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1s good afternoon everybody welcome back to
3s the last epoch devstream
6s as always
7s i'm your host mike but i have a special
10s guest with me today please welcome to
12s the studio everybody this is our
14s loremaster kyle
18s kyle you're muted
24s you're still muted we can't hear you at
26s all
29s hey this is kyle kyle is our there he is
35s hey let me just add a definite discord
37s real quick okay i'll meet myself in this
39s there we go how's that perfect you're
40s here in double weren't you
42s all right here we go this is kyle he is
44s our loremaster he's uh one of the og
47s people here we've been together oh yes i
49s was many years um yeah having tons of
52s fun
53s oh here you should you should actually
56s mute the stream so you can hear me
57s through discord because this stream has
59s a delay
64s if that works
66s yes there we go yeah okay cool i haven't
68s muted this
69s stream now this is what i don't stream
70s that often there's tons of practice we
73s we we do this all the time
75s we're all pros at this no big deal so
78s i'm just gonna i'm just gonna keep
79s playing around with my bow mage builds
80s uh that we had going last week um while
83s kyle here is going to answer
85s uh lore questions that any of you may
87s have i know there's a few people that
88s might be a little bit
89s uh reasonably excited
92s um
94s and i hope i hope we get some good
95s answers in here um i do just want to
97s preface this a little bit by saying
99s there are some things
100s that we won't be able to answer
102s unfortunately as always um and i hope i
105s hope uh you all understand there's
106s certain things we've got to keep a
108s little bit uh on the dl a little bit
110s housekeeping before we get into this as
111s well
112s we have a new charity stream this week
114s um
116s pause with a cause
119s they uh
120s create custom
122s uh
123s assistance dogs for people with
124s disabilities um so it's pretty
127s cool and they'll be here all month so
129s yeah with that kyle welcome to the show
132s this way to be here
134s uh we did get a few questions before we
137s started um
139s that uh
141s so we have a few things like prepped up
142s but if anyone has any questions uh lore
145s questions specifically please feel free
146s to uh submit those for call the answer
148s while we go on the stream if you have
149s other questions that are not lower
151s related questions totally fine to ask
152s those two
153s um it's it's not exclusive but um
157s yeah it's just the the main focus and
159s theme for today
164s so yeah um
166s you got a question right here kyle do
167s you have a favorite i don't can you see
169s the chat directly you have the shadow
170s yeah okay if you get any questions just
172s go for it
173s okay so uh nerdyjoe314 says kyle do you
177s have a favorite implementation of time
178s travel mechanics even if it's not the
180s one used nle
182s actually there is one that i
185s like a lot it's actually from that old
187s webcomic homestuck i
189s like the idea of doomed timelines from
192s that story quite a bit and just
195s complicated time loops that
197s like cause themselves to happen i've
199s always been a fan of the kind of
200s puzzle-like kind of time mechanics in
202s those kind of stories and i i find the
205s idea of just doomed timelines really
206s fascinating from that
208s so i would say that'd be my favorite
210s i'm gonna piggyback and say bill and ted
213s that's a good one too absolutely
217s um yeah if you do have a question you'd
219s like us to answer put at last epoch game
221s in the question or
223s uh if you want to just ask directly to
224s kyle you can tag him too i don't know
225s what he is in chat
227s um
228s if you want to just type in chat
230s people can just see what you are
231s yeah i forget what my twitch name is
234s um and then well yeah we'll be able to
236s see that's for the usual questions so
237s when will the full game be released when
239s it's ready
242s yeah so k.q kyle is
245s uh is the engine if you want to take him
247s directly feel free to you can do either
248s one of us
250s yeah
251s and uh next question is from quiet for
253s me it is a what is the canon timeline
256s you will follow or will you keep it a
258s mystery i will say in regards to the
260s what
261s canon timeline means is
264s really determined by
266s what all needs to happen to
269s have the certain endpoint that certain
271s forces you know
273s need to happen so the campaign timeline
276s would be as were they canon timeline
279s but the alter the timelines do exist in
281s the setting they're the alternate
284s timelines are canonical though there is
286s a canon timeline which the campaign
288s story sort of represents
290s and it's canon in an actual end universe
293s since
294s like
295s you've gotta like twist it
297s a little bit
298s yeah like there is a prime line
302s yeah prime prime timeline is a i think a
305s better way to kind of get that across in
307s far as like how the setting itself would
309s perceive it
317s sweet
318s multiplayer win when it's ready
320s multiplayer we are working on right now
321s we do have testing going for it um
324s we recently finished up our
326s uh community tester
328s test and we have been um
330s working on a new build for that and we
332s should be
333s moving along program's going great
335s there's no major stumbling blocks since
337s we've started the ct timeline
339s cct testing so that's good news there
341s but we don't have a date yet for it
342s sorry
351s will i ever get more swirl items maybe
354s all right i got another question from
356s perry the pig what's with the giant
359s black hole at the end of time will we
361s ever learn more about that or is this
362s there to be pretty
364s and
365s actually
367s so that buckle it just adds a little bit
368s more personality to the area a little
371s more ambience
372s and also i got an unrelated question to
374s ask in response where is orbus anyways
377s is there actually a location where he
378s physically is who knows who knows
380s completely unrelated question in
382s response to that one
386s uh another general question here um
389s when will they add multiplayer when it's
390s ready we don't have any details on it
392s yet will we ever get more squirrel items
393s maybe just a lot of similar questions
396s there um well i need to create a new
398s character to play multiplayer when it
399s launches yes or kind of play the ones
401s that i have today no the ones you have
402s now are stored offline on your computer
404s and we will not be transitioning them to
406s our servers
407s partially from a
409s fresh start perspective partially from a
410s securities perspective um yeah
413s so the the offline characters will
415s remain offline you will be able to
417s continue playing them offline as you are
418s now um but they will not transition to
421s the online environment
425s okay i've got another question from
427s tur 3k does that mean we'll go into the
429s black hole i i don't know if we're going
431s to black hole that might be important i
433s might not i just i don't know where i
435s don't know where orbis is who knows we
438s i don't know where we'll go to find them
440s anyways we have another question for
443s from quiet for me how did necrotic
445s magics come to exist we know it was more
447s like a science match compared to other
449s magics like natural elemental why can't
451s void and necrotic magic coexist in the
453s same spell
455s so
455s there are a few sort of layers to that
458s question
459s i will say that negromatic magics
462s have existed for a long time
464s it really just kind of what necromatic
467s magic really kind of is is yeah any kind
469s of magic that deals with souls or
472s reanimation or soul manipulation
475s if you're speaking more specifically
476s about the immortal empire style of
479s necrotic magic that came into the
481s forefront pretty early into the immortal
485s or the
485s early in the imperial era
487s after
488s humanity kind of got out from under the
490s gods and started doing their own thing
492s and
494s once the immortal emperor kind of rose
496s to power he started out as a mortal you
499s know human
500s and
501s once they had just
503s more resources at their hands no gods to
505s kind of you know guide them or tell them
508s what to do they start experimenting with
510s these kind of more forbidden magics more
511s and more and gonna sort of advance to
513s get into this more sort of science-like
515s shape so that's kind of
518s the short version of that is
520s necrotic match cases for a long time
521s it's been more of a kind of forbidden
523s kind of hedge magic kind of secret kind
525s of thing and it's really once the whole
527s empire really started to embrace it and
529s kind of feel it with this kind of
531s stolen divine magic they got from
532s killing the gods and without having to
534s push back from
536s these divine influences they're able to
537s really kind of get the steam rolling on
540s necrotic magic we're actually advancing
542s kind of turning into what you see in the
544s imperial era
546s and for the second part of that question
549s about
550s why can't void and aquatic magics
551s coexist
553s um there are a couple of examples of
555s them
556s kind of coexisting but it's never in a
558s very like
559s seamless like natural way the two
562s examples that come to mind immediately
563s are the emperor's remains at the end of
566s the ruined temple vetera and void harden
570s at the end of that ruin of the empire
571s timeline where
573s haren is now void corrupted i would say
576s both of those examples are
577s kind of special cases because of the
580s fact that yeah the void magic and
582s aquatic magic have a hard time
584s coexisting due to the fact that they
585s both sort of
587s work off of the same
589s like prey almost the same sort of like
592s fuel almost like i've gotten a rent out
595s version of this real quick yeah so
598s it's hard to see really like seamless
601s fusions of them because
603s void creatures and void like corrupted
606s things they aren't really alive in the
608s same sense as normal life would be so
611s you can't really raise them into undead
613s and conversely a lot of the sort of
616s soul and kind of vitality that the void
620s corrupts is kind of
622s frayed and damaged and you know
624s not
625s all together there anymore and on death
627s so they're kind of
629s if it's undead or if it's void it kind
631s of has a lot of the stuff that undead or
633s void would use already gone essentially
637s so the cases where you know void and
640s aquatic do interact are in special cases
642s like the emperor's remains that is more
645s so like avoid masses
647s puppeting the emperor's corpse anything
650s else rather than any kind of true
651s fusion and in haran's case haran has a
654s lot more of his kind of self still in
657s there in that timeline and that's how
659s the void is able to corrupt them despite
660s being undead in that like
663s and those are two definitely like
664s exceptions that kind of like what you
666s would normally see if you like in fact
668s in the ruined empire time and you see
670s you know undead and void right next to
672s each other and they're staying mostly
674s kind of independent fighting each other
677s largely due to the fact that they the
679s stuff that they would corrupt on each
681s other is already corrupted as it were
684s not sure if that answered the question
685s as
686s well as you'd like but that's
689s about it we're going to scroll up
691s there's more questions oh thank you
693s scroll up but we got some more questions
695s let's see here
697s will there be a lore explanation for
699s multiplayer from perry the pig this is a
703s like a concert we like threw around a
705s bunch way way way back when like back
708s like pre-kick starter when it was like
711s five of us i and i'm still a big fan of
714s the sort of like almost meta e concept
717s where pretty much
719s multiplayer other player characters are
721s pretty much
722s other travelers like a you know the
725s traveler from their own timelines that
728s does kind of
729s fly in the face of the you know canon
732s slash prime timeline answer from before
734s but that's kind of easily kind of
736s smoothed over by the idea that
739s you
739s individually are
741s the traveler that's in the prime
743s timeline whereas
745s the players interact with a multiplayer
747s are all from these secondary timelines
749s and thank you too i think it was perry
751s the pig again who said primary versus
753s secondary earlier no that's nerdy joe
754s three and four yeah
756s joe three one four i do like that
758s primary versus secondary terminology
759s there that's definitely helpful on this
761s so yeah like we threw around that i did
763s quite a bit a long time ago about other
765s players and multiplayer being
767s other you know quote unquote main
770s characters in alternate timelines that
772s aren't you who is in the canon prime
776s primary timeline
779s let's see here what's what's the next
781s one we have
783s from nerdy joe three and four will you
785s change the local save format to just how
787s easy it is to craft items
789s well
790s looking back at the history of well wren
792s and the imperial era i have no idea mike
795s what do you think i already answered
796s this one in text yeah so i was saying
798s there is that
799s obscuring that function for offline
801s saves is not going to actually do
803s anything to stop people from doing it
804s someone wants to they'll still do it um
806s just makes their life harder so probably
808s won't do anything we might change some
810s things a little bit but
811s um
812s if someone's gonna do that
814s someone will make a tool for it it won't
816s be that hard to do anyways so it's um
819s probably not worth their time and energy
822s we're just gonna make online awesome
826s it's a short answer
827s there was there was another question
828s there while we're on the topic of
829s knotler stuff um
831s in the model of fate when looking at the
833s second quest
835s of the last ruined timeline where you uh
837s where you have to defend gaspar against
839s waves of void monsters it seems gaster
841s is unkillable by monsters doesn't mean
843s he's the most powerful entity currently
844s maybe this is a
846s lower question after all uh
849s some things are there for mechanical
850s purposes to make things function
852s properly and we all know how much we
854s love defending ashley and re4 right
858s and i'll say lore wise the reason why uh
861s urzah can't be damaged by the void
863s monsters in that quest echo is because
865s he is especially
867s adept at portal interpretation magic and
869s he just teleports all the damage coming
871s in towards him away
872s nice
874s i like that
876s see this thing as well i feel like i'm
877s gonna learn just as much as everyone
878s else here today
882s because i get asked these questions on
883s my dive no idea
886s but the real answer is because if he
888s died and you know we don't want to have
890s that oh you failed the quest because
892s this npc died start over that's just not
894s fun ever heard of the term plot armor
899s uh all right we got another one from
902s quiet for me what is the power structure
905s of the gods are orbis and atera the
907s pinnacle then lugan herod and raya and
909s much also the lesser gods where does the
911s shade of orbis fall under this power
913s dynamic
914s i will say that
916s the terra and
919s orbis in this sort of hierarchy they are
