats and gear
6892s and stuff like that
6905s uh getting a loot filter going is
6907s important
6910s uh they're fairly easy to set up
6912s uh
6914s the basics of
6918s uh you can you can you can just put put
6920s in little things like
6922s uh maybe hide things that are like once
6925s you get to level 50 you probably won't
6926s care about white items anymore so you
6927s just like hide normal items
6931s and and that's another show yeah hi
6934s yeah all right
6935s and you just see a little less stuff you
6937s know
6953s another tip i start crafting early
6955s there's you don't really need to save up
6957s your crafting stuff just
6959s just go for it if you've got an item
6960s it's really easy just like upgrade the
6961s stats on it and just slap extra mods on
6964s it you're like i am a strength-based
6965s character i can add strength to my
6968s gloves
6969s put strength in your gloves
6972s oh it's rid of a sentence there
6976s nice
6981s we can try and break a whole bunch of
6982s runes of a sentence and see what happens
6984s that'd be fun
6986s should we do that
6991s how many do we have
6993s 31 we're sitting on
7001s uh resistances are if you're if you've
7003s played a lot of rpgs before resistances
7006s are less important to cap in epoch than
7008s other rpgs
7010s um but still very good to cap
7019s there's probably like a bajillion other
7020s awesome tips that just got posted in
7022s chat that i missed
7028s oh should i try and max that is 50
7030s enough you but by endgame you should be
7032s maxing out your resistances
7035s look at me not following my own advice
7036s that's probably why i was being hit so
7037s hard earlier but it was a necrotic zone
7039s wasn't it
7040s um
7043s there's there's there's a
7046s point where
7048s i can't know what the number is but
7049s there's a point it's pretty high it's
7050s like 175
7052s i'll resist or something is higher than
7054s that's completely pointless because
7056s there's like you can get
7058s um things can apply
7059s or resistance shred to you that will
7061s drop your resistance even lower
7064s um
7065s and so you can but that has a maximum it
7067s can do so you can overcap your
7069s resistances to a point where it is
7070s useful but it's like really rare that
7073s that's there's even a point to that so i
7074s wouldn't bother
7078s ah let's go back and get this one with
7079s that experience
7082s oh two minutes left this is gonna be the
7084s last one oh yeah the most important
7085s thing g for game guide
7087s if anyone doesn't know
7091s you press g
7092s and it was a lovely game guide
7095s and you can search all sorts of things
7096s you're like i need help crafting oh
7098s there's crafting stuff here's an
7099s explanation of how crafting works
7102s and affix shards and runes and glyphs
7105s um
7106s there's all sorts of great information
7108s here you want how ailments work
7111s the whole thing on how elements work
7113s have blessings with what are those and
7115s how they work it's a huge thing and hear
7117s about that
7118s so there's lots of really great stuff in
7120s the game guide on um just basic
7123s mechanics terminology
7125s that should be should be more there
7127s should have nearby in there
7129s we need we need to it's been a while
7131s since we've done anything in there
7137s all right this is our last zone we're
7139s gonna finish this arena live or die
7143s likely die considering uh
7146s how great i am at this game
7167s impossible
7171s these guys are scary
7176s get them
7180s you can also make minions focus fire
7182s with the a key
7200s we're just gonna run around and let our
7201s minions kill things
7207s my goodness
7210s oh come on yes
7219s i almost died down there i've got idea
7220s let me jump back down there so good
7234s come on
7238s the slow stacks that are building up on
7240s me
7252s thanks to whoever that was i'm not gonna
7253s look deal with it
7258s good try though
7260s appreciate the effort
7269s i think i might make it out of this
7270s alive
7272s [Music]
7273s i was really hoping i just died right
7275s right i said that
7278s all right
7279s thank you everywhere let's get to the
7281s sub too uh dorothy mantooth that's a
7284s good name
7285s good name i like that
7289s all right
7291s that'll about do it for us today
7297s thanks come by everybody
7301s i hope you had fun i know i did
7304s we'll see you around next time
7306s let's go say hi to someone else
7308s who