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Monolith of Fate


  • After considering community feedback, we felt that the 0.8.2g changes over-corrected the stability requirements, so we’re aiming to strike a balance.
  • The maximum stability benefit from corruption has been increased by around 7%, so that echoes at the start of a 350+ corruption web give exactly 50 stability.
  • Empowered timeline 3rd quest echo stability requirements now range from 750 to 900 (from all being 750).
  • 2nd quest echo stability requirements have also been increased slightly for some empowered timelines…
  • 3rd quest echo stability requirements for non-empowered timelines from Ending the Storm and onwards have been reduced by 50.
  • The maximum stability for empowered timelines is still always twice the requirement for its 3rd quest echo.

Quest Echoes

  • The state of a quest echo is now reset each time you enter it. This fixes various problems, such as objective indicators not appearing in a quest echo if you had previously abandoned the echo, or if you switched to empowered before completing the whole quest line.

User Interface

  • Grand Blessings now replace standard blessings in the “Discovered Blessings” section of the blessings tab when discovered.
  • The functionality you choose for left click is now saved between game sessions.
  • The icon for left click now updates if you configured left click to use a skill.
  • The search box when you first open the skills panel now works with most skill tags.


  • Chat has been re-enabled with improved spam prevention. We still have more improvements planned.
  • Improved the performance of the chat window. This will mitigate the game freezing if a very large amount of chat messages are being received.
  • Chat messages can now be 280 characters long (from 220).

Controller Support

  • Fixed a bug where using skills (especially movement skills) with a controller could freeze/crash the game in certain situations.