921s definitely above lagon hera ryan majasa
925s and i would say more specific more
926s specifically lagaan here raya and majasa
929s are directly underneath the terra
931s whereas
932s orbis is sort of
934s uh
935s if you if you like like a like kind of a
938s tree kind of like branching out or
940s basically kind of branch out from the
942s same kind of like tier as a tara for
945s sure
946s with
947s raya lagaan majasa and hirot both being
950s directly under tara but not connected to
951s orbis if that makes any sense so family
953s tree wise they are
955s from you know under a terra but not
957s under orbus but orbis and terra are on
959s the same on the same tier
962s and the second part of that question in
964s regards to the shade of orbis the shade
966s of orbis is
967s not
969s it's sort of it's its own kind of
971s separate entity but not really the shade
974s of orbes is essentially a reflection of
976s orbis a sort of snapshot of his malice
979s and torment during the time he was
980s imprisoned
982s and
983s being reflections of orbis from this
986s kind of very specific snapshot orbits
988s can guide them in like you know certain
990s ways but they're kind of natural kind of
993s nature of you know this kind of pain and
995s torment kind of guides them to what they
996s do as it is now so
998s like orbis can control the shades but
1001s the shades
1002s and so the shades are definitely under
1003s orbis but the shades are also the sort
1005s of reflections of him
1010s so you could draw a parallel of the
1013s shades being
1014s just under orbis the same way that
1017s the divine era gods are just under terra
1019s but it's not exactly the same situation
1021s as these are snapshots of orbits rather
1023s than these more independent beings that
1025s the divine ever gods are should we do a
1027s little graph here so we've got
1030s sure
1034s all right so pretty much we're
1036s only dealing with two tiers here so
1037s we've got a terra and orbis on one
1041s the under terra we have the divine era
1044s gods
1045s and on orbis we have the shades though
1047s the shades are
1048s kind of the same entity as orbis but
1051s reflections of him whereas the lagon and
1054s the others are
1055s more independent
1059s kind of like that
1061s yeah exactly yeah
1064s like so like in this structure like like
1067s herod and you know the others they are
1070s no subservient to tara and if she was
1072s active if she was active in the divine
1074s era they would be you know following her
1076s you know orders and taking her calls on
1078s things
1079s but they have no such like connection
1081s obligation to orbis
1083s yeah despite orbis and their being on
1085s the same tier
1090s different departments you could say
1093s you're not my supervisor
1095s exactly exactly
1098s a quick question will be a class respect
1100s if you're asking if you can change your
1101s mastery class we don't plan for that to
1103s be an option at the moment but you know
1105s anything could change
1110s just call the other players mercenaries
1111s and call it a day
1114s yeah we're adding mercenaries to the
1115s game all the other players are your
1116s mercenaries and you are everyone else's
1118s mercenary as well
1120s i still like the idea that for from
1122s everyone's personal perspective they're
1124s the hero of their own story even though
1126s with you being the one actually
1127s controlling your screen you're the hero
1130s of your actual story and that's just
1131s getting splitting hairs either way yeah
1134s i love it
1135s yeah we got another question from uh ira
1138s weird i'm sorry i must pronounce that
1141s name we will we learn what happens with
1143s uh mortitus after we remove the spear
1146s and unrelated will get to see the
1147s emperor origin story
1149s i will say that
1151s the ramifications of mordatus being
1155s essentially like
1157s freed or just not in not being held
1161s by the spears presence anymore that is
1165s not really going to be
1167s explored in the campaign currently
1171s why there are
1172s plans to kind of potentially use that as
1174s a hook for some future content it might
1176s be a monolith thing it might be
1178s something else down the road but as it
1180s is it's sort of a
1182s a hook for later stuff
1184s and
1185s anyways
1187s as long as the ruined era happens it's
1189s going to you know
1191s really
1193s flow over and consume anything that
1195s words might have been up to at that time
1196s because
1197s you know
1198s it doesn't have enough time for that
1200s so
1201s mortise right now is sort of a two-bit
1203s continued plot thread that we have our
1206s disposal for later
1208s and the other side of the question about
1210s the emperor origin story
1212s that will be addressed in one of the
1215s future campaign chapters
1217s i'm not going to get into more detail
1219s than that but that is you will see
1224s you know someone become the moral
1225s emperor or at least just begin their
1227s path on that by the end of the campaign
1233s no foreshadowing at all
1234s [Laughter]
1238s okay got another one from random man
1242s random name x yeah you know also i just
1244s wanted for you to welcome everyone from
1246s monster club and stream i forgot to say
1248s that when you join but
1249s thanks for coming hang out lord stream
1252s howdy also spoiler alert heads up
1255s a little late uh yeah i'm trying to keep
1258s all the answers i have no have more
1260s details to my chest
1263s yeah anyways
1265s i think we're assuming that everyone
1266s here doesn't care about having plot
1268s spoilers from that's already in the game
1271s oh yeah if it's like already in the
1273s campaign chapters heads up it i'm
1277s yeah it's going to be talked about
1278s unfortunately
1280s like uh
1282s maybe one time we'll we'll schedule like
1283s a spoiler free lore stream we can talk
1285s all about the title screen of the game
1293s random name x
1295s lore question please explain how this
1297s character fits into the lawyer
1299s mike
1300s primalist
1301s it has been a long running just kind of
1303s inside joke in the community in the like
1305s company about mike looking like the
1307s prime list i know at least one of the
1309s primals like early models looked just
1312s like mike like
1314s like
1315s it was his face
1318s yes they did didn't they
1320s i remember that now
1323s it's not there anymore
1325s it's a completely different model from
1326s scratch now
1327s yeah
1328s i'll i'll say the lower expansion for
1330s that is a uh a small team with not many
1334s art art references
1337s no i used to live in the woods that's it
1338s i used to have a wolf buddy we hung out
1340s in the woods
1342s yeah
1345s okay got a question for mike from tur 3k
1348s you want to tackle that one
1350s um
1351s we already hit that earlier yeah you
1352s already had that earlier i'm sneaky
1355s you are sneaky
1357s okay let's see here we got one from
1362s a wild ozzy is it in theory possible for
1365s a trace of the void to follow you
1366s through time and afflict other timeline
1368s or other times or perhaps that just an
1370s idea for a future expat or something
1373s you kind of see it's less following and
1377s more so summoning but that you do see a
1379s little bit of something like that with
1380s apophis at the end of chapter nine where
1383s she summons in the void herself from the
1386s future to the divine era so the void can
1391s you know be beckoned into
1393s other times it's not completely locked
1395s into the ruined era which kind of you
1397s know increases the kind of scope of its
1398s threat
1399s and
1401s it also if you consider the void knight
1403s that you know it's following them no
1405s matter where they go so you do have a
1407s little bit of that it's
1409s not as
1411s like
1412s it's not it's not as
1415s would be good a good
1416s word for this
1418s it's not as volatile and fast as to be
1422s like oh if you are if you travel from
1424s the ruined era to you know another era
1426s as the player you are doing that time
1428s and place to being void consumed
1431s like it's not to that extent but
1434s it there is a bit of
1437s travel that can happen there that you
1438s can see with the void night as a class
1440s and what apophis is doing in
1442s chapter nine and
1445s even see a bit of that in some of the
1446s like malt echo systems where you have
1449s void creatures you know going into these
1452s places sometimes they shouldn't be in
1453s the monolith
1457s let's see here we got a
1459s another question from uh
1462s by rule is on i think it's more of a
1464s gameplay question
1466s will exist a simple way to leveling alts
1468s without having to replay the campaign
1470s um mikey won't hit that one yeah so in
1473s um
1474s single player it's gonna remain the same
1477s way it is essentially now where you'll
1478s be able to use
1479s um
1481s you'll be able to use uh dungeons to
1484s skip parts of the campaign they'll be
1485s more dungeons still be easier to do um
1489s in multiplayer you can get your friends
1490s to help you
1492s so there's that which will which can
1494s help a lot
1495s uh it's possible things that that could
1497s change slightly but right now
1499s they can help you a lot a lot a lot lot
1501s lot a lot you'll always have to complete
1503s some side quests in order to unlock your
1505s passive and idle slots um
1509s those do happen a lot faster once you're
1511s level 100
1512s or
1513s 50 even
1520s okay got a
1521s another question from perry the pig how
1524s did you decide that grail was the last
1526s ever i want to
1528s well that's quite presumptuous isn't it
1532s objection leading questions
1534s that's a leading question
1536s who's to say that grill because they're
1538s molar emperor that's not substantiated
1540s in any way
1541s that was not in discovery
1547s drink lots of water buddy
1549s oh yes i am getting a little parched
1551s also have a gigantic water jug
1560s okay
1561s let's see what we got next
1564s there is a non-lord question regarding
1565s set items and how stamford's is
1567s legendaries do you want to hit that mic
1568s sure yeah it's we're still unsure
1571s exactly what we're doing with set items
1572s so they're kind of up in the air right
1574s now um the big problem with uh set items
1577s right now is the sheer volume of mods
1579s that they already get so adding new ones
1582s is dangerous in some situations
1584s i think i saw something there about set
1586s affixes being added in we actually had
1588s those for a while were very poorly
1589s received interestingly enough
1592s some people really loved them so i don't
1593s want to write that off completely but in
1595s general they were
1596s not
1597s great maybe we just didn't quite execute
1599s them properly so they could come back
1600s it's possible but um we're still we're
1602s still working out exactly what we're
1603s going to do with set items um
1605s they're we're well aware that they are
1607s not uh
1608s in the running for top-tier in-game gear
1611s at the moment
1613s please don't think we're ignoring that
1618s all right we have another question from
1620s random name x my favorite character is
1622s the lost spriggan in the lightless arbor
1624s we'll see him or his future progeny
1626s again if anything ever happened to him i
1628s would kill everyone in this room and
1629s then myself
1631s me too buddy me too well there actually
1635s was planned to be one more little kind
1637s of
1638s epilogue to the los briggins little arc
1642s back in the patch that they debuted in
1644s but we ran into some time constraints on
1647s that where
1648s i got most of it working but there's
1650s some like little elements that we didn't
1652s have ready in time so
1654s there is a small continuation to their
1658s story that i definitely have
1660s you know in the backlog ready to
1663s i want to get it into this next patch no
1665s guarantees no guarantees of course but i
1667s do have
1668s a little continuation for the lost
1670s spring plan that i would love to get in
1672s sooner rather than later
1676s oh and we have a another one from quiet
1679s for me with the flavor text of legacy of
1682s the quiet forest this branch will
1683s protect you if it when i cannot the last
1685s word is quiet heard from her force
1686s friend would impossible if i could get a
1689s npc and story related to spring lure
1690s long shot i know but my i'm the biggest
1692s nerd about spriggans taking my shot
1695s well it depends on whenever we add
1698s content that would go to
1700s the part of the world that that is
1702s referencing
1703s i could definitely see diving into that
1706s well whenever we add content that
1708s tackles that area but that is a big to
1712s be determined i would say but i i'm a
1714s big fan of spriggans as well i mean
1716s that's why i you know was pretty gung-ho
1720s about putting in the lost brigand when
1721s we put in that dungeon so i would love
1723s to get in more spring lore as well
1728s let's see here i just found a nice ring
1733s drag that tool tip up a little bit it's
1734s covered by my own face
1736s uh
1739s here
1740s nailed it oh nice oh that's a lot for
1742s business 30 35 nice
1746s alrighty
1748s another question from nerdyjoe314
1751s you just answered a question about
1752s gaspar but called him urza i know you'll
1754s play mtg as gaspar based on urza so the
1758s i i interpreted the question as
1761s referring to the
1762s wrong elder
1764s due to the second quest echo and the
1767s ruin refuge
1769s or lost refuge i forget the exact name
1771s of that one
1773s in the in the storyline that had the
1775s same same situation
1777s yeah exactly like the uh that second
1779s question that does feature urza rather
1781s than gaspar and gaspar's in the third
1783s quest echo of that timeline so yeah it
1787s is ursa but it's spelled differently
1790s yeah it's about with the er z8 but
1793s i i
1794s i will say like is that based on the
1796s character directly since i i was sad to
1798s say i don't know mdg's urza's lore
1802s that well i know mike does because mike
1804s is a big into g fan
1806s but i
1807s am a big fan of that it i like that name
1810s a lot so i just gotta you know dove into
1812s that for that gaspar
1814s the like as in the elder gaspar his name
1817s is based off of a character for grown
1819s trigger also named gaspar which itself i
1822s believe is a reference to goddess of the
1824s uh the three wise men from
1827s old like you know
1829s bible holiday stuff
1831s i believe
1834s yeah that thing yeah
1837s but yeah so
1838s get gas bar is a reference of a
1840s reference
1841s love it
1843s okay let's see here
1845s got a another question from perry the
1848s pig or actually
1849s respecting i think that questions are
1851s being answered yeah prairie the pig if
1853s shade of war is a reflection of orbis
1855s and themed as void damage is this
1857s related to the void knight's echoes
1860s i could see the argument being made that
1863s the void knights echoes are reflections
1865s of the void knight in a similar way that
1867s the shades are reflections of orbis it
1870s it's kind of tapping into that same sort
1872s of magic the same sort of
1876s you know
1877s taking these kind of snapshots of
1879s this kind of like emotional and will
1882s state so i i i could see a
1886s a sort of symmetry between the void
1888s knights echoes and orbis's shades i can
1891s definitely see that
1894s get a uh really question from ira weird
1898s does that mean the shades are on the
1899s same power tier as the four lesser gods
