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Its udyr time yo

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riot's sworn off from aatroxing champs with reworks, just looking at the last few (pantheon, fiddlesticks, volibear) is a clear sign of that because they still feel very similar even if they play differently. I personally think its a good thing but it also doesn't give me hope for some kits that need desperate overhauls.

We arnt sworn off from it. We just only do it when the champion needs it. We don’t want to do change for the sake of change. Skarner will be a VGU on the level of Urgot/Sion/Galio

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2 years for this? I mean it for sure looks good and better than his old model and animations, but 2 WHOLE years?? For the company with the biggest online game in the world, I feel this should've taken a lot less than 2 years, even with taking covid into account.

Edit: I mean, they release 4-5 new champs in a year. Even in 2020 when covid hit, they released 6 new champions just that year. This champ already had his lore, his abilities, an idea for his kit, etc. All they had to do was touch up the animations and looks and tweak his abilities into something more modern, that seems like even less work than creating an entirely new champion.

Actually we also have to re-make all the Champion skins when we do a VGU. And Udyr also had a Ultimate skin. Ultimate skins take as long to make as a Champion. We actually finished base Udyr quite awhile ago and have been doing skin production for along time now