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If playing against 5 player with 4 monkey on your team is miserable and what is better than fighting 5?Fighting 10 ofc,twice the enemy,twice the pain

Basically there are 3 side of the game

Here is a very bad MS paint map ive made in 20 min:


Each team will have 2 jungler and 3 solo laner each person per lane

The special target will give your team alot of gold and exp and after 25 min defeating it will grant every enemy a debuff that last for 2 min even after death that reduce their move speed,attack speed healing,shielding by 20% and 20 ability haste

A team wins by destroy both nexus of both enemy team

Once a team nexus get destroy 5 player of that team can still spectate the game like a spectator or leave and find a new game,the empty map could still be use and tower that havent been destroy of the eliminated team will continue to work

Inhib will not respawn to lower game time

Why would a 5v5v5 map be fun?

Well having 15 player in an all in combat will be chaotic and i like chaos

Also having to deal with twice the problem would make a lot of League player feel good bc we are all a bunch os masochist who like to torture ourselves by playing League

Note:I came up with this idea when im playing Annie and get kill by the enemy Zed 30+ times and had nothing todo during my death time so if there is smthg that sound dumb or broken,it probably is

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This reminds me of an old Warcraft 3 Aeon of Strife map I used to play!