1902s i don't want to say that conclusively i
1904s would say that they are very powerful
1906s beings and if they were to
1909s be active in the
1912s like prime timeline to the same extent
1914s that they are active in
1916s the like kind of morass of dead and
1919s broken timelines of the monolith gives
1921s you access to that they would be a big
1924s problem
1925s and i could definitely see
1927s them being
1928s a potential threat to the gods i don't
1930s want to say conclusively that they are
1932s on the exact same power tier though but
1934s it is comparable i would say it's
1937s comparable
1939s they're in the same conversation
1941s they've never gone up against each other
1942s so we don't really know right
1944s exactly yeah
1947s and like
1949s hmm i i just for later
1951s [Laughter]
1954s okay this here we got
1957s one from tur 3k
1959s do waypoints and portal from players
1961s serve a purpose only for gameplay or are
1963s there lore implications
1965s so they are prime they primarily exist
1968s for the gameplay but there are some more
1971s connections to where they aren't you
1973s know entirely gameplay abstractions like
1976s the waypoints are a
1978s old old technology from before the
1981s ancient era similar to the monolith that
1982s have just persisted and been unable to
1985s be like
1987s you know like
1989s damaged too much or alter too much
1991s across the arrows
1993s and that's actually part of the plot of
1996s i i'm so used to thinking of internal
1999s names for the chapters of german what
2001s number is chapter d that would that be
2002s chapter five the one where you're gonna
2004s be on majelka yes i always think of it
2006s as yeah that's five okay gotcha i'm
2008s we'll pick into internals of what we
2010s call that chapter d whenever we're
2012s talking dev stuff
2014s but anyways uh part of what you're doing
2017s in
2018s chapter five is getting access to the
2020s artificial waypoint and that kind of
2023s brings the waypoints a bit closer to
2027s having more implications and that the
2029s immortal empire
2031s wants to
2033s harness and manipulate their power but
2035s doesn't really have
2036s a good efficient way to do so so they're
2039s trying to approach create their own
2041s waypoint via the artificial waypoints
2043s that you encounter at the end of chapter
2045s five and beginning of chapter six
2047s so they do exist in world in the setting
2051s though like
2053s the primary reason is of course gameplay
2055s but yeah they they are acknowledged in
2057s the setting as existing
2061s though like really only you and other
2063s people with similar powers you have the
2065s kind of unfettered use of them like you
2068s do outside of like cases where the like
2070s motherboard is trying to make their own
2072s that they can use like that
2075s i'm going to take on the shade right now
2077s we're going we're doing a shade oh my
2079s gosh very often on stream cause i'm
2081s terrible at it
2084s what's your favorite shade combination
2086s of the what like 9 000 there are
2089s i like the ones with the mozzarella
2090s sticks and the chicken sandwich
2094s diet pepsi
2096s that's my favorite combo here
2099s ah storm close enough
2101s all right
2102s next question
2104s from ireland damn so wanted martinez to
2107s be the emperor
2108s i
2109s i'm a big fan of mordecai's as well and
2111s i do want to delve into his history and
2114s future story eventually
2117s it's just not
2119s quite what's going to be covered by the
2121s scope of the campaign but
2123s i will say i've got future story
2126s expansion you know continuation kind of
2130s notes and plans that do involve more
2132s tests so i
2133s eventually i do want to round back to
2135s him and say like hey what could he have
2137s gone up to if the ruiner didn't happen
2140s for example but that's
2142s big ifs and big down the roads
2146s okay
2149s from
2150s call from kath hool who
2152s when will the next big patch be and what
2154s will be in it i
2157s will answer for that's more of a less of
2159s a lore question but i'm gonna answer
2161s mike because he's dealing with a lot of
2163s things shooting very bad things at him
2165s um
2166s we are working on some cool stuff and we
2169s don't have a hard release date to say
2172s publicly you just say when it's ready
2174s [Laughter]
2179s all right it's it's just we don't have
2181s details uh set in stone yet it's
2183s really it's when multiplayer is ready to
2185s go and we're confident that it's gonna
2186s be a smooth multiplayer launch
2187s and then we'll keep the patch and
2189s everything else that gets made in the
2190s meantime gets added
2193s keep an eye out to our socials when
2195s we'll have some cool blog posts about it
2197s yeah i'm not gonna make marketing bad by
2199s saying something here
2202s i crushed that i just i just would put
2203s that out there just no problem
2206s nice
2208s okay we got a question
2211s from a pikachu song 989 what would be
2214s the likelihood of a personal domain
2216s system as in the i assumed that to mean
2218s a sort of hideout or
2221s personal housing system
2223s um
2224s we've talked about symptoms like that
2226s before i feel like we've generally kind
2228s of shied away from going too deep on
2231s that side of things uh what are your
2233s thoughts mike it's um
2236s so right now we really want the
2238s the the main player hubs to be places
2241s where you like see people and hang out
2242s and meet people and
2244s and and have that sort of sense of world
2246s specifically in end of time and a few
2248s other places too and having hideouts is
2251s usually the term we use for it um
2254s does create a lot of like it's a lot of
2256s fun to to build a hideout everything
2257s like that and it's something that we may
2258s add in the future but for now um
2261s until things are really established at
2262s least it's
2264s hard to justify creating a place where
2265s people can go
2267s hide out
2268s um and not not mingle with everyone else
2270s and i know a lot of people don't like to
2272s necessarily talk to people you don't
2273s have to but it's just having that sense
2275s of world where you can see other players
2277s um
2278s we think it's a really powerful tool so
2279s having um taking that away by adding in
2282s a hideout is
2284s possibly a downside to it and
2287s it doesn't really add anything to the
2288s mechanical features of the game so if we
2290s were going to add a hideout system we'd
2291s want it to have some sort of primary
2292s purpose and we don't have that right now
2296s and it's just it's a bunch of extra work
2297s that would delay launch so it's not on
2299s the 1.0 list but it's not on the
2302s never list either
2304s i've always been a big fan of like that
2305s sort of getting your personal touch to
2307s be seen in the world to be able to like
2310s you know put put up these kind of you
2312s know hey this is mine and it looks this
2314s way because i may look this way and
2316s other people's doesn't look like this i
2318s definitely that's definitely a big
2319s appeal to me and i definitely see you
2321s know that appeal there but yeah like
2324s i don't know what shape that sort of
2325s system will take in the future but we
2327s definitely you know acknowledge that it
2330s is
2331s interesting and a lot of us are
2332s interested in that as well but yeah we
2334s we want to kind of foster that sense of
2337s like community in a larger world
2339s no you know as much as we can so you're
2342s having those hubs where you see other
2343s players takes a little precedence over
2346s that but yeah eventually i do
2347s and i am a big fan of that sort of
2350s personal getting your personality across
2352s in the game in some way
2355s okay
2357s next question let me scroll down a
2359s second from quiet for me with the
2362s forgotten knight being a first iteration
2363s of the hero what will the rule be in
2365s future or will ever get more information
2367s about her role in the lore
2369s i will say the uh being the first
2371s iteration of the hero might be some
2373s outdated lore
2375s we've bounced around a couple times on
2377s her exact origin but i will say that i
2380s do want to do more with the forgotten
2382s knight in the future
2384s i
2385s whenever we have the content that
2387s involves tackling orbus directly i do
2389s want the forgotten knight to have a role
2391s there in some fashion
2393s i
2395s can't say anything concrete about what
2396s that could look like or be
2398s but i definitely want to get her
2401s involved more and that story beat of
2405s actually going to you know phase orbis
2407s directly will likely be one of the best
2410s times for us to dig deeper into the
2412s forgotten night and what we can do with
2414s her and just a little bit of kind of
2418s meta kind of background trivia about the
2420s forgotten knight the inspiration for her
2422s actually
2423s comes from the fact that way back when i
2427s think before
2429s back in kickstarter times and i forget
2432s if we made this change before we entered
2435s our first like steam alpha or not but
2438s the sentinel was not one of our
2440s characters way back when instead of
2442s sentinel we had the knight and the
2444s knight was a female character
2446s and
2447s eventually we
2449s swapped out the night for our sentinel
2451s that we you know no one loved these days
2454s and when that happened that actually was
2456s the inspiration for me to create the
2458s forgotten knight character that is the
2461s kind of meta behind the scenes origin of
2463s the forgotten knight she's supposed to
2464s be kind of a
2465s wink wink kind of hinty like
2468s you know acknowledging that the
2470s knight the female knight character that
2472s used to be a playable character in the
2474s past you know it's kind of a hint that
2476s she existed and the front knight is kind
2477s of
2478s like
2479s fourth wall breakingly kind of a implied
2482s to be
2484s that player knight that now is not
2486s normal player character
2487s but that's just the kind of meta behind
2489s the scenes kind of like inspiration for
2491s her
2494s trivia
2495s yeah
2498s okay we got one from
2500s v cognito will there be improved combat
2503s field dying animations and all those
2504s things you mentioned on forum in your
2506s last post and
2507s 0.9 or that patch is almost all
2510s multiplayer focused i'll let mike hit
2512s that if he doesn't mind um yeah so we we
2514s are
2516s i
2517s yes it'll be in there is the short
2519s answer um we're not really developing
2521s two
2522s halves to the game we're we're
2524s developing just the game now um
2527s so whenever we start adding in features
2529s like that it's it's
2531s goes for everyone like it's it's
2535s we're not to start excluding things
2536s intentionally like that so um
2538s yeah those those are those are coming
2540s um
2541s even if even if they're not in for every
2543s single enemy in the game by the time it
2545s rolls around we'll still include it for
2546s the ones that are
2547s um
2549s they're in for a ton of things though
2551s the floodgates opened recently and i was
2553s just shocked at how many things they got
2554s in for it it's a lot of little tiny
2556s things like um
2558s i i was playing i was playing a cinder
2560s strike bow mage on uh
2563s on online recently on our multiplayer
2565s test and
2566s um
2568s just like when things die and they're
2569s just like their body kind of like singes
2571s and you get that like
2572s nice effect that goes on it and
2574s everything it just looks gorgeous
2577s i don't know little things
2579s yeah i'm very excited for everyone to be
2580s able to get access to and see all those
2583s like little little combat improvement
2585s details that we're like have in the
2586s background right now very excited for
2588s everyone else to see how much cooler
2590s those make everything yeah
2593s we got another one from uh nerdyjoe314 i
2595s think this is another gameplay focused
2597s one are you doing to are you going to
2598s have party play options for xp scaling
2600s slash damage scaling so everyone at a
2602s party has an even chance to contribute
2605s um so we're not going to scale power
2609s um so when you hop into a party that's
2611s your character your character is as your
2613s character is um enemy toughness scales
2616s so like um that the health that enemies
2619s have scales up with based on the number
2621s of players so that the um
2624s basically your average damage output is
2626s kind of the what would be your normal
2628s damage output in the in from single
2630s player and it's not exact it's
2634s just a way to make it easier to
2635s understand the um
2637s as far as xp scaling goes it's the same
2639s as single player really nothing nothing
2641s much changes really um xp skilling it's
2644s all individual so you still get the same
2646s amount of experience from killing things
2647s um they're four times harder say you
2649s have four people but you've got four
2650s times as many people so you kill them
2651s four times faster so it's it evens out
2654s pretty stable um
2656s and then you have
2657s uh xp scaling is the same as single
2659s player where it's max five level
2661s difference uh going up so if you're
2663s level 10 and you're in a level 15 zone
2666s you're getting experiences though it's a
2666s little 15 if you're level 10 and you're
2668s you're in a level 100 zone you're
2670s gaining experience as though it was a
2672s level 15 zone still so you cannot gain
2674s experience faster than a zone five
2676s levels above your current level
2678s and that's the way it is in single
2679s player now too anyways
2684s good answer
2686s got another one from ira weird
2688s considering in the reign of dragons it's
2690s specifically specifically that the
2691s lesser gods failed to subdue the dragons
2694s is that the original reason they
2695s recreated slash came to be or was it
2697s just a coincidence within the primary
2699s and most other timelines that they just
2701s went to war so i would say that subduing
2704s the dragons is one of the reasons that
2707s the gods exist but not the like core
2710s reason the
2711s intent of the gods
2713s had for them was to essentially
2716s help her in guiding and protecting
2719s humanity
2720s at the beginning of whenever humanity
2723s you know emerged back into the world
2725s and the gods were set up to which yeah
2728s guide and protect them along with her
2731s throughout the sort of you know
2733s revitalization of the world but due to
2737s certain events
2739s a terror goes dormant instead leaving
2741s the gods on their own to kind of tackle
2743s this task of diving leading and
2746s protecting humanity and
2748s one of the many threats that they had to
2751s you know deal with were very much the
2754s dragons in addition to them there was
2755s also
2757s other like titans like like the stone
2759s tying the the mountain beneath that you
2761s see in one of the dungeons there were
2762s other titans like the mountain beneath
2764s at the ancient air as well that the
2768s four gods had to deal with on their own
2770s without a terror around that you know
2772s part of the reason why they exist is you
2774s know what's a deal with not just dragons
2775s but these other titans and really any of
2778s these other kind of
2779s threats and risks that would get in the
2782s way of humanity kind of
2784s flourishing and
2786s you know becoming the best that they
2787s could be as a tara intended
2791s let's see let me scroll down a second to
