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This guy doesn't have a single quote that isn't a f*cking banger.

It's all either something philosophical like,

"A shepherd with no flock is just an idiot with a stick"

"Sometimes, you gotta pardon... yourself"

"Our chains are only as strong as we think they are"

or snarky as sh*t

Like, "think I found your bear :)" when he Ults a 10 year old girl or "A crown! a crown for everyone!" when he Ults the Prince, now King, of Demacia.

Is there any champion who can even match him? Maybe Swain? or Jhin? Irelia sounds cool too with her "I am not unfriendly, I am a warm an caring person". Idk. It's way better than having a barbie girl in a latex outfit count to 20 or some sh*t.

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"Behind me lies a farm. I wonder if there is bread upon the hearth, and if I will ever return"-Pantheon

My absolute favorite quote in all of league

I'm so grateful for the writers on that project.