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EDIT: Title is meant to say "; It's been eight years since we got our last artillery mage" but it got cutoff, idk why.

I like skirmishers... for the most part, but isn't this a bit much?

Where are the artliery mages? The battle mages? The wardens, even? It's been a long long time since some classes have even seen the light of day, and I think we all value variety.

The problem isn't really that we've gotten too many skirmishers, more like, not enough of anything else. It's been EIGHT years since we last got an artillery mage, obviously there's been a few champions similar to them (Zoe who's closer to a catcher, and Seraphine who's pretty dependent on her build).

Skirmishers are cool, but so are a lot of other classes of champions.

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It's funny because for years we only had a bare handful of skirmishers (like, Yi, Yasuo, Trynd, Jax, Riven, Fiora) and then at some point someone at Riot realized that holy shit people love playing melee carries and opened the floodgates.

Something like that. They’ve always been extremely popular, but 4 or 5 years ago we felt we finally had a good handle on how to best serve that audience, and it had been significantly underserved for a while.

That said, this year ended up unusually dense on them for some scheduling shenanigans reasons and we’re looking to cool it off a bit - I don’t believe there’s one on the schedule next year, and if one is added onto the schedule next year it’d be because we had a VGU that made sense opportunistically (say, Trynd or Jax), not a new champion. I don’t think there’s currently one on the schedule for 2024 either but schedules are extremely fluid that far in advance so very much subject to change.

For the record, Zoe is absolutely as much an artillery mage as Sett is a juggernaut or Lillia is a skirmisher… which is to say not a pure one but definitely in the category.