2793s find our nice next new question see here
2801s let's see here
2803s oh there's a line from taiyo games
2808s i don't know if that's actually a
2809s question or just a very long comment
2817s uh
2821s where's the end is it a question let's
2822s just see it too
2824s yeah i'm trying to see if i'm trying to
2825s parse if it's like a question or just
2827s commentary
2829s apologies
2830s i i think it's just i think it's just
2832s commentary it's very interesting stuff
2834s but it's
2835s yeah it doesn't really lead into yeah
2838s that's that's a very interesting very
2840s interesting look at that
2842s tell if you've got a question you'd like
2843s us to answer please post it
2846s yes
2847s up found a
2849s okay there's a combat field one
2852s sometimes we just get far enough behind
2853s that the questions start getting
2854s repeated because they think we're able
2855s to skip them
2857s yeah like uh apologies if it feels like
2859s we're coming quite we're just we're
2861s we're digging through these in order so
2863s we get a bit of a backlog yeah
2865s okay we'll lastly [ __ ] on steam deck
2867s maybe um some people already have it
2869s working we don't officially support it
2870s yet
2874s oh we have one from
2877s cebaron666 will we get cloak cosmetics
2880s that bald dude got one
2882s so mike are we gonna get close cosmetics
2883s i think i think the back slot is a very
2887s very fruitful space for cosmetics creamy
2890s from wrong
2891s i mean it looks like there's one in the
2893s cosmetics tab already
2895s yeah and uh internally we have some uh
2898s some concepts for some back slot items
2900s that are pretty cool also you're dying
2901s there you go yeah
2903s [Laughter]
2906s you won't be able to save me from
2907s looking at the stream oh god if only i
2909s could i would like nothing better to
2911s save your life
2913s all right we got from random name x lore
2916s question since y'all are big chrono
2918s trigger fans will there be a secret
2919s ending where we can meet and fight the
2921s devs i know promise mike is in the game
2924s all the clues are there
2926s uh what's the name of this emoji it is
2928s lol
2929s we don't have current plans for
2932s something like that but
2933s one thing we want to do eventually is
2936s vastly increase the sort of variety of
2939s events
2940s not only in the model of echoes but just
2942s kind of in the game in general and i
2945s feel like a secret moloth echo event
2947s where you fight
2949s secret dev bosses
2951s or even just meet dev based dev inspired
2954s npcs would be really interesting we
2956s don't currently have plans for it right
2957s now but
2958s that would be a fantastic little event
2961s to sneak in there once we can really get
2963s our teeth into increasing the variety of
2965s modeled events so big maybe big down the
2968s road
2970s i just want to say that arena bosses uh
2973s in limited rounds is a perfect place for
2975s something like that
2977s so you're right yeah definitely haven't
2979s thought about that before at all
2984s okay we got another one from ira weird
2986s if we go back to the mortise's story
2988s we'll see some of the pre-defined error
2989s story before he was imprisoned
2991s so as it is the
2994s four beacon of era like umbrellas we
2996s have you know ancient divine imperial
2998s ruined those are all like campaign wise
3002s specifically at certain kind of moments
3005s in those eras
3007s typically towards the ends of those eras
3009s where things are about to you know go
3011s down and kind of cause a big shift in
3014s the world state as it were and the
3017s mortitus events his backstory takes
3020s place
3022s pretty far back in the divine era but
3024s pretty far after you know the point you
3026s see in the ancient era so
3028s his backstory the events there don't
3031s really fit cleanly into the current
3033s campaign
3034s not just on that front but also while
3035s the campaign is dealing with i
3037s the best place to likely see his
3039s backstory in more detail would be in the
3041s shape of either a mole of alt timeline
3044s or some sort of other like
3046s post 1.0 kind of story expansion content
3050s where and that's a big if that's then
3052s that's all if the you know
3054s one of the next ones focuses
3056s no
3057s you know more on him
3059s so
3060s we don't have current plans for it but
3062s it is something i definitely want to
3063s delve into since like herod's backstory
3067s involving you know mortgages is one
3069s you know one of the kind of story
3071s threads that i'm very fond of personally
3073s that i definitely do want to explore
3075s more as we get into you know like
3079s content past what we're currently
3080s planning
3083s oh five ice beetles
3085s [Laughter]
3087s come with me my pretties
3090s okay from cafe who
3092s will it be new classes added at or by
3095s release if you mean base classes uh i
3098s might be confident in saying no
3100s the correct mic yeah no new base classes
3103s for release that we are
3105s we've got plenty of classes to do for
3106s release mastery classes there will be
3108s the three missing mastery classes
3110s uh falconer rune master and warlock will
3113s be added at least by 1.0 release they
3116s may be added slightly earlier they may
3118s not be added after it will be 1.0 at the
3120s latest for those three master classes
3121s and you'll have the full set um it'll be
3124s symmetrical and everything
3126s more master classes more bass classes
3128s those things could come after 1.0 but
3130s 1.0 we've got the
3133s classes we want mapped out ready
3137s well one day we'll have that barred monk
3139s artificer mix
3141s one day it's like four classes and one
3143s there
3144s just wait to get to the bees
3147s all right we got a question from master
3150s sword1291
3151s what specific aspects of a tara's
3153s backstory his background history and god
3155s lore do you lore master see being
3157s relevant in an intro video for last
3159s epoch
3160s so
3162s it depends on what exactly i mean by
3164s intro video if you mean intro as in the
3167s beginning of the game i would say that
3170s the history that was relevant to the
3171s beginning of the game would be setting
3173s up the
3174s situation that the player find himself
3176s in in the divine era before
3179s they end up being pulled to the ruined
3182s era so
3183s if in that context i would say like
3186s the specific thing that an intro video
3188s like that would hit on is more clearly
3191s sort of laying out the
3193s the threat of raya and the divine era
3195s and the
3197s situation of the shards being you know
3200s sought after and important if we're
3202s talking about intro video as in like
3204s showing off the entire game itself as in
3206s a sort of like trailer as it were i
3209s would say touching on
3211s the fact that there was an ancient era
3213s with you know this
3215s temple and you know gods and that has
3217s like fallen to the ground and there's
3219s multiple different eras that all going
3221s to lead into this
3222s ruined era where everything is dead
3225s dying and being consumed by oblivion i
3227s would say like an intro video that is
3229s more comprehensive like that would have
3231s to kind of you know show like hey
3233s this world
3234s was this big beautiful you know high
3237s fantasy mythical place that over time
3240s turned into this kind of ruined purple
3243s goo covered buck
3244s and it's up to you to stop it
3247s so depends so short version is intro to
3251s the game as in just starting the game as
3253s a player character
3254s more clearly defining the divine error
3256s conflict enter the game as in showing
3259s off
3259s the game as a whole
3261s shoot very clearly hitting that note of
3263s the world's going to end up at this
3266s terrible place and you need to go back
3268s in time to stop that
3270s all right i just got a question i just
3273s want to highlight how crazy this item is
3274s that i just dropped
3276s um it's a single affix t7
3280s item
3281s which which you like almost never see
3283s that like there's nothing else on it so
3284s it's an exalted item so there's a ton of
3286s forging potential on it so you put
3288s anything you want on it but it has a
3290s sweet
3291s relevant like good t6 rt7 epics i think
3295s it's crazy it's like the lightning
3297s hammer base with lightning damage that's
3299s nuts that's that's a that's a rare find
3301s right there i just i just want to point
3303s out it's cool there's also a question
3305s are you concerned about uh d4 and p poe
3307s 2 coming out potentially launching in
3309s 2023 no
3312s and i just went into an unnecessary echo
3313s because i could have just gone for the
3314s boss
3317s all right we got a question from uh
3319s uh how do you pronounce that
3321s malwax hits 200
3324s um
3325s molex can't 200 why does hera die so
3328s easily to raya isn't he a god well
3332s it's about
3333s how they have kind of applied their
3335s powers as it were and what they have you
3337s know
3339s been working towards and you know done
3342s in the events leading up to that
3344s herot had approached doled out
3347s more of his power to say like mortis and
3349s protecting and you know guiding
3352s you know people near borea more so than
3354s raya who's been more focused on the sort
3356s of aggression and
3358s you know being this
3360s powerful you know
3361s threat himself
3363s and combined with that is also in
3366s that fight itself herod is worried about
3369s protecting the you know humans on his
3371s side or with them including you the
3372s player whereas raya is much less
3375s concerned about collateral damage in
3377s that sense and has you know feels no
3380s need to kind of hold back in any way
3382s and so really if you look at a certain
3384s way it's because you the player were
3385s there that he died how how terrible
3388s how good how terrible i'll tell my box
3390s head to 200.
3394s just in case anyone's new here he knows
3396s how to pronounce it
3397s [Laughter]
3401s hey
3403s okay last i got another question
3409s if they think you're thinking we're
3410s calling about iron weird not tagging
3412s properly geez
3413s yeah gosh don't you know how to show how
3415s do we do things here mocks duet
3418s also just someone knows we're not just
3419s bullying or random person chad that's
3420s actually the game director
3422s [Laughter]
3426s anyways
3427s ex eisenguard x
3429s what real world mythologies did you guys
3431s end up drawing from the parabolas stuff
3432s from the kabbalah and hindu mythology
3434s ended up looking well researched imo
3436s oh it's it's
3438s it's a big melting pot it's very much
3442s pulling from
3444s what kind of story threads just really
3447s resonate with what we're trying to get
3448s across for each kind of set piece like
3453s i was a big fan of drawing on the sort
3455s of like
3456s greek mythology kind of capricious kind
3459s of god themes with lagon and hence why
3462s like his it
3464s it's kind of funny with lagaan's name
3465s it's actually supposed to be referenced
3466s to la don which is a a sea serpent in
3469s greek mythology and it's only after we
3471s got like super deep into it it kind of
3472s clicked like oh that's it also sounds
3474s like lagoon with one less oh
3477s it's supposed to be a reference to
3478s ladonna a greek mythology monster but
3481s it could also be read as
3483s lagoon was like
3484s and dagon dig on the uh
3486s and it's supposed to be like dagon and
3488s ladawn to different kind of mythological
3490s figures which also just happens to end
3493s up sounding like lagoon anyways but yeah
3496s like
3497s it's it really is a grab bag of
3500s i wouldn't say i wouldn't call out any
3502s one mythology as a specific
3504s inspiration but yeah like looking up
3506s like inspirations for like majasa and
3509s majelka and that whole region definitely
3511s dipped a lot into like
3512s hindu and you know india
3515s looking at uh you know raya's stuff
3517s looking you know that
3519s had its own like set of influences
3521s like
3523s it is a
3525s melting pot and a grab bag because so
3527s many of these mythologies have such
3529s great like just
3531s individual
3532s themes and stories and like
3534s influences you can pull from and just
3537s make something really resonates from it
3540s let's see here
3541s got another question from shadow dweller
3544s tv blur see the epoch actual appearance
3548s we are actually working improving some
3550s animations that will involve a
3553s actual like physical appearance by the
3555s epoch for some of the time travel events
3558s that is still in the works not sure
3561s i don't want to call out that being
3563s present in nine in point nine but it is
3565s in the world
3567s so we do
3568s have a model for it
3571s you know back on our side and we are
3574s working on getting it you know
3576s incorporated into more stuff
3578s also thank you everyone for giving us up
3580s to rymer who's super duper productive as
3583s one of the mods but
3586s i'm sure i appreciate it either way i
3587s hope that was intentional because i find
3588s it hilarious
3591s we love you
3598s we've got a first time chat from templar
3601s oath how deep is cr
3603s how deep does craig i i love the pews
3606s don't worry how deep does corruption get
3608s involved with a story will it be an
3610s epilogue where corruption wins
3612s so
3613s corruption is an interesting sort of
3616s term and theme here in regards to the
3619s story
3620s i would say that
3622s more than corruption a lot of
3625s the stories kind of beats and themes
3627s kind of deal with the idea of
3631s people and forces trying to
3634s improve and guide the world in their own
3637s way and that resulting in it
3640s actually hurting things and making
3641s things worse
3642s and the big question
3644s of
3645s should you try to
3648s improve things even though the risk is
3650s that you can just make it worse or
3652s should you try anyways in the hope that
3654s you do make things better and you kind
3656s of get that with
3658s mike how do i get to deep in the mortal
3660s emperor's backstory
3662s but
3663s you know spoilers but
3665s you know the immortal emperor started
3667s out
3667s wanting to improve the world for humans
3670s and
3672s free them from the you know tyranny of
3674s the gods and
3676s unite humanity in this sort of you know
3678s glorious unification where everything's
3681s gonna be better for everybody and as you
3683s can see in the pillar era that just
3687s ends up not being the case at all and
3689s you know
3690s very you know arguably but you know
3693s not too much of argument it ends up
3694s worse than the divine era was for the
3697s vast majority of people and the more
3699s emperor is kind of like the
3701s the main kind of obvious example of that
3703s sort of trying to make things better
3706s but ends up making it worse kind of
3708s situation
3709s like
3710s sega say that you know in riot's
3712s perspective
3713s raya saw
3714s his sort of domination of the world
3716s being from the motivation of hey these
3720s other gods are not running the world
3722s properly we're not living up to what it
3724s tara lined out for us of you know
3726s guiding the humans i should
3729s take over and do it all myself because
3731s these other gods aren't doing it good
3733s enough
3734s so even though raya is you know
3737s tyrannical and conquest minded his
3739s ultimate kind of intention and
3741s motivation is based on you know
3743s ultimately making the world
3746s better from his own view and
