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Today Faker had some disappointing losses on stream which led to him speaking out about the current state of solo queue where you easily end up in a win or lose streak. Faker's main reasons for this problem is that something is wrong with the current MMR system and that the team that wins the early game snowballs out of control. Faker also said how soloqueue isn't as fun as it used to be in the past where you still could try to flip the game around even if someone fumbles in the early game. Furthermore Faker was wondering what caused those problems talking about the durability update, the turret gold and a problem in matchmaking.

Link to twitter thread with clips of Faker + translation: https://twitter.com/_Sachet_/status/1613576077712187394

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I don't know specifically what Faker said (re MMR) as I don't speak Korean so I'm dependent on translation, but just for clarity, this would be an issue with _matchmaking_ not MMR. MMR is simply a representation of your skill level, and while it's a factor in who you are matchmade with, it would not be the culprit causing his perceived disparity.

I also am unclear here what he's even referring to, as MMR/Matchmaking wouldn't factor into snowballing - unless the system was completely broken and it just stacked a bunch of high skilled players against low skilled players, which it should not do.