3749s there are other forces that might have a
3751s similar sort of
3753s perspective in their motivations so i
3755s would
3756s say
3757s corruption in the story
3759s a lot of times takes the form of the
3761s sort of
3763s misplaced i don't say misplaced
3766s motivation but more so this
3768s motivation of trying to make things
3770s better but making it worse and should
3772s you continue to try and make things
3774s better despite that risk
3776s and i might have gone completely off the
3778s track of the question but uh
3780s i will say at the end of the story
3783s i like happy endings but i also like
3786s endings where people
3788s where the story is kind of free from the
3791s forces that are taking away their
3793s choices and ability to make things
3795s better
3797s and i am not sure they even answer the
3799s corruption part of the question but
3801s that's my answer
3803s that's a great answer
3804s shout out while we're here um thank you
3806s very much just here for a 13 month resub
3808s that is awesome glad to have you with us
3810s um and then also
3812s uh we don't get many of these but uh
3815s much appreciate nonetheless it'll all
3816s still go to the same
3818s charity regardless of how comes in
3820s randomly max thank you very much for our
3821s ten dollar tip uh says thanks for
3823s answering questions
3824s ps okay fun
3826s mike primeless uh there's a bunch of uh
3828s emojis um mike mike ultra deluxe skin
3832s when and how much i think this is uh for
3835s a primeless skin to look like me
3838s and uh you you get like a 50 move
3841s penalty with it so i don't know i don't
3842s think you'd want one
3847s i'd wear it
3850s all right we got another question from
3853s quiet for me with orbus being the
3855s paragon or at least viewed as the
3857s paragraph of darkness with the size of
3859s the void is there multiple void
3860s dimensions or just a single void
3862s dimension in which he originates
3865s okay i'm gonna gonna unpack this one
3868s real quick
3870s i would say that
3872s the void has one source
3874s and that one source is oriboos
3878s so
3879s that might be the cleanest answer to
3882s that question
3883s there is
3884s like the void appears in multiple
3886s timelines
3888s but the void is intrinsically kind of
3890s connected to
3891s orbis
3893s so
3894s yeah i will not say that like there are
3896s other
3897s yeah i think that's probably the best
3898s answer for that question it is a bit of
3900s a
3901s yeah let like acknowledge multiple
3902s layers of logic in there
3906s we got a another question from a quiet
3908s for me given how there is a moth crystal
3911s in all the secret areas in the story so
3912s far
3913s will there will they play a part in the
3916s campaign story later if fundamental or
3917s is that just a hidden easter egg
3920s what secret areas i haven't found any of
3922s them
3924s [Laughter]
3927s i
3928s yeah i
3930s i don't know what you're talking about
3931s either
3932s yeah
3933s secret areas
3935s i would know about there's a cigarette
3939s anyways
3942s we got a uh another one from tiello
3945s games
3947s this is a very much a technical question
3951s question
3953s yeah question why hasn't game why
3955s haven't game developers considered
3956s implementing a system where the game
3958s assets are made of parts and assembled
3960s in game ega weapon is made of parts so
3963s we only have to make new parts to add
3964s new weapons can be extended to enemies
3967s too
3968s oh it's a uh a simplified version of
3969s that three-part question earlier
3972s yeah um so i i i guess the answer is
3975s that it has been considered um so i
3978s can't answer it because it's uh we have
3980s considered it really but i think the
3982s uh online question is why haven't you
3984s done this
3985s um
3986s and and the short answer really is that
3988s you you typically end up with a better
3990s quality product when it's
3993s um
3995s like created together and i understand
3997s that the like the big feature that you
3998s miss out on when you don't have
3999s something like that is
4001s um
4002s you can't make
4003s uh custom like uh enemies and weapons on
4007s the fly and there's a lot of really
4009s great examples of games doing this where
4010s you can laugh at them because they're
4013s they hit that that uncanny valley pretty
4015s quick um there was there was there was
4018s an rts
4019s from forever from like the 90s i think
4022s that you could like make your own
4025s like genetic
4026s uh monstrosities
4028s to like build your own like creatures
4030s you'd be like i want the legs of a
4032s cheetah and the head of a raptor and the
4037s uh
4038s tusks of a boar or something like that
4040s it would make you like you would make
4041s your units through this like weird
4042s genetic resequencing system
4045s um i to remember dark spore no it wasn't
4049s sport
4050s it wasn't sports it was it was a was it
4053s impossible creatures maybe yeah that
4055s sounds i know michael likes to link that
4056s a lot
4059s maybe that's what that was i can't it's
4060s i didn't i haven't seen him like that
4062s forever but it was anyways um
4066s it also takes up a lot more um
4071s things are a lot cleaner on our end with
4073s it being set enemies and some of them
4075s actually have been
4077s all of the worst enemies in the game are
4079s just that ours is us doing exactly what
4081s you're talking about and they're all
4083s slowly getting redone as proper monsters
4086s that look real and better
4090s we did that for a lot of things for a
4091s long time because it was cheap to do um
4094s you could do it really quick and easy
4095s and um the quality was not as good as
4098s the custom made fully fully
4101s built from scratch versions of those
4102s same things and so we've transitioned
4104s away from doing that ourselves
4111s good answer
4114s all right we got a another one from uh
4116s v conito
4119s yeah here is one very important at least
4120s for me i
4122s since i love cold builds are you going
4124s to do the same with freezing attack
4126s dying animations that you did with fire
4127s in the dev post freeze enemies
4129s shattering when they die etc
4132s yeah i don't know if uh physically
4134s splitting up into small pieces happens
4136s like like actually shattering into
4138s chunks um but there's different effects
4140s for each element
4144s including the kind of shocked one like
4146s where you can see a little kind of like
4147s crackles of electricity still going
4149s across the body a big fan of that one
4151s yeah there's also a question that was
4153s missed from the
4154s i didn't have a tag but i've never
4155s played last epoch before i prefer
4157s indirect damage builds in rpgs such as
4160s minions or totems or pets does epoch
4162s have those options absolutely
4165s tons of them
4166s all over the place i
4168s i like the shaman totem builds
4170s especially when you do upheaval to it
4171s i'm a big fan of storm totem and other
4173s people told him that's one of my
4174s favorite shaman builds yeah so the
4176s beastmaster or the prime list is one of
4178s the base classes and it has beastmaster
4179s and shaman
4180s which have a lot of animal companions
4182s and totems uh the acolyte has a master
4185s called the necromancer which is a ton of
4187s undead minion summons
4189s then there's sprinkles of minions
4191s elsewhere as well um
4193s the rogue that i'm on right now it does
4194s have a couple of those um for example
4196s with decoy and ballista
4199s and then you also get uh sentinel which
4202s has quite a few in forge guard actually
4204s there's manifest armor there's ring of
4206s shields uh there's
4209s manifest weapons
4211s there's
4212s possibly nothing else that i've run out
4214s of things in a list so etc
4221s all right we got another one from
4223s quicksilver
4225s will it be some kind of pet loot that
4227s will allow that would get us to first
4230s let pets pick up loot from the ground
4231s instead of to pick it up ourselves um
4234s unlikely at least initially it's
4236s possible that we might add something
4237s like that if we were to add something
4239s like that in a hypothetical situation it
4242s would likely only pick up gold at least
4244s initially for sure um
4246s and then
4247s if we were to add that as well it would
4249s be something that you would be able to
4251s unlock through gameplay
4253s and not be locked behind a paywall yes
4255s we would probably in that situation like
4257s that allow the pets that you already
4259s have like that you already can get pets
4262s like many pets um so like these mini
4264s pets would probably
4266s be those things that would pick those
4267s things up um
4269s and there would definitely be some
4271s if the mini pets ever served a
4272s mechanical purpose there would always be
4274s a way to get those mini pets so at least
4276s some mini pet with identical mechanical
4278s advantage without paying any money what
4280s i'm trying to say is we would never add
4281s a feature like that where the only way
4283s to access it is paying money
4286s it's the roundabout way i'm trying to
4287s get there but we don't have any plans
4289s for right now oh that quiver is probably
4291s really good
4293s not bad
4295s all right we got a question from
4298s i got a question from first time chat in
4301s fact from
4302s lzfx
4304s love the game oh i love you too can't
4306s wait for mp and eventual 1.0 any plans
4308s on adding more void synergies given the
4311s prevalence of the void in the world and
4312s lore i'm a little disappointed that only
4314s they've only seen void available to the
4316s player in one mastery or several
4318s somewhat niche unique oriented builds
4321s occurs from a thematic standpoint but
4322s also from a lore standpoint
4324s um this kind of you know gonna break
4327s like stands on the fence between like
4329s lore and mechanics
4331s like uh
4332s wha what do you how do you wanna answer
4334s that mike um i i guess
4336s the from from mechanic's perspective is
4339s like vague foreshadowing comments
4343s yeah it like might not be the only way
4345s it's good to have room to expand
4347s mechanical design space
4350s like uh
4353s if we ever add like we've talked in the
4355s past about the potential of adding like
4358s extra masteries in the future definitely
4360s a post 1.0 thing
4362s and one of the common kind of threads
4364s that we sometime like
4366s don't say a name
4368s i'm not going to say anything
4372s that name will just live forever yeah
4374s but yeah like we we have dabbled
4376s we have talked about having additional
4378s masters beyond the like planned one
4381s point on ones as like post 2.0 content
4384s and then like the future down the road
4386s and one of the common threads we hit on
4388s in those kind of talks is getting void
4391s availability to more classes so it's
4394s something we have definitely talked
4395s about
4396s you know we don't done so
4398s definitely something we've talked about
4399s not likely to be a 1.0 thing actually
4401s not even not likely it's not gonna be
4403s one point another thing i could see
4405s pretty confidently but yeah we have
4406s talked about it and
4408s down the road it has a non-zero chance
4411s for sure
4414s okay got another one from aloo cal
4418s as my favorite thematic there are are
4420s there any plans on remake or adds to
4423s this shaman skill tree or spells before
4425s 1.0
4427s mike yes you may notice that there's a
4429s missing skill in the shaman tree still
4432s um
4433s there also we mentioned we announced we
4435s were also removing one of the abilities
4437s uh in the primeless bass class and then
4439s we didn't remove it um
4443s and so there's there's a little bit of
4444s room for new things to be added there
4446s shaman's definitely lacking one of the
4447s most commonly
4449s called out skills for low quality
4452s and we agree just to be clear is uh
4454s tempest strike which is one of the main
4456s uh primeless shaman skills sorry um
4460s and and so there's there's definitely
4461s room for improvement there there's room
4463s for additions there um
4465s there's if you look at the quantity of
4467s like if you look at um
4470s beastmaster as the companion
4473s mastery
4474s and druids as the transform mastery and
4476s shamans as the totem mastery
4479s there's a lot more
4481s companions and
4483s uh well shape shifters is about the same
4484s amount but those are much more
4486s in-depth abilities on their own um
4489s there's many many more companions and
4490s there are totems still uh for like
4493s top-level skills so that's
4495s uh
4498s a good assumption that there's probably
4499s gonna be room to grow there
4505s yeah i'm a big fan of shaman like uh way
4509s back way back in the day when i played
4510s world of warcraft my main was an
4512s enhancement shaman so i am definitely
4514s familiar with the cool thematic stuff of
4517s shamans and totems and all that so yeah
4520s i'm definitely excited to see some new
4522s stuff with the shaman and it's
4523s definitely something we're excited for
4526s got another question from quiet for me
4529s two in one lore question why can't
4532s spring form have a void conversion like
4534s the cold one considering there are void
4535s spriggans in the game also why no
4537s reptile form yet we got bears tree and
4540s insects but reptiles are missing for
4542s druid reptiles are important to nature
4543s too i agree reptiles are very important
4546s well it is less of a can't and more of
4550s there's only so much room in the class
4553s design for these kind of different
4555s thematic elements and it kind of comes
4558s down to
4559s picking ones that fill
4562s one more synergistic
4563s and more build enabling for the class
4567s versus others
4568s like
4570s there's nothing
4571s explicitly
4573s like in the lore that keeps
4576s this brigand form from having a void
4578s conversion it's more so the fact that
4581s as it is now class design wise the
4584s if you got like a void conversion on the
4586s spriggan form for the druid there would
4588s be like no other void stuff on the class
4591s to support that so to kind of make that
4594s go like
4595s not just a dead end on that tree oh my
4599s god mike you died but to make sure that
4601s it's not you know just a dead end
4604s of build crafting on that skill we'd
4606s have to throw in a lot more void support
4609s throughout the rest of druid and
4611s primeless
4612s so that's like
4613s a criminal for wrong mike that's pretty
4615s much the situation there like like
4617s it's not impossible or wise it just
4620s there's only so much room on that tree
4622s and we'd have to get void support
4623s through the rest of druid and problems
4625s to support that sort of conversion yeah
4628s that's pretty much it
4630s and for the second half of the question
4631s about reptile form that kind of comes
4633s down to a similar situation but more so
4636s on just thematics
4638s like
4639s there's nothing explicitly keeping
4642s reptiles from being a vowed like
4644s option
4646s lore wise for a jury to transform it's
4648s more so that in the class thematics
4651s we've got mammals via you know the
4653s wolves the sabretooths the bears and
4655s were bear
4656s and we have like entangling roots and
4659s other kind of plantings the stuff and we
4661s have summon scorpion and
4663s like because you know bees in some
4665s places of course we don't really have
4667s mud
4668s really
4669s bees they were classified as fish in
4671s california
4674s about to give me some crunchy fish fish
4681s anyways
4682s um
4684s there is just
4686s when it came down to
4687s that like last form for the druid you
4691s know past where bear and spriggan
4695s thematically an insect-based form just
4698s kind of had a stronger kind of through
4700s line of other things in the class than a
4703s reptile-based form
4704s and combine that with the fact that like
4706s a reptile and or i mean an insect based
4709s ship should form this is nothing i think
4711s we've really seen that often in other
4713s games in the genre so it was kind of
4716s one it fit some of the other kind of
4718s insect summoning themes we had in the
4720s druid and primalist and two it's kind of
4723s something we haven't seen in general i
4725s i would love to see like an mtx like
4728s cosmetic like skin for the swarm blade
4731s to turn it into like
4732s a raptor thresher lizard thing
4736s but that's just you know hopes and
4737s dreams
4738s yeah and so and also there's it's um
4742s when we're talking about adding content
4744s in the future one of those places we can
4745s add content
4747s is like is is his new skills for
4749s existing classes like that's that's
4750s totally doable
4753s one day we'll get our tricera form
4755s one day
4759s okay
4760s there's lots of room here right yeah
4763s yeah get it
4766s okay let's see here let's scroll down
4768s and find the next juicy question
4771s from
4772s nerdyjoe314 do you worry about laura
4774s scope creep
4777s not quite sure what you mean by lore
4780s scope creep to be
4782s honest um
4784s is the story becoming too convoluted i
4785s think
4787s gotcha yeah i i definitely ignore i
4790s definitely see that concern it's
4794s like i could definitely see
4795s like a world slash an alternate like
4798s sequence of events where
4800s when we had started you know making the
4802s story for the game we had gone with
4805s something a little more like
4808s a little
4809s smaller in scope like i i i could see a
4812s version of
4814s events where
4816s the game pretty much was like
4818s just about the imperial era or just
4821s about the divine era but
4824s when it comes down to it when we first
4826s started the project it was
4828s like
4829s a handful of us doing this like in our
4832s free time like you know just bunch of
4835s crazy people making a game studio out of
4838s out of nowhere and
4840s the mentality we kind of had with that
4842s is
4842s we're going to shoot our shot
4845s like do we wanna this might be our only
4848s chance to make a video game
4850s do we wanna
4851s go
4852s you know hit for the bleachers and go
4854s for the crazy time traveling
4857s you know like
4858s fade you know gods you know
4861s void
4862s infinity monster stuff
4865s yeah let's let's go let's go let's go
4867s for it like this is our only chance to
4869s do it kind of mentality go home
4872s exactly like so i do worry about scope
4874s group sometimes and sometimes you know i
4876s i do think wait man what if we had just
4878s made the story
4879s just about the divine era with no time
4881s travel and you're fighting right or just
4883s in the pill era don't try trouble you're
4886s just fighting the moral emperor and we
4889s didn't we went for the largest scope one
4891s because
4892s we like time travel and
4894s we want to just
4896s exactly go bigger go home
4898s i uh so i died a little while ago so i
4900s owe people a spoiler huh which is an
4903s unwritten rule that i kind of just i do
4905s if i have spoilers ready to go and i
4907s have one so uh here's a little tease
4910s uh another armor set for primos this
4912s time
4913s coming up this is a fairly early game
4916s primeless armor set but i think it looks
4917s really cool
4919s there's a little turnabout for it now
4920s it's a little interesting usually we've
4922s been seeing a lot of
4923s um
4924s sentinel ones where it covers the whole
4926s bodies there's gaps in this one because
4928s you get that that model underneath a lot
4930s but yeah that's this is a new
4932s um
4934s fairly early game primeless
4936s armor set
4938s it's pretty sweet one more turn around
4949s and
4950s and since this is a special stream i'm
4952s going to give a spoiler as well you know
4955s just get get me involved in it
4957s like so
4959s bonus special stream spoiler
4961s grail
4963s is a terrible flute player julia makes
4966s fun of him all the time and tells him to
4968s not play
4970s his stupid flute whenever he tries to
4973s bonus spoiler
4976s write it down put it into the theories
4978s it's it's all there
4983s that's a subtle reference
4987s if it is i might have done next year
4989s because i'm not sure what
4990s what i was saying they're really
4991s referencing
4994s oh dmv one of the reference was because
4996s i i didn't intend to make it i guess
5000s thank you very much everyone has gifted
5002s five subs to the channel congrats if you
5003s got one of those
5007s uh glad to have everyone with us and uh
5011s yeah i'm having a great stream so far uh
5014s we were actually just cruising through i
5015s just looked down at the time to see what
5016s it was when i was putting up the spoiler
5018s there my goodness i thought we were
5019s nowhere near this far through it so we
5021s don't have a ton of time um and i don't
5024s know if we're super far behind the
5025s questions or not um if we haven't got
5028s closer to the
5030s closer to the bottom than i thought at
5031s least so i think yeah if we're going i i
5034s always forget do we go to five or four
5036s thirty five
5038s five oh yeah we got time for these i'm
5039s sure yeah okay so
5041s next combination
5043s yeah
5044s next question from mastersword1291
5047s are there any plans to insert a
5049s cinematic video during specialization
5050s choice which shows off unique aspects of
5053s the player chosen spec background and
5054s lore
5056s so
5057s i would say that just a straight up
5060s video
5061s i would not expect that but there are
5065s plans to revamp the whole mastery
5068s selection process to get more background
5071s and more and more just kind of you know
5074s presentation involved there
5076s so i wouldn't say like an overt video i
5078s thought i thought we could have like the
5081s mechanics kind of oriented video of
5083s showing off masteries better placed
5086s somewhere else
5087s but we do
5089s want to revamp that mastery selection
5091s process to get more of the background
5093s and lore involved there
5094s big
5095s big to to be
5097s determined no no no
5099s don't have any hard you know like dates
5102s or timelines on that
5104s but that is definitely
5106s been talked about and has some you know
5109s sketched out
5110s early plans for that kind of thing so we
5112s it is something we want to revamp for
5115s sure but if i was like a very mechanics
5116s focused version of that that is about
5118s showing off the mechanics side of the
5120s positions i could see a better place for
5122s that than the
5123s well
5124s we'll have to love to you know hit that
5125s bridge more once we're on the bridge
5128s and
5130s it's a hype train rolling in thank you
5132s very much uh ralph later
5134s for your twitch prime sub glad to have
5137s you with us
5140s this is for heavy
5144s all right
5146s we got a first time chat from legacy 8k
5150s when you do balance changes and
5152s particular item balances are you looking
5153s to make items legacy to remain in game
5155s or change all instances of items
5157s existing
5158s i'll throw that to mike the way the item
5161s i just thought my pet was an enemy and
5162s tried to shoot it uh the way that the
5164s item system works um is that it does
5169s it
5170s it's hybrid a hybrid answer i guess the
5171s right answer so for
5173s things like unique items for example um
5176s the unique items the way they're set up
5178s they just have like a number that says i
5180s am unique item seven
5181s and then uh here's and here are my like
5184s rolls on the seven staff that unique
5186s item seven has or whatever it is um
5189s and
5191s uh so when you when you when we change
5193s what item seven is all item sevens that
5196s are in the world change with it um so
5198s you won't see legacy unique items like
5200s you would in uh for example path of
5202s exile but um
5205s with there are some legacy
5207s uh item affixes for rare magic items
5211s that an exalted items i guess that uh
5213s that can show up um and they'll show up
5215s as basically extra sealed affixes
5218s um so some people who've been around for
5220s a long time may have weird items sitting
5222s in their stash with affixes on them that
5223s you can't get anymore um
5225s and they're
5227s so we do have a system to create legacy
5229s magic rare and exalted items but
5232s set and unique items will not do that
5238s all righty
5239s we got another one from ira weird i may
5242s have missed it over the uh boss fun talk
5245s totally not because of stream blind but
5246s why exactly does ryan beat here not so
5248s easily if they are brothers in arms
5250s there is a bit of a power difference
5252s between raja and hirot
5254s partly to just how they have used and
5257s doled out their powers over the you know
5260s thousands of years of the divine era
5263s herod you know had you know mortis which
5265s kind of you know took some divine power
5267s from him in his creation whereas raya
5270s has no like direct progeny like that
5272s that he's gonna have doled his power out
5275s to
5276s and in company in combination with that
5278s raya has a much more just aggressive
5281s goal and motivation he's been building
5283s up his
5285s forces and his own power for the intent
5287s of striking against the other dog other
5290s other gods for a while whereas herod has
5293s more of a peaceful nature want to just
5295s protect his own part of the world
5297s protect his own people
5299s also red dead and
5301s red that too that too
5304s that i mean like honestly like that that
5306s is you know i know that's you know
5307s supposed to be like kind of kind of a
5308s joke answer but that's kind of part of
5310s it as well honestly they're
5312s in that exact moment of you know here
5314s fighting riot like herod's focused on
5316s defense
5318s partly because he knows that you know
5320s you know his forces are nearby and he
5322s doesn't want them to get hurt and you're
5324s there and he doesn't want you to get
5325s hurt where's raya has
5327s no qualms about collateral damage and
5330s just
5331s taps all his mana and
5333s fire axes him to the face and gets
5337s lethal
5338s so there is
5341s it's that kind of thing where
5343s multiple factors but the sheer
5345s aggression and intent to kill
5348s with ryan played a big factor in it
5351s while hero would have been very willing
5353s to
5354s leave that fight with both parties alive
5357s as long as
5359s you know his
5361s people he's in charge of and protecting
5363s made it out as well
5364s raya was there to kill
5366s that's kind of a big part of it
5369s shout out to the magic card you're
5371s referencing lava axe with the best lore
5373s text ever written on a magikarp well
5375s second best
5376s i knew i got the name wrong it was
5378s something axe yeah it just says catch on
5381s seventh edition lava hocks it just says
5382s catch
5387s most of what i've ever had losing a
5388s draft my friend just threw the card at
5390s me and said catch
5393s so this is super off topic but my
5396s favorite loss like i saw i've ever seen
5399s in magic was it was with my cousin at a
5403s magic gathering like a friday
5405s i've got what was it called yeah yeah
5408s friday night magic and
5410s there was a spell in that set of
5413s standard where it reflects the damage
5415s back to the person who's doing damage
5418s but doubled
5419s and they both had multiple copies of
5421s that card where they just threw the
5423s damage back and forth until one person
5425s got hit for like 60. it was great nice
5428s that's awesome
5430s oh yeah
5432s all right
5433s another question from riz blood lord
5437s what is the void's motivation
5440s the void's motivation is to
5443s erase existence
5445s as far as the like history of help like
5450s the voids you know doing that remember
5452s yeah when it comes down to it the void's
5453s motivation is to
5455s erase a timeline in totality by turning
5460s all of that timeline into more void
5463s essentially
5465s what you see in like almost all of the
5469s void infested void corrupted parts of
5471s the game is technically a transitory
5475s like state where the void is spreading
5478s turning things into void
5480s creating monsters that also intend to
5482s create more things into void the
5484s ultimate goal
5485s the ultimate like motivation of void in
5488s these places where it has influence
5490s is to keep on spreading floyd until
5494s all is void and becomes a sort of
5497s homogeneous kind of darkness
5499s so a lot of the horrors and
5502s like terrible monstrosities you see in
5505s the void that is
5507s those are vehicles to spread void
5510s further
5511s until the point where everything is this
5513s just
5514s featureless darkness
5516s so
5517s yeah bad stuff
5519s i'm going to drink some water real quick
5520s because now my throat's getting a little
5522s dry yeah drink water everybody
5525s and after this you should all take a
5527s take a break and go outside for a minute
5529s look at this look look at the sky
5531s i was in the sun
5534s i don't know first thing i'm doing here
5535s is i'm gonna go touch some grass
5537s delicious delicious be infested grass
5540s gonna make a great fish deck
5543s all right
5544s another question from
5546s not joe 55 a first time chat in fact
5550s is it a long time until full release and
5553s it's a lot to do if i start playing it
5555s now
5556s we don't have a
5557s hard time to save full release
5561s and mike just remember if i say anything
5563s that you know i shouldn't be saying on
5564s that front but as far as like it's a lot
5567s to do to start playing you can get on
5568s steam and play right now there's pl
5570s there are hundreds of hours of content
5573s to have with less peacock last
5576s epoch at this moment i am getting tongue
5578s tied wow yeah there's there's a ton of
5581s content right now um
5583s there's there's different content for
5584s different types of players if you're a
5585s big fan of like trying out different
5587s builds and experimenting with things
5589s and mucking about to see how things work
5591s together and and all that sort of stuff
5593s there's an absurd amount of stuff to do
5595s right now um
5597s if you're more of a play through the
5598s campaign story type player there's
5600s there's definitely lots um
5603s there's a lot more of that getting added
5604s um and improved soon
5608s um
5609s yeah
5611s constantly evolving the the online is
5613s not there yet there's no multiplayer yet
5615s it's uh that's an internal testing only
5617s so far
5619s soon tia
5622s all right we have another question from
5624s quicksilver
5625s thank you a lot for the pet loot answer
5628s you're welcome quicksilver we love you
5632s another question from
5634s iowa weird can you give us a tiny tidbit
5637s of lore about the about the missing
5639s masteries beyond their mastery choice
5641s text is there anything you can tell us
5643s lore wise about the missing masteries
5644s and how they approach the world
5646s i'll try and uh answer the question with
5649s you know minimal spoilers of course
5651s essentially i'll start with the rune
5654s master
5656s the rune master is essentially the sort
5658s of
5659s other
5660s kind of
5661s path of
5663s arcane magic compared to like sorcery
5666s sorcery when the sorcerers are all about
5670s opening that spigot of power shaping
5673s into a giant
5674s meteor and dropping on people's heads
5676s it's very
5678s about
5679s letting go of those restraints and
5681s alleging power and directing it in the
5683s proper way whereas remasters are much
5684s more about taping that magic and
5686s controlling it
5688s it could be said that like the
5690s elder mages in wellrin and other places
5693s with these kind of more structured
5695s hierarchical systems of
5697s mages would tend to be
5700s rude masters more often than they would
5701s tend to be sorcerers
5704s and hitting on the warlock the warlock
5707s is another sort of kind of division on
5711s like philosophies on that kind of art
5714s like with the necromancer necromancer is
5717s about manipulating like physical
5721s you know death in the shape of you know
5724s commanding these minions the lich is
5726s about commanding yourself by you know
5729s being able to become like you know the
5731s reaper form and other sort of like
5734s you know affecting yourself kind of
5736s mentality whereas the warlock is about
5738s manipulating the soul and wielding
5740s curses
5741s so we got
5743s lich as manipulating the self necromizer
5745s is manipulating the physicality of
5747s others and the warlock is manipulating
5749s the souls of others
5751s and then you get to the falconer the
5754s falconer has a falcon and they use that
5757s falcon and oh no
5759s yeah mike i just died i was even looking
5762s at this other pilot my chronic
5764s resistance is really low i pointed it
5765s out to myself i'm like oh this is gonna
5768s be bad should i do something about it
5769s now i'll be fine
5771s i was not fine i'm going to try and do
5772s something about any necrotic reds i'm
5774s going to pull some of these out because
5775s it'll be cold in there
5778s uh before
5779s just a fish by a point on the uh
5781s falconer yeah the falconer is
5783s again it comes down to these sort of
5786s different styles
5788s you have the blade master or blade
5789s dancer which is you know very in your
5792s face about you know
5793s flowing with battle and only being you
5796s know hit when you want to be hit and
5798s kind of controlling
5800s you know the battle that way the
5801s marksman is about you know
5804s being you know in the back
5805s doing these cool bow shots where the
5807s falconer is sort of you know it's about
5810s having this falcon as your companion in
5813s battle and using it to kind of lure your
5815s victims into traps and trick them up and
5818s it's more of a more of a tricky sort of
5821s take on the rogue which is already
5822s pretty tricky class
5827s and uh
5830s okay let me
5831s look for another question
5837s okay
5839s we got one from keller heart one two
5841s three four five
5843s are there any plans for new endgame
5845s content before 1.0 release i know the
5847s old world map stated this but just
5848s wanted to know if this is something
5850s being designed or implemented now thank
5852s you guys and thank you for the streams
5854s uh mike want to tackle that one
5856s um yeah there's there's always more
5857s stuff that's coming out um there we
5860s don't have any plans for a
5862s um i would say like a major set like
5865s content set piece
5867s uh if that makes any sense before
5869s before 1.00 when i say that i mean like
5871s um
5872s we're not going to implement alternate
5874s monolith 2
5875s uh
5876s like if that makes any sense there's not
5878s going to be a
5879s um a second
5882s uh or third major
5884s mechanical environment to us to build
5886s things in pre 1.0 um so we're going to
5890s continue to expand the monolith in the
5891s dungeons and other systems that work in
5894s between those things and work in other
5896s places
5897s or in the arena sorry so the arena the
5899s dungeons and the monolith will be the
5901s three primary
5902s places you go
5904s for end game content
5906s at 1.0 um but there will be other
5909s mechanical systems that work there
5913s i hope that makes sense
5915s [Laughter]
5916s makes sense to me
5920s next question
5921s from
5922s jazeer
5924s why does the summons brigand not use the
5926s entangled roots overgrown garden node
5928s when it uses the creeping roots node
5931s no i rightly do not know mike no idea
5933s sorry
5936s we will look into it we will solve this
5939s mystery uh
5940s you can uh if you if you really want to
5942s look to post on the forums or discord um
5945s that's not something i can really look
5946s into right now sorry
5948s don't let us forget make sure to make
5950s that post so it doesn't get lost
5954s all right we got another one from io
5956s weird
5957s are you saying there's an r in there
5961s oh god they're right
5962s oh god there is an r in there
5965s i struggled that one so much too
5967s like no there's definitely an r in there
5971s yeah
5972s yeah that's what happens
5974s arrow weird
5976s all right
5977s are you saying tempter strike is a
5978s slight copy of storm strike if so can
5981s its rework be more lightning focused
5983s sharma currently seems very physical
5985s cold focused and has some trouble with
5986s controlling lightning
5989s we've got
5990s plans for changes to tempest
5993s strike uh yeah
5996s vague foreshadowing
5998s it's it's um
6000s i agree that there's that it shines more
6002s in the cold physical than the lightning
6004s right now
6006s and we do want to make it more similar
6007s across the board of the three or being
6009s able to focus it on
6011s more narrowly if you really want to as
6013s well
6015s as a big fan of storm strike from the
6018s old days and just the crash
6021s sound it does i'm excited
6023s yeah it's
6024s uh
6026s yeah
6027s i don't know what i can say
6029s sam sam showed us some pretty sweet uh
6032s um out of the blue just experiment he
6034s had and everyone's just like well i
6036s guess we're changing the tempest
6037s straight to that now
6040s so we'll see what happens with it
6044s all right
6046s looking for some more questions
6051s we got a first time chat from spoiler
6053s alert
6055s can you explain the flavor text for
6056s ravenous void if the brothers were lost
6058s in the ravenous void why did they take
6060s its name rather than saying they were
6062s lost in the void and then they became
6065s the reverse void after being found
6070s glad you're here
6071s [Music]
6075s trying to try to think back about that
6076s item and kind of father went behind its
6080s inspiration
6082s that was that was a supporter unique
6084s yes yes yes yes
6089s yeah
6090s i'll get back to you on that one i'm
6091s going to look up the text itself real
6094s quick just to remind me the exact
6095s wording of it
6098s one moment
6101s well i'll be dreamed nice
6105s okay here we go
6115s ah so
6119s so i would say
6121s the name itself is less something that
6124s they gave themselves and more what
6127s people describe the gloves as
6130s so the exact like text of ravitus void
6134s is a pair of mimic brothers lost in the
6136s ravenous void hungry for anyone who dips
6138s their hands inside
6140s the name of the gloves void that's not
6142s what they call themselves that's more so
6144s what someone would call it from kind of
6147s like you know the outside perspective
6150s as these mimik brothers are
6153s more kind of
6155s like hungering and care less about like
6158s naming things so i would say the name is
6160s more descriptive than
6162s self-titled
6165s and
6166s fun fact part of the inspiration of that
6168s theming comes from you know kind of
6169s playing with it like you know how
6171s how can we get like a mimic
6173s into the game in a way that like feels
6175s good and makes sense and
6177s like we kind of went
6179s you know
6181s beating around the bush a whole bunch
6183s playing with that idea and that kind of
6184s became the inspiration for some of this
6187s theme i believe it's also supporting
6189s unique as well so i i never remember us
6191s like iterating on this quite a bit back
6193s when i was first introduced
6197s let's see here let me scroll down and
6200s find our next one
6203s from quiet for me most important lore
6206s question oh i'm excited why majelka does
6209s the vendor offer fruit but no other
6211s vendors offer it what is special about
6213s his fruit
6215s what's special about its fruit is the
6216s fact that it looks so
6220s like shriveled and unhealthy and
6222s what do you want to use this moment to
6224s kind of call out
6226s that hey in the imperial era
6228s normal produce is suffering and things
6231s are kind of on
6232s a bad kind of like
6235s kind of on a bad route as far as like
6237s sustainability even
6239s in something as simple as like fruit
6241s from a vendor
6242s and it's
6244s approaching
6246s kind of a
6248s like
6249s implied
6250s kind of sustenance that you could buy
6252s from any other kind of like little
6254s shopkeeping place like we don't call it
6256s out they're able to buy food and water
6258s at a place or you know as
6261s i go into the bathroom in a movie you
6263s don't see a character you know take a
6265s bathroom because that's not important to
6266s the plot and that's kind of that's kind
6268s of why
6269s the fruit vendor in imperial magelka
6271s has this kind of fruit option whereas
6274s other places don't is because it's
6276s trying to call attention to
6278s the idea that like
6280s like the produce in this time
6283s is
6284s less nutritious and less healthy than in
6286s a more like healthy error like the
6288s divine era kind of shine light on the
6290s state of the imperial era
6292s so like now that you know i think about
6294s that that does kind of
6296s i do want to add more instances like
6298s that where like a vendor has like an
6299s alternate dialogue that kind of is there
6301s for flavor that kind of gives you more
6303s of a look of the situation kind of like
6306s that but something similar in
6308s sort of car in chapter 9 where i believe
6311s the vendor there as well has some texts
6312s that kind of talked a little bit about
6314s their relationship with the sapphire
6315s nagasa in the town so
6318s yeah
6320s probably longer of an answer than i
6322s needed to give on the fruit but
6324s i like answering it
6327s the important stuff man fruit
6329s delicious man i i had fresh pineapple
6332s for the first time in like years like
6334s the other day so good so good
6339s tasty stuff
6341s all right
6342s saturnaris
6344s just want to say i love the answer
6346s reference and act nine i do as well it's
6349s a fun one
6350s ah good job mike you got him
6353s nailed it i can finally fix my
6355s resistances that are just awful
6359s which one are you gonna pick all right
6362s nice
6363s is it still hurting yes that still hurts
6366s i thought we had it set to where that
6367s like turns off after he dies uh
6369s apparently we didn't that might be a
6371s current patch like uh internal
6373s gotcha yeah yeah i thought we i thought
6375s we fixed that oh huh strange
6378s any who
6380s down to moradrim
6382s what are the plans to improve and expand
6384s monoliths killing enemies feels
6386s extremely unrewarding because of the
6387s objective based system
6389s uh mike how's that to you um yes so
6392s there is
6394s there's a few like
6395s we got that feedback quite a bit um a
6398s long time ago we added the scaling
6401s chests that scale with more rewards
6403s based on the things you kill still got
6405s that feedback we added the increased
6407s stability gain um from killing enemies
6411s we're still getting that feedback um
6413s we're
6415s i i think the way we've been going about
6417s it and isn't quite ideal it's definitely
6420s helped i think quite a bit but it's not
6422s the solution yet and um
6425s part of the reason we and we knew this
6426s would kind of happen part of the reason
6427s we've been approaching this way was due
6429s to the time investment required to make
6431s it work this way uh being a little bit
6433s less than the uh
6435s probably best solution um which is which
6438s is probably looking more at a way to
6440s have
6441s reasons to explore and things to do that
6444s can be
6444s um infrequent events so so random events
6447s that can spawn a really good example
6449s this is just you're going through a map
6451s in
6452s um poe and there's like a map devices
6455s there and you go like into uh you go
6457s into a map i said i'm actually gonna go
6459s deeper right or just like a secret door
6460s opens up and there's a little mini
6462s dungeon there and there's just these
6463s things you can find that are out and
6465s about
6466s um and having more of those style of
6469s events be possible gives
6472s a point to have more exploration happen
6475s inside of a monolith
6477s which i think is more important than
6478s just straight up need to kill more
6480s things
6483s one of the really this is there's so
6484s many rants of me talking about this
6486s basically once the stream i do it so i
6487s might as well keep going uh real quick
6489s version um
6491s poe you get a map device you uh like the
6494s the car there's that intrinsic cost of
6496s going inside so there's that
6498s need to get as much as you can out of it
6500s because the maps themselves are quite
6501s valuable um especially a really
6503s well-rolled one that you may have
6504s created over a period of time so you you
6507s have this incentive to kill as many
6509s things as possible just built into the
6511s system naturally but because you can
6513s retry model echoes on the fly without a
6516s key to get into each one of them that
6518s onus isn't there on you to get your full
6520s value out of it because the full value
6521s comes from primarily the echo reward
6524s now i i saw recently was okay get rid of
6527s the echo reward and just put increased
6528s chance to find those things from the
6530s monsters yeah we we've we had things
6532s like that um
6534s it definitely slows down the
6537s pace of the of the model itself like
6539s yeah things drop in the monolith but we
6540s really want to put the primary reward
6543s stem at the end so you can if you want
6546s to you don't have to you're not spending
6547s a lot of time backtracking and that's
6549s one of the major problems that we're
6550s seeing with feedback from the uh dungeon
6553s randomization system is the backtracking
6554s quantity it's something we're trying to
6556s avoid as much as possible
6559s there's a longer version of that out
6560s there somewhere but that's all i'm gonna
6561s say right now
6565s okay so
6567s we are about 11 minutes from the top of
6570s the hour so
6571s i'm gonna try and lightening around some
6574s of these
6575s kind of catch up okay
6578s so next question from kirk delgado is
6581s there an afterlife in the le universe
6585s so some believe there is
6588s some
6590s different cultures in
6592s itaera have different thoughts on this a
6594s lot of them
6596s tie back into a terror herself
6598s but as far as like hard evidence of it
6601s there is no hard evidence of an
6604s afterlife in the terrorist setting as
6606s far as any like mortals know and in the
6609s case of undeath anyone who is
6611s raised into undeath or brought back to
6614s life they don't have any
6615s memories of the time between the
6618s original death and when they're
6619s resurrected so
6621s it's a big question mark there but
6624s certain cultures have like
6626s different different colors of different
6627s beliefs on that in the setting
6629s from saturnais what are the giant
6632s humidity figures on the void world map
6635s those are essentially gigantic void
6638s creatures that are kind of the last
6640s remnants of the void out in the far kind
6642s of reaches of completely void dominated
6645s area that are kind of
6646s their last kind of expressions of will
6649s before settling into kind of the
6651s featureless morass of darkness that is a
6653s completely void dominated area
6656s for example yeah that that is if you
6657s actually see in that example on the
6659s screen that it looks very similar to one
6662s of the void enemies you can find in last
6664s refuge these are some of the kind of
6666s like final expressions of will and
6669s movement before kind of settles into the
6670s kind of you know black nothingness of
6673s voids in state
6676s from tlo games in the future a year post
6679s post-release when the game stands among
6680s the great arpg's you'll inevitably all
6682s ask yourselves when lambo and i really
6686s everyone that built this up to release
6687s gets that lambo however today i ask the
6690s ever present and i'm sure nagging when a
6692s multiplayer
6694s we'll be done when it's done and it's
6696s soon tm and we're so excited to get it
6698s to everybody
6700s from mortarim to follow up with another
6702s question progression is focused on the
6704s class are there any plans for a second
6706s progression path similar to devotions in
6708s gram dom something that's the same for
6710s all classes and adds build death that
6712s would be great uh thought spike
6715s we've we've got a few uh tentative ideas
6718s floating around that might make their
6719s way into the game sooner rather than
6721s later but nothing finalized that we can
6724s share yet
6726s got another one from arrow weird
6729s outside it's 31 degrees celsius here i
6732s can sympathize i live in a part of the
6735s us where it was 112 last week so
6739s stay cool and hydrated everybody
6741s okay scrolling down one directly to me
6744s from mr rhymer arts hello rhymer
6748s but if it consumes everything and
6749s destroys reality the void i presume does
6751s that mean the void would then itself die
6754s if it no longer has fuel and things to
6756s consume or is it like the heat death of
6758s the universe where it just wants
6760s everything to be won and the same so
6761s everything is still does ultimately want
6763s perfect stillness and peace so it can
6765s slumber forever i super don't know but
6767s thought the wants to destroy existence
6769s was interesting that is essentially the
6771s case essentially
6773s when the void is unleashed onto a
6776s timeline the intent is to erase that
6778s timeline and the shape that eraser takes
6781s is the sort of all-consuming
6785s homogeny
6786s so the ultimate goal of the void is to
6788s essentially itself no longer exist
6792s because it has consumed everything and
6794s made everything into nothingness
6798s though orbis himself might have a bit
6800s more will and
6802s personal intention
6804s at least in the in the vein of ensuring
6807s that him he's he himself
6810s can't exist but yeah ultimately yeah the
6813s void itself would cease to exist because
6815s then everything would be void so that is
6818s sort of you know ties into the ultimate
6819s goal of the void
6822s another one from mora drim another
6825s question are there any plans to expand
6827s the current passive trees with more
6828s choices more columns and rows because
6831s you can pick most of them all you want
6832s on a build by level 80 to 90 which
6834s limits the drive to push characters
6836s thoughts mike
6837s uh i think that's happening more so in
6840s the three classes that don't have a
6842s third mastery yet
6843s um
6844s but yeah there is there is actually room
6846s in the layout for an extra row at the
6848s top
6849s um up here there's there's there's space
6851s for another row to sit there there's
6853s actually space for two more rows to sit
6854s up here um the whole thing shifts up
6857s slightly and you get uh or down slightly
6860s and you get two more at the top and like
6861s there's room for more if we wanted to
6863s and we're still considering it it's
6865s still growing um
6867s more of these style
6869s um
6870s break point nodes or that's something
6871s that we call them we call them something
6873s else more nodes like this i think we'll
6875s add a lot to that where you'll get uh
6877s specific
6879s uh
6879s threshold nodes you get specific
6881s thresholds that are really useful you'll
6882s go for those um but yeah not having that
6884s falconer here really does make that
6886s happen in
6888s rogue for example uh i think more
6891s exacerbated than other ones possible but
6893s yeah it's it's there's there's more
6895s coming there's always more coming
6898s all right next one from bush yeti 10 if
6902s you can make a whole new class what
6903s would it be with subclasses too okay my
6906s answer is a monk with mastery one being
6908s punches master two being kicks and
6910s master three being headbutts mike yours
6913s i'm not gonna say it because i think
6914s mine actually might happen
6918s good answer good answer just
6921s leave the morning more that little tease
6922s i love you
6923s all right
6925s okay i love punch kick headbutt though
6927s that's great
6931s all right next one
6934s every weird pronunciation is close
6936s enough i'll take it thank you we
6938s appreciate it nailed it
6940s another one from mortarem what are the
6943s current plans for idols the unique ones
6945s added something powerful and interesting
6947s to the game but most classes have just
6948s stat increase attached to them others
6950s have very outdated designs like the
6952s shaman ones
6953s um i think there's another mic one
6955s though i will say i think when we
6956s introduce singularity i think they're
6958s gonna open up a little bit of the
6959s floodgates for like more like unique
6962s idols of summer vain would that be
6964s correct yeah i don't think we'll see a
6966s huge number of of of idols um right away
6970s but like i don't think we'll see like
6972s 50 unique idols uh at launch or anything
6975s like that i think that would be an
6976s excessive number to see but i i do think
6979s we'll see more and um
6983s uh there are some classes that utilize
6985s it a lot better than others still and
6986s we're it's another one of those things
6987s like we'll just keep adding affixes to
6989s it um we try and have
6991s a couple affixes or at least one affix
6994s per skill that is relevant in the class
6997s specific ones um
7000s it doesn't always line up sometimes
7001s you're just there with stat ones i i
7003s think that's actually good that some
7004s classes are like some builds in some
7007s classes are using some
7010s more generic ones primarily uh it's just
7013s so it's less of a it's more diversity in
7015s in the what you're selecting there from
7018s build to build and um
7021s yeah it's just those things it'll
7022s continue to evolve as we go
7026s alrighty good answer got another one
7028s from a mortar rim are there plans to
7030s expend the rune and glyph pool even
7032s further the rare ones are very exciting
7033s to find in news i would i would love to
7036s see even more i i think that's a pretty
7039s like uncontroversial yes we'd love to
7041s add more of those as time goes on
7043s correct yeah um that's a lot of health
7046s on a pair boots uh yeah yeah we'll we'll
7048s be adding more
7049s um more rinse more glyphs it's really
7051s hard to make them
7054s uh and not cause problems oh my god it's
7056s hard to make the monocots problems we
7058s came up with well over a hundred ideas
7060s for them
7061s and
7062s these are all of the ones that made it
7064s through mechanically as being like
7067s okay
7068s this is this is out of well over a
7070s hundred these are the ones that were
7071s like all right we're we can do this
7072s without breaking stuff
7079s got another good answer
7081s got another one from mr catchy
7084s is there any secret in the game that we
7086s haven't discovered
7088s i mean if there is i probably haven't
7090s found it
7092s rick rick likes to hide things um
7095s i have no idea if there's any that are
7097s available right now that no one's found
7099s i know that there has been things
7101s that like
7102s uh a little while ago there was
7104s something it was over a year ago now i
7105s think someone found something and posted
7107s it on reddit and everyone's like oh my
7109s god no one knew about this and someone
7110s else was like i knew i knew about that
7111s for a long time so like chances of no
7114s one having found them whatever it is if
7115s there is one is pretty low um whether or
7118s not it's like common knowledge i don't
7119s know
7120s has anyone gotten the uh growl milk
7122s potion drop yet yes i've that that's
7124s that's one that was
7126s for a long time as uh no one really knew
7129s what it was and something like that
7130s might be what i was thinking of where
7132s someone was like oh my god i found it
7133s and someone's like i've seen that before
7136s good
7136s good
7138s yeah if anyone doesn't know every once
7140s in a while you can see a beer drop
7142s instead of a potion and then the same
7144s rate that beer drops compared to potions
7146s uh growl milk drops compared to beer
7149s which is they're all exactly the same
7150s thing they just have a different
7152s name on screen instead of potion it says
7154s grow milk or beer
7158s uh goldmike is such a gross anyways
7161s gonna
7162s i think i'm going to pitch the way back
7164s anyways
7166s next question is from infantis mall
7169s will we ever go to the temple of a
7171s terror when it was floating in the
7172s ancient era do we know why it crashed um
7176s no content no comment but uh there are
7179s some story chapters that we will be
7181s releasing in the future and we
7185s currently haven't gone into the ancient
7186s era much in the current campaign
7189s so
7191s not gonna say definitively but
7194s there are some there are some campaign
7195s chapters that are still in the wings
7200s all right
7202s another question from lone star
7203s mcfluffin
7205s the blood pools in the boss fight can't
7207s actually kill you they take a percent of
7208s remaining health oh thank
7211s you see
7213s how far behind we are right now my
7215s goodness
7216s oh yeah i i i thought we were closer to
7218s the bottom of the chat list than we are
7220s the scroll doesn't show you how far down
7222s you are until you scroll all the way to
7223s the bottom
7224s oh my god we must be super behind then
7227s you know we're actually at time right
7229s now
7230s um
7231s so you know if there's if there's a
7234s uh
7235s want for more of these lore question tag
7237s team streams which i assume there is um
7240s and you're interested in coming back i'd
7242s love to have you back on
7243s uh and we can we can pick up with
7245s another another style of this
7248s um but if you have anything you'd like
7250s to see on the way out we're just gonna
7251s wrap it up now
7255s you don't have to say anything you don't
7256s want to i don't know which other thought
7259s um yeah i'm definitely down for doing
7260s more of these
7261s i i do if we have time i do want to hit
7264s the rapid fire quiet for me once that he
7267s that i just saw that he puts like four
7268s in a like four in a row okay there's
7271s actually yeah okay so
7273s whose voice do we hear the type of
7275s terrorist spoken in the ruin era the
7277s character that is very similar to the
7279s situation of the shades of orbeez in
7282s that it is a
7284s similar kind of reflection but it's a
7285s sort of memory of a
7287s previous kind of point in the in orbis's
7291s personal kind of timeline so it's a
7293s similar situation to the shades but more
7295s specific to that location and the events
7298s that happen there
7300s another one from i'll go and do dank
7302s labs because it's right in between um
7304s and the passive tree for the rogue there
7306s are threshold nodes that give you a
7307s bonus if you put so many points in a
7309s certain notes i thought it was mentioned
7310s that this is going to be added to other
7311s classes will be some power creep i will
7314s keep an eye on the balance of things of
7316s course if it has a risk of power creep
7318s we'll tweak some knobs elsewhere to keep
7320s it in line i think that's probably the
7322s most diplomatic answer there
7325s um next one from quite for me will we
7326s see an alternate timeline where mage
7328s character was also corrupted on the
7329s council of elders so to clarify the
7332s corrupted elders you see in game are
7334s both from the ruined era from last
7336s refuge specifically pantheon and gaspar
7338s whereas the player mage is from walrun
7340s and divine era so not really the same
7342s group but if it were to see an alternate
7344s timeline of the mage character probably
7346s the best places we would go to for that
7349s would be either a monolith timeline or
7352s potentially more likely one of the
7354s champions gate bosses if were to delve
7356s into that in the future uh next one
7359s quite for me
7360s is the mage and female statues in the
7363s temple of terror
7364s human interpretations of terror and
7366s orbus close the female one is a terror
7368s but the male one is the observer
7371s and last but for quite for me last
7373s question
7374s will minimus and maximus ever reunite in
7376s the end of time we do want to do some
7378s updates to the end of time especially
7380s since like we moved the arena entrance
7382s from there to champions gate it's
7384s whatever
7385s at this point one of our earliest zones
7387s now so whenever we do an update in a
7389s time we might do something there i will
7392s definitely keep it in the back of my
7393s mind because i do love those doggos
7397s and
7401s one last one last one just because i
7403s feel like random name x when answering
7404s more questions how often are you tended
7406s to just say a wizard did it um sometimes
7409s but it's more fun to
7411s just you know get that answer
7413s to just make that answer happen
7419s and
7420s okay
7421s is that it we good i i i believe so if i
7425s if i'm gonna i'm gonna not scroll
7427s because i'll be tempted to continue if i
7428s scroll
7430s all right well it sounds like we've got
7431s lots more questions on the uh on
7433s people's minds so if we can get another
7435s one together we'll we'll talk about it
7437s and possibly come back to the other one
7439s i'll let you guys know next week if
7440s we're gonna do any more of these in the
7442s future uh when that will be i did toss
7444s off another spoiler while you were going
7445s there that was the end of chronic
7446s version of the new wandering spirits uh
7449s vfx ability there so um
7452s i i hope everyone had a great time i
7454s know i did uh we'll see you next time
7457s i
7458s had a ton of fun
7460s uh yeah this is a good time
7462s yep and uh if you have any more
7464s questions that we didn't answer please
7465s feel free to head on over to discard
7467s discord our forums uh reddit um
7471s there's lots of places you'll see us
7473s lots of friendly people in the community
7474s you can ask for lots of questions as
7476s well
7476s um
7478s and i hope
7479s i hope everyone comes we'll be here same
7481s place same time next week
7482s um for more questions and answer and
7486s streaming stuff we'll have a new build
7488s in action next week
7490s um